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Promise City, Iowa
see Promise City (The-4400The 4400). Promise City is a city in Wayne County, Iowa, United States. The population was 111 at the 2010 census. Promise City is
Feb 5th 2017

Promise (disambiguation)
"Promises (As Years Go By)", a song by IQ from Nomzamo In the United States Promise City, Iowa Promise, Oregon Promise, South Dakota Promise, Tennessee Promise
Jan 31st 2017

Promised Land
This article is about the biblical promise of land to the descendants of Abraham. For other uses, see Promised Land (disambiguation). The Promised
Apr 10th 2017

University City High School (Philadelphia)
This article is about the school in Philadelphia. For other similarly named schools, see University City High School. University City High School was a
Apr 20th 2017

Avatar: The Last Airbender – The Promise
Avatar: The Last AirbenderThe Promise is a graphic novel in three parts written by Gene Yang and illustrated by Studio Gurihiru, the first in a series
Feb 27th 2017

Family Promise
Family Promise (formerly National Interfaith Hospitality Network) is a national 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization in the United States, founded by Karen
Apr 21st 2017

The Promise (When in Rome song)
"The Promise" is a song by the British band When in Rome. First released in 1987 on 10 Records, the song is the lead single from their self-titled debut
Feb 9th 2017

Promise City (The 4400)
Promise City is a fictional location in the science fiction television series The 4400. Promise City was founded by Jordan Collier with the guidance
Mar 5th 2014

I Am a Promise: The Children of Stanton Elementary School
I Am a Promise: The Children of Stanton Elementary School is a 1993 documentary film about the pupils at Stanton Elementary School, an inner city school
Feb 8th 2017

Promise (Ciara song)
"Promise" is a song performed by American recording artist Ciara from her second studio album, Ciara: The Evolution (2006). It was written by Ciara, Jasper
Apr 28th 2017

The Promise (Vaya Con Dios album)
The Promise is the fifth and final studio album by Vaya Con Dios. It was released in 2004, the first studio album of the band since 1995. It is the first
Dec 31st 2015

The Eighth Promise
The-Eighth-PromiseThe Eighth Promise: An American Son's Tribute to His Toisanese Mother is a memoir written by William Poy Lee published in 2007 by Rodale Books. The paperback
Mar 30th 2017

The Promise (2011 TV serial)
The Promise is a British television serial in four episodes written and directed by Peter Kosminsky, with music by Debbie Wiseman. It tells the story of
Apr 25th 2017

The Promise That Heaven Kept
TPTHK [The-Promise-That-Heaven-KeptThe Promise That Heaven Kept] is the first studio album by Canadian recording artist Promise, it was released on August 8, 2002. The album features
Dec 23rd 2014

Promises! Promises!
This article is about the 1963 film. For other uses, see Promises, Promises (disambiguation). Promises! Promises! (presented as Promises... Promises! on
Dec 5th 2016

The Promise (Passion play)
The Promise is a musical drama with a book by Jan Dargatz (with additional dialogue by Travis Tyre) and lyrics and music by various songwriters (several
Apr 8th 2017

Promise Me This
"Zavet" redirects here. For the town in Bulgaria, see Zavet (town). For the village in Bulgaria, see Zavet, Burgas Province. Promise Me This (Serbian Cyrillic:
Jun 10th 2016

The Promise (Potok novel)
The Promise is a novel written by Chaim Potok, published in 1969. It is a sequel to his previous novel The Chosen. Set in 1950s New York, it continues
Aug 20th 2016

Promised Day Brigade
The Promised Day Brigade (PDB) (Arabic: لواء اليوم الموعود Liwa al-Youm al-Mawud), originally called the Muqawimun (Arabic: المقاومون; Resisters) was a
Mar 24th 2017

Kalamazoo Promise
The Kalamazoo Promise is a pledge by a group of anonymous donors to pay up to 100 percent of tuition at any of Michigan's state colleges or universities
Mar 9th 2017

Poems, Prayers & Promises
Poems, Prayers & Promises is the fourth album by American singer-songwriter John Denver. It was released in April 1971. This album was Denver's commercial
Mar 25th 2017

Promised You a Miracle
"Promised You a Miracle" is a 1982 song by Scottish band Simple Minds and was released as the first single from their fifth studio album New Gold Dream
Apr 22nd 2017

Hard Promises
For the film, see Hard Promises (1992 film). Hard Promises is the fourth album by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers released in May, 1981. Its original
Jan 14th 2017

LA's Promise
LA's Promise (formerly known as MLA Partner Schools) is a 501c3 nonprofit organization based in Los Angeles, California. Its focus is on school reform
Oct 9th 2016

Promised Land (TV series)
Promised Land is an American drama series which aired on CBS from 1996 to 1999. It is a spin-off from another series, Touched by an Angel. Promised Land
Mar 16th 2017

