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President of Germany (1919–45)
For the modern President of GermanyGermany, see President of GermanyGermany. The Reichsprasident was the German head of state under the Weimar constitution, which was
Mar 2nd 2017

Original Reichswehreid came into effect on 14 August 1919, shortly after Reichsprasident Friedrich Ebert had signed the Weimar Constitution for the German Reich
Jul 6th 2016

President Friedrich Ebert Memorial
Friedrich-Ebert-Memorial">The President Friedrich Ebert Memorial (Reichsprasident-Friedrich-Ebert-Gedenkstatte) in Heidelberg commemorates the life and work of Friedrich Ebert
Dec 9th 2016

Personal standard of Adolf Hitler
Hitler was designed after Reichsprasident-PaulReichsprasident Paul von Hindenburg died on 2 August 1934. Adolf Hitler abolished the title "Reichsprasident" and in its place instituted
Mar 22nd 2017

Schwarzburg (municipality)
1919, while on holiday in Schwarzburg, Friedrich Ebert — the first Reichsprasident of Germany — signed the Weimar constitution, the first democratic constitution
Jan 18th 2017

German presidential election, 1919
1919 was the first election to the office of President of the Reich (Reichsprasident), Germany's head of state during the 1919-1933 Weimar Republic. The
Feb 13th 2017

Louise Ebert
election in 1919 until his death on 28 February 1925 served as the first Reichsprasident of the Weimar Republic. The couple had four recorded sons and one recorded
Jun 23rd 2016

List of German presidents
of August 1919 created the office of President of GermanyGermany (German: Reichsprasident). Upon the death of Paul von Hindenburg in August 1934 the office was
Mar 19th 2017

Weimar National Assembly
denoted the assembly itself as legislative and set up the position of Reichsprasident, who was to be in charge of "the Reich's government affairs". An assembly
Apr 7th 2017

Friedrich Ebert
Bernd: Integration kraft ReprasentationReichsprasident Der Reichsprasident in den Landern. Hürten, Heinz: Reichsprasident und Wehrpolitik. Zur Praxis der Personalauslese
Apr 23rd 2017

1932 in Germany
naturalization, opening the opportunity for him to run in the 1932 election for Reichsprasident. 10 AprilPaul von Hindenburg is elected president of Germany. 30
Apr 23rd 2017

German federal election, 1919
constituent assembly and unicameral legislature. On 13 February, provisional Reichsprasident (President) Friedrich Ebert appointed Philipp Scheidemann Reichsministerprasident
Feb 16th 2017

First Stresemann cabinet
The resignation of the Cuno cabinet was officially transmitted to Ebert Reichsprasident Friedrich Ebert late on 12 August 1923. At roughly the same time, Ebert
Mar 20th 2017

Berlin Heerstraße station
the site of official receptions: On 11 May 1925 the newly elected Reichsprasident Paul von Hindenburg arrived here from Hanover, received by Chancellor
Mar 25th 2017

cabinet to promulgate laws by decree. One day before the death of Reichsprasident Paul von Hindenburg, Hitler and his cabinet decreed a law that merged
Apr 27th 2017

Walter Simons
appointed president of the Reichsgericht at Leipzig on the suggestion of Reichsprasident Friedrich Ebert. After Ebert's death in 1925, Simons temporarily served
Feb 25th 2017

Hermann Maas
caused a scandal in 1925 by attending the funeral of social democratic Reichsprasident Friedrich Ebert. Conservative German pastors considered this to be
Jan 28th 2017

Ministry of War (Kingdom of Bavaria)
subordinated to the Reichswehr, which was under the command of the Reichsprasident. Therefore, the Ministry of War was replaced by the Reichswehrbefehlsstelle
Nov 14th 2016

Ruhr uprising
25 March, the government of Gustav Bauer resigned and on 26 March Reichsprasident Friedrich Ebert appointed Hermann Müller as the new chancellor. The
Apr 17th 2017

Albert Grzesinski
Herausgegeben von Eberhard Kolb. München 2001 (Schriftenreihe der Stiftung Reichsprasident-Friedrich-Ebert-Gedenkstatte 9).
Mar 16th 2017

Last will and testament of Adolf Hitler
new Cabinet and as leaders of the nation: President of the Reich (Reichsprasident), Minister of War (Kriegsminister) and Commander-in-Chief of the Navy
Apr 3rd 2017

First Müller cabinet
the Reichstag elections of 6 June 1920. In late March 1920, when Reichsprasident (president) Friedrich Ebert (SPD) asked Hermann Müller (SPD) to form
Mar 20th 2017

Carl Legien
(German) Kolb, Eberhard (1997). Friedrich Ebert als Reichsprasident (in German). Reichsprasident Friedrich Ebert Gedenkstatte. p. 299. ISBN 3-486-56107-3
Feb 25th 2017

Viktoria Stolp
inaugurated the Hindenburg-Kampfbahn on the occasion of a visit by Reichsprasident Hindenburg (capacity 15,000, 1,600 seats). Grüne, Hardy (2001).
Oct 25th 2016

Ministry of the Reichswehr
the formation of a provisional national-army") of March 1919, the Reichsprasident was commander-in-chief of the armed forces, with the Reichswehrminister
Mar 9th 2016

