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Apr 22nd 2017

Slovak Republic (1939–1945)
The (First) Slovak-RepublicSlovak Republic (Slovak: [prva] Slovenska republika) otherwise known as the Slovak State (Slovak: Slovensky stat) was a client state of Nazi
Apr 13th 2017

Slovak Soviet Republic
Slovak-Soviet-Republic">The Slovak Soviet Republic (Slovak: Slovenska republika rad, Hungarian: Szlovak Tanacskoztarsasag, Ukrainian: Словацька Радянська Республіка, literally:
Apr 16th 2017

Czech and Slovak Federative Republic
Czech and Slovak-Federative-RepublicSlovak Federative Republic (Czech/Slovak: Česka a Slovenska Federativni/Federativna Republika, ČSFR) was the official name of Czechoslovakia
Apr 8th 2017

Czech Republic–Slovakia relations
Czech-Slovak relations are foreign relations between the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Before 1918, both countries were part of AustriaHungary, and between
Dec 30th 2016

Railways of Slovak Republic
to be confused with Slovenske zeleznice. Railways of the Slovak Republic (Zeleznice Slovenskej republiky, ZSR) is the state-owned railway infrastructure
Jan 4th 2017

National Council (Slovakia)
Alexander Dubček Square. The 150-seat unicameral National Council of the Slovak Republic is Slovakia's sole constitutional and legislative body. It considers
Feb 27th 2017

President of Slovakia
The President of the Slovak-RepublicSlovak Republic (Slovak: Prezident Slovenskej republiky) is the head of state of Slovakia and the commander-in-chief of the Armed
Mar 14th 2017

Pirate Party of the Slovak Republic
organisation established in December 2011 as the Pirate Party of the Slovak Republic. The organisation is based on the model of the Swedish Pirate Party
Feb 19th 2017

Constitution of Slovakia
Constitution The Constitution of SlovakiaSlovakia, officially the Constitution of the Slovak-RepublicSlovak Republic (Slovak: Ustava Slovenskej republiky), is the current constitution of
Aug 31st 2016

Czech Republic–Slovakia football rivalry
Czech Republic  v  Slovakia Czech Republic  v  Slovakia----Slovakia Slovakia  v  Czech Republic Czech Republic  v  Slovakia Czech Republic  v  Slovakia
Dec 4th 2016

Slovak Armed Forces
The Armed Forces of the Slovak Republic number 15,996 uniformed personnel and 3,761 civilians. Slovakia joined NATO on 29 March 2004. From 2006 the army
Mar 19th 2017

Slovak koruna
Sk. The Slovak crown (koruna) was also the currency of the Nazi-era Slovak Republic between 1939 and 1945. Both korunas were subdivided into 100 haliers
Apr 1st 2017

Prime Minister of Slovakia
The Chairman of the Government of the Slovak-RepublicSlovak Republic (Slovak: Predseda vlady Slovenskej republiky), also known as the Prime Minister (Slovak: Premier)
Apr 8th 2017

Miss Universe Slovenskej Republiky
Republiky (English: Miss Universe Slovak Republic) or Miss Slovak Republic, is an annual beauty pageant held in Slovak Republic to select the country's representative
Apr 16th 2017

Second Czechoslovak Republic
Slovak: Česko-Slovenska republika), sometimes also called the Czech-Slovak Republic, existed for 169 days, between 30 September 1938 and 15 March 1939
Apr 24th 2017

History of Slovakia
articles: Slovak-RepublicSlovak Republic (1939–1945), Slovak invasion of Poland (1939), and Slovak National Uprising The nominally independent Slovak-RepublicSlovak Republic went through
Apr 3rd 2017

Canadian Slovak, the current plenipotentiary of the Government of the Slovak Republic for Slovaks abroad (see e.g.: 6): United States (1,200,000 / 821,325*)
Apr 17th 2017

Slovak Socialist Republic
From 1969 to 1990, the Slovak-Socialist-RepublicSlovak Socialist Republic (Slovenska socialisticka republika in Slovak; abbreviated SSR) was the official name of that part of
Sep 19th 2016

Public holidays in Slovakia
Local name Remarks 1 January (1993) Day of the Establishment of the Slovak Republic Deň vzniku Slovenskej republiky CzechoslovakiaCzechoslovakia split into the Czech
Oct 24th 2015

Czech and Slovak Orthodox Church
Czech Republic as the Orthodox Church in the Czech Lands and in the Slovak Republic as the Orthodox Church in Slovakia, but canonical unity was maintained
Apr 17th 2017

Foreign relations of Slovakia
Slovak-RepublicSlovak Republic has been a member of Union">European Union since 2004. SlovakiaSlovakia has been an active participant in U.S.- and NATO-led military actions. There
Apr 20th 2017

Flag of Slovakia
by the Slovak Republic during World War II, and finally adopted (without the coat of arms) on 1 March 1990 as the flag of the Slovak Republic within Czechoslovakia
Mar 24th 2017

Slovakia national basketball team
basketball team is a team that is selected by the Basketball Federation of Slovak Republic to compete in major international basketball events in representation
Feb 16th 2017

News Agency of the Slovak Republic
The News Agency of the Slovak-RepublicSlovak Republic (Slovak: Tlačova agentura Slovenskej republiky; abbreviation TASR or TASR-Slovakia) is a Slovak news agency founded
Feb 29th 2016

