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A Retrieved Reformation
978-0-19-507678-3. P. 21. "A Retrieved Reformation" at Internet Archive (scanned books) "A Retrieved Reformation" on Wikisource A Retrieved Reformation public
May 24th 2017

Information Retrieved Pt. B
Information Retrieved, Pt. B is an EP by indie rock band Pinback that was released as an exclusive 7" vinyl for Black Friday on November 25, 2011. It
Nov 21st 2012

European Retrievable Carrier
and placed into an orbit at an altitude of 508 km (316 mi). EURECA was retrieved on 1 July 1993 by Space Shuttle Endeavour during STS-57 and returned to
May 18th 2017

Information Retrieved
Information Retrieved - Metacritic". Metacritic. Retrieved October 22, 2012.  Jason Heller (October 16, 2012). "Pinback: Information Retrieved". The A.V
Mar 7th 2017

document. Conversely, if there are few queries that retrieve the document, or when the document is retrieved the documents are not high enough in the ranked
Dec 29th 2016

Information Retrieved, Pt. A
INFORMATION RETRIEVED PT. A". Temporary Residence Limited. Retrieved 2011-11-26.  daniel danger (2011-04-29). "Pinback - Information Retrieved 7". Tiny
Oct 8th 2015

National Shoot to Retrieve Association
The National Shoot to Retrieve Association is a nonprofit organization of bird dog hunters in the United States. NSTRA is a non-profit origination that
Feb 14th 2017

List of nuclear test sites
Atomic Energy Agency. 2005-03-01. Retrieved 2013-12-10.  "Nuclear Tests in French Polynesia: Could Hazards Arise?". Retrieved 25 April 2014.  "Lop Nur Nuclear
Nov 14th 2016

Software repository
Stack Overflow. Retrieved 2010-04-14.  "Apache-ArchivaApache Archiva: The Build Artifact Repository Manager". Apache-Software-Foundation">The Apache Software Foundation. Retrieved 2013-04-17. Apache
May 24th 2017

List of metropolitan areas in Sweden
retrieved from Statistics Sweden and the statistics released November 10, 2014. The official land area for each municipality have also been retrieved
Mar 4th 2017

Triple Crown of Harness Racing for Pacers
Retrieved October 30, 2016 Little Brown Jug - official Records & Stats retrieved October 11, 2016 Hambletonian Society - Messenger Stakes Retrieved
Oct 30th 2016

Search/Retrieve Web Service
Search/Retrieve Web service (SRW) is a web service for search and retrieval. SRW provides a SOAP interface to queries, to augment the URL interface provided
Jan 18th 2017

Distributed Data Protocol
Specification is located on GitHub. "Introducing DDP". Retrieved 2013-05-29.  "DDP Specification". Retrieved 2014-04-24.  https://github
Jan 4th 2017

Kari Seitz
Soccer-FederationSoccer Federation. Retrieved 18 October 2013.  "U.S. Soccer Centennial Referee Interview: Kari Seitz". U.S. Soccer-FederationSoccer Federation. Retrieved 18 October 2013
Feb 19th 2017

Olde English District
Regions". Retrieved 2013-09-19.  "South Carolina General Assembly Bill 853". Retrieved 2013-09-19.  "The Olde English District". Retrieved 2013-09-19
Dec 27th 2013

Wayne Scott Unit
Updated Wednesday April 7, 2010. Retrieved on July 16, 2010. "Retrieve Plantation." Handbook of Texas. Retrieved on July 16, 2010. Trulson, Chad R
Jan 21st 2017

Dog intelligence
dog subsequently retrieved the item given its name. A border collie, "Chaser", learned the names of over 1,000 objects and retrieved them by verbal command
May 9th 2017

Magnet URI scheme
magnet link to ensure that the resource retrieved by that link is the one intended, regardless of how it is retrieved. The standard for Magnet URIs was
May 10th 2017

Attack Retrieve Capture
Attack Retrieve Capture (ARC) was a free multiplayer, 2D computer game created by John Vechey (jv) and Brian Fiete (bf) as a college project and later
Apr 17th 2017

Digital recording
storage device. To play back a digital sound recording, the numbers are retrieved and converted back into their original analog waveforms so that they can
Apr 16th 2017

Great Southern Trail
available. "Home". Retrieved 1 August 2011.  "Trail Information". Retrieved 1 August 2011.  "Great Southern Trail
Dec 9th 2016

List of public art at Indiana University – Purdue University Indianapolis
I)". SOS!. Smithsonian. Retrieved June 3, 2010.  Save Outdoor Sculptures! (1993). "Eve (sculpture)". SOS!. Smithsonian. Retrieved June 3, 2010.  Save Outdoor
Oct 9th 2016

Exobiology Radiation Assembly
Atlantis, and put into an orbit at an altitude of 508 km. EURECA was retrieved on 1 July 1993 by STS-57- Space Shuttle Endeavour and returned to Earth
Nov 24th 2016

El Fehoul
census it has a population of 7,045 <ref>"Communes of Algeria". Statoids. Retrieved December 12, 2010. </ref5 Coordinates: 35°07′04″N 1°20′03″W / 35
May 23rd 2017

