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Yelp. E-commerce sites often have consumer reviews for products and sellers separately. Usually, consumer reviews are in the form of several lines of texts
May 22nd 2017

Review of Reviews
York (1892) and Melbourne (1893), the Review of Reviews, American Review of Reviews and Australasian Review of Reviews represented Stead’s dream of a global
Feb 9th 2017

Mathematical Reviews
version of Mathematical Reviews and additionally contains citation information for almost 3 million papers. Mathematical Reviews was founded by Otto E
Mar 16th 2017

Chemical Society Reviews
chemistry. Its predecessors were Reviews Quarterly Reviews, Chemical Society (1947–1971) and Royal Institute of Chemistry, Reviews (1968–1971); it maintained its current
Aug 31st 2016

Kirkus Reviews
York City. Kirkus-ReviewsKirkus Reviews, published on the first and 15th of each month, previews books prior to their publication. Kirkus reviews over 7,000 titles
Apr 24th 2017

Systematic review
Systematic reviews are a type of literature review that collects and critically analyzes multiple research studies or papers, using methods that are selected
May 24th 2017

Neuroscience & Biobehavioral Reviews
Biobehavioral Reviews is a peer-reviewed scientific journal covering behavioral neuroscience published by Elsevier. The journal publishes reviews, theoretical
Sep 4th 2015

Literature review
reviews are found in academic journals, and are not to be confused with book reviews that may also appear in the same publication. Literature reviews
May 8th 2017

Annual Reviews (publisher)
Annual Reviews, located in Palo Alto California, Annual Reviews is a not for profit publisher dedicated to synthesizing and integrating knowledge for the
Apr 8th 2017

Book review
devoted to book reviews, and reviews are indexed in databases such as Book Review Index and Kirkus Reviews; but many more book reviews can be found in
Apr 22nd 2017

Review aggregator
cars). This system stores the reviews and uses them for purposes such as supporting a website where users can view the reviews, selling information to third
May 14th 2017

Reviews of Geophysics
Michigan). Reviews of Geophysics (ISSN 0096-1043) was established in 1963. Between February 1970 and November 1984 it was named Reviews of Geophysics
Dec 1st 2016

Microbiology and Molecular Biology Reviews
established in 1937 as Bacteriological Reviews (ISSN 0005-3678) and changed its name in 1978 to Microbiological Reviews (ISSN 0146-0749). It obtained its current
Jul 13th 2016

Choice: Current Reviews for Academic Libraries
products including the Choice Reviews database. The magazine was established in 1964. It is considered the premier source for reviews of academic books, electronic
Feb 9th 2017

Law review
association. Outside of North America, law reviews are usually edited by senior academics/faculty. Law reviews should not be confused with non-scholarly
May 18th 2017

Peer review
review in the 'Open Method of Co-ordination' of policies in the fields of active labour market policy since 1999. In 2004, a program of peer reviews started
May 21st 2017

Variety Film Reviews
Variety-Film-ReviewsVariety Film Reviews is the 24-volume hardcover reprint of feature film reviews by the weekly entertainment tabloid-size magazine Variety from 1907 to
May 26th 2016

Chemical Reviews
joins Chemical Reviews as new editor-in-chief". ACS Chemistry for Life. American Chemical Society. December 2, 2014.  "Chemical Reviews". 2015 Journal
Aug 24th 2016

Nature Reviews Neuroscience
NeurosciencesNeurosciences. Neuroscience portal Nature (journal) Nature Reviews Neuroscience website Nature Reviews website "Journals Ranked by Impact: NeurosciencesNeurosciences"
Dec 9th 2016

Naval Review
about reviews of the Fleet US Fleet. For fleet reviews of the Royal Navy, see Fleet review (Commonwealth realms). For the magazine, see Naval Review (magazine)
Apr 22nd 2017

Nature Reviews Microbiology
Nature Reviews Microbiology is a peer-reviewed review journal published by the Nature Publishing Group. It publishes reviews and perspectives on microbiology
Dec 9th 2016

Review article
applicability of individual studies. Review articles come in the form of literature reviews and, more specifically, systematic reviews; both are a form of secondary
Jan 21st 2017

Judicial review
Law review. This article is about court power over non-judicial branches. For court power over lower courts, see Appellate review. Judicial review is a
May 8th 2017

Code review
of software. Reviews are done in various forms such as pair programming, informal walkthroughs, and formal inspections. Code reviews can often find
Apr 28th 2017

Review site
to gather reviews from site users or may employ professional writers to author reviews on the topic of concern for the site. Early review sites included
Apr 21st 2017

