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SIX may refer to: SIX Swiss Exchange Swiss Internet Exchange Seattle Internet Exchange Slovenian Internet Exchange Slovak Internet eXchange
Mar 17th 2017

see AD 6. For other uses, see 6 (disambiguation) and Number Six (disambiguation). 6 (six /ˈsɪks/) is the natural number following 5 and preceding 7. The
Apr 24th 2017

Six Flags
For the national flags of Texas, see Six flags over Texas. Six Flags Entertainment Corporation, or simply Six Flags, is an amusement park corporation based
Apr 27th 2017

Six Sigma
For other uses, see Sigma 6. Six Sigma (sometimes stylized as 6σ) is a set of techniques and tools for process improvement. It was introduced by engineers
Apr 27th 2017

Original Six
U.S. naval ships, see Original six frigates of the United States Navy. The Original Six is a term for the group of six teams that made up the National
Apr 24th 2017

Six Nations Championship
hockey competition, see Six Nations Tournament (ice hockey). For the latest event, see 2017 Six Nations Championship. The Six Nations Championship is
Apr 9th 2017

Six Flags St. Louis
Six Flags St. Louis, originally known as Six Flags Over Mid-America, is a theme park located in Eureka, Missouri, a suburb within southwestern Greater
Apr 26th 2017

Les Six
Les Six (pronounced: [le sis]) is a name given to a group of six French composers who worked in Montparnasse. The name, inspired by Mily Balakirev's The
Jan 23rd 2017

Mr. Six
film, see Mr. Six (film). Mr. Six is an advertising character, first featured in a 2004–05 advertising campaign by the theme park chain Six Flags. Appearing
Mar 28th 2017

Straight-six engine
The straight-six engine or inline-six engine (often abbreviated I6 or L6) is an internal combustion engine with the cylinders mounted in a straight line
Mar 21st 2017

Six degrees of separation
"Six degrees" redirects here. It is not to be confused with Six degrees of freedom. For other uses, see Six degrees (disambiguation). Six degrees
Apr 23rd 2017

Ruger Security-Six
The Ruger Security-Six and its variants, the Service-Six and Speed-Six are a product line of double-action revolvers introduced in 1972 and manufactured
Mar 14th 2017

Sinister Six
The Sinister Six is a fictional group of supervillains appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. They are drawn from Spider-Man's
Apr 15th 2017

Six pack
Six pack may refer to: Sixpack (European-UnionEuropean Union law), a set of European legislative measures Six pack, a type of beverage multi-pack including six containers
Feb 25th 2017

Buffalo Six
The Buffalo Six (known primarily as Lackawanna Six, but also the Lackawanna Cell, or Buffalo Cell) is a group of six Yemeni-American friends who were convicted
Apr 23rd 2017

Sony SIX
Sony SIX is an Indian sports channel owned and operated by Multi Screen Media, which also owns Sony Entertainment Television and SET Max. The channel
Apr 26th 2017

Jan Six
Jan Six (January 14, 1618, AmsterdamMay 28, 1700, Amsterdam) was an important cultural figure in the Dutch Golden Age. The son of a well-to-do merchant
Jan 19th 2016

Six-red World Championship
2009 Six-red World Championship. The Six-red World Championship (also known as the SangSom 6 Red World Championship for sponsorship purposes) is a six-red
Jan 9th 2017

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six
Rainbow Six (video game). For the novel with the same name, see Rainbow Six (novel). Not to be confused with Special Team Six. Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six is
Apr 20th 2017

Six Flags AstroWorld
Six Flags AstroWorld was a seasonally operated theme park located on approximately 57 acres (23 ha) of land (later expanded to over 75 acres (30 ha))
Apr 7th 2017

Number Six (Battlestar Galactica)
Number Six is a family of fictional characters from the reimagined science fiction television series, Battlestar Galactica. She is portrayed by Canadian
Feb 17th 2017

Six Dynasties
confused with Era of Fragmentation. Six Dynasties (Chinese: 六朝; Pinyin: Liu Chao; 220 or 222–589) is a collective term for six Chinese dynasties in China during
Jan 19th 2017

Six Flags Discovery Kingdom
Six Flags Discovery Kingdom (formerly known as Six Flags Marine World, Marine World, The New Marine World Theme Park, and Marine World Africa USA) is a
Apr 8th 2017

Six by Seven
For a similarly named band, see Six-Parts-Seven The Six Parts Seven. Six by Seven (also written as SIX.BY SEVEN or seven or six.byseven) are an English indie rock
Feb 13th 2017

Six-day racing
For the foot race, see 6 Day Race. A six or six-day is a track cycling race that lasts six days. Six-day races started in Britain, spread to many
Apr 19th 2017

Six Nations
Six Nations may refer to: Six Nations Championship, an annual international rugby union competition held between six European national teams Six Nations
Mar 12th 2017

