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Demographics of South Sudan
89% of the population. If this estimate is correct, the size of the South Sudanese population is about 9.28 million. The population count was a determining
Mar 30th 2017

South Sudanese Americans
AmericansAmericans South Sudanese AmericansAmericans are AmericansAmericans of South Sudanese ancestry, or South Sudanese people who have American citizenship. AmericansAmericans South Sudanese AmericansAmericans can
May 23rd 2017

South Sudanese pound
The South Sudanese pound is the official currency of the Republic of South Sudan. It is subdivided into 100 piasters. It was approved by the Southern Sudan
May 6th 2017

Sudanese Americans
Not to be confused with AmericansAmericans South AmericansAmericans Sudanese AmericansAmericans. AmericansAmericans Sudanese AmericansAmericans are AmericansAmericans of North Sudanese ancestry, or North Sudanese who have American citizenship
Apr 17th 2017

Sudanese Australians
SudaneseSudanese-AustraliansSudaneseSudanese Australians are people of SudaneseSudanese ancestry or birth who live in Australia. The 2011 census recorded 19,369 people born in Sudan. Of these, the
May 22nd 2017

Sudanese Arabic
Sudanese-Arabic Sudanese Arabic is the variety of Arabic spoken throughout Sudan. Some of the tribes in Sudan still have similar accents to the ones in Saudi Arabia.
May 9th 2017

South Sudanese Australians
AustraliansSouth Sudanese Australians are people of South Sudanese ancestry or birth who live in Australia. Following South Sudan's independence in July 2011, the
Apr 24th 2017

South Sudanese Civil War
The South Sudanese Civil War is a conflict in South Sudan between forces of the government and opposition forces. In December 2013, President Kiir accused
May 25th 2017

South Sudanese Canadians
CanadiansCanadians South Sudanese CanadiansCanadians are CanadiansCanadians of South Sudanese ancestry or a South Sudanese who has Canadian citizenship. CanadiansCanadians South Sudanese CanadiansCanadians can also include
May 17th 2017

Sudanese conflict in South Kordofan and Blue Nile
two other soldiers. On 11 July, clashes were reported in Fula, South Kordofan.Sudanese Federal National Front claimed that their forces killed 20 government
Mar 25th 2017

South Sudanese independence referendum, 2011
(or CPA), in October 2009, the central government of Sudan and the South Sudanese government agreed that turnout would have to be at least 60% of 3.8 million
May 4th 2017

Second Sudanese Civil War
power-sharing, wealth-sharing, and the right of self-determination for the south. The Sudanese Government did not sign the DOP until 1997 after major battlefield
May 15th 2017

Sudanese pound
currency in South Sudan until finalization of the introduction of the South Sudanese pound. Both Arabic and English names for the denominations appear on
May 6th 2017

Sudanese Civil War
Sudanese Civil War (1955–1972) Second Sudanese Civil War (1983–2005) South Sudanese Civil War (2013–present) It could also refer to other internal conflicts
Apr 16th 2017

Sudanese in Israel
smugglers. In February 2012, Israel's Interior Ministry announced that South Sudanese nationals must repatriate by March, arguing they no longer need protection
Mar 6th 2017

SudaneseOnlineSudaneseOnline(Arabic: سودانيزاونلاين‎‎) is an online bilingual newspaper for people from Sudan and South Sudan, it based in Phoenix, Arizona USA. The
Apr 7th 2017

Sudanese refugees in Egypt
There are tens of thousands of SudaneseSudanese refugees in Egypt, most of them seeking refuge from ongoing military conflicts in their home country of Sudan.
Apr 7th 2017

Sudanese sign languages
Sudan and South Sudan have multiple regional sign languages, which are not mutually intelligible. A survey of just three states found 150 sign languages
Dec 1st 2016

Sudanese Armed Forces
Sudanese-Armed-Forces">The Sudanese Armed Forces (SAF) are the Armed Forces of the Republic of Sudan. According to 2011 IISS estimates, it numbers 109,300 personel. They comprises
May 24th 2017

South Sudanese passport
Not to be confused with Sudanese passport. The South Sudanese passport is given to citizens of South-SudanSouth Sudan for international travel. The Republic of South
Mar 28th 2017

First Sudanese Civil War
The First Sudanese Civil War (also known as the Anyanya Rebellion or Anyanya I, after the name of the rebels, a term in the Madi language which means 'snake
May 11th 2017

Sudanese nomadic conflicts
the main part of Pibor alongside South Sudanese army troops but that a MSF clinic had been overrun. The South Sudanese army said that it had regained full
Mar 23rd 2017

Sudanese Reformed Presbyterian Churches
Sudanese-Reformed-Presbyterian-Churches">The Sudanese Reformed Presbyterian Churches (SRPC) are a unified body of Protestant Churches in Sudan. The Sudanese Reformed Churches was started in
Sep 17th 2016

Sudanese Canadians
reported their ethnicity as SudaneseSudanese. Canada portal Sudan portal South SudaneseSudanese Canadians SudaneseSudanese Americans SudaneseSudanese Australians SudaneseSudanese in the United
Mar 15th 2017

