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Saint Roch
"St. Roch" redirects here. For the RCMP ship, see St. Roch (ship). For place names, see Saint-Roch. "Roch" and "San Rocco" redirect here. For other uses
Apr 26th 2017

Roch (disambiguation)
Roch Saint Roch was a Christian saint who lived c.1295–1327. Roch or St. Roch may also refer to: St. Roch (ship), Royal Canadian Mounted Police schooner, the
Sep 9th 2015

Saint-Roch, Paris
churches dedicated to Saint-RochSaint-RochSaint Roch, see Church of Saint-RochSaint-RochSaint Roch (disambiguation). The Church of Saint-Roch (French: Eglise Saint-Roch) is a late Baroque church
Jan 25th 2017

Nolton and Roch
Nolton and Roch is a community in the Hundred of Roose, Pembrokeshire, Wales. The community consists essentially of the parishes of Nolton and Roch and a number
Apr 2nd 2017

St. Roch (ship)
RCMPV St. Roch is a Royal Canadian Mounted Police schooner, the first ship to completely circumnavigate North America, and the second sailing vessel to
Mar 22nd 2017

Riemann–Roch theorem
The RiemannRoch theorem is an important theorem in mathematics, specifically in complex analysis and algebraic geometry, for the computation of the dimension
Apr 6th 2017

Roch Voisine (2001 album)
Roch Voisine is a 2001 album of Canadian singer Roch Voisine. It is also known as Eponyme (self-titled) It was released in 2 versions: Canadian Version:
Mar 4th 2017

Jean-Roch-PedriRoch Pedri known as just Jean-Roch (born 3 October 1966 in Toulon, France) is a singer-songwriter, and DJ / producer of electronic music and founder
Aug 24th 2016

Church of Saint Roch
Saint-RochSaint Roch or Saint-RochSaint Roch's Church may refer to: Saint-Roch Church, Quebec City, Canada Church of Saint-RochSaint Roch, Zizkov, Prague Eglise Saint-RochSaint Roch, Marseille
Apr 13th 2017

Grothendieck–Riemann–Roch theorem
GrothendieckRiemannRoch theorem is a far-reaching result on coherent cohomology. It is a generalisation of the HirzebruchRiemannRoch theorem, about complex
Mar 23rd 2016

Hirzebruch–Riemann–Roch theorem
HirzebruchRiemannRoch theorem, named after Friedrich Hirzebruch, Bernhard Riemann, and Gustav Roch, is Hirzebruch's 1954 result contributing to the RiemannRoch problem
Mar 22nd 2016

Saint-Roch may refer to: In Canada: Saint-Roch, Quebec-CityQuebec City, a neighbourhood of Quebec-CityQuebec City Saint-Roch-de-l'Achigan, Quebec, a municipality Saint-Roch-de-Mekinac
Sep 17th 2016

André Roch
Andre Roch (August 21, 1906 in Hermance, SwitzerlandNovember 19, 2002 in Geneva) was a mountaineer, avalanche researcher and expert, skier, resort developer
Mar 22nd 2017

Saint-Roch, Quebec City
years. Saint-Roch was first settled in 1620 by the Recollects, who built a small church dedicated to Saint Roch. Today the Eglise Saint-Roch is the largest
Jan 23rd 2017

Ouvrage Saint-Roch
"Fort-Saint-RochFort Saint Roch" redirects here. For the British fort in Malta, see Fort Saint Rocco. Ouvrage Saint-Roch is a work (gros ouvrage) of the Maginot Line's
Jan 11th 2017

Roch Voisine
Joseph Armand Roch Voisine, OC ONB better known as Roch Voisine, (born 26 March 1963) is a Canadian singer-songwriter, actor, and radio and television
Apr 14th 2017

Le Noël de Roch Voisine
Le Noel de Roch Voisine is a 2004 Christmas album of the Canadian singer Roch Voisine. The album was released initially as Le Noel de Roch Voisine in
Jun 19th 2016

Roch Marc Christian Kaboré
Roch Marc Christian Kabore (born 25 April 1957) is a Burkinabe politician and the President of Burkina Faso, in office since 2015. Previously he served
Mar 5th 2017

Saint-Roch-de-l'Achigan, Quebec
Saint-Roch-de-l'Achigan is a Quebec municipality located in the Montcalm Regional County Municipality located in the Lanaudiere region. It is on the banks
Mar 26th 2017

Saint-Roch-de-Mékinac, Quebec
For other uses, see Mekinac (disambiguation). Saint-Roch-de-Mekinac is a parish municipality in the Mekinac Regional County Municipality, in administrative
Mar 26th 2017

Sébastien Roch
Sebastien Roch is a novel written by the French journalist, novelist and playwright Octave Mirbeau, and published by Charpentier in 1890. Last French edition :
Aug 12th 2015

St. Roch Catholic Secondary School
St. Roch Catholic Secondary School is a high school in Credit Valley, Brampton, Ontario, Canada. The school's principal is Manny Farrugia and the vice
Jan 25th 2017

Walter Roch
Walter Francis Roch (20 January 1880 – 3 March 1965), sometime MP (Lib.) for Pembrokeshire from 1908 to 1918 was a Welsh politician and landowner, whose
Apr 7th 2017

Best Of (Roch Voisine album)
Best of is a 2007 album of Canadian singer Roch Voisine. It is a double album containing a collection of his best hits (in French and English) from the
Oct 31st 2016

