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places with the same name, see Qatar (disambiguation). Coordinates: 25°30′N 51°15′E / 25.500°N 51.250°E / 25.500; 51.250 Qatar (/ˈkaˌtɑːr/, i/ˈkɑːtɑːr/,
Apr 24th 2017

Qatar Airways
Qatar-Airways-Company-QQatar-AirwaysQatar Airways Company Q.C.S.C. (Arabic: القطرية‎‎, Qatariyah">Al Qatariyah), operating as Qatar-AirwaysQatar Airways, is the state-owned flag carrier of Qatar. Headquartered in
Apr 27th 2017

Qatar SC
Qatar-Sports-ClubQatar Sports Club (Arabic: نادي قطر الرياضي‎‎) is a sports club based in Doha, Qatar. It is best known for its football team which competes in the Qatar
Mar 9th 2017

Qatar–United States relations
QatarStates">United States relations are bilateral relations between the State of Qatar and the States">United States. Qatar and the States">United States are strategic allies
Nov 17th 2016

List of emirs of Qatar
of the State of Qatar is the monarch and head of state of Qatar. It is the most powerful position in the country. The emirs of Qatar are members of the
Apr 15th 2017

Qatar Petroleum
Qatar-PetroleumQatar Petroleum (QP) is a state owned petroleum company in Qatar. The company operates all oil and gas activities in Qatar, including exploration, production
Mar 27th 2017

Qatar–Russia relations
QatarRussia relations (Russian: Российско-катарские отношения) refers to bilateral foreign relations between the two countries, Qatar and Russia. Following
Feb 11th 2017

Politics of Qatar
The political system of Qatar is an absolute monarchy, with the Emir of Qatar as head of state and head of government. Under the 2003 constitutional referendum
Mar 14th 2017

Economy of Qatar
Petroleum and liquefied natural gas are the cornerstones of Qatar's economy and account for more than 70% of total government revenue, more than 60% of
Apr 24th 2017

History of Qatar
The history of Qatar spans from its first duration of human occupation to its formation as a modern state. Human occupation of Qatar dates back to 50
Apr 3rd 2017

Australia–Qatar relations
AustraliaQatar relations refer to bilateral relations between the Commonwealth of Australia and the state of Qatar. In 2012, Qatar opened an embassy
Dec 4th 2016

Municipalities of Qatar
Since 2004, Qatar has been divided into seven municipalities. A new municipality, Al Daayen, was created under Resolution No. 13, formed from parts of
Mar 16th 2017

Qatar Investment Authority
The Qatar Investment Authority (Arabic: جهاز قطر للإستثمار) (QIA) is Qatar's state-owned holding company that can be characterized as a National Wealth
Mar 20th 2017

Qatar–Bahrain Causeway
Qatar-Bahrain-Causeway">The Qatar Bahrain Causeway (also referred to as the Qatar-Bahrain-Friendship-BridgeQatar Bahrain Friendship Bridge) was a planned causeway between the two Arab states of Qatar and Bahrain
Apr 27th 2017

Bahrain–Qatar relations
BahrainQatar relations are the bilateral relations between the State of Qatar and the Kingdom of Bahrain. They first began in 1971. Starting in 1936
Mar 16th 2017

Qatar Foundation
Qatar-FoundationQatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development (Arabic: مؤسسة قطر‎‎) is a semi-private chartered, non-profit organization in Qatar
Dec 24th 2016

Emblem of Qatar
The emblem of Qatar (Arabic: شعار قطر‎‎) is the coat of arms of Qatar. The emblem shows two crossed white bent swords in a yellow circle. Between
Apr 30th 2016

Qatar Exchange
Qatar-Stock-Exchange">The Qatar Stock Exchange is the principal stock market of Qatar. QSE is a full member of the World Federation of Exchanges and was recently upgraded by
Mar 19th 2017

Education in Qatar
The education system in Qatar is jointly directed and controlled by the Education-Council">Supreme Education Council (SEC) and the Ministry of Education (MOE) at all levels
Apr 24th 2017

The Pearl-Qatar
Pearl-Qatar (Arabic: اللؤلؤة قطر‎‎) in Doha, Qatar, is an artificial island spanning nearly four million square metres. It is the first land in Qatar to
Mar 6th 2017

Israel–Qatar relations
IsraelQatar relations refers to the historic and current bilateral relationship between Israel and Qatar. Qatar established trade relations with the
Aug 21st 2016

Foreign relations of Qatar
Qatar achieved full independence from the United Kingdom on 3 September 1971. Arab states were among the first to recognize Qatar, and the country gained
Apr 21st 2017

Qatar Armed Forces
The-Qatar-Armed-ForcesThe Qatar Armed Forces are the military forces of Qatar. The country maintains a modest military force of approximately 11,800 men, including an army
Mar 25th 2017

Geography of Qatar
Qatar is a peninsula in the east of Arabia, bordering the Persian Gulf and Saudi Arabia, in a strategic location near major petroleum deposits. Qatar
Apr 18th 2017

Iran–Qatar relations
IranQatar relations refer to the bilateral relations between the Islamic Republic of Iran and the State of Qatar. Iran has an embassy in Doha while Qatar
Apr 14th 2017

Demographics of Qatar
to Qatar in the 18th century to escape the harsh conditions of the neighboring areas of Nejd and Al-Hasa. Some are descended from Omani tribes. Qatar has
Apr 3rd 2017

