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public" redirects here. For the English band, see Public General Public. For the 1998 pop album, see Public (album). For small groups of people, see Publics
Mar 28th 2017

Public domain
The term public domain has two senses of meaning. Anything published is out in the public domain in the sense that it is available to the public. Once published
Apr 26th 2017

Public space
"In public" redirects here. For the song by Kelis featuring Nas, see In Public. For the film, see In Public (film). A public space is a social space
Apr 15th 2017

Public art
Public art is art in any media that has been planned and executed with the intention of being staged in the physical public domain, usually outside and
Apr 9th 2017

Public health
Public health refers to "the science and art of preventing disease, prolonging life and promoting human health through organized efforts and informed choices
Apr 20th 2017

Public policy
Policy, both public and private, is a broader concept. The article on public policy doctrine discusses the use of the phrase 'public policy' in legal
Mar 24th 2017

Public broadcasting
"Public-Service-BroadcastingPublic-Service-BroadcastingPublic Service Broadcasting" redirects here. For the English musical duo, see Public-Service-BroadcastingPublic-Service-BroadcastingPublic Service Broadcasting (band). Public broadcasting includes radio,
Apr 22nd 2017

Public company
Not to be confused with publicly owned company. A public, publicly traded, publicly held company, or public corporation is a corporation whose ownership
Apr 13th 2017

Public nudity
Public nudity, or nude in public (NIP), refers to nudity not in an entirely private context, that is, a person appearing nude in a public place or being
Apr 16th 2017

Public administration
article is about the discipline. For the journal, see Public-AdministrationPublic Administration (journal). Public administration is the implementation of government policy
Apr 20th 2017

Public intoxication
Public intoxication, also known as "drunk and disorderly" and drunk in public, is a summary offense in some countries rated to public cases or displays
Dec 13th 2016

Public works
For the 2015 Dutch film, see Public-WorksPublic Works (film). Public works (or internal improvements historically in the United States) are a broad category of
Mar 2nd 2017

Public aquarium
about public establishments that contain aquaria. For the water-containing vivarium, see AquariumAquarium. A public aquarium (plural: public aquaria
Apr 15th 2017

Public service
For other uses, see Public service (disambiguation). Not to be confused with Civil service. Public service[not in citation given] is a service which
Apr 8th 2017

Public good
'a' public good, or public 'goods' in economics, and the more generalized idea of 'the public good' (or common good, or public interest),"‘the’ public good
Apr 9th 2017

Public service announcement
A public service announcement (PSA) or public service ad, is a message in the public interest disseminated by the media without charge, with the objective
Apr 10th 2017

Public relations
see Public-RelationsPublic Relations. "Public information" redirects here. It is not to be confused with Public sector information. For other uses, see PR. Public relations
Apr 24th 2017

Public university
Not to be confused with Public school. A public university is a university that is predominantly funded by public means through a national or subnational
Apr 15th 2017

Public sphere
The public sphere (Offentlichkeit) is an area in social life where individuals can come together to freely discuss and identify societal problems, and
Apr 23rd 2017

Public library
public libraries in North America, see Public libraries in North America. A public library is a library that is accessible by the general public
Apr 14th 2017

Public utility
Utility (disambiguation). A public utility (usually just utility) is an organization that maintains the infrastructure for a public service (often also providing
Apr 19th 2017

Public sex
For other uses, see Public sex (disambiguation). Public sex is sexual activity that takes place in a public context. It refers to one or more
Mar 10th 2017

Public finance
Public finance is the study of the role of the government in the economy. It is the branch of economics which assesses the government revenue and government
Apr 15th 2017

Public transport
Mass transit (disambiguation). Public transport (also known as public transportation, public transit, or mass transit) is a shared passenger-transport
Apr 21st 2017

Professional degrees of public health
of Public-HealthPublic Health (M.P.H.), Master of Science in Public-HealthPublic Health (MSPH), Master of Medical Science in Public-HealthPublic Health (MSPH) and the Doctor of Public-HealthPublic Health
Feb 25th 2017

