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Safavid dynasty
Safavid">The Safavid dynasty (/ˈsɑːfəvɪd/; Persian: دودمان صفوی‎‎ Dudmān e Safavi) was one of the most significant ruling dynasties of Iran, often considered the
Apr 25th 2017

Ottoman–Safavid War (1603–18)
The OttomanSafavid War was a war between Persia Safavid Persia under Abbas I of Persia and the Ottoman Empire under Sultan Ahmed I. It began in 1603 and ended
Mar 23rd 2017

Ottoman–Safavid War (1578–90)
The OttomanSafavid War (1578–1590) was one of the many wars between the neighboring arch rivals of Safavid Persia and the Ottoman Empire. Starting with
Apr 24th 2017

Mughal–Safavid War (1622–23)
The MughalSafavid-WarSafavid War of 1622–1623 was fought over the important fortress city of Kandahar, in Afghanistan, between the Safavid empire of Persia and
Mar 5th 2017

Safavid Campaign (1554–55)
The Safavid Campaign of 1554–55 was the final bout of hostilities between the OttomansOttomans and the Safavids during the Ottoman-Safavid War of 1532–55. It was
Mar 31st 2017

Safavid conversion of Iran to Shia Islam
IranianIranian-Shi’ite tariqa, who led to Safavids, see Safaviyya. For the mainly Turkic Alevi tribes, see Qizilbash. The Safavid conversion of Iran from Sunnism
Apr 27th 2017

Mughal–Safavid War (1649–53)
The-Mughal The MughalSafavid-WarSafavid War of 1649–1653 was fought between the Mughal and Safavid empires in the territory of modern Afghanistan. The war began after a Persian
Oct 8th 2016

Ottoman–Safavid War (1623–39)
The OttomanSafavid War of 1623–1639 was the last of a series of conflicts fought between the Ottoman Empire and Safavid Persia, then the two major powers
Apr 6th 2017

Ottoman–Safavid relations
Ottoman-Safavid-EmpireSafavid Empire relations started with the establishment of Safavid dynasty in Persia (Iran) in the early 16th century. The initial Ottoman-Safavid conflict
Nov 27th 2016

List of Safavid Grand Viziers
This is the list of Grand Viziers (vazīr-e azam) of the Safavid dynasty. ^ a: Khalifeh Sultan at first declined the offer of being vizier once again
Apr 25th 2017

List of the mothers of the Safavid Shahs
mothers of Safavid Shahs. There were eleven shahs (kings) of the Safavid Empire in ten generations. Throughout the 235-year history of the Safavid Dynasty
Apr 8th 2017

Ottoman–Safavid War (1532–55)
The OttomanSafavid War of 1532–1555 was one of the many military conflicts fought between the two arch rivals, the Ottoman Empire led by Suleiman the
Apr 3rd 2017

Safavid art
Safavid art is the art of the Persian Safavid dynasty that lasted from 1501 to 1722, in present-day Iran and Caucasia. The dynasty was founded in Ardabil
Apr 19th 2017

Military of the Safavid dynasty
The Military of the Safavid dynasty covers the military history of the Safavid dynasty from 1501 to 1736. It was the first Safavid king (shah) Ismail
Apr 17th 2017

fifteenth centuries, but today it is best known for having given rise to the Safavid dynasty. While initially founded under the Shafi'i school of Sunni Islam
Mar 14th 2017

Sultan Husayn
November 1726) (PersianPersian: شاه سلطان حسین‎‎) reigned 1694–1722; was a Safavid Shah of Iran (Persia). He ruled from 1694 until he was overthrown in 1722
Apr 2nd 2017

Safavid dynasty family tree
The oldest extant book on the genealogy of the Safavid family is Safvat as-safa and was written by Ibn Bazzaz in 1350, a disciple of Sheikh Sadr-al-Din
Oct 26th 2016

Ideology of Safavids
the Shia-tendency of Safavid kings and their ancestors beliefs. Safavid conversion of Iran to Shia Islam J.Newman Andrew, Safavid Iran: Rebirth of a Persian
Dec 3rd 2016

Safavid conquest of Shirvan
incorporation of their domain, and lead to the eventual proclamation of the Safavid state shortly after. Ismail's father Shaykh Haydar and his grandfather
Mar 12th 2017

Beylerbeylik (Safavid Persia)
A beylerbeylik in the Safavid Empire was a large administrative entity within during the 15th-18th centuries. They were governed by beylerbeys ("bey of
Jan 25th 2016

Aslan Khan Daghestani
Aslan Khan Daghestani was an early 18th-century Safavid official. Of Lezgian origin, he served as a governor of Kuhgiluyeh (beglarbeg; 1702–1708) and
Mar 25th 2017

Suleiman Mirza (son of Tahmasp I)
 Soleymān Mirzā‎; b. 28 March 1554, Nakhchivan – d. 2 November 1576) was a Safavid prince. The son of king Tahmasp I (r. 1524–1576) by his Circassian wife
Apr 8th 2017

Mausoleum of Safavid Princes
The Mausoleum of Safavid princes(Persian: آرامگاه شاهزادگان صفوی‎‎) or Setti Fateme mausoleum(Persian: آرامگاه ستی فاطمه‎‎) is a historical mausoleum
Dec 11th 2016

Abbas I of Persia
19 January 1629) was the 5th Safavid-ShahSafavid Shah (king) of Iran, and is generally considered the strongest ruler of the Safavid dynasty. He was the third son
Mar 28th 2017

List of Safavid monarchs
Following table consists name of Safavid dynasty monarchs in IranIran. IsmIsmāʿīl I, in Encyclopadia Britannica, online ed., 2011 Woodbridge Bingham, Hilary
Apr 9th 2017