Ground Forces of the Slovak Republic
The following is a summary of the Ground Forces of the Slovak Republic, which are part of the Military of Slovakia. In Trenčin (Commander: 2 Star General)[2]
Mar 8th 2017

Constitutional Court of Slovakia
Constitutional Court of SlovakiaSlovakia (officially Constitutional Court of the Slovak-RepublicSlovak Republic, Slovak: Ustavny sud Slovenskej republiky) is a special court established
Mar 17th 2013

Slovak People's Party
Routledge. pp. 178, 187.  Trubačik, Josef (2011). Economy of the First Slovak Republic from the Point of View of Contemporary Czech and Slovak Economists
Apr 19th 2017

Slovak Australians
Gajdosova (born 1987), tennis player Renee Geyer (born 1953), singer "Slovak Republic country brief". Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade
Sep 24th 2016

Politics of Slovakia
December 1992 together with the dissolution of the Czech and Slovak Federative Republic. Due to federalism, immediately after the 1989 revolution, two
Jan 5th 2017

Czech–Slovak Battlegroup
Czech The CzechSlovak Battlegroup also, incorrectly, called the CzechSlovak Battle Group is an EU Battlegroup, led by the Czech Republic, in which Slovakia
Mar 19th 2017

Slovak Super Liga
Slovak league, the Slovenska liga (1939-1945), in the newly-independent Slovak Republic. Winners: Throughout the Fortuna liga history, the number of clubs
Apr 23rd 2017

Citizenship Act (Slovakia)
On 19 January 1993, after the Slovak Republic had become a separate state, the National Council of the Slovak Republic enacted a nationality law to establish
Jan 10th 2016

Ministry of Culture (Slovakia)
The Ministry of Culture of the Slovak-RepublicSlovak Republic (Slovak: Ministerstvo kultury Slovenskej republiky) is a government ministry of Slovakia. Its headquarters
Dec 19th 2015

Slovak Extraliga
Slovak Extraliga (Slovenska Extraliga) is the highest-level ice hockey league in Slovakia. As of 2009, it is ranked by the IIHF as the fifth strongest
Apr 23rd 2017

Slovak language
needed] Hungary[citation needed] Regulated by Ministry of Culture of the Slovak Republic Language codes ISO 639-1 sk ISO 639-2 slo (B) slk (T) ISO 639-3 slk
Mar 29th 2017

Slovak Telekom
consolidation with its 100 per cent daughter T-Slovakia">Mobile Slovakia). In 2015 Slovak republic sold its share (49%) to Deutsche Telekom, so now it is fully owned
Dec 5th 2016

Germany–Slovakia relations
II, Slovakia was an ally of Nazi Germany as part of the Axis. The Slovak Republic under President Josef Tiso signed the Tripartite Pact on November 24
Feb 18th 2017

Slovaks in Czechoslovakia (1918–38)
sought to have their own federal republic in 1918. The new CzechoCzecho-Slovak republic ("First Republic"), with its predominantly Czech administrative apparatus
Dec 13th 2015

Slovak passport
Slovak passport issued between 1939 and 1945, by the Nazi puppet Slovak Republic. Visa requirements for Slovak citizens Passports of the European
May 23rd 2016

Coat of arms of Slovakia
official symbol of the "Slovak Republic", which was still part of Czechoslovakia. Based on the Constitution of the Slovak Republic of September 3, 1992,
Apr 3rd 2017

Regions of Slovakia
century – 1918) Czechoslovakia (the zupy existed 1918 – 1928) the WWII Slovak Republic (the zupy existed 1940 – 1945) In 1928–1939 (and formally also 1945–1948)
Nov 23rd 2016

Outline of Slovakia
million and an area of 49,035 square kilometres (18,933 sq mi). The Slovak Republic borders the Czech Republic and Austria to the west, Poland to the north
Jan 12th 2017

Slovak Republic (disambiguation)
Socialist-RepublicSlovak Republic Slovak Socialist Republic, a federal republic within Czechoslovakia from 1969 (losing the "Socialist" from the name in 1990) Slovak Republic
Jan 12th 2016

Czech Republic–Slovakia ice hockey rivalry
The Czech RepublicSlovakia ice hockey rivalry is a highly competitive sports rivalry that exists between the national ice hockey teams of the two countries
Nov 20th 2015

Slovakia–United States relations
Slovakia, and many retain strong cultural and familial ties to the Slovak Republic. President Woodrow Wilson and the United States played a major role
Apr 16th 2017

History of the Slovak language
Czechoslovakia. Since 1993, Slovak has been the official language of the Slovak Republic. According to the centrist theory, Slovak is the remnant of the
Feb 23rd 2017

Slovak Academy of Sciences
[Slovak Association of Museums]. On 2 July 1942 the Parliament of the Slovak Republic instituted Slovenska akademia vied an umeni [Slovak Academy of Sciences
Mar 14th 2017

2007 Czech and Slovak Figure Skating Championships
The 2007 Czech and Slovak-Figure-Skating-ChampionshipsSlovak Figure Skating Championships (Slovak: Mistrovstvi Ceske republiky a Slovenske republiky) were the Czech Figure Skating Championships
Apr 2nd 2017

Slovak Americans
Slovak-Americans Slovak Americans are Americans of Slovak descent. In the 1990 Census Slovak-Americans Slovak Americans made up the third-largest portion of Slavic ethnic groups. There
Apr 17th 2017

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