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South Korean
South Korean may refer to: Something of, from, or related to South Korea, a country in East Asia, in the southern half of the Korean Peninsula. For information
Feb 9th 2017

Lists of South Korean films
South Korean films of 1955 List of South Korean films of 1956 List of South Korean films of 1957 List of South Korean films of 1958 List of South Korean films
Jun 16th 2016

South Korea
the South Korean presidential election, 2012. Meanwhile, South Korea and Japan jointly co-hosted the 2002 FIFA World Cup. However, South Korean and Japanese
Apr 29th 2017

North Korea–South Korea relations
During this time South Korea launched covert raids on the North. On January 21, 1968, North Koreans commandos attacked the South Korean Blue House. On December
Apr 20th 2017

South Korean won
(1962 to present) is typically written in hangul only. Main article: South Korean won (1945–53) During the Colonial era, the won was replaced at par by
Apr 29th 2017

South Korean nationality law
South Korean nationality law defines who is a South Korean citizen, as well as the procedures by which one may be naturalized into South Korean citizenship
Apr 2nd 2017

Culture of South Korea
in South Korea, but this doesn't stop South Korean consumers changing their phones on average every 11 months.[citation needed] Many South Korean phones
Apr 9th 2017

Education in South Korea
position in South Korean society. Academic success is often a source of pride for families and within South Korean society at large. South Koreans view education
Apr 26th 2017

South Korean hwan
the Republic of Korea (South Korea) between February 15, 1953 and June 9, 1962. Due to the devaluation of the first South Korean won (from 15 won to the
Jul 5th 2016

Koreans in South Africa
shape after the 1992 establishment of relations between South Korea and South Africa. South Korean companies began sending expatriate employees and their
Dec 17th 2016

Canada–South Korea relations
South Korea Canadian embassy in Seoul Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade about relations with Canada South Korean embassy in Ottawa South Korean
Oct 18th 2016

National Assembly (South Korea)
unicameral assembly consists of at least 200 members according to the South Korean constitution. In 1990 the assembly had 299 seats, 224 of which were directly
Apr 19th 2017

List of markets in South Korea
flea markets, and antique markets. South Korea portal List of South Korean tourist attractions List of South Korean retail companies List of Korean dishes
Feb 13th 2017

France–South Korea relations
exports to Korea South Korea were worth €2.6 billion in 2006, and France was the seventh largest investor in the Republic of Korea. Korea South Korean exports to
Jan 6th 2017

Cinema of South Korea
produced each year from 1950 to 1953. During the armistice of 1953, South Korean president Syngman Rhee made an effort to rejuvenate the film industry
Apr 18th 2017

Australia–South Korea relations
the time. In 1950 South Korean people were overjoyed to see the Americans and the AustraliansAustralians interevene.[citation needed] South Korea and Australia relations
Apr 29th 2017

President of South Korea
Republic of Korea (Hangul: 대한민국 대통령; Hanja: 大韓民國 大統領) is, according to the South Korean constitution, the chairperson of the cabinet, the chief executive of
Apr 17th 2017

Economy of South Korea
indicators and economic trends of the economy of South Korea. In the 1997 Asian financial crisis, the South Korean economy suffered a liquidity crisis and relied
Apr 26th 2017

Greece–South Korea relations
GreekSouth Korean relations are the foreign relations between Greece and South Korea. As soon as 1950, Greece sent an expeditionary force to help the
Mar 15th 2015

South Korea–United States relations
Currently South Korean forces would fall under United States control should the war resume. This war time control is planned to revert to South Korea in 2020
Apr 28th 2017

Denmark–South Korea relations
Jutlandia Danish queen in South Korea Danish Envoy Opens New Residence Foreign Affairs of Denmark about South Korea "South Korean State Visit to Denmark:
Dec 10th 2016

South Korean won (1945–53)
about a past currency of South Korea. For the currency currently in use, see South Korean won. The won was the first South Korean currency and was in use
Jan 4th 2016

Russia–South Korea relations
1979, South Korea signed an agreement obtaining Finnish assistance in exporting to the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe. In the 1980s, South Korean President
Mar 28th 2017

Sport in South Korea
could only draw from South Korean citizens, consisted partially of converted baseball players. Table tennis is popular in South Korea[9]. There are minor
Apr 19th 2017

China–South Korea relations
between 1950 and 1953, sending People's Volunteer Army to fight against South Korean and United Nations troops in October 1950 on the side of the North Koreans
Apr 16th 2017

Elections in South Korea
referred to as the Main Minjoo Party Main article: South Korean local elections, 2014 Main article: South Korean presidential election, 2012 Winning party
Apr 12th 2017