Sezar Akgül
Spor (in Turkish). 2007-04-22. Retrieved 2013-03-22.  "Şahin altına uctu". Milliyet Spor (in Turkish). 2008-04-02. Retrieved 2013-03-22.  "Sezar Akgül'den
Mar 11th 2017

Hughes Road
41(31), 3422-3429. Retrieved from External Links "Mumbai Directions". Retrieved 2016-04-28.  References
Apr 28th 2016

King Magnus was killed in an ambush by the Men of Ulster, his sword was retrieved and sent home. Sturluson, Snorri (1991). Heimskringla: history of the
Sep 25th 2015

Lachyan, Karnataka
ಕರ್ನಾಟಕದ ಪ್ರವಾಸಿ ತಾಣಗಳು". Retrieved 26 June 2013.  "Lachyan Village-One Five Nine". Retrieved 16 June 2013Bijapur district
Mar 23rd 2017

List of school districts in Georgia (U.S. state)
Source: "Georgia-School-DistrictGeorgia School District". Schools"> Schools">GreatSchools Inc. Retrieved 2008-07-29.  School districts in Georgia -- An alternative version of
May 23rd 2017

Purisimeño language
18, 1884". Retrieved 2013-05-08.  "Papers of John P. Harrington, Part 3, Southern California Basin". California Language Archive. Retrieved 2013-05-08
Aug 26th 2016

List of Uruguayan records in swimming
de Natacion (FUN). The information below is based on a records report retrieved posted to the FUN website and dated: July 29, 2009 (LCM) and April 30
Aug 10th 2016

Dani Hatakka
name=soccer>"Dani Hatakka". Retrieved 17 September 2013.  "Dani Hatakka". Retrieved 17 September 2013.  (Finnish) Profile at
Apr 10th 2017

Store of value
function of an asset that can be saved, retrieved and exchanged at a later time, and be predictably useful when retrieved. More generally, a store of value
May 2nd 2017

Processing fluency
quality. Retrieval fluency is the ease with which information can be retrieved from memory. Research in cognitive neuroscience and psychology has shown
Apr 9th 2017

Fulton surface-to-air recovery system
system that was used during World War II by American and British forces to retrieve both personnel and downed assault gliders following airborne operations
May 23rd 2017

Go West (1940 film)
attempt to unite a couple by ensuring that a stolen property deed is retrieved. It was directed by Edward Buzzell and written by Irving Brecher, who
Apr 26th 2017

Childhood memory
qualitatively and quantitatively different from the memories formed and retrieved in late adolescence and the adult years. Childhood memory research is
Dec 9th 2016

List of insurance companies in Hong Kong
Insurers" (PDF). Office of the Commissioner of Insurance. 2007-11-26. Retrieved 2007-11-28.  List of banks in Hong Kong Statistics, Office of the Commissioner
Jan 25th 2017

Animal Quarantine Department
responsible for animal quarantine services in Pakistan. "Home". Animal Quarantine Department. Retrieved 1 July 2016Animal Quarantine Department
Jul 2nd 2016

Slave codes
Slave codes were a set of laws that allowed a slave's master to retrieve their slave from free states without their permission. Virginia, 1639 "Act XI
May 16th 2017

Tupolev Tu-143
the late 1970s and 1980s. It contained a reconnaissance pod that was retrieved after flight, and from which imagery was contained. The Tu-143
Apr 1st 2017

Locomotiva Bălți
won the tournament Locomotive Division., June 6, 2011. Retrieved June 14, 2011. Thus, given the right to play in Moldovan National Division
Oct 27th 2016

The Tungus creator god. He retrieved magic mud from the primeval waters and used it to form the earth. Mike Dixon-Kennedy, 1998, ABC-CLIO publishers
Oct 29th 2016

(called sorts in mechanical systems and glyphs in digital systems) are retrieved and ordered according to a language's orthography for visual display.
May 26th 2017

flushing spaniels, and pointing breeds. Retrievers were bred primarily to retrieve birds or other prey and return them to the hunter without damage; retrievers
Jan 30th 2017

Marcel Rosenberg Retrieved 30 December 2014Daniel Kowalsky. "Soviet Diplomacy and the Spanish Civil War". Retrieved 30 December 2014
May 9th 2016

List of birds of the Sonoran Desert
listed are only "native" and have a larger continental range). They are retrieved from the List of birds of Yuma County, Arizona, though not exclusively
Nov 1st 2016

Air – Transport Europe
About company". Retrieved 2017-05-27., TAG design; e-mail:. "Operational Centers". Retrieved 2017-05-27.  "S leteckou
May 27th 2017

Relevance (information retrieval)
evaluate how well an information retrieval system retrieved topically relevant results, the relevance of retrieved results must be quantified. In Cranfield-style
Mar 13th 2017

List of metropolitan areas in Georgia (U.S. state)
Statistical-Areas">Metropolitan Statistical Areas". Retrieved 24 March 2017.  "U.S. Census Bureau, Combined Statistical Areas". Retrieved 24 March 2017Table
Mar 24th 2017

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