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about the Protestant movement. For other uses, see Sabbatarianism (disambiguation). Sabbatarianism is a movement within Protestantism whose proponents
Jan 20th 2017

Puritan Sabbatarianism
Sabbatarianism Puritan Sabbatarianism or Sabbatarianism Reformed Sabbatarianism, often just Sabbatarianism, is observance of Sabbath in Christianity that is typically characterised
Sep 24th 2016

Szekler Sabbatarians
The Szekler Sabbatarians (in Transylvanian Saxon: (Siebenbürgen) Sambatianer; in German: Siebenbürgische Sabbatianer; in Hungarian: Szombatosok, zombatosok
Feb 28th 2017

Sabbatarianism (disambiguation)
Sabbatarianism may refer to: Sabbatarians-FirstSabbatarians First-day Sabbatarianism, one of the following: Puritan Sabbatarianism, historically the first Sabbatarians
Mar 15th 2016

Biblical Sabbath
Sabbatarians and non-Sabbatarians often regard the Mosaic law as being the "record of debt" (ESV) nailed to the cross. Some seventh-day Sabbatarians regard
May 24th 2017

Sabbath in seventh-day churches
resurrection, forming (in some traditions) a "Christian Sabbath". "Seventh-day Sabbatarians" are Christians who seek to reestablish the practice of some early Christians
Mar 2nd 2017

Sabbath in Christianity
theology that had been so widely accepted throughout 16 centuries. Mostly Sabbatarians, they broke away from their former churches to form communities that
May 27th 2017

Robert Cox (anti-Sabbatarian)
whom he contributed a memoir to the last number. Cox's speeches on the sabbatarian question appeared as a pamphlet, A Plea for Sunday Trains; it was afterwards
Jun 30th 2016

Simon Péchi
and nobleman Andras Eőssi's Szekler Sabbatarians movement in Transylvania. The influence of Pechi's Sabbatarian prayer book contributed to the conversion
May 21st 2016

András Eőssi
the Sabbatarians">Szekler Sabbatarians sect. Eőssi came into contact with Matthias Vehe and after the death of Ferenc David in 1579 set up the Sabbatarian branch of the
May 21st 2016

Miklós Bogáthi Fazekas
Unitarian and Sabbatarian. He had been a teacher in Turda before the 1579 death of Ferenc David. After he associated with the Szekler Sabbatarians who were
May 21st 2016

Andreas Fischer (Anabaptist)
1540. Andreas Fischer and the Sabbatarian Anabaptists: Daniel Liechty - 1988 Daniel Liechty places Sabbatarianism within the perspective of the restitution
Jun 23rd 2015

Church of the Great God
The Church of the God Great God (CGG) is one of the Sabbatarian Churches of God to form in the wake of the Worldwide Church of God's major doctrinal revisions
Dec 19th 2016

Day One Christian Ministries
the Lord's Day Observance Society (LDOS). It became the most powerful sabbatarian organisation in England, opposed to Sunday newspapers, train travel,
Nov 22nd 2016

Church of God International
religion in the Philippines. Church of God International (United States), Sabbatarian Christian church headquartered in Tyler, Texas, United States, with congregations
Jun 5th 2016

Nicholas Bownde
Bound (died 1613) was an English clergyman, known for his Christian Sabbatarian writings. He was son of Robert Bownde (Bound), M.D., physician to the
Apr 22nd 2016

John Trask
English cricketer and army medical officer John Trask (soccer), head men's soccer coach at the University of Wisconsin-Madison John Traske, Sabbatarian
Nov 2nd 2015

Uriah Smith
Smith carved some of the first woodcut illustrations published by early Sabbatarian Adventists. He was one of the most prolific authors of early Adventism
Dec 10th 2016

Oswald Glaidt
Oswald Glait (Cham 1490Vienna 1546) was a German Anabaptist and Sabbatarian. Originally a follower of Balthasar Hubmaier, in 1527 in the Nikolsburg
May 15th 2016

Richard Byfield
Richard Byfield (1598?–1664) was an English clergyman, Sabbatarian controversialist, member of the Westminster Assembly, and ejected minister. He was
Apr 23rd 2016

river Dwyfor. Dwyfor was notable for being the last stronghold of the Sabbatarian temperance movement in Wales. Under the terms of the Licensing Act 1961
Jul 25th 2014

and gadgets. Gallocatechin gallate, a flavonol Global Church of God, a Sabbatarian church based in England Glucagon, a protein Government College for Girls
Oct 26th 2016

James Springer White
Adventist-ChurchAdventist Church and husband of Ellen G. White. In 1849 he started the first Adventist Sabbatarian Adventist periodical entitled "The Present Truth" (now the Adventist
Apr 28th 2017

Wood Street Compter
Plotters, Robert Catesby (for his part in Essex's rebellion, 1601) the Sabbatarian dissenter John Traske the poet Edmund Gayton a young Jonathan Wild; and
Oct 19th 2015