Ottoman–Persian Wars
Turco-Persian-WarsPersian Wars. Below is the list of wars between the Ottoman Empire and the Safavid, Afsharid, Zand and Qajar dynasties of Persia through the 16th–19th centuries
Apr 6th 2017

Iranian Armenia (1502–1828)
Armenia, while the eastern portion became and was kept part of the Iranian Safavid Empire, Afsharid Empire and Qajar Empire, until it became part of the Russian
Apr 14th 2017

List of Safavid governors of Baghdad
Mirimanidze (1631-1638) Yaftash Khan (1641–1638) Mamluk dynasty of Iraq Safavid Iraq List of Ottoman governors of Baghdad "HUKAM (Arabic Language)"
Feb 25th 2017

Siege of Isfahan
siege of Isfahan was a six-month-long siege of Isfahan, the capital of the Safavid dynasty of Iran, by the Hotaki-led Afghan army. It lasted from March to
Feb 19th 2017

List of Safavid governors of Kerman
Matthee, Rudi (2014). "KERMAN vii. In the Safavid Period". Encyclopaedia Iranica
Apr 26th 2017

Shahrukh of Shirvan
and last ShirvanshahShirvanshah, governing Shirvan under Safavid suzerainty. After persistent disloyalty, Safavid king Tahmasp I (r. 1524—1576) expelled him in 1538
Feb 7th 2017

Battle of Chaldiran
the Ottoman Empire over the Safavid Empire. As a result, the Ottomans annexed eastern Anatolia and northern Iraq from Safavid Iran for the first time. It
Mar 26th 2017

Restoration of Tahmasp II to the Safavid throne
The Restoration of Tahmasp II to the Safavid throne took place in the latter part of 1729 by a series of battles fought between Nader, Tahmasp's commander-in-chief
Jul 23rd 2016

Tahmasp II
Tahmasp-IITahmasp II (1704? – 11 February 1740) was one of the last Safavid rulers of Persia (Iran). Tahmasp was the son of Sultan Husayn, the Shah of Iran at
Apr 1st 2017

Mohammad Khodabanda
1578 until his overthrow in 1587 by his son Abbas I. He was the fourth Safavid Shah of Iran and succeeded his brother, Ismail II. Khodabanda was the son
Apr 24th 2017

Siege of Kandahar (1605–06)
governor, Moẓaffar-Ḥosayn Mirzā, and negotiated with him a surrender. The Safavid ruler, Shah Abbas, was shocked by the loss of the important fortress but
Jun 4th 2016

Sophy (Safavid Empire)
The Sophy was a reference to the ruler of the Safavid dynasty of Iran. Despite that Europeans had been calling Iran "Persia" ever since the time of the
Mar 3rd 2017

Safi of Persia
known by his dynastic name of Safi Shah Safi (Persian: شاه صفی‎‎) was the sixth Safavid shah (king) of Iran, ruling from 1629 to 1642. Safi was given the name
Apr 6th 2017

Abbas I's Kakhetian and Kartlian campaigns
campaigns Safavid king Abbas I led between 1614-1617, in his East Georgian vassal kingdoms of Kartli and Kakheti during the OttomanSafavid War (1603–18)
Mar 25th 2017

Treaty of Constantinople (1590)
Antlaşması), was a treaty between the Ottoman-EmpireOttoman Empire and the Safavid Empire ending the Ottoman-Safavid War of 1578-1590. It was signed on 21 March 1590 in Constantinople
Apr 16th 2017

Abbas II of Persia
dynastic name of Shah Abbas II (Persian: شاه عباس دوم‎‎), was the seventh Safavid king (shah) of Iran, ruling from 1642 to 1666. Abbas II was born in Qazvin
Apr 26th 2017

Battle of Dimdim
45.1708556 The Battle of Dimdim is the name for the battle between the Safavid Empire and the Sunni Kurds of the Ottoman Empire between 1609 and 1610
Jun 30th 2016

Ardabil Bazaar
Ardabil-BazaarisArdabil Bazaaris a bazaar built during Safavid Dynasty in Ardabil, north-western Iran. In the 4th century historians described the bazaar as a building
Feb 10th 2016

Bahram Beg (Shirvanshah)
over Shirvan under Safavid suzerainty. Despite the enmity that existed between the Shirvanshahs and the ruling Safavid dynasty, Safavid king Ismail I (r
Dec 5th 2016

Fath-Ali Khan Daghestani
unlike the earlier Safavid grand viziers, a Sunnite, which was a religious sect of Islam that often faced persecution from the Safavid state. Although this
Apr 26th 2017

Battle of Gulnabad
from Hotaki Dynasty and the army of the Safavid-EmpireSafavid Empire. It further cemented the eventual fall of the Safavid dynasty, which had been declining for decades
Mar 30th 2017

Shaykh Ali Khan Zangana
Iranian statesman of Kurdish origin, who served as the grand vizier of the Safavid king (shah) Suleiman I (r. 1666–1694) from 1669 to 1689. Due to his efforts
Apr 24th 2017

Mirza Talib Khan
Iranian aristocrat from the Urdubadi family, who served as the vizier of the Safavid king (shah) Safi (r. 1629–1642) from 1632 to 1633. Mirza Talib was the
Apr 4th 2017

Tahmasp I
influential Shah of Iran, who enjoyed the longest reign of any member of the Safavid dynasty. He was the son and successor of Ismail I. He came to the throne
Apr 23rd 2017

Mirza Salman Jaberi
جابری اصفهانی‎‎; also spelled Jabiri) was a prominent Persian statesman in Safavid Iran, who served as the grand vizier of Ismail II (r. 1576-77) and Mohammad
Apr 25th 2017

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