Public-access television
"Public access" redirects here. For the film, see Public Access. For-PEGFor PEG cable television channels, see Public, educational, and government access. For
Feb 17th 2017

Public school
Public school may refer to: State school (known as a 'public school' in some countries), a no-fee school, funded and operated by the government Public
Apr 6th 2017

Public-key cryptography
Public key cryptography, or asymmetric cryptography, is any cryptographic system that uses pairs of keys: public keys which may be disseminated widely
Apr 26th 2017

Public figure
States law, public figure is a term applied in the context of defamation actions (libel and slander) as well as invasion of privacy. A public figure (such
Apr 15th 2017

Public toilet
building available for public use. For a room in a private house, see Toilet (room). For the film, see Public Toilet (film). A public toilet is a room
Apr 26th 2017

Public bathing
Public baths originated from a communal need for cleanliness at a time when most people did not have access to private bathing facilities. The term "public"
Feb 22nd 2017

Australian Public Service
Australian-Public-Service">The Australian Public Service (APS), originally known as the Commonwealth Public Service, is the Australian federal civil service, currently established
Apr 3rd 2017

Under Secretary of State for Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs
SecretarySecretary for Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs is a position within the U.S. Department of State that is intended to help ensure that public diplomacy
Mar 13th 2017

Public sector
The public sector is the part of the economy concerned with providing various governmental services. The composition of the public sector varies by country
Apr 3rd 2017

Public inquiry
such a public inquiry differs from a Royal Commission in that a public inquiry accepts evidence and conducts its hearings in a more public forum and
Apr 5th 2017

Public–private partnership
A public–private partnership (PPP, 3P or P3) is a cooperative arrangement between one or more public and private sectors, typically of a long term nature
Apr 24th 2017

Public choice
For the academic journal, see Public-ChoicePublic Choice (journal). Public choice or public choice theory refers to "the use of economic tools to deal with traditional
Apr 26th 2017

Public policy school
Public policy schools teach students policy analysis, policy studies, public policy, political economy, urban planning, public administration, public
Apr 20th 2017

Public speaking
For the 2010 HBO documentary, see Public-SpeakingPublic Speaking (film). Public speaking (also called oratory or oration) is the process or act of performing a
Apr 27th 2017

Public economics
Public economics (or economics of the public sector) is the study of government policy through the lens of economic efficiency and equity. At its most
Mar 27th 2017

Public Ivy
"Public Ivy" is a term coined by Richard Moll in his 1985 book Public Ivies: A Guide to America's Best Public Undergraduate Colleges and Universities to
Apr 26th 2017

Public housing
redirects here. For other uses, see Project (disambiguation). Public housing may be a form of housing tenure in which the property is owned by
Apr 10th 2017

Public bank
For other uses, see Public bank (disambiguation). A public bank is a bank, a financial institution, in which a state or public actors are the owners. It
Apr 7th 2017

New York Public Library
98180 The New York Public Library (NYPL) is a public library system in New York City. With nearly 53 million items, the New York Public Library is the second
Apr 3rd 2017

Public bodies of the Scottish Government
Public bodies of the Scottish Government are organisations that are funded by the Scottish Government. It is a tightly meshed network of executive and
Apr 27th 2017

Public limited company
A public limited company (legally abbreviated to plc) is a type of public company under the United Kingdom company law, some Commonwealth jurisdictions
Apr 26th 2017

Initial public offering
other uses, see IPO (disambiguation). Initial public offering (IPO) or stock market launch is a type of public offering in which shares of a company usually
Apr 25th 2017

Public morality
"Public morals" redirects here. For the 1996 sitcom, see Public Morals (1996 TV series). For the 2015 television series, see Public Morals (2015 TV series)
Dec 3rd 2016

Master of Public Administration
See also: MasterMaster of Public-AffairsPublic Affairs and MasterMaster of Public Policy The MasterMaster of Public-AdmAdministrationPublic AdmAdministration (M.P.AdmAdm., M.P.A., or MPA) is a professional post-graduate
Apr 4th 2017

Public offering
A public offering is the offering of securities of a company or a similar corporation to the public. Generally, the securities are to be listed on a stock
Feb 6th 2017

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