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Spellbound may refer to: Spellbound (1916 film), with Lois Meredith Spellbound (1941 film), directed by John Harlow Spellbound (1945 film), directed
Apr 10th 2017

Spellbound Entertainment
Spellbound was a German developer of computer games based in Kehl, Germany. The company was founded in 1994 by Armin Gessert. The company is best known
May 25th 2016

Spellbound (2002 film)
Spellbound is a 2002 documentary that was directed by Jeffrey Blitz. The film follows eight competitors in the 1999 Scripps National Spelling Bee. The
May 23rd 2017

Spellbound Dizzy
Dizzy Spellbound Dizzy or Dizzy-5Dizzy 5 is an adventure video game, featuring the character Dizzy, released in December 1990 by Codemasters. The series was originally
Apr 8th 2017

Spellbound (1984 video game)
is about the Q*Bert clone. For the Magic Knight game, see Spellbound (video game). Spellbound is a Q*Bert clone written by P.W. Norris and published by
Oct 6th 2016

Spellbound (Dale novel)
Spellbound is a 2008 fantasy/magic novel for children and the 3rd to have been written by British author Anna Dale, the author of Whispering to Witches
May 13th 2017

Spellbound (video game)
about the Magic Knight game. For the Q*Bert clone, see Spellbound (1984 video game). Spellbound is a computer game that was designed and programmed by
Feb 3rd 2017

Spellbound! is an educational computer game made and distributed by The Learning Company aimed at teaching spelling, vocabulary, and language development
Dec 29th 2016

Spellbound (TVXQ album)
Spellbound, known as Surisuri (Hangul: 수리수리) in Korean, is the repackage of Tense (2014), the seventh Korean studio album by South Korean pop duo TVXQ
Jan 27th 2017

Spellbound (1945 film)
Spellbound is a 1945 American film noir psychological mystery thriller film directed by Alfred Hitchcock. It tells the story of the new head of a mental
May 17th 2017

Spellbound (Siouxsie and the Banshees song)
"Spellbound" is a song by English post-punk band Siouxsie and the Banshees. It was written by the group and co-produced with Nigel Gray. It was released
Apr 11th 2017

Spellbound (Paula Abdul album)
Spellbound is the second studio album released by Paula Abdul in May 1991. The album was an international success and spawned major radio hits with the
Apr 24th 2017

Spellbound (game show)
Spellbound. Spellbound is a British game show that aired on Sky One from 3 October 1994 to 31 August 1996. It was hosted by Paul Coia. Spellbound was
Mar 25th 2017

Spellbound (Lacuna Coil song)
"SpellboundSpellbound" is the first single released by Lacuna Coil's fifth studio album, Shallow-LifeShallow Life. The song is their first chart entry on the U.S. Billboard
Jan 31st 2017

Spellbound (Green novel)
Spellbound is the British title of a 2003 novel by Jane Green, which was published in America under the title To Have and to Hold. Alice is a formerly
Feb 19th 2017

Spellbound (1941 film)
There are a number of films entitled Spellbound; for the full list check the disambiguation page. Spellbound (1941) is a British drama film directed by
May 12th 2016

Spellbound Pictures
Spellbound Pictures Ltd., USA LLC is a film and television production and distribution company founded by Mark McClafferty and Pamela Edwards McClafferty
Feb 28th 2017

Spellbound (1999 film)
Spellbound (金融腐蝕列島 呪縛?) is a 1999 Japanese film directed by Masato Harada. Kōji Yakusho as Hiroshi Kitano Tatsuya Nakadai as Hideaki Sasaki Kippei Shiina
Sep 15th 2016

Spellbound (2011 film)
There are a number of films entitled Spellbound; for the full list check the disambiguation page. Spellbound (Hangul: 오싹한 연애; Hanja: 오싹한 戀愛; RROssakhan
Dec 22nd 2016

Wizards of Waverly Place: Spellbound
Wizards of Waverly Place: Spellbound is a video game published by Disney Interactive Studios for the Nintendo DS, and released on November 16, 2010. The
Mar 1st 2017

Spellbound (Tygers of Pan Tang album)
Spellbound is the second album by British heavy metal band Tygers of Pan Tang, produced in 1981 on MCA. Spellbound is the first of two full length Tygers
Nov 19th 2016

Spellbound (Yngwie Malmsteen album)
Spellbound is the nineteenth studio album by guitarist Yngwie Malmsteen, released on December 5, 2012 through his independent label Rising Force Records
Apr 5th 2016

Spellbound (Clifford Jordan album)
Spellbound is an album by jazz saxophonist Clifford Jordan which was recorded in 1960 and released on the Riverside label. The Allmusic site awarded
Apr 29th 2017

Spellbound (Ten album)
Spellbound is the fourth studio album released by the melodic hard rock band Ten. All songs written by Gary Hughes except where noted. "March of the
Nov 24th 2016

Spellbound (Ira Losco song)
"Spellbound" was one of four songs Maltese singer Ira Losco sung in Malta Song For Europe 2001. It was written by Gerard James Borg and composed by Philip
Oct 31st 2015

Challenge of the Five Realms
Challenge of the Five Realms: Spellbound in the World of Nhagardia is a role-playing video game created by MicroProse for MS-DOS in 1992. The Prince
Mar 22nd 2017