The Promise (Bruce Springsteen album)
The-PromiseThe Promise is an album by American singer-songwriter Bruce Springsteen, released November 16, 2010 on Columbia Records. The album is a collection of previously
Mar 8th 2017

Promise and Terror
Promise and Terror is the fifth studio album by English heavy metal band Blaze Bayley, released in 2010. It is the second studio album released by the
Dec 22nd 2014

City of Wax
City of Wax is a 1934 American short documentary film produced by Horace and Stacy Woodard about the life of a bee. It won the Academy Award at the 7th
Feb 6th 2017

Pandora's Promise
Pandora's Promise is a 2013 documentary film about the nuclear power debate, directed by Robert Stone. Its central argument is that nuclear power, which
Apr 11th 2017

Kelechi Iheanacho
This article is about the footballer born in 1996. For the footballer born in 1981, see Kelechi Iheanacho (footballer, born 1981). Kelechi Promise Iheanacho
Apr 19th 2017

The Promise of New York
The-PromiseThe Promise of New York is a 2009 documentary film documenting some less-well-known candidates in the New York City 2005 mayoral race. The film follows
May 24th 2016

Northern Christian Radio
Northern Christian Radio, Inc is a not-for-profit organization that operates non-commercial FM radio stations in Northern Michigan. Northern Christian
Nov 8th 2016

Noble's Promise
Noble's Promise, (foaled April 13, 2007 in Kentucky) is an American Thoroughbred racehorse. He was bred by Charles Kidder (D.V.M.) and his son Ben in a
Nov 7th 2015

Darkness on the Edge of Town
For other uses, see Darkness on the Edge of Town (disambiguation). Darkness on the Edge of Town is the fourth studio album by Bruce Springsteen, released
Apr 25th 2017

No Promises (Bryan Rice song)
"No Promises" is a pop song recorded by Danish singer Rice Bryan Rice for his debut studio album, Confessional (2006). It was recorded by Rice for the soundtrack
Feb 26th 2017

Massachusetts Promise Fellowship
Fellowship">Massachusetts Promise Fellowship is a non-profit AmeriCorps organization that places Fellows who commit to a year of service at non-profit organizations
Jan 7th 2015

Pittsburgh Public Schools
Pittsburgh-Public-SchoolsPittsburgh Public Schools is the public school district in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States and adjacent Mount Oliver. The combined land area of
Mar 29th 2017

A Promise (album)
A Promise is the second studio album by Xiu Xiu, released on February 18, 2003. The track "Sad Pony Guerrilla Girl" is a reworking of a song by Stewart's
Apr 17th 2017

Promise Neighborhoods
Promise Neighborhoods is a United States Department of Education program established under the legislative authority of the Fund for the Improvement of
Mar 4th 2017

Riviera: The Promised Land
Riviera: The Promised Land (Riviera ~約束の地リヴィエラ~, Riviera: Yakusoku No Chi Riviera?) is a role-playing video game originally produced in 2002 by Sting Entertainment
Jan 1st 2017

City-building game
A city-building game or town-building game is a genre of simulation video game where players act as the overall planner and leader of a city or town, looking
Apr 25th 2017

City on Fire (Hallberg novel)
City on Fire is a 2015 novel by Garth Risk Hallberg, published by Alfred A. Knopf. The novel takes place in New York City in the 1970s. It is Hallberg's
Mar 1st 2017

The Only Promise That Remains
"The Only Promise That Remains" is a country duet recorded by American singers Reba-McEntireReba McEntire and Justin Timberlake for McEntire's 24th studio album, Reba:
Mar 29th 2017

Promised Land (Chuck Berry song)
For the Bruce Springsteen song, see Promised-Land">The Promised Land (Bruce Springsteen song). For the song by Vesuvius, see The Rocker (film) § Promotion. "Promised
Mar 22nd 2017

Electronic City
Electronic City is an information technology hub in Bengaluru, India, located in Anekal taluk. It is one of India's largest electronic industrial parks
Apr 23rd 2017

Altoona Mountain Citys
Altoona-Mountain-Citys">The Altoona Mountain Citys were a professional baseball franchise that played in Altoona, Pennsylvania in 1884. The Mountain Citys were a charter member
Oct 10th 2016

City of the Mind
City of the Mind is a 1991 novel written by Penelope Lively. It is an introspective novel which offers an attempt to explain the varying and complex relationships
Aug 13th 2016

Promised Land (1987 film)
Promised Land is a 1987 drama film written and directed by Michael Hoffman and starring Kiefer Sutherland and Meg Ryan. Set in Utah, the film is apparently
Nov 19th 2016

Circuit City
This article is about the American company. For the Canadian division, see The Source (retailer). Circuit City was an American multinational consumer electronics
Apr 19th 2017

Promise Her Anything
Promise Her Anything is a 1965 British romantic comedy film directed by Arthur Hiller. The screenplay by William Peter Blatty is based on a story by Arne
Mar 9th 2017

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