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Apr 6th 2017

Romance novel
lust. For literary fiction romance novels, see Novel. For Joseph Conrad's novel Romance, see Romance (novel). The romance novel or romantic novel discussed
Apr 24th 2017

Romance comics
Romance comics is a comics genre depicting strong and close romantic love and its attendant complications such as jealousy, marriage, divorce, betrayal
Feb 19th 2017

Chivalric romance
As a literary genre of high culture, romance or chivalric romance is a type of prose and verse narrative that was popular in the aristocratic circles of
Apr 30th 2017

Romance languages
The Romance languages (sometimes called the Romanic languages, Latin languages, or Neo-Latin languages) are the modern languages that evolved from Vulgar
Apr 28th 2017

Western Romance languages
Romance Western Romance languages are one of the two subdivisions of a proposed subdivision of the Romance languages based on the La SpeziaRimini line. They include
May 16th 2016

Bad Romance
For the 2011 film, see Bad Romance (film). "Bad Romance" is a song by American singer Lady Gaga from her third extended play, The Fame Monster (2009).
Apr 25th 2017

Iberian Romance languages
Iberian-Romance The Iberian Romance, Ibero-Romance or simply Iberian languages are the Romance languages that developed on the Iberian Peninsula, an area consisting primarily
Mar 15th 2017

Contemporary romance
Contemporary romance is a subgenre of romance novels, generally set contemporaneously with the time of its writing. The largest of the romance novel subgenres
Apr 12th 2017

Paranormal romance
Paranormal romance is a subgenre of both romantic fiction and speculative fiction. Paranormal romance focuses on romantic love and includes elements beyond
Mar 23rd 2017

Historical romance
Main articles: Novel, Genre fiction, and Romance novel Historical romance (also historical novel) is a broad category of fiction in which the plot
Apr 2nd 2017

Romance (music)
other uses, see Romance (disambiguation). The term romance (Spanish: romance/romanza, Italian: romanza, German: Romanze, French: romance, Russian: романс
Dec 1st 2016

Eastern Romance languages
Romance The Eastern Romance languages are a group of Romance languages that developed in Southeast Europe from the local variant of Vulgar Latin. Today, the group
Apr 27th 2017

Rhaeto-Romance languages
Rhaeto-Romance, or Rhaetian, is a traditional subfamily of the Romance languages that is spoken in north and north-eastern Italy and in Switzerland. The
Mar 9th 2017

True Romance
other uses, see True Romance (disambiguation). True Romance is a 1993 American crime film with elements of black comedy and romance, directed by Tony Scott
Apr 23rd 2017

Alexander romance
See also: Alexander the Great in legend The Romance of Alexander is any of several collections of legends concerning the mythical exploits of Alexander
Feb 20th 2017

Gallo-Romance languages
The Gallo-Romance branch of the Romance languages includes sensu stricto the Oil languages (French and its closest relatives such as Walloon) and the
Mar 20th 2017

My Chemical Romance
My Chemical Romance (often abbreviated as MCR) was an American rock band from New Jersey, active from 2001 to 2013. The band's best-known lineup consisted
Apr 12th 2017

Suburban Romance
Suburban Romance (Czech: Zizkovska romance) is a 1958 Czechoslovak romance film directed by Zbyněk Brynych. It was entered into the 1958 Cannes Film Festival
Feb 7th 2016

Romance (guitar piece)
in E by Rubira), "Romance Spanish Romance", "Romance de Espana", "Romance de Amor", "Romance of the Guitar", "Romanza" and "Romance d'Amour" among other names
Apr 21st 2017

Scientific romance
Main article: History of science fiction Scientific romance is an archaic term for the genre of fiction now commonly known as science fiction. The
Apr 5th 2017

Pannonian Romance
Pannonian-Romance Pannonian Romance was a Romance language that developed in Pannonia after the fall of the Western Roman Empire. It seems to have lasted until the 10th
Oct 12th 2016

Ready for Romance
Ready for Romance is the third studio album by Modern Talking released on 26 May 1986. This album saw releases of two singles Brother Louie and Atlantis
Jun 22nd 2016

The Flowers of Romance
The Flowers of Romance may refer to: "The Flowers of Romance" (song), a song by Sex Pistols The Flowers of Romance (band), an early British punk rock
Feb 26th 2013

Regency romance
Regency romances are a subgenre of romance novels set during the period of the British Regency (1811–1820) or early 19th century. Rather than simply being
Apr 3rd 2017

African Romance
African-RomanceRomance African RomanceRomance or African-LatinAfrican Latin is an extinct RomanceRomance language that is supposed to have been spoken in the Roman province of Africa during the later Roman
Feb 17th 2017

