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SWE may refer to: Samberigi Airport in Papua New Guinea by IATA airport code Sensor Web Enablement, an Open Geospatial Consortium framework for defining
Nov 10th 2016

Ohn no khao swè
no khao swe (Burmese: အုန်းနို့ခေါက်ဆွဲ; MLCTS: un: nui. hkauk hcwai: IPA: [ʔoʊɴ no̰ kʰaʊʔ sʰwɛ́]; also spelt ohn no khauk swe, on no khauk swe, ohn no
Dec 4th 2016

Ba Swe
Ba Swe (Burmese: ဘဆွေ, pronounced: [ba̰ sʰwe]; 17 October 1915 – 6 December 1987) was the second Premier of Burma. He was a leading Burmese politician
Nov 16th 2016

Myint Swe
Myint Swe is a Burmese name and may mean: Bo Myint Swe, member, the Thirty Comrades Myint Swe, pen name of Ba Swe, 2nd Prime Minister of Burma Myint Swe (writer)
Feb 22nd 2017

Khauk swè thoke
Khauk swe thoke (Burmese: ခေါက်ဆွဲသုပ်‌; MLCTS: hkauk hcwai: sup, Burmese cuisine. A wheat noodle
Dec 4th 2016

Khauk swè
Khauk swe are wheat noodles in Burmese cuisines. Dishes made with them include: Khauk swe thoke Panthay khauk swe: Panthay-style fried noodles Sigyet
Feb 27th 2017

Sigyet khauk swè
Sigyet khauk swe (Burmese: ဆီချက်ခေါက်ဆွဲ) is a Burmese cuisine dish. It is offered at the YKKO chain. Khauk swe
Dec 4th 2016

Swe Swe Win
Swe Swe Win (born (1975-12-03)3 December 1975) was a Burmese female weightlifter, competing in the 53 kg category and representing Myanmar at international
Apr 27th 2017

Swe Li Myint
Swe Li Myint (born June 24, 1993) is a Burmese middle-distance runner. She competed at the 2016 Summer Olympics in the women's 800 metres race; her time
May 8th 2017

Swe Fly
Swe Fly was an independent airline based in Nykoping, Sweden. It was an airline which specialized in both domestic and international destinations. All
Mar 20th 2017

Min Swe
Min Swe (Burmese: မင်းဆွေ) is a Burmese politician and political prisoner. In the Burmese general election, 1990, he was elected as an Pyithu Hluttaw
Jan 10th 2016

Mingyi Swe
Burmese In Burmese names, Mingyi is an honorific, not a surname. Mingyi Swe (Burmese: မင်းကြီးဆွေ, pronounced: [mɪ́ɴdʑi sʰwe]; officially styled as Minye Thihathu
Jan 26th 2016

Myint Swe (general)
For other people named Myint Swe, see Myint Swe (disambiguation). Myint Swe (Burmese: မြင့်ဆွေ; pronounced: [mjɪ̰ɴ sʰwe]; born 24 June 1951) is a Burmese
Apr 22nd 2017

Swe-Danes, 1958–1962, Danish-Swedish jazz and entertainment trio (music, comedy, dance) consisting of Svend Asmussen (violin), Ulrik Neumann (guitar and
Feb 23rd 2017

Myint Swe (writer)
For other people named Myint Swe, see Myint Swe (disambiguation). Myint Swe (Burmese: မြင့်ဆွေ, pronounced: [mjɪ̰ɴ sʰwe]; 25 July 1912 – 21 September 1978)
Jan 5th 2017

Kyaw Swe (minister)
Burmese For Burmese actor, see Kyaw Swe. Lt. General Kyaw Swe (Burmese: ကျော်ဆွေ, pronounced: [tɕɔ̀ sʰwe]) is the incumbent Minister of Home Affairs of Myanmar
Feb 5th 2017

Thein Swe
Thein Swe (Burmese: သိန်းဆွေ) is a Burmese politician and political prisoner, currently serving as an Amyotha Hluttaw MP for Ayeyarwady Region' Constituency
Jan 10th 2016

Swe Zin Htaik
Swe Zin Htaik (Burmese: ဆွေဇင်ထိုက် [sʰwe zɪ̀ɴ tʰaɪʔ]; born 13 June 1953; also spelt Swe Zin Htike and Grace) is a Myanmar Academy Award-winning actress
Jan 10th 2016

