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Order of the Spur
inducted into the Order of the Spur after successfully completing a "Spur Ride" or for having served during combat as a member of or with a Cavalry unit
Apr 18th 2017

For other uses, see Spur (disambiguation). "Rowel" redirects here. For the Sri Lankan general, see Renuka Rowel. For the author of "Letters from Hell"
Apr 23rd 2017

Black Spur
Motorcycle Sports Touring Club of Victoria Inc. Black Spur Drive - Official government tourism website Black Spur Motorbike Ride Black Spur at Google Maps.
Dec 3rd 2016

Rolls-Royce Silver Spirit
This article is about the car. For the cruise ship, see Silver Spirit (ship). The Silver Spirit is a British saloon motor car that was produced by Rolls-Royce
Oct 5th 2016

Bentley Continental Flying Spur (2005)
For other models using this name, see Bentley-Continental-Flying-SpurBentley Continental Flying Spur. The Bentley-Continental-Flying-SpurBentley Continental Flying Spur is the four-door saloon variant of the Bentley
Mar 6th 2017

Ride the Wind
For the song "Ride the Wind" by Poison, see Ride the Wind (song) Ride the Wind (1982) by Lucia St. Clair Robson is the story of Cynthia Ann Parker's life
Aug 18th 2016

The Naked Spur
The Naked Spur is a 1953 Technicolor American Western film directed by Anthony Mann and starring James Stewart, Janet Leigh, and Robert Ryan. Written by
Sep 30th 2016

Spur of the Moment (The Twilight Zone)
"Spur of the Moment" is episode 141 of the American television anthology series The Twilight Zone. 18-year-old Anne Henderson rides a horse across her
Apr 5th 2017

The Longest Ride (film)
The Longest Ride is a 2015 American romantic drama film directed by George Tillman, Jr. and written by Craig Bolotin. Based on Nicholas Sparks' 2013 novel
Apr 16th 2017

Broad Street Line
The Broad Street Line (BSL)—also known as the Broad Street Subway (BSS), Orange Line, or Broad Line—is a subway line owned by the city of Philadelphia
Feb 8th 2017

Bentley S2
The-Bentley-S2The Bentley S2 is a luxury car produced by Bentley from 1959 until 1962. The successor to the S1, it featured the new Rolls-Royce - Bentley L Series V8
Apr 7th 2017

Cavalry scout
accompanied by wearing the spurs which are earned when the unit conducts a "Spur Ride." Spurs Cavalry Spurs can be earned by all Cavalry Scouts. Spurs may be worn
Apr 19th 2017

The Man from Snowy River (1982 film)
The-ManThe-ManThe Man from Snowy River is a 1982 Australian drama film based on the Banjo Paterson poem "The-ManThe-ManThe Man from Snowy River". The film had a cast including Kirk
Jan 27th 2017

Silver Spurs Rodeo
Retrieved May 20, 2011.  Carroll, Frank (February 14, 1988). "Silver Spurs Rodeo Rides On Tradition". Orlando Sentinel. Retrieved May 20, 2011.  Abbott
Aug 14th 2015

County Route 46 (Suffolk County, New York)
County Route 46 (CR 46) is a major county road in eastern Suffolk County, New York, in the United States. It runs south-to-north from CR 75 in Smith Point
Feb 27th 2017

Eastern Berks Gateway Railroad
The Eastern Berks Gateway Railroad (reporting mark EBGR) is a short-line railroad in Pennsylvania that runs from Boyertown south to Pottstown, where it
Oct 30th 2016

Interstate 270 (Maryland)
Interstate-270Interstate 270 (abbreviated I-270) is a 34.70-mile (55.84 km) auxiliary Interstate Highway in the U.S. state of Maryland that travels between I-495 (the
Apr 11th 2017

16th Street Mall
The 16th Street-MallStreet Mall is a pedestrian and transit mall in Denver, Colorado. The mall, 1.25 miles (2 kilometers) long, runs along 16th Street in downtown
Feb 3rd 2017

Bareback riding
"Bareback" redirects here. For other uses, see Bareback (disambiguation). Bareback riding is a form of horseback riding without a saddle. It requires
Apr 20th 2017

Lloyd Center/Northeast 11th Avenue MAX Station
Lloyd Center/Northeast 11th Avenue is a light rail station on the MAX Blue, Green and Red Lines in Portland, Oregon. It is the 10th stop eastbound on the
Sep 4th 2016

Black Spurs
Black Spurs is a 1965 American Western film directed by R. G. Springsteen and written by Steve Fisher. The film stars Rory Calhoun, Linda Darnell (in her
Feb 28th 2017

Westrail N class
The N class was a class of diesel locomotives built by Comeng, Bassendean for Westrail between 1977 and 1979. Eleven were built all for use on the
Mar 29th 2017

Wayne D. Overholser
Wayne D. Overholser (born September 4, 1906 in Pomeroy, Washington; † died August 27, 1996 in Boulder, Colorado), was an American Western writer. Overholser
Nov 17th 2016

Wahkiakum County ferry
The Wahkiakum County ferry is a ferry that crosses the lower Columbia River between the U.S. states of Washington and Oregon, and is the last regularly
Sep 3rd 2016

Perrygrove Railway
Perrygrove Railway runs through farmland and woods on the edge of the Forest of Dean. Passengers can ride on the train to use activities including a Treetop
Mar 3rd 2017

