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Standard may refer to: Any war flag or other military standard Colours, standards and guidons Ensign, a distinguishing flag of a ship or a military
Feb 8th 2017

Standard error
For the computer programming concept, see standard error stream. The standard error (SE) is the standard deviation of the sampling distribution of
Mar 2nd 2017

Standard deviation
For other uses, see Standard deviation (disambiguation). In statistics, the standard deviation (SD, also represented by the Greek letter sigma
Apr 14th 2017

Standard Chartered
Standard Chartered PLC is a British multinational banking and financial services company headquartered in London. It operates a network of more than 1
Apr 26th 2017

Internet Standard
engineering, an Internet-StandardInternet Standard is a normative specification of a technology or methodology applicable to the Internet. Internet-StandardInternet Standards are created and published
Apr 11th 2017

Standard Model
This article is about the Standard-ModelStandard Model of particle physics. For other uses, see Standard model (disambiguation). This article is a non-mathematical general
Apr 28th 2017

Gold standard
For other uses, see Gold standard (disambiguation). A gold standard is a monetary system in which the standard economic unit of account
Apr 20th 2017

Standard Liège
confused with Liege Standard Liege (women). Royal Standard de Liege, commonly referred to as Liege Standard Liege (pronounced: [stɑ̃daʁ ljɛːʒ]; Dutch: Standard Luik [ˈstɑndɑrt
Apr 17th 2017

Standard conditions for temperature and pressure
Not to be confused with Standard state. Standard conditions for temperature and pressure are standard sets of conditions for experimental measurements
Mar 29th 2017

Standard German
variants: German Standard German, Austrian Standard German and Swiss Standard German. Regarding the spelling and punctuation, a recommended standard is published
Mar 28th 2017

Standard Oil
1911. For successor companies with similar names, see Standard Oil (disambiguation). Standard Oil Co. Inc. was an American oil producing, transporting
Apr 27th 2017

Technical standard
This article is about technical standards. For other uses, see Standard. A technical standard is an established norm or requirement in regard to technical
Apr 17th 2017

Standard gauge
gauge. For loading gauges, see Standard loading gauge. For gauge in toy trains, see Standard Gauge (toy trains). The standard gauge (also Stephenson gauge
Apr 23rd 2017

Standard streams
This article is about standard I/O file descriptors. For System V streams, see STREAMS. In computer programming, standard streams are preconnected input
Apr 4th 2017

Standard Motor Company
The Standard Motor Company Limited was a motor vehicle manufacturer, founded in Coventry, England, in 1903 by Reginald Walter Maudslay (1871–1934). It
Apr 20th 2017

Standards organization
A standards organization, standards body, standards developing organization (SDO), or standards setting organization (SSO) is an organization whose primary
Apr 18th 2017

Standard Chinese
For other uses, see Standard Chinese (disambiguation). "Huayu" redirects here. For other uses, see Huayu (disambiguation). Standard Chinese, also known
Mar 24th 2017

London Evening Standard
"Evening Standard" redirects here. For the New Zealand newspaper formerly known as the Evening Standard, see Manawatu Standard. The London Evening
Apr 18th 2017

Standard language
A standard language or standard variety may be defined either as a language variety used by a population for public purposes or as a variety that has
Apr 5th 2017

Standard (metrology)
standard (or etalon) is an object, system, or experiment that bears a defined relationship to a unit of measurement of a physical quantity. Standards
Jun 2nd 2016

Open standard
An open standard is a standard that is publicly available and has various rights to use associated with it, and may also have various properties of how
Apr 27th 2017

Manila Standard
Manila Standard is a broadsheet newspaper in the Philippines. It is currently owned by the Romualdez family. The Romualdezes, through former congressman
Feb 26th 2017

Standard Bank
For the British overseas bank, now part of Standard Chartered, see Standard Bank (historic). The Standard Bank of South-Africa-LimitedSouth Africa Limited is one of South
Jan 5th 2017

C standard library
C The C standard library or libc is the standard library for the C programming language, as specified in the ANSI C standard. It was developed at the same
Feb 20th 2017

The Post-Standard
The Post-Standard is a major daily newspaper serving the greater Syracuse, New York metro area. Published by Advance Publications, it is one of two brands
Jan 17th 2017

