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Ronald (/ˈrɒnld/) is a masculine given name derived from the Old Norse Rognvaldr. In some cases Ronald is an Anglicised form of the Gaelic Raghnall, a
May 23rd 2017

Ronald Reagan
Ronald Wilson Reagan (/ˈrɒnəld ˈwɪlsən ˈreɪɡən/) (February 6, 1911 – June 5, 2004) was an American politician and actor who served as the 40th President
May 22nd 2017

Ronald Ross
Sir Ronald Ross KCB KCMG FRS FRCS (13 May 1857 – 16 September 1932), was a British medical doctor who received the Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine
May 22nd 2017

Ronald McDonald
Ronald McDonald is a clown character used as the primary mascot of the McDonald's fast-food restaurant chain. In television commercials, the clown inhabited
May 19th 2017

USS Ronald Reagan
USS Ronald Reagan (CVN-76) is a Nimitz-class, nuclear-powered supercarrier in the service of the United States Navy. The ninth ship of her class, she is
May 23rd 2017

Ronald Searle
Ronald William Fordham Searle, CBE, RDI (3 March 1920 – 30 December 2011) was a British artist and satirical cartoonist. He is perhaps best remembered
May 12th 2017

Ronald McDonald House Charities
Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC) is an American independent nonprofit organization whose stated mission is to create, find, and support programs
May 24th 2017

Ronald Reagan Presidential Library
The Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and Center for Public Affairs is the presidential library and final resting place of Ronald Wilson Reagan, the 40th
May 16th 2017

Ronald McNair
McNair Ronald Erwin McNair (October 21, 1950 – January 28, 1986) was an American physicist and NASA astronaut. McNair died during the launch of the Space Shuttle
May 1st 2017

Rónald Gómez
Ronald Gomez Gomez (born 24 January 1975 in Puntarenas) is a retired Costa Rican football forward. An important player on the Costa Rican national team
Mar 29th 2017

Ronald Heifetz
Ronald Heifetz (born February 7, 1951) is the King Hussein bin Talal Senior Lecturer in Public Leadership, Founding Director of the Center for Public Leadership
Jul 1st 2016

Ronald Lauder
Ronald Steven Lauder (born February 26, 1944) is an American businessman, art collector, philanthropist, and political activist. He is an heir to the Estee
May 6th 2017

Bibliography of Ronald Reagan
This bibliography of Ronald Reagan includes major books and articles about 40th President of the United States Ronald Reagan and his policies. Brands
May 22nd 2017

Birthplace of Ronald Reagan
The Birthplace of Ronald Reagan, also known as the Graham Building, is located in an apartment on the second floor of a late 19th-century commercial building
Jan 9th 2017

Ronald Knox
Ronald Arbuthnott Knox (17 February 1888 – 24 August 1957) was an English priest, theologian and author of detective stories. He was also a writer and
May 23rd 2017

Ronald Agénor
Ronald Jean-Martin Agenor (born November 13, 1964) is a former professional tennis player who represented Haiti during his playing career. He is the only
Mar 23rd 2017

Ronald Reagan Boyhood Home
The Ronald Reagan Boyhood Home is the house located at 816 South Hennepin Avenue, Dixon, Illinois, in which the late former President of the United States
Apr 10th 2017

Ronald Dworkin
Ronald Myles Dworkin, FBA (/ˈdwɔːrkɪn/; December 11, 1931 – February 14, 2013) was an American philosopher, jurist, and scholar of United States constitutional
May 15th 2017

Death and state funeral of Ronald Reagan
On June 5, 2004, Ronald Reagan, the 40th President of the United States, died after having suffered from Alzheimer's disease for nearly a decade. His seven-day
May 23rd 2017

Ronald Gërçaliu
Ronald Gercaliu (German: Ronald Gercaliu, pronounced [ˈʁoːnald ˈɡɛʁtsali̯uː]; born 12 February 1986) is an Albanian-born Austrian footballer. Eligible
Aug 29th 2016

Second inauguration of Ronald Reagan
The second inauguration of Ronald Reagan as President of the United States was held privately on Sunday, January 20, 1985 in the Grand Foyer of the White
Jan 26th 2017

First inauguration of Ronald Reagan
The first inauguration of Ronald Reagan as the 40th President of the United States was held on January 20, 1981, on the West Front of the United States
May 10th 2017

Ronald Reagan filmography
The filmography of Ronald Reagan includes many motion pictures and television episodes. Reagan's acting career began in 1937 when he contracted with Warner
May 24th 2017

Terry Ronald
Ronald Terry Maxwell Ronald is an English author, singer, songwriter, and music producer. Born in South London, Ronald was a founder member and lead singer
Jul 28th 2016

Ronald Squire
Ronald Launcelot Squire (25 March 1886 – 16 November 1958) was an English character actor. Born in Tiverton, Devon, England, the son of an army officer
May 2nd 2017

Landon Ronald
Sir Landon Ronald (born Landon Ronald Russell) (7 June 1873 – 14 August 1938) was an English conductor, composer, pianist, teacher and administrator. In
Feb 4th 2017