Index of Germany-related articles
Deutschland Rammstein Rastatt (district) Ravensburg (district) Reich Reichsprasident ("Reich President") Reichstag (German Empire) Reichstag (Holy Roman
Jul 17th 2016

Tannenberg Memorial
Paul von Hindenburg, became a national hero, and was later elected Reichsprasident. Dedicated by Hindenburg on the 10th anniversary of the Battle of Tannenberg
Jan 11th 2017

Erwin Bumke
Constitution passed in December 1932, Bumke would have been the deputy of the Reichsprasident as head of state, had the latter suffered a handicap or death; however
Mar 2nd 2017

Hugo Preuß
the Weimar Constitution (on the role of parliament, government and Reichsprasident), considered especially problematic in hindsight, were strongly shaped
Feb 8th 2017

Karl-Marx-StraSse/Ecke ParkstraSse, 1928 initially dedicated to the first Reichsprasident Friedrich Ebert, destroyed by the Nazis in 1933, to be dedicated to
Jan 19th 2017

Adam Stegerwald
verhinderten, wie er in seinem ersten Lebenslauf nach 1945 schrieb, der Reichsprasident und einflussreiche Kreise der Reichswehr den Plan der Nationalsozialisten
Oct 2nd 2016

Nazi Anti-Flag Desecration Law
as a Notverordnung in the Weimarer Republik on 19 December 1932 by Reichsprasident Paul von Hindenburg and the cabinet of Reichskanzler Kurt von Schleicher
Aug 18th 2016

Naval Academy Mürwik
War 1945, Grand Admiral Karl Donitz assumed the office of President (Reichsprasident) of Germany. Adolf Hitler himself had named him his successor before
Oct 10th 2016

German presidential election, 1925
the first direct elections to the office of President of the Reich (Reichsprasident), Germany's head of state during the 1919-1933 Weimar Republic. The
Dec 22nd 2016

Karl Jarres
the first direct election to the office of President of the Reich (Reichsprasident), following Friedrich Ebert's death. In the first round of the election
Jan 1st 2017

Rudolf Oeser
independence as a formally private institution. In early April 1924, Reichsprasident Friedrich Ebert named Oeser as temporary general director of the Reichsbahn
Feb 3rd 2017

German Emperor
revolution of 1918, the German head of state function was succeeded by the ReichsprasidentReichsprasident (President of the Reich), beginning with Friedrich Ebert. The
Feb 19th 2017

Victory in Europe Day
Germany's surrender, therefore, was authorised by his successor, Donitz Reichsprasident Karl Donitz. The administration headed by Donitz was known as the Flensburg
Apr 7th 2017

Weimar Republic
accepting the oppressive terms of this treaty. The Republic's first Reichsprasident ("Reich President"), Friedrich Ebert of the SPD, signed the new German
Apr 26th 2017

Scheidemann cabinet
of the People's Deputies, was elected on 11 February as temporary Reichsprasident, or head of state. That same day, Ebert asked his fellow Volksbeauftragten
Mar 13th 2017

Left Column (theater troupe)
in Germany were cancelled because a March 28, 1931 decree from the Reichsprasident to combat violence led to a local prohibition against agitprop theater
Oct 15th 2016

Federal Ministry of Defence (Germany)
"Law for the Creation of a provisional ReichswehrReichswehr" of March 1919, the ReichsprasidentReichsprasident became the Commander-in-Chief of the armed forces, whilst the Reich
Mar 18th 2017

German presidential election, 1932
and final direct elections to the office of President of the Reich (Reichsprasident), Germany's head of state under the Weimar Republic. The incumbent
Mar 21st 2017

Munster Training Area
commanding officer, Colonel Paul von Hindenburg, who later became the Reichsprasident. Today there is a barracks here, the Hindenburg-Kaserne, named after
Dec 18th 2015

Gunnar Dedio
"Molotow" auf arte". Retrieved 2015-01-02.  "Spiegel online Kultur Reichsprasident Hindenburg: Hitlers wissender Vollstrecker". Retrieved 2015-01-02. 
Jan 31st 2017

Wilhelm Cuno
Norddeutsche Lloyd (which happened in 1930). During the 1925 election for Reichsprasident, Cuno was outspoken in support for Paul von Hindenburg rather than
Apr 13th 2017

Flensburg Government
Battle of Berlin. It was headed by Grand Admiral Karl Donitz as the Reichsprasident and Lutz Graf Schwerin von Krosigk as the Leading Minister. The administration
Apr 24th 2017

Hermann Kling
Süddeutsche Verlagsgesellschaft, Ulm 1975, ISBN 3-920921-99-2 page 70. Der Reichsprasident von Hindenburg (first signatory); Der Reichskanzler Adolf Hitler (second
Sep 15th 2016

Council of the People's Deputies
in turn had been elected the first temporary president of Germany (Reichsprasident) by the National Assembly. International Institute of Social History
Mar 13th 2017

vehicles over the causeway. The causeway, which bears the Weimar Republic Reichsprasident Paul von Hindenburg's name, has interrupted the tidal flow, which until
Jan 16th 2016

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