Richard Wormser
Richard Edward Wormser (February 2, 1908 in New York City, New YorkJuly, 1977 in Tumacaciori, Arizona) was an American writer of pulp fiction, detective
Feb 22nd 2017

Annika Langvad
Annika Langvad (born 22 March 1984 in Silkeborg) is a Danish cross-country mountain biker and the reigning Women's cross-country World Champion. At the
Sep 19th 2016

Beaverton Creek MAX Station
Beaverton-CreekBeaverton Creek is a light rail station on the MAX Blue Line in Beaverton, Oregon, United States. It is the 9th stop westbound on the Westside MAX. The
Mar 16th 2016

A huaso (Spanish pronunciation: [ˈwaso]) is a Chilean countryman and skilled horseman, similar to the American cowboy or Mexican charro, the gaucho of
Feb 3rd 2017

Radial steering truck
A Radial steering truck is a type of bogie used on locomotives. On railroad equipment, "trucks" or "bogies" are the wheel assemblies that the train rides
Nov 4th 2016

Yeovil Railway Centre
The Yeovil Railway Centre is a small railway museum at Yeovil Junction on the L&SWR West of England Main Line between Salisbury and Exeter in the U.K.
Apr 24th 2017

Interstate 94 in Illinois
This article is about the section of Interstate-94Interstate-94Interstate-94Interstate 94 in IllinoisIllinois. For the entire route, see Interstate-94Interstate-94Interstate-94Interstate 94. Interstate-94Interstate-94Interstate-94Interstate 94 (I-94) generally runs north–south
Apr 12th 2017

Charles Einstein
Charles Einstein (August 2, 1926 – March 7, 2007) was a newspaperman and sportswriter and he also wrote the novel The Bloody Spur on which the film While
Apr 12th 2017

Airport Loop
Airport Loop is the designation for the portions of state highways that form a circumferential highway around Baltimore/Washington International Thurgood
Feb 12th 2017

Spišská Nová Ves railway station
Spisska Nova Ves railway station (Slovak: Zeleznična stanica Spisska Nova Ves) serves the town and municipality of Spisska Nova Ves, in the Kosice Region
Nov 19th 2016

Goerke's Corners, Wisconsin
Goerke's Corners (also spelled Goerkes Corner, Goerkes Corners or Goerke's Corner) is a former unincorporated community in the Town of Brookfield, in Waukesha
Mar 18th 2017

Belmont Park (LIRR station)
Belmont Park is a seasonal-use Long Island Rail Road station on the grounds of the Belmont Park racetrack in Queens, New York City, New York. The station
Feb 9th 2017

Royal Canadian Mounted Police Foundation
The Royal Canadian Mounted Police Foundation provides funding to support the voluntary work of Royal Canadian Mounted Police members who support programs
Feb 15th 2016

Superstar Limo
Superstar Limo was a dark ride in California-Adventure">Disney California Adventure at the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California. Superstar Limo was situated in the Hollywood
Mar 3rd 2017

Matt Bonner
Bonner Matthew Robert Bonner (born April 5, 1980) is an American retired professional basketball player. Bonner played college basketball for the University of
Apr 4th 2017

Western pleasure
Western Pleasure is a western style competition at horse shows that evaluates horses on manners and suitability of the horse for a relaxed but collected
Apr 15th 2017

IND World's Fair Line
IND-World's-Fair-Line">The IND World's Fair Line, officially the World's Fair Railroad, was a branch of the Independent Subway System (IND) serving the 1939 New York World's
Feb 8th 2017

Cohasset (MBTA station)
Cohasset is a commuter rail station on the MBTA Commuter Rail Greenbush Line, located off Chief Justice Cushing Highway (Route 3A) west of downtown Cohasset
Apr 20th 2017

Colebrookdale Railroad
The-Colebrookdale-RailroadThe Colebrookdale Railroad, also known as the Secret-Valley-LineSecret Valley Line, is a tourist railroad located in the U.S. state of Pennsylvania. The railroad operates
Nov 21st 2016

UNT Dallas (DART station)
The UNT Dallas Station is a DART Light Rail station that is the southern terminus of the Blue Line. This station is located on the University of North
Mar 8th 2017

Jineteada gaucha
Jineteada gaucha or doma gaucha is a traditional sport in the gaucho culture of Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay, and southern parts of Chile. The objective
Mar 28th 2016

Ghost Warrior
Ghost Warrior, Lozen of the Apaches is a 2002 historical novel by Lucia St. Clair Robson. This novel was the runner-up for the Golden Spur Award in 2002
Aug 15th 2016

DeLand station
DeLand station is a train station in Deland, Florida, United States. It is served by Amtrak (the National Railroad Passenger Corporation). It is several
Jan 19th 2017

Richard D. Lawrence
Banks, H.C.; Turner Publishing Co (2002). 1st Cavalry Division: A Spur Ride Through the 20th Century. Turner Publishing Company. p. 155. ISBN 9781563117855
Jan 27th 2017

VIA Metropolitan Transit
VIA-Metropolitan-TransitVIA Metropolitan Transit (or simply VIA) is the mass transit agency serving San Antonio, Texas, United States, and its surrounding municipalities. It began
Apr 15th 2017

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