Six Yogas of Naropa
The Six Yogas of Nāropa (Wylie: na ro'i chos drug), also called the six dharmas of Naropa, are a set of advanced Tibetan Buddhist tantric practices and
Feb 11th 2017

Six Six Six Nights in Hell
Six Six Six Nights in Hell is the third album by Danish industrial band Psychopomps. The track "Wonderful World" was featured on the soundtrack to the
Sep 20th 2015

Women's Six Nations Championship
The-Women's-Six-Nations-ChampionshipThe Women's Six Nations Championship is an international rugby union competition contested between six European women's national teams. The competition
Mar 18th 2017

Jena Six
Jena-Six">The Jena Six were six black teenagers in Jena, Louisiana, convicted in the 2006 beating of Justin Barker, a white student at the local Jena High School
Apr 20th 2017

Secret Six (comics)
The Secret Six is the name of three different fictional comic book teams in the DC Comics Universe, plus an alternate universe's fourth team. Each team
Apr 1st 2017

RTÉ News: Six One
RTE News: Six One is the evening news programme broadcast each night on Irish television channel RTE One. It airs Monday to Sunday at 6:01pm. It is Monday
Nov 12th 2016

Six Days of Newark
The Six Days of Newark was a former six-day cycling event, held in Newark, New Jersey. From 1910 to 1915 four editions of the Six Days were held.
Apr 8th 2017

Six-man football
Six-man football is a variant of American football that is played with six players per team, instead of 11. Six-man football was developed in 1934 by
Mar 28th 2017

Six Dance Lessons in Six Weeks
Six Dance Lessons in Six Weeks is a 2001 play by American playwright Richard Alfieri. It is a play with only two characters: Lily Harrison, the formidable
Nov 13th 2016

Six Flags Great Adventure
Adventure (disambiguation). Six Flags Great Adventure is an amusement park located in Jackson, New Jersey, owned by Six Flags Entertainment Corp. Situated
Apr 17th 2017

De Havilland Gipsy Six
The de Havilland Gipsy Six is a British six-cylinder, air-cooled, inverted inline piston engine developed for aircraft use in the 1930s. It was based on
Sep 14th 2016

Rainbow Six (novel)
For the Rainbow Six franchise, see Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six. Rainbow Six is a techno-thriller novel written by Tom Clancy. It focuses on John Clark, Ding
Apr 24th 2017

Six Apart
"6A" redirects here. For other uses, see 6A (disambiguation). Six Apart Ltd., sometimes abbreviated 6A, is a software company known for creating the Movable
Apr 5th 2017

Six Nations of the Grand River
Six Nations (or Six Nations of the Grand River) is the largest First Nations reserve in Canada with a total of 25,660 members. Some 12,271 are reported
Apr 25th 2017

Six vilayets
Six The Six vilayets or Six provinces (Ottoman Turkish: ولايت سته‎ VilayatSitte) or the Six Armenian vilayets (Armenian: Վեց հայկական վիլայեթներ Vets' haykakan
Mar 6th 2017

District Six
For other uses, see District Six (disambiguation). District Six District Six (Afrikaans Distrik Ses) is a former inner-city residential
Mar 23rd 2017

Six-Day War
around Kisangani, see Six-Day War (2000). For the insurgency in the New Territories, Hong Kong, see Six-Day War (1899). The Six-Day War (Hebrew: מלחמת
Apr 26th 2017

Six and Six
Six and Six is the second studio album by American musician Jandek, and the first to be released under the Jandek name (the debut, Ready for the House
Feb 12th 2017

Six Flags México
Mexico Six Flags Mexico is an amusement park located in the Tlalpan forest and borough, on the southern edge of Mexico-CityMexico City, Mexico. It is owned and operated
Apr 3rd 2017

Six Songs
Six-Songs Six Songs or 6 Songs, or Seis canciones (Spanish) or Six chansons (French) may refer to: Charles Gounod (1818–1893), Six-Songs Six Songs including No.6 "Venise"
Oct 8th 2016

Six-wheel drive
Six-wheel drive (6WD or 6×6) is an all-wheel drive drivetrain configuration of three axles with at least two wheels on each axle capable of being driven
Apr 9th 2017

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six 3: Raven Shield
Clancy's Rainbow Six 3: Raven Shield is a 2003 computer game developed and published by Ubisoft. Released on March 18, 2003, the Rainbow Six video game series
Apr 22nd 2017

Six Flags Over Georgia
Georgia Six Flags Over Georgia is a 290-acre (120 ha) theme park located west of Atlanta in Cobb County, Georgia, United States. Featuring characters and themes
Apr 14th 2017

Six Flags Over Texas
article is about the theme park. For the flags themselves, see Six flags over Texas. Six Flags Over Texas is a 212-acre (86 ha) theme park located in
Apr 16th 2017

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