Black Forest Games
members of the now-defunct Spellbound Entertainment company. After the release of Arcania: Fall of Setarrif in 2011, Spellbound Entertainment went bankrupt
Mar 2nd 2017

Rob Greenberg
Spellbound-Harry's-Girl-Bad-Haircut-Frasier-Fly">Secret Public Journal Ex Men Spellbound Harry's Girl Bad Haircut Frasier Fly by Night Meet Dave (2008) (written by) Spellbound (2004/I) (TV) (writer) Harry's
Dec 19th 2016

The Invaluable Darkness
Progenies of the Great Apocalypse The Serpentine Offering The Chosen Legacy Spellbound (By The Devil) Sorgens Kammer Del II The Insight And The Catharsis Raabjorn
Jun 30th 2014

Blowing Kisses in the Wind
"Blowing Kisses in the Wind" was the third single from Abdul's">Paula Abdul's album, Spellbound. The music video featured Abdul dancing on a theater stage, ballet-style
Dec 19th 2016

Jeffrey Blitz
Jersey. He was nominated for an Academy Award for his 2002 documentary, Spellbound and he won the Dramatic Directing Prize at the Sundance Film Festival
Apr 20th 2017

Juju (Siouxsie and the Banshees album)
June 1981 by record label Polydor. Two singles were released from Juju: "Spellbound" and "Arabian Knights". The album was commercially successful in the UK
Apr 28th 2017

Bi-polar Poems
Kristin Lones & Cheryl Krueger, ed. (2001-12-17). "Inside the Icehouse". Spellbound fanzine. Archived from the original on 5 July 2008. Retrieved 2008-06-26
Sep 18th 2016

Thunder Seven
charting single of the time, reaching #88 in both the UK and the US. "Spellbound" was also released as a single, though it didn't prove as successful,
Feb 17th 2017

The Best of Siouxsie and the Banshees
(1980) "Spellbound" (1981) "Stargazer" (1995) "Arabian Knights" (1981) "The Killing Jar" (1988) "This Wheel's on Fire" (1987) Disc two "Spellbound" (extended
Nov 28th 2016

Will You Marry Me?
Me?" is the fifth and final single released from the Abdul Paula Abdul album Spellbound, in 1992. The song was written by Abdul; Peter Lord; Sandra St. Victor
Jun 13th 2016

Shallow Life
references toward superficial lifestyles in the world today. The song "Spellbound" was debuted live at the Soundwave Music Festival in February 2009. The
Feb 8th 2017

Under My Spell Tour
recording artist Paula Abdul to support her multi-platinum selling album Spellbound. The tour was her first and MTV held a contest for its viewers to name
May 21st 2017

Tell the World My Name
like "Your Mom's in Business">My Business" and "Spellbound" proved the growing success of his style. The song "Spellbound" was later sampled by R&B group Brownstone
May 23rd 2016

Deliver Us from Evil (Kryst the Conqueror album)
Trust" – 5:01 "Trial of the Soul" – 3:50 "March of the Mega-Mites" – 6:19 "Spellbound" – 5:35 Jerry Only (as Mo the Great) – bass Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein
Jan 31st 2017

JJ Marsh
collaboration with Glenn Hughes. As a teenager Marsh recorded two albums with SpellboundSpellbound, Breaking the Spell and Rockin 'Reckless. The band also recorded material
Sep 23rd 2016

72nd Scripps National Spelling Bee
"logorrhea". Notably, the 1999 bee was covered by the Jeffrey Blitz documentary Spellbound. Second place went to David Lewandowski, a 14-year old speller from Schererville
Mar 4th 2017

David Jones (programmer)
three cult sequels: Spellbound (1985), Knight Tyme (1986) and Stormbringer (1987). Peter Parrish (19 October 2007). "Spellbound Retro Review". Eurogamer
Nov 20th 2016

Mark McClafferty
Winning American Film Producer, Television Producer/Writer, and Chairman of Spellbound Pictures. Mark McClafferty was born in Wilmington, Delaware. He attended
May 20th 2017

and are launched two successful albums - 'Tales From The Tide E.P.' & 'Spellbound'. They are known for having songs with lyrically heavy concepts and stories
Nov 10th 2015

Hwang In-ho
director and screenwriter. He wrote and directed the horror-romantic comedy Spellbound (2011) and the crime thriller Monster (2014). Hwang In-ho first wrote
Apr 6th 2017

Vera Lindsay
Katharine and Petruchio (1939), The Tempest (1939), Twelfth Night (1939) and Spellbound (1941) Lindsay was daughter of Vladimir Poliakoff. She was married to:
Mar 4th 2017

Yana Gorskaya
is best known for her work in the editorial departments of the films Spellbound (2002), Rocket Science (2007) and What We Do in the Shadows (2015).
Mar 11th 2017

Armin Gessert
labels Rainbow Arts and Blue Byte. In 1994 he established his own company, Spellbound Entertainment, which has released several titles, among them Desperados
Apr 15th 2016

1990s. K-Solo's two biggest hits were "Your Mom's in My Business" and "Spellbound." The rapper later accused DMX of stealing this style from him when the
May 3rd 2017

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