Technical peer review
limited to 6 or fewer people). Technical peer reviews are held within development phases, between milestone reviews, on completed products or completed portions
Dec 21st 2013

ACM Computing Reviews
Computing-Reviews">ACM Computing Reviews (CR) is a scientific journal that reviews literature in the field of computer science. It is published by the Association for Computing
Jan 11th 2017

Nature Reviews Drug Discovery
pieces. Nature Biotechnology Annual Review of Pharmacology and Toxicology Pharmacological Reviews "Nature Reviews Drug Discovery". 2015 Journal Citation
Dec 9th 2016

Spending Review
resources. Spending Reviews typically focus upon one or several aspects of public spending while Comprehensive Spending Reviews focus upon each government
May 11th 2017

Nature Reviews Immunology
Nature Reviews Immunology is a monthly review journal covering the field of immunology. The journal also publishes "Research highlight" articles, which
Dec 9th 2016

Physiological Reviews
Physiological Reviews is a journal published quarterly by the American Physiological Society. The editor in chief of the journal is Dennis Brown, Professor
Mar 28th 2017

Physical Review
of Minnesota. In 1929, the APS started publishing Reviews of Modern Physics, a venue for longer review articles. During the Great Depression, wealthy scientist
Mar 7th 2017

Annual Review of Astronomy and Astrophysics
The-Annual-ReviewThe Annual Review of Astronomy and Astrophysics is an annual peer reviewed scientific journal published by Annual Reviews. The editors-in-chief are Sandra
Jun 15th 2016

Nature Reviews Cancer
Nature Reviews Cancer is a monthly review journal covering the field of oncology.
Dec 9th 2016

Rushmore Reviews
Rushmore, marked 25 years of the Reviews, and 20 years since the outsourcing to Rushmore Reviews. Initially in 1989 the Reviews consisted of twelve operators
Aug 21st 2016

Nature Reviews Genetics
therapy, applied genetics and genomics, computational biology) Nature Reviews Genetics website Nature Reviews website National Library Of Medicine
Apr 13th 2017

Adventist Review
Review Adventist Review is the official newsmagazine of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Commonly known as the Review, it is published weekly by the Review and Herald
Apr 6th 2017

The New York Review of Books
it as "the chief theoretical organ of Radical Chic". The Review publishes long-form reviews and essays, often by well-known writers, original poetry,
May 22nd 2017

Slavic Review
Slavic Review is a major peer-reviewed academic journal publishing scholarly studies, book and film reviews, and review essays in all disciplines concerned
Oct 19th 2015

The Iowa Review
The Iowa Review is an American literary magazine that publishes fiction, poetry, essays, and reviews. Founded in 1970, Iowa Review is issued three times
Sep 2nd 2016

Oxonian Review
Oxonian Review was established in 2001 at Balliol College, Oxford as the Oxonian Review of Books, as a termly print magazine featuring essays and reviews of
Apr 18th 2017

Stem Cell Reviews and Reports
from Stem Cell Reviews. According to the Journal Citation Reports, the journal has a 2013 impact factor of 3.214. Stem Cell Reviews homepage. Accessed
Oct 27th 2016

Capsule review
capsule movie reviews by prolific film writer Leonard Maltin, including the world's shortest capsule review (a 2 out of 4 star review of the 1948 musical
Feb 1st 2015

Essays and Reviews
Essays and Reviews, edited by John William Parker, published in March 1860, is a broad-church volume of seven essays on Christianity. The topics covered
Aug 20th 2016

Complete review
new reviews added per year. A blog, Literary Saloon, was added in August 2002. As of its tenth anniversary in 2009, ninety-five percent of the reviews were
Feb 18th 2017

Customer review
ThereThere are also dedicated review sites, some of which use customer reviews as well as or instead of professional reviews. The reviews may themselves be graded
Apr 17th 2017

The Australian Financial Review
Australian-Financial-Review">The Australian Financial Review (sometimes abbreviated to AFR) is an Australian business and finance newspaper published by Fairfax Media six days a week
May 25th 2017

Fleet review (Commonwealth realms)
ports have also hosted reviews. In the examples below, the venue is Spithead unless otherwise noted. A list follows of fleet reviews in England, Great Britain
May 14th 2017

Design review
therefore likely to be worthwhile. Design reviews are example of such an effort. Therefore, a number of design reviews may be carried out, for example to evaluate
Aug 27th 2015

Nature Reviews Molecular Cell Biology
Nature Reviews Molecular Cell Biology is a peer-reviewed monthly review journal that was established in October 2000 and is published by Nature Publishing
Dec 16th 2016

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