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Roger Ailes
Ailes Roger Eugene Ailes (May 15, 1940 – May 18, 2017) was an American television executive and media consultant. Ailes was the founder and former Chairman and
May 20th 2017

Modern Dance movement of the 1930s Aile Asszonyi (born 1975) Surnamed Roger Ailes (1940–2017), president of America's Fox News Channel and chairman of
May 19th 2017

Gretchen Carlson
On July 6, she filed a lawsuit against then Fox News Chairman and CEO Roger Ailes claiming sexual harassment. Subsequently, dozens of other women also
Mar 25th 2017

Outnumbered (U.S. TV program)
complaining of Roger Ailes' sexual harassment". Salon. Retrieved November 21, 2016.  "
Apr 22nd 2017

The Fox Effect
The Fox Effect: How Roger Ailes Turned a Network into a Propaganda Machine is a 2012 book written by Brock David Brock and Ari Rabin-Havt. Brock heads the progressive
May 11th 2017

Gabriel Sherman
about Fox News Channel president Roger Ailes called The Loudest Voice in the Room: How the Brilliant, Bombastic Roger Ailes Built Fox News – and Divided a
Mar 6th 2017

initiator of the Taize Community Roger Adams, Nobel Prize chemist Roger Ailes, American television executive, Chairman and CEO of Fox News Roger Angell
May 18th 2017

Roger Sherman Hoar
Roger Sherman Hoar (April 8, 1887 – October 10, 1963) was an American state senator and assistant Attorney General, for the state of Massachusetts. He
Mar 20th 2017

Mark Masters
with Art Bell. While continuing to build TRN, Masters collaborated with Roger Ailes, CEO of Fox News, between 2003 and 2005, to create Fox News Radio from
Dec 4th 2016

The Loudest Voice in the Room
Brilliant, Bombastic Roger Ailes Built Fox News - and Divided a Country is a 2014 biographical book about Fox News Channel president Roger Ailes written by Gabriel
Mar 1st 2017

Roger Judrin
Roger Judrin (born 26 July 1909 – 14 Decembre 2000) was a French writer and literary critic. Roger Judrin studied at the Lycee Henri-IV, followed the
Feb 22nd 2017

Andrea Tantaros
2016, Tantaros claimed that she approached Fox News executives about Roger Ailes sexually harassing her in 2015. She said her allegations resulted first
Apr 1st 2017

A Current Affair (U.S. TV series)
organization of Lachlan Murdoch and his replacement by Fox News chief Ailes Roger Ailes led to Fox's announcement that Ailes would replace the show with Geraldo
Feb 7th 2017

For the Record with Greta
after she moved from Fox News to MSNBC amidst sexual allegations against Roger Ailes, although she defended him. She has stated she was "troubled by the culture"
May 16th 2017

Settle for More
Kelly. The book discusses the unwanted sexual advances she received from Roger Ailes while working at Fox News, as well as her feud with then Presidential
Mar 2nd 2017

Julie Roginsky
Roginsky filed a lawsuit in the New York Supreme Court against Fox News, Ailes Roger Ailes, and Bill Shine, alleging sexual harassment. Roginsky claimed that Ailes
Apr 7th 2017

Clark S. Judge
Thomas Bell, Gary Auxier and Albert Tortorella 2 political advisors Roger Ailes and Scott Ehrlich of Ailes Communications. Beahm Roger Beahm of Cone-Beahm
Mar 27th 2017

Joseph Bismuth
Joseph Roger Bismuth (born 1926) is a Jewish Tunisian businessman and senator. He was elected into the newly formed upper chamber, the Chamber of Advisors
May 4th 2017

History of Fox News
was founded by media mogul Murdoch Rupert Murdoch in 1996. Murdoch appointed Roger Ailes as permanent CEO of the news operation. FNC (along with MSNBC) was created
May 5th 2017

2008 Roger Federer tennis season
Federer Roger Federer won one slam in 2008, which came at the 2008 US Open, defeating Briton Andy Murray, 6–2, 7–5, 6–2. Federer was defeated by Rafael Nadal in
Apr 13th 2017

America's Talking
celebrity hour-long talk show, hosted by the President of the network, Roger Ailes. Bugged! - A comedic look at what bugs people, hosted by Brian O'Connor
Jan 13th 2017

Ses plus belles histoires
Ses plus belles histoires is a compilation album of francophone Canadian pop singer Isabelle Boulay. It includes three covers ("Les ailes des hirondelles"
Jun 20th 2015

Dupuy D-40
The-Dupuy-DThe Dupuy D-40 was a French built, low powered monoplane designed for touring abroad. The only example was used for an uncompleted journey to Saigon.
Feb 4th 2017

Dan Cooper
Full Disclosure with Judith Regan and Andrew Neil. Working alongside Roger Ailes, Cooper became one of the co-founders of Fox News Channel in 1996. He
Mar 21st 2017

Kerwin Swint
Influential Career of Legendary Political Operative and Fox News Founder Roger Ailes, Union Square Press (2008) ISBN 1-4027-5445-0 Mudslingers: The 25 Dirtiest
Mar 13th 2017

