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Information Retrieved Pt. B
Information Retrieved, Pt. B is an EP by indie rock band Pinback that was released as an exclusive 7" vinyl for Black Friday on November 25, 2011. It is
Nov 21st 2012

Information Retrieved
AllMusic". Allmusic. Retrieved October 16, 2012.  Information Retrieved - Pinback Billboard. Retrieved October 25, 2012. Official website Official Facebook
Mar 7th 2017

Interstate 25
Interstate-25Interstate 25 (I-25) is a major Interstate Highway in the western United States. It is primarily a north–south highway. I-25 stretches from Interstate
Mar 29th 2017

U.S. Route 25
U.S. Route 25 (US 25) is a north–south United States highway that runs for 750 miles (1,210 km) from Brunswick, Georgia, to the Ohio state line in Covington
Mar 28th 2017

Sukhoi Su-25
2012. Pike, John. "Georgia Air Force." Global security, 10 May 2009. Retrieved: 25 December 2009. "Russia's rapid reaction." International Institute for
May 23rd 2017

April 25 Sports Club
April 25 Sports Club (Chosŏn'gŭl: 4.25체육단; Hanja: 4.25體育團) or April 25 Sports Team, known as 4.25 or April Twenty-Five is a multi-sports club in North
Apr 1st 2017

Boeing VC-25
The Boeing VC-25 is a military version of the Boeing 747 airliner, modified for presidential transport and operated by the Air-Force">United States Air Force as Air
May 24th 2017

Learjet 25
Learjet-25">The Learjet 25 is an American ten-seat (two crew and eight passengers), twin-engine, high-speed business jet aircraft manufactured by Learjet. It is a
May 22nd 2017

New York State Route 25
New York State Route 25 (NY 25) is an east–west state highway in downstate New York in the United States. The route extends for just over 105 miles (169 km)
Apr 27th 2017

Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-25
The Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-25 (Russian: Микоян и Гуревич МиГ-25) (NATO reporting name: Foxbat) is a supersonic interceptor and reconnaissance aircraft that
May 23rd 2017

Ordnance QF 25-pounder
The Ordnance QF 25-pounder, or more simply 25-pounder or 25-pdr, was the major British field gun and howitzer during World War II, possessing a 3.45-inch
May 17th 2017

Arkansas Highway 25
Arkansas-Highway-25Arkansas Highway 25 is a northeast–southwouthwest state highway in north central Arkansas. The route runs 85.66 miles (137.86 km) from US 64 in Conway
Feb 5th 2017

Florida State Road 25
State-Road-25State Road 25 (SR-25SR 25) is a state highway in the U.S. state of Florida. It is mainly signed as U.S. Highways: U.S. Highway 27 from Hialeah to Lady Lake
Feb 3rd 2017

Business routes of Interstate 25
Interstate business routes are roads connecting a central or commercial district of a city or town with an Interstate bypass. These roads typically follow
Jan 29th 2017

List of nuclear test sites
Polynesia: Could Hazards Arise?". Retrieved 25 April 2014.  "Lop Nur Nuclear Weapons Test Base". 26 July 2012. Retrieved 25 Apr 2014.  "The Jiuquan Report"
Nov 14th 2016

25 kV AC railway electrification
25 kV alternating current electrification is commonly used in railway electrification systems worldwide, especially for high-speed rail. This electrification
May 25th 2017

Synaptosomal-associated protein 25 (SNAP-25) is a t-SNARE protein that is encoded by the SNAP25 gene in humans. SNAP-25 is a component of the trans-SNARE
Mar 27th 2017

Minnesota State Highway 25
Minnesota-State-Highway-25Minnesota State Highway 25 (MN 25) is a highway in Minnesota, which runs from its interchange with U.S. Highway 169 in Belle Plaine and continues north
Mar 29th 2017

M-25 (Michigan highway)
M-25 is a state trunkline highway in the US state of Michigan. The route follows an arc-like shape closely along the Lake Huron shore of the Thumb in the
Sep 4th 2016

Ivchenko AI-25
The Ivchenko AI-25 is a family of military and civilian twin-shaft medium bypass turbofan engines developed by Ivchenko OKB of the Soviet Union. It was
Dec 29th 2016

SM UC-25
UC">SM UC-25 was a German-Type-UC-IIGerman Type UC II minelaying submarine or U-boat in the German-Imperial-NavyGerman Imperial Navy (German: Kaiserliche Marine) during World War I. The U-boat
Aug 31st 2016

Interstate 25 in New Mexico
Interstate-25Interstate 25 (I-25) in the U.S. state of New Mexico follows the north–south corridor through Albuquerque and Santa Fe. It replaced U.S. Route 85 (US 85)
Apr 1st 2017

Foregenix (February 2012). "X.25 within the Payment Card Industry" (PDF). Retrieved 25 May 2016.  (Friend et al. 1988, p. 242) (Friend et al. 1988, p. 243)
May 15th 2017

25 (number)
25 (twenty-five) is the natural number following 24 and preceding 26. It is a square number, being 52 = 5 × 5. It is one of two two-digit numbers
May 22nd 2017

25 Days of Christmas
25 Days of Christmas (also known as Freeform's 25 Days of Christmas, previously known as Fox Family's 25 Days of Christmas, and as ABC Family's 25 Days
May 1st 2017