Standard Ten
The-Standard-TenThe Standard Ten was a model name given to several small cars produced by the British Standard Motor Company between 1906 and 1961. The name was a reference
Apr 2nd 2017

Standard of living
Standard of living refers to the level of wealth, comfort, material goods and necessities available to a certain socioeconomic class in a certain geographic
Feb 14th 2017

The Standard-Examiner is a daily morning newspaper published in Ogden, Utah. With roughly 30,000 subscribers on Sunday and 25,000 daily, it is the third
Mar 8th 2017

International standard
produced by standards organizations. For other uses, see International standard (disambiguation). International standards are standards developed by
Apr 11th 2017

Standard of care
For the English law, see standard of care in English law. In tort law, the standard of care is the only degree of prudence and caution required of an individual
Apr 26th 2017

Standard J
The Standard J was a two-seat basic trainer two-bay biplane produced in the United States from 1916 to 1918, powered by a four-cylinder inline Hall-Scott
Oct 27th 2016

Double standard
see Bimetallism. A double standard is the application of different sets of principles for similar situations. A double standard may take the form of an
Apr 4th 2017

Jazz standard
Jazz standards are musical compositions which are an important part of the musical repertoire of jazz musicians, in that they are widely known, performed
Apr 19th 2017

Standard (music)
uses, see Standard (disambiguation). In music, a standard is a musical composition of established popularity, considered part of the "standard repertoire"
Jan 9th 2017

De facto standard
A de facto standard is a custom or convention that has achieved a dominant position by public acceptance or market forces (for example, by early entrance
Mar 17th 2017

Kansas City standard
The Kansas City standard (KCS), or Byte standard, is a digital data format for audio cassette drives. Byte magazine sponsored a symposium in November 1975
Mar 28th 2017

Standard Life
See also: Standard Life (Canada) Standard Life plc is an investment company with headquarters in Edinburgh and operations around the globe. It has 1.2 million
Apr 19th 2017

Business Standard
Business Standard is an English Indian English-language daily newspaper published by Business Standard Ltd (BSL) in two languages, English and Hindi. Founded
Jan 14th 2017

C++ Standard Library
the C++ Standard Library is a collection of classes and functions, which are written in the core language and part of the C++ ISO Standard itself. The
Mar 24th 2017

The Weekly Standard
The Weekly Standard is an American conservative opinion magazine published 48 times per year. Its founding publisher, News Corporation, debuted the title
Mar 28th 2017

Standard & Poor's
StandardStandard & Poor's-Financial-Services-LLCPoor's Financial Services LLC (S&P) is an American financial services company. It is a division of S&P Global that publishes financial research
Mar 11th 2017

Presidential standard
imperial standards. Presidential Standard of Argentina Presidential Standard of Austria Presidential Standard of Belarus Presidential Standard of Brazil
Jan 26th 2017

Evening Standard Theatre Awards
awards, see Evening Standard British Film Awards. For the pub awards, see Evening Standard Pub of the Year. The Evening Standard Theatre Awards, established
Jan 30th 2017

Standard library
A standard library in computer programming is the library made available across implementations of a programming language. These libraries are conventionally
Feb 16th 2017

Standard enthalpy of formation
The standard enthalpy of formation or standard heat of formation of a compound is the change of enthalpy during the formation of 1 mole of the compound
Apr 24th 2017

Standard gravity
The standard acceleration due to gravity (or standard acceleration of free fall), sometimes abbreviated as standard gravity, usually denoted by ɡ0 or
Mar 1st 2017

The Standard (Kenya)
The Standard is one of the largest newspapers in Kenya with a 30% market share. It is the oldest newspaper in the country and is owned by The Standard Group
Mar 11th 2017

Physics beyond the Standard Model
Physics beyond the Standard Model (BSM) refers to the theoretical developments needed to explain the deficiencies of the Standard Model, such as the origin
Apr 13th 2017

Standard English
English Standard English (SE) is any form of the English language that is accepted as a national norm in a particular English-speaking country. In the British
Apr 13th 2017

ATSC standards
(disambiguation). Advanced Television Systems Committee (ATSC) standards are a set of standards for digital television transmission over terrestrial, cable
Apr 24th 2017

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