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Taibach RFC
Current youth coaches. Under 7's Matthew Hare Under 8's Under 10's Stephen Meskill Under 11's David Morgan Under 13's Jason Whitlock Under 16's Aled Humphreys
Jan 29th 2017

Jeffrey Sutton
Jeffrey Stuart Sutton (born October 31, 1960 in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia) is a United States Circuit Judge of the United States Court of Appeals for the Sixth
Apr 17th 2017

Margaret Walker
Margaret Walker (Margaret Abigail Walker Alexander by marriage; July 7, 1915 – November 30, 1998) was an American poet and writer. She was part of the
Mar 10th 2017

List of Trinity College (Connecticut) people
Here is a list of notable people affiliated with Trinity College. It includes alumni, attendees, faculty, and presidents of the college. Select Alumni
May 19th 2017

Paraphrasing of copyrighted material
Paraphrasing of copyrighted material may reduce the probability that a court will find that copyright has been infringed; however, there have been many
Feb 11th 2017

History of Taiwan
The history of Taiwan dates back tens of thousands of years to the earliest known evidence of human habitation. The sudden appearance of a culture based
May 21st 2017

United States gubernatorial elections, 1970
United States gubernatorial elections were held on 3 November 1970, in 35 states and two territories. During this election, the Democrats won a number
May 11th 2017

University of Notre Dame
The University of Notre Dame du Lac (or simply Notre Dame /ˌnoʊtərˈdeɪm/ NOH-tər-DAYM) is a Catholic research university located adjacent to South Bend
May 27th 2017

Colha, Belize
Colha, Belize is a Maya archaeological site located in northern portion of the country, about 52 km. north of Belize City, near the city of Orange Walk
Apr 27th 2015

Economic history of Germany
Germany before 1800 was heavily rural, with some urban trade centers. In the 19th century it began a stage of rapid economic growth and modernization,
May 8th 2017

History of Connecticut
The U.S. state of Connecticut began as three distinct settlements of Puritans from Massachusetts and England;they combined under a single royal charter
May 14th 2017

Political party strength in Connecticut
The following table indicates the party of elected officials in the U.S. state of Connecticut: Governor Lieutenant Governor Secretary of the State Attorney
Mar 30th 2017

Simeon Eben Baldwin
Simeon Eben Baldwin (February 5, 1840 – January 30, 1927), jurist, law professor and the 65th Governor of Connecticut, was the son of jurist, Connecticut
Apr 26th 2017

List of New York University alumni
New York University (NYU) is one of the world’s premier residential research and teaching institutions.[promotional language] NYU has been one of the most
May 18th 2017

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