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Reel Big Fish
Reel Big Fish is an American ska punk band from Huntington Beach, California, best known for the 1997 hit "Sell Out". The band gained mainstream recognition
Apr 8th 2017

Live! In Concert!
Reel Big Fish Live! In Concert! is Reel Big Fish's third DVD recorded at The Grove of Anaheim in California on January 4, 2009. The DVD became available
Feb 12th 2017

Everything Sucks (Reel Big Fish album)
Sucks was Reel Big Fish's first full-length album. It was recorded at Sound Art Studios in 1994 and 1995, and released in 1995 on Reel Big Fish's independent
Apr 17th 2017

Reel Big Fish discography
The following is a complete discography of the band Reel Big Fish. Keep Your Receipt EP - July 1, 1997, Mojo Records/Jive Records Sold Out EP - 2002
Aug 22nd 2016

Fishing reel
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May 2nd 2017

Big Fish
VFX World. Retrieved 2009-07-12.  Staff (2002-08-28). "Area sites reel in 'Big Fish'". Montgomery Advertiser.  |access-date= requires |url= (help) Harmon
May 20th 2017

Cheer Up! (Reel Big Fish album)
Cheer Up! is the fourth full-length release from ska punk band Reel Big Fish. It is a slight departure from the band's other releases, veering toward
Feb 11th 2017

Live at the House of Blues (Reel Big Fish video)
Reel Big Fish Live at the House of Blues is a selection from The Show Must Go Off!, a DVD concert series. False-StartFalse Start "Close the curtains..." 2nd False
Sep 10th 2016

We're Not Happy 'til You're Not Happy
Happy 'til You're Not Happy is the fifth studio album by ska punk band, Reel Big Fish. The follow-up to the band's moderately successful Cheer Up!, We're
Apr 17th 2017

Big-game fishing
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Mar 9th 2017

Aaron Barrett
band Reel Big Fish. Prior to forming Reel Big Fish, Barrett played trombone in another ska-punk act, The Scholars, along with future Reel Big Fish bandmates
Apr 3rd 2017

Duet All Night Long
Duet All Night Long is a split EP release by Reel Big Fish and Zolof the Rock & Roll Destroyer. It contains six cover songs of which three are performed
Jul 12th 2015

Ryland Steen
Reel Big Fish. Reel Big Fish first met Steen at an Ernie Ball Battle of the Bands when he was playing with his Nebraska-born band Square. Reel Big Fish
Sep 17th 2016

Candy Coated Fury
Coated Fury is the eighth studio album by the American ska punk band Reel Big Fish, released on July 31, 2012. The cover art was made by artist Thom Foolery
Feb 10th 2017

Greatest Hit...and More
by Jive-RecordsJive-RecordsJive Records. After Reel Big Fish was dropped from the label, Jive-RecordsJive-RecordsJive Records released this album. Jive owns all of Reel Big Fish's music excluding the
Apr 17th 2017

Scott Klopfenstein
a former member of the band Reel Big Fish. He sings and plays trumpet, guitar, and keyboard. Before joining Reel Big Fish, Klopfenstein played trumpet
Apr 2nd 2017

A Best of Us for the Rest of Us
for the Rest of Us is a greatest hits compilation from ska-punk band Reel Big Fish. Due to the band's former label, Jive Records, owning the master recordings
Apr 17th 2017

Happy Skalidays
Happy Skalidays is a holiday-themed EP from the ska band Reel Big Fish. Aaron Barrett - guitar, lead vocals John Christianson – trumpet Ryland Steen
Sep 18th 2016

Dan Regan
former trombone player for the Southern California-based ska punk band Reel Big Fish. He joined the band in 1994 and retired in October 2013. Regan has also
Mar 13th 2017

John Christianson (musician)
the current trumpet players in the California-based ska punk band, Reel Big Fish in which his nickname is "Little Johnny Christmas." He played trumpet
Mar 9th 2017

Vacationing in Palm Springs
California ska punk band Reel Big Fish and Oregon ska-swing band the Cherry Poppin' Daddies, released in 1997 on Mojo Records. Reel Big Fish's side includes
Mar 21st 2013

Turn the Radio Off
Turn the Radio Off is the second full-length album by ska punk band Reel Big Fish. It was released in the U.S. in 1996 on Mojo Records. The single "Sell
May 13th 2017