North Korean abductions of South Koreans
An estimated 84,532 South Koreans were taken to North Korea during the Korean War. In addition, South Korean statistics claim that, since the Korean Armistice
Apr 29th 2017

India–South Korea relations
6 billion in the year 2013. During the 1997 Asian financial crisis, South Korean businesses sought to increase access to the global markets, and began
Apr 10th 2017

Prime Minister of South Korea
Korea (국무총리 / 國務總理, Gungmuchongni) is appointed by the President of South Korea, with the National Assembly's approval. The officeholder is not required
Mar 26th 2017

South Korea–Ukraine relations
South-KoreaSouth-KoreaSouth Korea–Ukraine relations are foreign relations between South-KoreaSouth-KoreaSouth Korea and Ukraine. Diplomatic Relations were established on February 10, 1992. South
Mar 20th 2017

Mexico–South Korea relations
treaties and agreements have been signed between the two nations. In 1991, Korean-President-Roh-Tae">South Korean President Roh Tae-woo became the first Korean head of state to visit
Apr 24th 2017

Politics of South Korea
dominant forces of South Korean politics. view talk edit Main articles: South Korean legislative election, 2016 and South Korean presidential election
Apr 25th 2017

Expressways in South Korea
the Interstate Highway System in the United States; the icons of the South Korean Expressways are notably similar to those in the United States because
Feb 26th 2017

North–South differences in the Korean language
phonemes, but there are some differences in the actual pronunciations. The South Korean standard pronunciation is based on the dialect as spoken in Seoul, and
Mar 22nd 2017

Geography of South Korea
north of the DMZ caused considerable consternation in South Korea during the mid-1980s. South Korean authorities feared that once completed, a sudden release
Mar 29th 2017

Marriage in South Korea
of South Korean women who are willing to marry men living in rural areas. Since there is lack of population of women in rural areas of South Korea, some
Apr 12th 2017

Fiji–South Korea relations
recognised Fiji'sFiji's accession to independence the previous year. There is a South Korean embassy in Suva and a FijianFijian embassy in Seoul. Fiji opened its embassy
Nov 15th 2016

South Korea national football team
the penalties and South Korea won the penalty shootout 5–3, and becoming the first Asian team to reach the final four. The South Korean team's run was halted
Apr 28th 2017

Iran–South Korea relations
partners, according to South Korean officials. IranSouth Korea football rivalry Tehran Street Iran-North Korea relations "South Korea Embassy in Iran"
Apr 27th 2017

Argentina–South Korea relations
ruling relations Argentina and South Korea (Argentine-Foreign-MinistryArgentine Foreign Ministry, in Spanish) Argentine embassy in Seoul South Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs and
Aug 20th 2013

South Korea–Taiwan relations
Republic. Diplomatic relations between South Korea and Taiwan were terminated on 23 August 1992, followed by South Korean recognition of the People's Republic
Mar 5th 2017

Administrative divisions of South Korea
provinces in South Korea List of cities in South Korea List of South Korean regions by GDP Provinces of Korea Special cities of South Korea [1], p. 41
Mar 25th 2017

Flag of South Korea
and "Taegeukgi" redirect here. For the 2004 South Korean movie, see Taegukgi (film). The flag of South Korea, also known as the Taegukgi (also spelled as
Apr 20th 2017

South Korean legislative election, 2016
new People's Party in second. The election marked an upheaval in the South Korean party system, installing a hung parliament for the first time since 2000
Apr 14th 2017

Gangwon Province, South Korea
128°15′E / 37.500°N 128.250°E / 37.500; 128.250 ''Gangwon Province (South Korea) redirects here. For the province in North Korea that bears the same
Apr 18th 2017

Malaysia–South Korea relations
around 200,000 South Korean tourists came to Malaysia in 2006; Kota Kinabalu was their most popular destination. Malaysians in South Korea form a much smaller
Apr 21st 2017

Korean language
app called Univoca was designed to help North Korean defectors learn South Korean terms by translating them into North Korean ones. More info can be found
Apr 26th 2017

Paraguay–South Korea relations
Foreign Relations about relations with Korea Paraguayan embassy in Seoul South Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade about relations with Paraguay Korean
Jul 10th 2013

Foreign relations of South Korea
The foreign relations of Korea South Korea (officially the Republic of Korea) are Korea South Korean relations with other governments. The Republic of Korea maintains
Apr 13th 2017

Television in South Korea
produced increasingly lavish historical dramas in recent years. Some South Korean television programs are available on satellite and multicultural channels
Dec 31st 2016

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