A Moment of Romance III
of Romance-IIIRomance III is a 1996 Hong Kong romance film directed by Johnnie To starring Andy Lau. Although the third in the series of "A Moment of Romance" films
Jan 5th 2017

Judaeo-Romance languages
Judaeo-Romance languages are Jewish languages derived from Romance languages, spoken by various Jewish communities (and their descendants) originating
Sep 5th 2016

A Moment of Romance
A Moment of Romance (Chinese: 天若有情) is a 1990 Hong Kong action romance film directed by Benny Chan, produced by Johnnie To, and starring Andy Lau, Jacklyn
Aug 9th 2016

Romance of the Three Kingdoms (video game series)
Romance of the Three Kingdoms (三國志, Sangokushi?, lit. "Records of the Three Kingdoms") is a series of turn-based tactical role-playing simulation grand
Apr 21st 2017

One Piece: Romance Dawn
One Piece: DawnDawn Romance Dawn (ワンピース ロマンスドーン 冒険の夜明け, Wan Pīsu: Romansu Dōn - Bōken no Yoake?, "One Piece: DawnDawn Romance Dawn - Dawn of the Adventure") is a role-playing
Dec 29th 2016

Romance (1999 film)
Romance (Romance X) is a 1999 French art house drama film written and directed by Catherine Breillat. It stars Caroline Ducey, pornographic actor Rocco
Apr 25th 2017

Romance scam
A romance scam is a confidence trick involving feigned romantic intentions towards a victim, gaining their affection, and then using that goodwill to
Apr 29th 2017

Romance-speaking Europe
Romance-speaking Europe, or Latin Europe, is the area of Europe where Romance languages (those derived from Latin) are either official, co-official, or
Apr 25th 2017

Planetary romance
Planetary romance is a subgenre of science fiction or science fantasy in which the bulk of the action consists of adventures on one or more exotic alien
Mar 8th 2017

Romance studies
Romance studies is an umbrella academic discipline that covers the study of the languages, literatures, and cultures of areas that speak a Romance language
Jan 15th 2017

Romance film
service, see LoveFilm. For films entitled "Romance", see Romance (disambiguation). Romance films or romance movies are romantic love stories recorded
Mar 31st 2017

Young Romance (film)
Young Romance is a 1915 American silent romance film directed and produced by George Melford. The film is based on the play of the same name by William
Apr 24th 2017

A Fine Romance
A Fine Romance may refer to: "A Fine Romance" (song), a 1936 popular song written by Jerome Kern and Dorothy Fields A Fine Romance (film), a 1991 Italian
Nov 29th 2014

Romance sentimentale
For the 1977 film, see Romance Sentimental Romance (1977 film). Romance sentimentale is a 1930 French film directed by Grigori Aleksandrov and Sergei M. Eisenstein
Oct 7th 2016

Classification of Romance languages
The internal classification of the Romance languages is a complex and sometimes controversial topic which may not have one single answer. Several classifications
Apr 5th 2017

Segundo Romance
Segundo Romance (English: Second Romance) is the tenth studio album by Mexican singer Luis Miguel, released on 30 August 1994 by Warner Music Latina. It
Apr 29th 2017

Romance & Cigarettes
Romance & Cigarettes is a 2005 American musical romantic comedy film written and directed by John Turturro. The film stars an ensemble cast which includes
Dec 8th 2016

Romance literature
Romance literature may refer to: Medieval romance literature, a style of heroic prose and verse narrative current in Europe from the Middle Ages to the
May 27th 2015

The Flowers of Romance (band)
The-FlowersThe Flowers of Romance were an early punk band, formed in mid-1976 by Jo Faull and Sarah Hall. The band never played live or released any recordings,
Apr 8th 2017

Romance Bloody Romance: Remixes & B-Sides
Bloody-Romance">Romance Bloody Romance: Remixes & B-Sides is a 2005 remix album by Death from Above 1979. This album is a collection of remixes of songs featured on the
Jul 24th 2016

A Romance of Seville
A Romance of Seville is a 1929 British drama film directed by Norman Walker and starring Alexander D'Arcy, Marguerite Allan and Cecil Barry. This was
Feb 14th 2017

Occitano-Romance languages
Occitano">The Occitano-Romance or Gallo-Narbonnese (Catalan: llengües occitanoromaniques, Occitan: lengas occitanoromanicas) is a branch of the Romance language group
Oct 29th 2016

Violin Romance No. 1 (Beethoven)
The Romance for Violin and Orchestra No. 1 in G major, Op. 40 is a composition for violin and orchestra by Ludwig van Beethoven, one of two such compositions
Apr 23rd 2016

The Romance of Elaine
The Romance of Elaine is a 1915 American silent adventure film serial directed by George B. Seitz, Leopold Wharton and Theodore Wharton, based on the
Feb 5th 2016

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