Keep Your Receipt
Keep Your Receipt is a small release by Reel Big Fish in 1997 between their albums Turn the Radio Off and Why Do They Rock So Hard. It includes songs
May 4th 2016

Sell Out (song)
"Sell Out" is a song by American ska punk band Reel Big Fish, written by E. Ridenour. Released as the first track on the group's second album Turn the
Apr 17th 2017

Fish Warrior
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May 14th 2016

Fish carving
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Oct 21st 2016

Teen Beef
Californian ska punk bands Reel Big Fish and Goldfinger. It was released in 1996 on Mojo Records. Side A features the Reel Big Fish songs "In the Pit", later
Mar 15th 2013

Beer (song)
"Beer" is a song by American ska punk band Reel Big Fish and featured on their debut album Everything Sucks in 1995 as well as their major label debut
May 20th 2017

The Forces of Evil
and their touring has ceased. Aaron Evil, guitar (Aaron Barrett), of Reel Big Fish fame, formed The Forces Of Evil in January 2001 by recruiting three
May 11th 2016

Fame, Fortune and Fornication
Fame, Fortune and Fornication is a cover album by ska punk band Reel Big Fish. It was officially released on January 20, 2009. However, it was sold at
Nov 15th 2016

Big Fish (musical)
Big Fish is a musical with music and lyrics by Andrew Lippa and a book by John August. It is based on Daniel Wallace’s 1998 novel, Big Fish: A Novel of
May 10th 2017

The Littlest Man Band
Reel Big Fish, a popular ska punk band. Scott had written a number of songs over the years that did not conform to the usual style of Reel Big Fish.
Nov 4th 2016

Matt Wong
founding members of the California-based ska punk band, Reel Big Fish. He left Reel Big Fish on June 26, 2007. Wong plays a candy red Music Man Sting
May 3rd 2017

Derek Gibbs
Derek Gibbs is the current bass player for Reel Big Fish, and the now defunct Forces of Evil and Jeffries Fan Club. He was chosen to replace the band's
Mar 9th 2017

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Mar 27th 2017

Grant Barry
Beach California, is the former trombone player of Reel Big Fish. Before he was in Reel Big Fish he was in The Scholars with Scott Klopfenstein and Aaron
Aug 9th 2016

Viva la Internet/Blank CD
later known as Blank CD, is an unofficial release by the ska-punk band Reel Big Fish. It is a collection of songs and audio, mostly recorded live at various
Apr 25th 2014

Favorite Noise
released outside the United States by the Orange County ska punk band Reel Big Fish. At the time of release (March 12, 2002), 14 of the songs originated
Apr 17th 2017

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May 21st 2017

Brian Klemm
touring guitarist until 2010. Klemm also occasionally performs with Reel Big Fish. He also lends his voice to both versions of the song "Desperate", "This
Dec 24th 2016

Jed the Fish
Rock Personality of the Year. Jed the Fish is shown on the cover of Reel Big Fish's album, Turn The Radio Off Barrett, Don. "Top 10 Los Angeles Radio
Apr 20th 2017

Why Do They Rock So Hard?
full-length release by the ska punk band Reel Big Fish. This is the first (and, so far, only) Reel Big Fish studio album where the band line-up has not
Oct 9th 2016

Our Live Album Is Better than Your Live Album
Album is a 2-disc live album by ska-punk band Reel Big Fish composed of both an extended length Reel Big Fish live set list, and a DVD of a March 2006 live
Apr 17th 2017

The Maxies
bands such as Reel Big Fish, Big D and the Kids Table, Suburban Legends, and Streetlight Manifesto. Notable fan Aaron Barrett of Reel Big Fish has occasionally
Jan 23rd 2017

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Jan 18th 2017

The Scholars (band)
Scholars were an American band. Like the Nuckle Brothers, No Doubt and Reel Big Fish, they are one of the main founding bands of the Orange County ska scene
Apr 5th 2017

Big Hole River
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May 20th 2017

Fishing rod
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May 14th 2017

Fish (singer)
Derek William Dick, better known as Fish (born 25 April 1958), is a Scottish singer-songwriter and occasional actor. He achieved prominence as the lead
Apr 2nd 2017

Jesse Wilder
saxophone and keyboards, then began writing songs with Aaron Barrett for Reel Big Fish.[citation needed] With Isaiah Ikey Owens (Mars Volta) and others he
Apr 21st 2017

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