Riemann–Roch theorem for surfaces
In mathematics, the RiemannRoch theorem for surfaces describes the dimension of linear systems on an algebraic surface. The classical form of it was first
Nov 11th 2015

St Roch
St-RochSt Roch may refer to: Roch Saint Roch (traditionally c.1295 – 16 August 1327) St. Roch (ship) a Royal Canadian Mounted Police exploration vessel, the first
Oct 19th 2015

Kawasaki's Riemann–Roch formula
differential geometry, Kawasaki's-Riemann Kawasaki's RiemannRoch formula, introduced by Tetsuro Kawasaki, is the RiemannRoch formula for orbifolds. Kawasaki's original
Feb 16th 2017

Roch Voisine (1990 album)
Roch Voisine (also known as On the Outside as per the first track on the album) is a 1990 album by Canadian singer Roch Voisine. It has the same content
Oct 8th 2011

Saint-Roch-des-Aulnaies is a parish municipality in Quebec, Canada. List of municipalities in Quebec Reference number 57597 of the Commission de toponymie
Mar 26th 2017

Roch Moïse Samuel Mignault
Roch-Moise-Samuel Mignault (February 5, 1837 – March 26, 1913) was a physician and political figure in Quebec. He represented Yamaska in the Canadian House
Apr 20th 2016

Saint-Roch Church (Quebec City)
dedicated to Saint-RochSaint-Roch Saint Roch, see Church of Saint-RochSaint-Roch Saint Roch (disambiguation). Saint The Eglise Saint-Roch, in the parish of Notre-Dame de Saint-Roch is the largest church
Dec 24th 2016

Akaflieg München Mü1 Vogel Roch
München Mü1 Vogel Roch is a glider that was designed and built in Germany in 1924 Akaflieg München's first project, the Mü1 Vogel Roch, was designed and
Jun 23rd 2015

Roch Thériault
Roch "Moise" Theriault (May 16, 1947 – February 26, 2011) was the leader of a small religious group based near Burnt River, Ontario, Canada, who between
Sep 3rd 2016

Gare de Montpellier-Saint-Roch
Saint-Roch is the main railway station in Montpellier, France. The station was formerly known as Gare de Montpellier, but since March 2005 it bears the
Jun 11th 2016

Roch Lanctôt
Lanctot Roch Lanctot (January 30, 1866 – May 30, 1929) was a Canadian politician. Born in Saint-Constant, Canada East, Lanctot was educated at the University of
Mar 29th 2016

Roch III coat of arms
Roch III is a Polish coat of arms. It was used by several szlachta families in the times of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. Notable bearers of
Sep 13th 2016

Saint-Roch-sur-Egrenne is a commune in the Orne department in north-western France. Communes of the Orne department INSEE commune file
Feb 2nd 2017

Roch La Salle
Roch La Salle, PC (August 6, 1928 – August 20, 2007) was a Canadian politician who served in the province of Quebec. He represented the riding of Joliette
Dec 24th 2016

Church of Saint Roch, Žižkov
The Church of Saint Roch, located on Olsany Square (Czech: Olsanske naměsti), is the oldest church in present-day Zizkov, a cadastral district of Prague
Aug 3rd 2015

Roch-Ambroise Cucurron Sicard
Roch-Ambroise Cucurron Sicard (20 September 1742 – 10 May 1822) was a French abbe and instructor of the deaf. Born at Le Fousseret, in the ancient Province
Jul 17th 2016

St Roch United
St Roch United FC is a Seychelles based football club, they are playing in the Seychelles League. The team is based in Bel Ombre, Seychelles in Mahe island
Feb 15th 2016

Roch-Pamphile Vallée
Roch-Pamphile Vallee (May 28, 1848 – October 9, 1935) was a journalist, newspaper editor and political figure in Quebec. He represented Portneuf in the
Jun 23rd 2016

Roch Castle
Roch-CastleRoch Castle (Welsh: Castell y Garn) is a 12th-century castle, located at Roch near Haverfordwest, Wales. Built by Norman knight Adam de Rupe in the second
Feb 23rd 2017

Nicolas Chamfort
Sebastien-Roch Nicolas, also known as Chamfort (French: [ʃɑ̃fɔʁ]; 6 April 1741 – 13 April 1794), was a French writer, best known for his witty epigrams
Nov 12th 2016

River Roch
The River Roch /ˈroʊtʃ/ is a river in Greater Manchester in North West England, a tributary of the River Irwell that gives Rochdale its name. Rising
Mar 9th 2017

Shields Branch
For homonymy, see Roch Saint Roch. For homonymy, see Shields. The Shields Branch (French: Riviere Saint-Roch in Quebec) is a tributary of the Big Black River)
Dec 26th 2016

Dennis Roch
Dennis J. Roch (born November 6, 1973 at Fort Dix, New Jersey) is an American politician and a Republican member of the New Mexico House of Representatives
Dec 22nd 2016

St. Roch's Church (Staten Island)
The Church of St. Roch is a Roman Catholic parish church in the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of New York, located at 602 Port Richmond Avenue, Staten Island
Dec 28th 2016

St. Roch Church (Greenwich, Connecticut)
St. Roch is a Roman Catholic church in Greenwich, Connecticut, part of the Diocese of Bridgeport. Although the Parish of St.Roch was formally established
Dec 30th 2016

St. Roch, New Orleans
StSt. Roch is a neighborhood of the U.S. city of New Orleans. A subdistrict of the Bywater District Area, its boundaries as defined by the City Planning
Mar 1st 2017

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