Fox News controversies
displace Roger Ailes, the founder and CEO of Fox News. In the previous Sunday New York Times news story featuring a profile on Roger Ailes, Freud was
May 16th 2017

Tisha Lewis
anchor and reporter. Lewis is a founding member of Fox News Channel CEO Roger Ailes' flagship Apprentice Program. In 2014, she was an invited special guest
Oct 3rd 2015

Cynthia Cotts
Gabriel Sherman to fact-check his unofficial biography of Fox News head Roger Ailes, which was published by Random House in Jan. 2014, to great acclaim and
Jan 17th 2017

Larry McCarthy
mentorship of longtime GOP media strategist (and current Fox News CEO) Roger Ailes. During this period he assisted winning campaigns for Republican Senators
Mar 8th 2017

2011 News Corporation scandals
referred to in her 2007 wrongful termination case against HarperCollins was Ailes Roger Ailes, the chairman of Fox News. Regan claimed that Ailes had previously encouraged
Apr 6th 2017

Ailly, Eure
Ailly is a commune in the Eure department in Normandie in north-western France. Communes of the Eure department INSEE
Feb 19th 2017

Garrison, New York
emphasizes bilingual education, experiential learning and purposeful play. Roger Ailes, former Fox News CEO Hamilton Fish, former US Secretary of State Sergeant
Apr 29th 2017

The Last Frontier
Western by Anthony Mann The Last Frontier, a 1974 TV special produced by Roger Ailes The Last Frontier (novel), by Alistair MacLean The Last Frontier, a
Mar 4th 2016

Bill Shine (television executive)
Shine worked alongside of Fox chairman and chief executive officer Roger Ailes for two decades. After Ailes left Fox, the new executive chairman, Rupert
May 6th 2017

Susan Estrich
Estrich was retained as legal counsel to the former Fox News chairman Roger Ailes — whom she met on the George H. W. Bush campaign trail in 1988 and whom
May 11th 2017

Prix d'Aumale
The Prix d'Aumale is a Group 3 flat horse race in France open to two-year-old thoroughbred fillies. It is run at Chantilly over a distance of 1,600 metres
Apr 10th 2017

Cédric Morgan
Cedric Morgan, pen name of Jean-Yves Quenouille (born 1943, Vannes (Morbihan) is a French writer. He has devoted himself to writing on the sidelines of
Feb 5th 2017

Beaumont-le-Roger is a commune in the department of Eure in Normandy region in northern France. The commune is located in the valley of the Risle on
May 18th 2017

The Kingdom and the Power
reporting about newspapers is no longer considered unusual. In 2006, Roger Ailes, president of the Fox News Channel, said The Kingdom and The Power was
Jul 7th 2016

Clare Boothe Luce Award
2002: Jesse Helms and Margaret Thatcher 2010: James L. Buckley 2011: Roger Ailes  ????: John Von Kannon Edwards, Lee. The Power of Ideas. Ottawa, Illinois:
Jun 22nd 2016

Eileen Gunn
Americans" (1991) posits an alternate history in which Barry Goldwater hired Roger Ailes to run his 1964 presidential campaign, and Richard Nixon became the host
Oct 30th 2016

2013 Roger Federer tennis season
The 2013 Federer Roger Federer tennis season officially began on 14 January at the start of the 2013 Australian Open. This season saw Federer suffer a considerable
Jan 31st 2017

Juggernaut (1936 film)
Juggernaut is a 1936 British mystery film, starring Boris Karloff and Joan Wyndham. Directed by Henry Edwards, it was based on the novel by Alice Campbell
Sep 15th 2016

The Mike Douglas Show
Cup. Future political consultant and Fox News Channel founder and CEO Roger Ailes served as producer (1965), and then Executive Producer (1967–68). It
May 20th 2017

Bradley Foundation
Prizes of $250,000 each are awarded annually. Winners have included Roger Ailes, Paul Clement, Mitch Daniels, Yuval Levin, Gary Sinise, and Kimberly
Apr 11th 2017

The Trump Card (book)
quotes and advice from various well-known acquaintances of hers, such as Roger Ailes and Andrew Cuomo. She says that she was catcalled by workers on her father's
May 5th 2017

Republican Party vice presidential candidate selection, 1988
expected Bush to pick a more well-known running mate. However, Bush adviser Roger Ailes helped convince Bush that Quayle would be able to effectively attack
Feb 15th 2017

National Income Life Insurance Company
National Income Life Insurance Company (NILICO), based in Rochester, New York, provides supplemental life insurance to members of labor unions, credit
May 9th 2017

Desire (TV series)
time period. The idea was greenlit by Fox-Television-Stations-Chairman-Roger-AilesFox Television Stations Chairman Roger Ailes as a contingency plan for Fox-owned UPN stations. After receiving lukewarm
May 6th 2017

2011 BNP Paribas Masters
The 2011 BNP Paribas Masters, also known as the Paris Masters, was an ATP World Tour professional tennis tournament played on indoor hard courts. It was
Sep 13th 2016

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