Net 25
Net 25 (capitalized and stylized as NET25) is a Philippine television network owned and operated by Eagle Broadcasting Corporation. The network is named
Apr 1st 2017

We Are the World 25 for Haiti
"We Are the World 25 for Haiti" is a charity single recorded by the supergroup Artists for Haiti in 2010. It is a remake of the 1985 hit song "We Are the
May 24th 2017

Ohio State Route 25
State Route 25 (SR 25) is an Ohio state route that runs between Cygnet and Toledo in the US state of Ohio. The highway has a total length of 34.98 miles
Dec 19th 2016

North American B-25 Mitchell
Detailed List." Canadian Military Aircraft Serial Numbers, 25 May 2013. Retrieved: 25 May 2015. Dorr Wings of Fame Volume 3, p. 124. "North American". Aerofiles
May 23rd 2017

Indiana State Road 25
State-Road-25State Road 25 is a highway in the U. S. state of Indiana. Although it is designated a north–south road, in practice it travels generally northeast from
Feb 4th 2017

The LAV-25 (Light Armored Vehicle) is an eight-wheeled amphibious armored reconnaissance vehicle used by the United States Marine Corps and Canadian Army
May 7th 2017

Illinois Route 25
Illinois-Route-25Illinois Route 25 is a state road in northeast Illinois. It runs north from U.S. Highway 34 in Oswego to Illinois Route 62 (Algonquin-RoadAlgonquin Road) in Algonquin
Feb 5th 2017

Massachusetts Route 25
Route 25 is a numbered state highway located in Plymouth County and Barnstable County, Massachusetts, United States. The route is a nominally east–west
Feb 16th 2017

Kamov Ka-25
The Kamov Ka-25 (NATO reporting name 'Hormone') was a naval helicopter, developed for the Soviet Navy in the USSR from 1958. In the late 1950s there
Nov 22nd 2016

Project 25
Project 25 (P25 or APCO-25) is a suite of standards for digital radio communications for use by federal, state/province and local Public safety organizations
May 10th 2017

Kh The Kh-25/Kh-25M (Russian: Х-25; NATO:AS-10 'Karen') is a family of Soviet lightweight air-to-ground missiles with a modular range of guidance systems
May 4th 2017

1924–25 Allsvenskan
The 1924–25 Allsvenskan, part of the 1924–25 Swedish football season, was the inaugural season of Sweden's new first-tier football league, replacing Svenska
Sep 9th 2016

Wisconsin Highway 25
State-Trunk-Highway-25State Trunk Highway 25 (often called Highway 25, STH-25STH 25 or S-25">WIS 25) is a state highway in the U.S. state of Wisconsin. The route serves local traffic in
Oct 1st 2016

X AX.25 (X Amateur X.25) is a data link layer protocol derived from the X.25 protocol suite and designed for use by amateur radio operators. It is used extensively
Jan 19th 2017

D.C.: United States Army Center of Military History. OCLC 10913875. Retrieved 25 August 2013.  Manhattan District (1947a). Manhattan District History
Jan 18th 2017

25 or 6 to 4
For in Rock: A Stylistic Analysis. p. 39. ISBN 978-0-300-09239-4. Retrieved February 25, 2017.  "Billboard-Hot-100Billboard Hot 100 Singles". Billboard. 98 (41). October
May 1st 2017

Special routes of U.S. Route 25
SeveralSeveral special routes of U.S. Route 25 exist. In order from south to north they are as follows. U.S. Route 25 Bypass (US 25 Bypass), in complete concurrency
Feb 5th 2017

Vermont Route 25
Vermont-RouteVermont Route 25 is a state highway in Orange County, Vermont, United States. It begins at the New Hampshire state line in Bradford, continuing across
Feb 9th 2017

New Jersey Route 25
(Map). Rand McNally. 1946. p. 42. New York and Vicinity inset. Retrieved September 25, 2010.  "HistoryHolland Tunnel". Port Authority of New York
Dec 28th 2016

California State Route 25
State-Route-25State Route 25 is a state highway in the U.S. state of California between Gilroy and State Route 198. This route is part of the California Freeway and
Apr 24th 2017

C&C 25
The-CThe C&C-25C 25 is a series of CanadianCanadian sailboats, first built in 1973. The boat series was built by C&C Yachts in Canada, but it is now out of production.
May 18th 2017

Knight's Armament Company SR-25
The SR-25 (Stoner Rifle-25) is a designated marksman rifle designed by Eugene Stoner and manufactured by Knight's Armament Company. The SR-25 uses a rotating
May 6th 2017

Interstate 25 in Wyoming
This article is about the section of Interstate-25Interstate-25Interstate-25Interstate 25 in Wyoming. For the entire route, see Interstate-25Interstate-25Interstate-25Interstate 25. Interstate-25Interstate-25Interstate-25Interstate 25 (I-25) is a part of the Interstate
Dec 8th 2016

The 5"/25 caliber gun (spoken "five-inch-twenty-five-caliber") entered service as the standard heavy anti-aircraft (AA) gun for United States Washington
May 15th 2017

Thriller 25
Thriller-25Thriller 25 is the 25th-anniversary edition reissue of American recording artist Michael Jackson's sixth studio album Thriller. The original album sold
May 23rd 2017

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