Ronald Shusett
Ronald Shusett is an American motion picture screenwriter and producer, usually in the science fiction genre. He wrote the original story for Alien (1979)
Mar 8th 2017

Rónald González
Ronald Gonzalez may refer to: Ronald Gonzalez (cyclist) (born 1981), Venezuelan professional racing cyclist Ronald Gonzalez Brenes (born 1970), Costa Rican
Jul 27th 2014

Ronald Fisher
Ronald-Aylmer-Fisher-FRS">Sir Ronald Aylmer Fisher FRS (17 February 1890 – 29 July 1962), who published as R. A. Fisher, was an English statistician and biologist who used mathematics
May 18th 2017

Ronald Reagan Park, Gdańsk
Not to be confused with Park Ronald Reagan Park, Five Forks. The Park Ronald Reagan Park (Polish: Park imienia Ronalda Reagana) is located in the neighborhood
Dec 9th 2016

Ronald S.W. Lew
Ronald S.W. Lew (Chinese name: 刘成威; born September 19, 1941) is a Senior United States District Judge of the United States District Court for the Central
Mar 31st 2017

Ronald Moore
Ronald-Moore Ronald Moore may refer to: Ronald-DRonald D. Moore (born 1964), screenwriter and television producer Ronald-BRonald B. Moore, American visual effects producer Ronald
Jun 15th 2016

Ronald Wayne
Ronald Gerald Wayne (born May 17, 1934) is an American retired electronics industry worker. He co-founded Apple Computer (now Apple Inc.) with Steve Wozniak
Apr 5th 2017

Ronald MacDonald (athlete)
Ronald MacDonald (Ronald John MacDonald; September 19, 1874 - September 3, 1947) was a Canadian runner and winner of the second Boston Marathon in 1898
Jan 21st 2017

Ronald Colman
Ronald Charles Colman (9 February 1891 – 19 May 1958) was an English actor, popular during the 1930s and 1940s. He won an Academy Award for Best Actor
May 15th 2017

Presidency of Ronald Reagan
The presidency of Ronald Reagan began on January 20, 1981, when Ronald Reagan was inaugurated as President of the United States, and ended on January 20
May 18th 2017

Ronald Jenkees
Ronald Jenkees is an American composer and musician, best known for his YouTube keyboard performances. His YouTube videos have been viewed (in total) over
May 5th 2017

Ronald A. Rasband
Ronald Anderson Rasband (born February 6, 1951) is a member of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS
Feb 18th 2017

Ronald Åhman
Ronald Ahman (born 31 January 1957) is a former Swedish footballer. He played his career in Orebro SK and in Djurgardens IF as a midfielder, and he was
Nov 16th 2016

Ronald Evans (astronaut)
Ronald-EllwinRonald Ellwin "Ron" Evans Jr. (November 10, 1933 – April 7, 1990), (Capt, USN), was an American naval officer and aviator, electrical engineer, aeronautical
Mar 9th 2017

Ronald Coifman
Coifman Ronald Raphael Coifman is the Phillips Professor of Mathematics at University Yale University. Coifman earned a doctorate from the University of Geneva in 1965, supervised
Jan 13th 2017

Ronald Coleman
Coleman Ronald Coleman may refer to: Ronald D. Coleman, American politician Ronald S. Coleman, United States Marine Corps lieutenant general Ronnie Coleman, American
Apr 14th 2017

Ronald Isley
Isley Ronald Isley (/ˈaɪzliː/; born May 21, 1941) is an American recording artist, songwriter, record producer, and occasional actor. Isley is better known as
May 21st 2017

Ronald Gould (judge)
Ronald Murray Gould (born 1946) is a States-Circuit-Judge">United States Circuit Judge of the States-Court">United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit since 1999. Born in St.
May 23rd 2017

Ronald Numbers
Ronald Leslie Numbers (born 1942) is an American historian of science. He was awarded the 2008 George Sarton Medal by the History of Science Society for
Apr 17th 2017

Ronald, Washington
Ronald is a census-designated place (CDP) in Kittitas County, Washington, United States. The population was 265 at the 2000 census. Ronald was named for
Feb 8th 2017

Ronald Pelton
Ronald William Pelton (born November 18, 1941) was a National Security Agency (NSA) intelligence analyst who was convicted in 1986 of spying for and selling
Feb 13th 2016

Lord Ronald Gower
Lord Ronald Charles Sutherland-Leveson-Gower (2 August 1845 – 9 March 1916), known as Lord Ronald Gower, was a Scottish Liberal politician, sculptor and
Apr 21st 2017

Ronald Graham
Ronald-LewisRonald Lewis "Ron" Graham (born October 31, 1935) is a mathematician credited by the American Mathematical Society as being "one of the principal architects
Apr 20th 2017

Ronald Storrs
Henry-Amherst-Storrs-KCMG-CBE">Sir Ronald Henry Amherst Storrs KCMG CBE (19 November 1881 – 1 November 1955) was an official in the British Foreign and Colonial Office. He served as
Apr 28th 2017

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