Naing Win Swe
Naing Win Swe (Burmese: နိုင်ဝင်းဆွေ; 1940–1995) a prominent Burmese writer and poet. He wrote some famous Burmese short stories and novels as revolutionist
Aug 7th 2016

Kyaw Tint Swe
Kyaw Tint Swe (Burmese: ကျော်တင့်ဆွေ; born 19 March 1945) is a Burmese politician and incumbent Minister for the Office of the State Counsellor of Myanmar
Oct 21st 2016

Hla Myint Swe (artist)
Hla Myint Swe (Burmese: လှမြင့်ဆွေ [l̥a̰ mjɪ̰ɴ sʰwe]; born 1948) is an artist, photographer and author from Myanmar. He was born in Bamaw, Kachin State
Jan 9th 2016

Kyaw Swe
Kyaw Swe (Burmese: ကျော်ဆွေ, pronounced: [tɕɔ̀ sʰwe]; 10 February 1924 – 15 August 1982) was a Burmese actor and film director. Kyaw Swe was born Maw
Aug 8th 2016

Nan Nyunt Swe
Nan Nyunt Swe (Burmese: နန်းညွန့်ဆွေ, IPA: [naɴ ɲ̥ʊ̰ɴ sʰwe]; 1923 – 14 July 2010), born Aung Thein, was a distinguished Burmese writer, writing over 1
Jun 6th 2016

Hla Myint Swe
Myint Swe (artist). Major General Hla Myint Swe (Burmese: လှမြင့်ဆွေ [l̥a̰ mjɪ̰ɴ sʰwe]) was Minister of Transport in Myanmar. Hla Myint Swe fought
Apr 9th 2017

Khin Maung Swe
Khin Maung Swe (Burmese: ခင်မောင်ဆွေ), 67, is the leader of the National Democratic Force (NDF) in Myanmar, after Dr. Than Nyein died in 2014. NDF is
Feb 17th 2016

Hla Thein Swe
Hla Thein Swe (Burmese: လှသိန်းဆွေ) is a Burmese military officer. He currently previously served as Deputy Minister of Finance and Revenue, beginning
Mar 2nd 2017

Chit Swe
Lt-Gen Chit Swe BC-6463 (Burmese: ချစ်ဆွေ;) was a former Minister for Agriculture and Forestry, minister for Co-Operatives and minister for Livestock
Jun 1st 2016

Tint Swe
Tint Swe (Burmese: တင့်ဆွေ) is a former Deputy Minister of Construction. He was born on 7 November 1936. "COMMISSION REGULATION (EU) No 411/2010 of
Aug 25th 2015

Stockholmspolisens IF
(SWE) Manager: Hans Lunden (SWE) Goalkeepers: Jose Javier Veganzones (ESP) Olaani Hedeta (SWE) Mehdi Malek (SWE) Field players: Mattias Renholm (SWE)
Mar 13th 2017

List of former municipalities of Finland
Etela-Pirkkala (swe. Sodra Birkkala) – name of Pirkkala (swe. Birkala) in 1922–1938 Haagan kauppala (swe. Haga koping) – became part of Helsinki (swe. Helsingfors
Mar 10th 2017

Society of Women Engineers
Society of Women Engineers (SWE), founded in 1950, is a not-for-profit educational and service organization in the United States. SWE has over 33,000 members
Mar 21st 2017

1997 Women's World Floorball Championships
Goalkeeper:  Lena Schjolin (SWE) Defender:  Pirjo Haukamaa (FIN) Defender:  Jenny Magnusson (SWE) Centre:  Asa Karlsson (SWE) Forward:  Birgitte Lersbyggen (NOR)
Feb 5th 2017

SwePol is a 254.05-kilometre (157.86 mi)-long monopolar high-voltage direct current (HVDC) submarine cable between the Starno peninsula near Karlshamn
May 20th 2016

Winter pentathlon at the 1948 Winter Olympics
downhill skiing fencing horse riding  Gustaf Lindh (SWE)  William Grut (SWE)  Bertil Haase (SWE)  Somazzi Vincenzo (SUI)  Rumpf Hans (SUI)  Derek Allhusen (GBR)
Feb 20th 2017