South Sudanese diaspora
The-South-SudaneseThe South Sudanese diaspora consists of citizens of South Sudan residing abroad. The number of South Sudanese outside South Sudan has sharply increased
May 2nd 2017

States of South Sudan
parliament for approval as a constitutional amendment. In November the South Sudanese parliament approved the creation of the new states. In January 2017
Mar 3rd 2017

Refugees of Sudan
With the creation of a South Sudanese state, questions surrounding southern Sudanese IDPs may become questions of South Sudanese refugees. The movement
May 2nd 2017

Sudanese Air Force
Sudanese-Air-Force">The Sudanese Air Force (Arabic: القوّات الجوّيّة السودانيّة Al Quwwat al-Jawwiya As-SudaniyaSudaniya‎‎) is the air force operated by the Republic of the Sudan
May 9th 2017

International reaction to the South Sudanese Civil War
The following are international reactions to the South Sudanese Civil War: African Union - An African Union mediation team arrived in Juba on 19 December
May 19th 2017

Sudanese dinar
The dinar was the currency of Sudan between 1992 and 2007. Its ISO 4217 code is "SDD". The dinar replaced the first Sudanese pound (SDP) on June 8, 1992
Dec 30th 2016

South Sudan
the Murle and would also fight South Sudanese and UN forces sent to the area around Pibor. In March 2012, South Sudanese forces seized the Heglig oil fields
May 26th 2017

Flag of South Sudan
The flag of South Sudan was adopted following the signing of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement that ended the Second Sudanese Civil War. A similar version
May 24th 2017

Heglig Crisis
force of approximately 5,000 soldiers after three days of clashes with South-SudaneseSouth Sudanese forces. The precipitating factor was an ambush by the South killing
Apr 1st 2017

Sudanese general election, 2010
elections will entail: national presidential and parliamentary, the south Sudanese presidency, state governors, the southern parliament and state assemblies
Jan 19th 2017

South Sudan–Sudan relations
route via pipeline to Sudan Port Sudan, the only accessible venue to sell Sudanese">South Sudanese oil beyond Sudan. Sudan responded saying that it was a "fee" for using
Nov 6th 2016

South Sudanese general election, 2010
Regional elections were held in South Sudan between 11 and 15 April 2010 as part of the Sudanese general elections. The result was a victory for Salva
Sep 20th 2016

1971 Sudanese coup d'état
The 1971 Sudanese coup d'etat was a short-lived communist-backed coup, led by Major Hashem al Atta, against the government of President Gaafar Nimeiry
Jan 10th 2017

List of heads of state of South Sudan
the Sudanese national government until 9 July 2011. Main article: South Sudanese general election, 2010 Southern-Sudan-Autonomous-RegionSouthern Sudan Autonomous Region (1972–83) Southern
Dec 19th 2016

Sudan People's Liberation Army
and secular Sudanese state. Garang stated that the struggle of the South Sudanese was the same as that of marginalized groups in the north, such as the
May 14th 2017

Juba Arabic
Juba-ArabicJuba Arabic is a lingua franca spoken mainly in Equatoria Province in South Sudan, and derives its name from the town of Juba, South Sudan. It is also
May 9th 2017

Israel–South Sudan relations
regional South Sudanese leaders and initiated an aid programme in the spheres of agriculture and infrastructure development. The South Sudanese diaspora
Feb 27th 2017

Women in South Sudan
ministerial positions in the Government of South Sudan had been occupied by South Sudanese women. 10 out of 28 deputy ministers were held by women. The women of
Oct 30th 2016

Sudanese cuisine
SudaneseSudanese cuisine is varied by region, and greatly affected by the cross-cultural influences in Sudan throughout history. In addition to the influences
May 9th 2017

Sudanese passport
Not to be confused with Sudanese">South Sudanese passport. Sudanese">The Sudanese passport is issued to citizens of Sudan for international travel. The Republic of the Sudan
Oct 28th 2016

Sudanese Red Crescent Society
The-Sudanese-Red-Crescent-SocietyThe Sudanese Red Crescent Society (SRCS) is the biggest and most decentralized and widespread humanitarian organization operating in Sudan. The society
Nov 7th 2016

List of current state governors in South Sudan
Subdivisions of List South Sudan List of Sudan's state governors List of Centrafrican prefectures prefects (French) South Sudanese governors on Worldsatesmen
Jan 30th 2017

Protests in Sudan (2011–13)
Heglig oil field was damaged and shut down in fighting with invading South Sudanese troops in April 2012. In an attempt to address the economic meltdown
Mar 10th 2017

Sudan People's Liberation Movement
Movement-North. Further factionalism appeared as a result of the 2013-2014 South Sudanese Civil War, with President Salva Kiir leading the SPLM-Juba and former
May 22nd 2017

India–South Sudan relations
Agreement on 9 January 2005 in Nairobi. From 2006, India began inviting South Sudanese citizens for training and exchange programmes in India. India opened
Dec 13th 2016

Music of Sudan
is heavily influenced by the countries neighboring South Sudan. Many South Sudanese fled to Ethiopia, Kenya and Uganda where they interacted with the nationals
Mar 24th 2017

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