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Richard Edson
Edson Richard Edson (born January 1, 1954) is an American actor and musician. Edson was born in New Rochelle, New York. He has one brother, Steven, who makes
Apr 19th 2017

Marine Corps General Norman Edson (1904-1970), New Zealander biochemist Richard Edson (born 1954), American actor Russell Edson (1935-2014), American poet
Mar 29th 2017

Edson B. Olds
Edson Baldwin Olds (June 3, 1802 – January 24, 1869) was a three-term U.S. Representative from Ohio. During the American Civil War, he was a leading member
Apr 10th 2017

Norman Lowther Edson
Norman Lowther Edson (1 March 1904 – 12 May 1970) ( PhD (Cantab) BMedSc (NZ) MB ChB (NZ) FRSNZ, FNZIC) was the first Professor of Biochemistry (1949–1967)
May 22nd 2017

Russell Edson
Russell Edson (1935 – April 29, 2014) was an American poet, novelist, writer and illustrator, and the son of the cartoonist-screenwriter Gus Edson. He
Mar 16th 2017

Battle of Edson's Ridge
Battle The Battle of Ridge Edson's Ridge, also known as the Battle of the Ridge Bloody Ridge, Battle of Ridge Raiders Ridge, and Battle of the Ridge, was a land battle of the Pacific
May 11th 2017

John Edson Sweet
John Edson Sweet (Pompey, New York, October 21, 1832 – Syracuse, New York, May 8, 1916) was an American mechanical engineer, inventor, professor, business
May 6th 2017

Joey Breaker
Joey Breaker is a 1993 American romance film starring Richard Edson and Cedella Marley. Philip Seymour Hoffman and Erik King also appear in the film.
Jul 1st 2016

Sonic Youth (EP)
It is the only recording featuring the early Sonic Youth lineup with Richard Edson on drums. Sonic Youth differs stylistically from the band's later work
Jan 5th 2017

Murder on the Campus
Murder on the Campus is a 1933 American Pre-Code mystery film directed by Richard Thorpe. The film is also known as On the Stroke of Nine in the United
May 11th 2016

Snide and Prejudice
Brion James as Hermann Goering Joseph Bottoms as Therapist Himmler Richard Edson as Rudolph Hess Richard Moll as General Von Ludendorf Mick Fleetwood
Apr 9th 2017

The Winner (1996 film)
directed by Alex Cox. Most noted for its quirky cast (Vincent D'Onofrio, Richard Edson, Michael Madsen, Billy Bob Thornton, and Frank Whaley) and art department
Feb 7th 2017

Saginaw Valley Naval Ship Museum
The-Saginaw-Valley-Naval-Ship-MuseumThe Saginaw Valley Naval Ship Museum is dedicated to documenting the history of the United States Navy. The museum will be permanently housed in the USS
Apr 13th 2017

Raphaël Nadjari
directed his first US feature, The Shade (released in 1999), which starred Richard Edson, Lorie Marino, and Jeff Ware. It was an adaptation of A Gentle Creature
Dec 19th 2016

Liquid Liquid (EP)
production ("Groupmegroup", "RubbermiroRubbermiro") Al Diaz – percussion R. Edson (Richard Edson) – trumpet Technical Ed Kahlman – production ("New Walk", "Lub Dupe"
Apr 2nd 2017

Dick Fowler (politician)
Richard S. "Dick" Fowler (April 12, 1932 – July 8, 2012) was a former member of the Legislative Assembly of Alberta, Minister of the Crown in the Government
Mar 25th 2017

Richard Bauman
Richard Bauman is a folklorist and anthropologist, now retired from Indiana University Bloomington. He is Distinguished Professor emeritus of Folklore
Oct 16th 2016

The Offs
drummer Bob Steeler and a rotation of horn players including Bob Roberts, Richard Edson and Roland Young. The Offs were major players in the early days of the
Oct 30th 2016

Columbus Day (film)
as Alana Michael Muhney as Detective Daniels Shelley Malil as Babul Richard Edson as Manny Sean Blakemore as Officer Walters Val Kilmer, Wilmer Valderrama
Feb 7th 2017

Wedding Bell Blues (film)
Jonathan Penner as Matt Smith Charles Martin Smith as Oliver Napier Richard Edson as Tom Carla Gugino as Violet Debbie Reynolds as Herself The film,
Nov 5th 2016

List of speculative poets
This literature-related list is incomplete; you can help by expanding it. This is a list of speculative poets. People on this list should have articles
Sep 24th 2016

Oppenheimer Award
The Oppenheimer Award (also known as the Newsday-George-Oppenheimer-AwardNewsday George Oppenheimer Award or the Oppy) was named after the late playwright and Newsday drama critic George
Feb 11th 2017

Smoke Lightning
Smoke Lightning is a 1933 American Western film directed by David Howard and written by Sidney D. Mitchell and Gordon Rigby. The film stars George O'Brien
Apr 10th 2017

Political positions of Richard Gordon
Richard Gordon is the presidential candidate of the Bagumbayan - Volunteers for a Philippines">New Philippines for the upcoming 2010 Philippine presidential elections
Feb 23rd 2016

Fair Play for Cuba Committee
The Fair Play for Cuba Committee (FPCC) was an activist group set up in New York City in April 1960. The FPCC's purpose was to provide grassroots support
May 19th 2017

Marine Raiders
The Marine Raiders were elite units established by the United States Marine Corps during World War II to conduct special amphibious light infantry warfare
May 19th 2017

