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Anne, Queen of Great Britain
"Queen-AnneQueen-Anne Queen Anne" redirects here. For other uses, see Queen-AnneQueen-Anne Queen Anne (disambiguation). Anne (6 February 1665 – 1 August 1714) became Queen of England, Scotland
Apr 21st 2017

Queen Anne style architecture
States, see Queen Anne style architecture in the United States. For furniture design, see Queen Anne style furniture. The Queen Anne style in Britain
Feb 14th 2017

Queen Anne, Seattle
Queen Anne Hill is a neighborhood and geographic feature in Seattle, northwest of downtown. The neighborhood sits on the highest named hill in the city
Apr 16th 2017

Queen Anne style architecture in the United States
see Queen Anne style architecture. In the United States, Queen Anne style architecture was popular from roughly 1880 to 1910. "Queen Anne" was one
Apr 24th 2017

Queen Anne style furniture
Queen-Anne The Queen Anne style of furniture design developed before, during, and after the reign of Anne, Queen of Great Britain (1702–1714). Queen Anne furniture
Oct 28th 2016

Queen Anne, Maryland
town in Queen Anne's and Talbot Counties, for the town in Prince George's County, see Queen Anne, Prince George's County, Maryland Queen Anne is a town
Feb 8th 2017

Lower Queen Anne, Seattle
Lower Queen Anne (also known as Uptown due to its large residential population) is a neighborhood in Seattle, Washington, at the base of Queen Anne Hill
Feb 23rd 2017

Queen Anne (disambiguation)
1707. Queen Anne may also refer to: Queen Anne style architecture, architectural style from the reign of Queen Anne, and its revivals Queen Anne style
Feb 27th 2017

Queen Anne-Marie of Greece
Queen Anne-Marie of Greece, RE (Greek: Άννα-Μαρία pronounced [ana marˈia], Danish: [aːnɑ maːʁiːɑ], born Princess Anne-Marie Dagmar Ingrid of Denmark on
Apr 27th 2017

Queen Anne's County, Maryland
Queen Anne's County is a county located in the U.S. state of Maryland. As of the 2010 census, the population was 47,798. Its county seat and most populous
Apr 12th 2017

Queen Anne High School, Dunfermline
Anne-High-School">Queen Anne High School is a large secondary school in the city of Dunfermline in Fife. It is named for Anne of Denmark, the queen of James VI, whose former
Apr 18th 2017

Ode for the Birthday of Queen Anne
Ode for the Birthday of Queen Anne (HWV 74) is a secular cantata composed by George Frideric Handel to a libretto by Ambrose Philips, of which the first
Nov 20th 2016

Anne Boleyn
of this charge. After the coronation of her daughter, Elizabeth, as queen, Anne was venerated as a martyr and heroine of the English Reformation, particularly
Apr 21st 2017

Queen Anne's Revenge
34°41′44″N 76°41′20″W / 34.69556°N 76.68889°W / 34.69556; -76.68889 Queen Anne's Revenge was a frigate, most famously used as a flagship by the pirate
Apr 16th 2017

Queen Anne Grammar School
Queen Anne Grammar School for Girls was a single-gender female state grammar school in the city of York, England. It began in 1906 as the Municipal Secondary
Apr 2nd 2017

Anne of Cleves
Anne of Cleves (German: Anna von Kleve; 22 September 1515 – 16 July 1557) was Queen of England from 6 January to 9 July 1540 as the fourth wife of King
Apr 21st 2017

Queen Anne's Bounty
Queen Anne's Bounty was a scheme established in 1704 to augment the incomes of the poorer clergy of the Church of England, and by extension the organisation
Jan 28th 2017

Anne of Austria, Queen of Poland
For other women named Anna of Habsburg, see Anna of Habsburg (disambiguation). Anne of Austria (16 August 1573 – 10 February 1598) was queen consort of
Apr 17th 2017

Queen Anne pistol
Queen Anne pistols are a type of flintlock pistol distinguished by the lockplate being forged in one piece with the breech and the trigger plate. They
Feb 11th 2017

Queen Anne's Gate
Queen Anne’s Gate is a street in Westminster, London. Many of the buildings are Grade I listed, known for their Queen Anne architecture (5-13; 14-22; 15;
Jul 6th 2016

Queen Anne of Romania
Queen Anne of Romania (nee Anne Antoinette Francoise Charlotte Zita Marguerite of Bourbon-Parma; 18 September 1923 – 1 August 2016) was the wife of King
Mar 24th 2017

Queen Anne High School, Seattle
Queen Anne High School (1909–1981) was a Seattle-Public-SchoolsSeattle Public Schools high school on Galer Street atop Queen Anne Hill in Seattle, Washington, United States
Mar 12th 2017

Queen Anne High School
Queen Anne High School may refer to different schools, including: Queen Anne High School Dunfermline in Fife, Scotland Queen Anne High School in Seattle
Feb 21st 2015

Anne Neville
Joana's cousin Duke Manuel (the future Manuel I). There was no memorial to Queen Anne until 1960, when a bronze tablet was erected on a wall near her grave
Apr 6th 2017

Statue of Queen Anne, Queen Anne's Gate
A Grade I-listed statue of Queen Anne stands on a pedestal alongside the north wall of No. 15 Queen Anne's Gate in Westminster, London. It portrays the
Jul 22nd 2016