Richard Greenham
(1535?–1594?) was an English clergyman of Puritan views, known as a Sabbatarian writer. He was probably born about 1535, and went at a late age to
Feb 16th 2017

Newport Historical Society
library building at 82 Touro Street, which would be attached to the Sabbatarian Meeting House (previously acquired by the society). The new building
May 12th 2017

True Jesus Church
536 "The True Jesus Church is a Sabbatarian Pentecostal church founded in CHINA early in the 20th century. SABBATARIANISM had been introduced into China
May 17th 2017

Church of the Little Children of Jesus Christ
Church of the Little Children of Jesus Christ is a small seventh-day Sabbatarian Pentecostal body of Christians in the United States and Canada. Doctrines
Jan 2nd 2017

Francis Colegrove
freedom. Francis, who was a farmer, and his wife joined the Newport-Sabbatarian-Baptist-ChurchNewport Sabbatarian Baptist Church of Newport, Rhode Island, which was the first Seventh
Oct 29th 2016

Richard Munday
survived. Old Colony House, 1739, a U.S. National Historic Landmark (NHL) Sabbatarian Meeting House (home of the Newport Historical Society), 1729 [1] Trinity
Nov 21st 2016

Stanley Rader
life, one of the Evangelists of the Worldwide Church of God, then a Sabbatarian organization, which was founded by Herbert W. Armstrong. Stanley Rader
Dec 14th 2016

English Dissenters
Socinians and Church Reformed Church members were also known to hold Sabbatarian beliefs. Sabbatarian practitioners were also to be found within the Church of England
May 9th 2017

United Seventh-Day Brethren
The United Seventh-Day Brethren is a small sabbatarian Adventist body. In 1947, several individuals and two independent congregations within the Church
Jan 25th 2017

Christianity in Ethiopia
the Sabbatarians was a mistake and ordered their release in 1403 to celebrate a Christian victory over Muslims. Dawit decreed that the Sabbatarians would
May 9th 2017

Joseph Bates (Adventist)
seaman and revivalist minister. He was the founder and developer of Sabbatarian Adventism, a strain of religious thinking that evolved into the Seventh-day
Feb 22nd 2017

States, 12th edn., describes the following churches as "Adventist and Sabbatarian (Hebraic) Churches": The Christadelphians were founded in 1844 by John
May 24th 2017

IPA: [sʊˈbotʲnʲɪkʲɪ], "Sabbatarians") is a common name for Christian sects of Judaizers originating in Russia who split from other Sabbatarians in the 19th century
Apr 1st 2017

Robert Cox
scholar Robert Cox (actor) (died 1655), English actor Robert Cox (anti-Sabbatarian) (1810–1872), Scottish lawyer, known as a writer on the Christian Sabbath
Jul 1st 2016

Maranatha College
Maranatha College was a seventh-day Sabbatarian Bible college located in Meridian, Idaho. Maranatha College's name derives from the New Testament phrase
Dec 29th 2016

notable for her prophetic ministry, which was instrumental in founding the Adventist Sabbatarian Adventist movement that led to the rise of the Seventh-day Adventist
Dec 22nd 2016

Global Church of God
Church of God (disambiguation). The Global Church of God (GCG) is a Sabbatarian church based in England. It was founded in Glendora, CA in 1992 by Roderick
Mar 25th 2017

Church of God, a Worldwide Association
organization with a membership scattered throughout the world. It is one of the Sabbatarian Churches of God that trace their history to the ministry of Herbert W
Feb 10th 2017

Samuel Kohn
author of A szombatosok, tortenetok, dogmatikajok es irodalmok ("The Sabbatarians: a complete history and dogmatic literature", Budapest 1889, German translation
May 21st 2016

Intercontinental Church of God
The Intercontinental Church of God (ICG) is a seventh-day Sabbatarian Christian church currently headquartered in Tyler, Texas, USA, which was founded
May 24th 2017

Roswell F. Cottrell
Cottrell (1774–1857) and Mary Polly Stillman (1779–1852) After joining the sabbatarian Adventists who eventually organized the Seventh-day Adventist Church
Jan 10th 2017

Abraham Heidanus
Hoornbeeck contributed to the debate between Voetians and Cocceians a sabbatarian pamphlet. Heidanus wrote De Sabbate (1658 in Latin, later in Dutch) in
May 16th 2016

Rachel Oakes Preston
Adventist Millerites to accept Saturday, instead of Sunday, as Sabbath. This Sabbatarian group organised as the Seventh-day Adventist Church in 1863. Born in
Feb 16th 2017

that is non-trinitarian in theology Primitive Apostolic Christianity (Sabbatarian) An Apostolic see is any episcopal see whose foundation is attributed
May 17th 2017

István Geleji Katona
was notable for polemic anti-Catholic literature and against Szekler Sabbatarians. He sought to formalise the Calvinist liturgy and sacred music, reducing
Jan 21st 2017

Invariable Calendar
Elisabeth Acheils and The World Calendar Association since 1930. The Sabbatarian objection, that the strict cycle of the seven-day week is interrupted;
Feb 8th 2017

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