Thick as Thieves (1998 film)
Ricky Harris as Rodney David Byrd as Sal Capetti Bruce Greenwood as Bo Richard Edson as Danny Robert Miano as Frank Riles Khandi Alexander as Janet Hussein
Mar 20th 2017

Edson Arantes do Nascimento (Brazilian Portuguese: [ˈɛtso (w)ɐˈɾɐ̃tʃiz du nɐsiˈmẽtu]; born 23 October 1940), known as Pele (Brazilian Portuguese: [pe̞ˈlɛ])
May 25th 2017

Jennie Everton Clarke
Clarke Jennie Everton Clarke (July 20, 1862 – January 15, 1929) founded the Belle Haven Orphan home in Luling, Texas, in 1899. Clarke was born Luce, Township
May 18th 2017

Jay Cronley
comedy Let It Ride, which starred Richard Dreyfuss, David Johansen, Richard Edson, and Teri Garr. Quick Change was the source of two film adaptations
Mar 1st 2017

John C. Mather (New York)
John Cotton Mather (November 30, 1813 Deposit, Delaware County, New YorkAugust 13, 1882 Watertown, Jefferson County, New York) was an American politician
Feb 16th 2017

Phoebe (magazine)
Phoebe: A Journal of Literature and Art is a literary journal based at George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia and first published in 1971. It publishes
Oct 31st 2016

Tougher Than Leather (film)
McDanielsMcDaniels - D.M.C Joseph Simmons - Run Jason Mizell - Jam Master Jay Richard Edson - Bernie Carteez Rick Rubin - Vic Ferrante Jenny Lumet - Pam Russell
May 26th 2017

The Poets' Encyclopedia
The Poets' Encyclopedia is an English-language poetical anthology, covering the literary, art and music worlds of New York City in the 1970s. 225 poets
Mar 16th 2015

The Gas Man
episode focuses on characters played by guest stars Bruno Kirby and Richard Edson, with the detectives who normally serve as the protagonists here serving
Mar 8th 2017

Wanderlust (2006 film)
Himself Kat Dennings as Lila Matt Dillon voice also archive footage Richard Edson archive footage as Eddie (Stranger Than Paradise, 1984) Chris Eyre as
Mar 15th 2017

Sérgio Mendes (album)
Sergio Mendes is the 1983 studio album by Sergio Mendes on A&M Records, his first Top 40 album in nearly a decade and a half, and was accompanied by his
Apr 15th 2017

This World, Then the Fireworks
Lakewood Seymour Cassel as Detective Harris Will Patton as Lt. Morgan Richard Edson as Joe This World, Then the Fireworks at the American Film Institute
Mar 3rd 2017

Vicious Circle (2008 film)
Rios as Angel Trevor Wright as Fin Robert Zepeda as Smiler Sanchez Richard Edson as John Idalis DeLeon as Helena Perrey Reeves as Sgt. Berger Cody McMains
Nov 22nd 2016

The name Lowther can mean: CFS Lowther, military installation on Highway 11 near Opasatika, Ontario, Canada Lowther baronets, which see for a list Lowther
Mar 27th 2017

In Limbo (EP)
strongest statements. A difficult, overlooked but vital gem". Musicians Richard Edson – drums Kristian Hoffman – piano Lydia Lunch – vocals Thurston Moore –
Apr 9th 2017

Destiny Turns on the Radio
Belushi as Tuerto Janet Carroll as Escabel David Cross as Ralph Dellaposa Richard Edson as Gage Bobcat Goldthwait as Mr. Smith Barry Shabaka Henley as Dravec
Feb 15th 2017

Jacobs Beth Orton Beck Hank Williams III Jennifer Herrema Gregg Henry Richard Edson Ione Skye Mark Gonzales Laura Prepon as Seven=Five Singer/songwriter
Jan 20th 2016

Richard G. Folsom
Folsom Richard Gilman Folsom (1907 – 1996) was the twelfth president of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. He was born to Harry G. Folsom and Mabel Folsom on February
Apr 13th 2016

Chosei Funahara
by Funahara and produced by Hal Hartley Trouble (1994), directed by Richard Edson DEADEND (1994), directed by Miron Zownir Cacophony, Lonesome Hitmen
Jan 2nd 2017

Love, Cheat & Steal
Harrington Eric Roberts as Reno Adams Madchen Amick as Lauren Harrington Richard Edson as Billy Quayle Donald Moffat as Frank Harrington David Ackroyd as Tom
Mar 22nd 2016

I Am Josh Polonski's Brother
of Young Cinema I Am Josh Polonski's Brother at the Internet Movie Database [1] Variety [2] Interview Richard Edson and Raphael Nadjari [3] Trailer
Nov 12th 2016

History of the Seventh-day Adventist Church
The Seventh-day Adventist Church had its roots in the Millerite movement of the 1830s to the 1840s, during the period of the Second Great Awakening, and
Apr 3rd 2017

City School District of New Rochelle
The City School District of New Rochelle is a public school district located in New Rochelle, New York. New Rochelle has one of the most extensive educational
May 13th 2017

Kynurenic acid
PMID 15206728.  Robert-Schwarcz Robert Schwarcz; Elmer, Greg I; Bergeron, Richard; Albuquerque, Edson X; Guidetti, Paolo; Wu, Hui-Qiu; Schwarcz, Robert (2010). "Reduction
Apr 3rd 2017

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