Qatar–Turkey relations
QatarTurkey relations are the bilateral relations between the State of Qatar and the Republic of Turkey. They first began in 1972. There has been ongoing
Apr 21st 2017

List of Prime Ministers of Qatar
of the State of Qatar (Arabic: رئیس الوزرا القطری‎‎ is the second most powerful official of Qatar, who heads the Government of Qatar. Khalifa bin Hamad
Apr 15th 2017

Transport in Qatar
This article is about transport in Qatar. In 2002, the Qatari government launched Mowasalat, a company 100% owned by the government, managed and operated
Feb 1st 2017

Islam in Qatar
Qatar is a Muslim-majority country with Islam as the state religion. Salafi version of Sunni Islam is the state sponsored brand of Islam in the country
Apr 15th 2017

Qatar University
Qatar-UniversityQatar University (Arabic: جامعة قطر‎‎; transliterated: Qatar Jami'at Qatar) is a public university in Qatar, located on the northern outskirts of the capital
Apr 28th 2017

Qatar Classic
The-Qatar-ClassicThe Qatar Classic is an annual international squash tournament that takes place in Doha, Qatar in October or November. The event was re-established in
Feb 13th 2017

Carnegie Mellon University in Qatar
University in Qatar (Arabic: جامعة كارنيجي ميلون في قطر), is one of the branch campuses of Carnegie Mellon University, located in Doha, Qatar. It is Carnegie
Feb 24th 2017

Qatar Stars League
Qatar-Stars-League The Qatar Stars League (Arabic: دوري نجوم قطر), formerly known as the Q-League (Arabic: س الدوري), is the highest professional league in Qatari football
Apr 6th 2017

Georgetown University in Qatar
Georgetown University in QatarQatar (previously Georgetown University School of Foreign Service in QatarQatar or SFS-Q), also known as GU-Q, is a student-centered
Apr 24th 2017

Qatar Ladies Open
Qatar-Ladies-Open">The Qatar Ladies Open, known as the Qatar-Total-OpenQatar Total Open for sponsorship reasons, is a women's tennis tournament held in Doha, Qatar. Held since 2001, this
Feb 18th 2017

Qatar Qui
QaQatar-QuiQaQatar Qui (Persian: قطارقويي‎‎, also Romanized as QaQaţār Qū’ī; also known as Ghatar Ghoo’ī, QaQatar Koī, and QaQaţar Qūyū) is a village in Gol Tappeh Rural
Mar 29th 2017

Canada–Qatar relations
Canada and Qatar enjoyed friendly relations and coordination on the international field, long before Qatar’s Embassy opened in Ottawa in 2011, including
Aug 29th 2016

Sport in Qatar
Sport in Qatar is primarily centered on football in terms in participation and spectators. Additionally, athletics, basketball, handball, volleyball,
Mar 11th 2017

Telecommunications in Qatar
(1997) Main article: Internet in QatarQatar-AsQatarQatar As of 2015, there are two ISPs in QatarQatar: Ooredoo (formerly Q-Tel) and Vodafone QatarQatar. There were 563,800 internet users
Sep 27th 2015

Qatar Masters
see Qatar-Masters-OpenQatar Masters Open. Doha-GC-----------The-Commercial-Bank-Qatar-MastersDoha GC The Commercial Bank Qatar Masters is a golf tournament held at the Doha-Golf-ClubDoha Golf Club in Doha, Qatar. The
Jan 29th 2017

1999 Qatar Open
The 1999 Qatar-OpenQatar Open, known as the 1999 Qatar-Mobil-OpenQatar Mobil Open, for sponsorship reasons, was a men's tennis tournament held in Doha, Qatar and part of the World
Mar 11th 2015

Consultative Assembly of Qatar
Monarchy of Qatar, with 45 members. Following the first Qatari legislative election, it will have 30 elected members and 15 appointed members. Qatar's constitution
Mar 29th 2017

Qatar national basketball team
Qatar The Qatar national basketball team represents Qatar in international competitions. It is administrated by the Qatar Basketball Federation. (Arabic: الاتحاد
Apr 20th 2017

1996 Qatar Open
The 1996 Qatar Open, known as the 1995 Qatar Mobil Open for sponsorship reasons, was a tennis tournament played on outdoor hard courts at the Khalifa
Mar 11th 2015

Qatar at the Olympics
Qatar has competed in 9 Summer Olympic Games. They have never competed in the Winter Olympic Games. They have so far won one silver and four bronze medals
Jan 5th 2017

Qatar Museums Authority
Qatar-MuseumsQatar Museums (QM) is the lead body for museums in Qatar. Established in 2005 by Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani, former Emir of the State of Qatar
Feb 25th 2017

Tour of Qatar
The Tour of Qatar is an annual professional cycling stage race held in Qatar. First organized in 2002, the event was part of the UCI Asia Tour until 2016
Mar 22nd 2017

Qatar Airways destinations
Qatar-AirwaysQatar Airways is the flag carrier of Qatar, and operates flight to the following destinations, listed by city name. Additionally, there are labels for
Apr 27th 2017

1997 Qatar Open
The 1997 Qatar Open, known as the 1997 Qatar Mobil Open, for sponsorship reasins, was a tennis tournament played on outdoor hard courts at the Khalifa
Dec 28th 2016

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