2011–12 Biathlon World Cup
Město; first podium was 2006-07 Sprint in Khanty-Mansiysk  Fredrik Lindstrom (SWE), 22, in his 4th season — the WC 6 Sprint in Antholz; it also was his first
Mar 30th 2017

coriander are also added. A similar dish with tomatoes, called Shan khauk swe, is a 'soup version' without the gel, and fish sauce instead of soy sauce
May 29th 2017

Matz Bladhs
(SWE #57) 1997: Leende dansmusik 97 (SWE #55) 1999: Tack for alla aren 2001: Leende dansmusik 2004: 20 gobitar 2005 (SWE #33) 2006: Godbitar 2006 (SWE
May 16th 2015

1965 European Baseball Championship
ITA - SWE-30SWE 30-1 August 30th NET - SWE-19SWE 19-0 August 31st ITA - GER-9GER 9-0 September 1st SPA - NET 0-15 September 3rd SPA - SWE-14SWE 14-6 September 4th SWE - GER
May 4th 2015

Ebba Grön
(1979) No. 18 (SWE) Ung & Kat/Staten & Kapitalet (1980) No. 11 (SWE) Scheisse/Tyna bort (1981) No. 3 (SWE) Samlade singlar (1983) No. 17 (SWE) Ebba Gron
Oct 8th 2015

The Japanese Era Rangoon General Hospital
Tun 2015: 18 Myint Swe 2014: xxi–xxii Myint Swe 2014: 272 Myint Swe 2014: 260 Myint Swe 2014: iv Myint Swe 2014: ii Myint Swe, Wunna Kyawhtin Dr
Jun 3rd 2016

The Drowners (Swedish band)
(SWE) Going For Gold (compilation-97) A West Side Fabrication (SWE) 'Fake-RFake R&R Personality' : Valkommen Till Festen (soundtrack-97) Startracks (SWE) Fake
Feb 18th 2017

Erik Lundin
Ostersund (SWE-ch). In 1943, he tied for 2nd-3rd with Olof Kinnmark, behind Bengt Ekenberg, in Malmo (SWE-ch). In 1945, he won in Visby (SWE-ch). In 1946
Mar 13th 2017

Zoom 8
Wolniewicz, POL and Charlie Ekberg, SWE 2004, Hoorn, NetherlandsMaria Rudskaja, RUS and Fredrik Schraam, SWE 2005, Barth, GermanyMaria Rudskava
Nov 17th 2016

2011–12 FIS Cross-Country World Cup
Ingemarsdotter (SWE), 26, in her 9th season – the WC 9 (Sprint F) in Milan; first podium was 2009–10 WC 15 (Sprint C) in Canmore  Teodor Peterson (SWE), 23, in
Jan 20th 2017

The Myanmar Times
Myanmar-TimesMyanmar Times was founded by Ross Dunkley, an Australian, and Sonny Swe (Myat Swe) of Myanmar in 2000, making it the only Burmese newspaper to have foreign
Oct 31st 2016

Style (Swedish band)
DoverCalais (1986) SWE #1 Folj mig (1986) Heaven No 7 (1986) Shine On (1986) Hand i hand (1987) SWE #20 Run for Your Life (1987) SWE #4 Daylight Robbery
Dec 15th 2015

Southern major district of Helsinki
Kaartinkaupunki (Swe: Gardesstaden) 050 Punavuori (Swe: Rodbergen) 060 Eira (Swe: Eira) 070 Ullanlinna (Swe: Ulrikasborg) 090 Kaivopuisto (Swe: Brunnsparken)
Sep 10th 2014

Czechoslovakia at the 1968 Winter Olympics
Suchy, Havel, Jiřik, Hejma, Jiři HolikVolmar. Referees: Dahlberg, Wiking (SWE) CzechoslovakiaWest Germany 5:1 (1:0, 2:0, 2:1) Goalscorers: Hrbaty
Apr 13th 2017

Ad Perpetuam Memoriam
Kultivator: Barndomens stigar (Swe) APM9302 Myrbein: Myrornas krig (Swe) APM9403 AT Ensemble Nimbus: Key Figures (Swe) APM9404 Jasun Martz: The Pillory
Jun 27th 2016

Weeping Willows
(2001) SWE #21 "Falling" (2002) "Stairs" (2004) SWE #22 "You Weren't Even Close" (2004) "Lost Love" (2004) "I'm Gonna Let Love Find Me" (2005) SWE #44 "The
Nov 25th 2016

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