Queen Anne's lace
Queen Anne's lace is a common name for a plant and most often refers to the species Daucus carota. Queen Anne's lace may also refer to plants with flowers
Dec 20th 2015

Anne, Princess Royal
Edinburgh. She was the second grandchild of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth. Anne was baptised in the Music Room of Buckingham Palace on 21 October
Apr 26th 2017

Queen Square, London
square was previously named 'Queen Anne's Square' because a statue contained within it was misidentified as depicting Queen Anne. This statue is now believed
Apr 3rd 2017

Anne of Austria
Mazarin left the Hotel Tubeuf to take up residence at the Palais Royal near Queen Anne. Before long he was believed to be her lover, and, it was hinted, even
Apr 19th 2017

Scotland (Lord Anne Hamilton). Saint Anne, Mother of the Virgin Mary Queen Anne of England, Scotland, and Ireland (1702–07) and Great Britain (1707–14)
Mar 28th 2017

Queen Anne Boulevard
Queen Anne Boulevard is a 6.0-kilometre (3.7 mi) loop atop Seattle, Washington's Queen Anne Hill. It is a City of Seattle landmark. Authorized in 1907
Nov 14th 2016

Princess Anne (disambiguation)
Princess-Anne Princess Anne may refer to: Anne, Princess-RoyalPrincess-RoyalPrincess Royal (born 15 August 1950), daughter of Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom Anne, Princess-RoyalPrincess-RoyalPrincess Royal and Princess
Oct 31st 2016

Anne of Brittany
Librairie Droz, 2001, p. 132. De La Warr, Constance, A Twice Crowned Queen: Anne of Brittany, p.41. "Tapestry in the Renaissance: Art and Magnificence"
Mar 25th 2017

Queen Anne, Prince George's County, Maryland
the incorporated town on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, see Queen Anne, Maryland. Queen Anne in Prince George's County, Maryland is a former seaport on
Mar 29th 2017

West Queen Anne School
The West Queen Anne School was a Seattle public elementary school located in the Queen Anne, Seattle neighborhood from 1896 to 1981 and is now high-end
Nov 29th 2016

The Reluctant Queen
from the throne. Richard, and a reluctant Anne assume rule as King and Queen. Anne worries about the health of her young son, and her own imbalances of
Aug 21st 2016

Anne of Denmark
personal maid, Anna Roos, who had arrived with her from Denmark in 1590. Queen Anne died aged 44 on 2 March 1619, of a dangerous form of dropsy. Despite his
Apr 22nd 2017

Anne Gainsford
Lady Zouche (died c.1590) was a close friend and lady-in-waiting to Queen consort Anne Boleyn. She was in the household of Anne Boleyn, as early as 1528
Dec 28th 2016

Anne of Bohemia and Hungary
For other AnnasAnnas of Bohemia, see Anne of Bohemia (disambiguation). For other AnnasAnnas of Hungary, see Anna of Hungary (disambiguation). For other AnnasAnnas Jagiellon
Apr 4th 2017

Anne Hyde
ISBN 0-7538-1403-XGreen, David (1970). Queen Anne. London: Collins. ISBN 0-00-211693-6.  Gregg, Edward (1984). Queen Anne. New Haven and London: Yale University
Mar 16th 2017

Anne Parr, Countess of Pembroke
Anne returned to her role as maid-of-honour, which she remained in when Queen Anne was supplanted by Catherine Howard. Following Queen Catherine's arrest
Jan 11th 2017

Queen Anne Hotel
The-Queen-Anne-HotelThe Queen Anne Hotel is a hotel in San Francisco, on Sutter Street. The hotel is an historic 1890 Victorian mansion, in the namesake Queen Anne architectural
Oct 31st 2016

Anne of Kiev
of churches as convents. But she also came to play a political role. Queen Anne could ride a horse, was knowledgeable in politics, and actively participated
Apr 2nd 2017

Queen of the Damned
This article is about the 2002 film. For the novel on which the film is based, see Queen The Queen of the Damned. Queen of the Damned is a 2002 horror film,
Apr 14th 2017

Doomed Queen Anne
Doomed Queen Anne is a young-adult historical novel about Anne Boleyn by Carolyn Meyer. It is the third book in the Young Royals series. Other books are
Jan 19th 2017

Statue of Queen Anne, St Paul's Churchyard
The statue of Queen-AnneAnne Queen AnneAnne is an outdoor 1886 sculpture of AnneAnne, Queen of Great Britain by sculptors Richard Claude Belt and L. A. Malempre (after Francis
Apr 14th 2017

Anne Bishop
For those of the same or a similar name, see Ann Bishop (disambiguation). Anne Bishop is an American fantasy writer. Her most noted work is the Black Jewels
Apr 24th 2017

Queen Anne Cottage and Coach Barn
Queen Anne Cottage and Coach Barn is a National Register of Historic Places structure (site #80000804) and a California Historical Landmark (#367) on the
Apr 18th 2017

Anne of the Thousand Days
Anne of the Thousand Days is a 1969 British costume drama made by Hal Wallis Productions and distributed by Universal Pictures. It was directed by Charles
Feb 5th 2017

Anne of Bohemia
suffered greatly at her death". Nevertheless, her popular legacy as "Good Queen Anne" suggests that this lack of children was unimportant to many contemporaries
Apr 22nd 2017

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