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StoSstrupp-Hitler or Stosstrupp-Hitler ("Shock Troop-Hitler") was a small short-lived bodyguard unit set up specifically for Adolf Hitler in 1923. Notable
Apr 5th 2017

Stormtroopers were specialist soldiers of the German Army in World War I. In the last years of the war, StoSstruppen ("Shock troops" or "Thrust Troops")
May 18th 2017

Furrlough volume 1 and Furrlough's Finest #1. Stosstrupp was published in its own publication (Stosstrupp Review). This was something which would happen
May 7th 2017

Emil Maurice
renamed StoSstrupp (Shock Troop) 'Adolf Hitler'. Maurice, Julius Schreck, Joseph Berchtold, and Erhard Heiden, were all members of the StoSstrupp. On 9 November
Apr 15th 2017

Shock Troop (film)
Shock Troop (German title:StoSstrupp 1917) is a 1934 German war film directed by Hans Zoberlein and starring Ludwig Schmid-Wildy, Beppo Brem and Max Zankl
Sep 27th 2016

Julius Schreck
was renamed StoSstrupp-Hitler ("Shock Troop-Hitler"). The unit was solely responsible for Hitler's protection. On 9 November 1923 the StoSstrupp, along with
May 9th 2017

Erhard Heiden
Heiden joined a small personal bodyguard unit for Hitler Adolf Hitler named StoSstrupp-Hitler ("Shock Troop-Hitler"). That same year, Hitler felt strong enough
Apr 21st 2017

Joseph Berchtold
Later that year, the unit was renamed StoSstrupp-Hitler ("Shock Troop-Hitler"). On 9 November 1923 the StoSstrupp, along with the SA and several other paramilitary
Apr 20th 2017

SS was officially formed along the lines of the previously disbanded Stosstrupp Adolf Hitler, which had been a personal Sturmabteilung bodyguard detachment
Apr 28th 2016

and during the 1918 offensive battles in northern France. The Marine-StoSstrupp-Kompanie was formed in March 1938. It initially consisted of two infantry
Mar 30th 2017

Association of Revolutionary Visual Artists
"Collective for Socialist Building". The Asso published a journal called Der StoSstrupp and its first exhibition was in Berlin in 1929. For many Communist artists
Jul 22nd 2016

Walter Buch
with each other, the StoSstrupp-Hitler ("Shock Troop-Hitler") was formed out of eight SA members for Hitler's protection. The StoSstrupp was run by two former
May 4th 2017

German submarine U-577
patrols she sank no ships. U-577 took part in three wolfpacks, namely Stosstrupp (30 October – 1 November 1941) Raubritter (1–8 November 1941) Stortebecker
Nov 12th 2016

Shock troops
attack. "Shock troop" is a calque, a loose translation of the German word StoSstrupp. Military units which contain assault troops are typically organized for
Apr 21st 2017

10th Bavarian Infantry Division
against the Russian Army, where it engaged in several assault troop (StoSstrupp) operations. It then returned to the Western Front, arriving in Alsace
Dec 16th 2016

A Rumor of War
1978, ISBN 91-29-51283-2 Edition translated to German: Caputo, Philip. Stosstrupp durch die grüne Holle.Bastei-Lübbe Band 11 360 1989, ISBN 3-404-11360-8
Aug 18th 2016

German submarine U-567
Kurfürst (23 August – 2 September 1941) Seewolf (2–9 September 1941) Stosstrupp (30 October – 4 November 1941) Stortebecker (15–24 November 1941) Notes
Mar 26th 2017

Alfred Sohn-Rethel
contacts with socialist resistance groups like Neu beginnen or Der rote Stosstrupp. In 1937 he emigrated via Switzerland and Paris to England. He wrote economic
Jan 12th 2017

Adolf Hitler's bodyguard
officials. In 1923, a small bodyguard unit, which became known as the Stosstrupp-Hitler (SSH), was set up specifically for Hitler's protection. It was
May 8th 2017

private army with about 15,000 members. A subgroup of the NSDAP was the Stosstrupp, a bodyguard unit for Hitler under the command of Joseph Berchtold. Another
Mar 10th 2017

Weimar paramilitary groups
the Night of the Long Knives in 1934. One SA section (originally called Stosstrupp) was created as Hitler's personal body guard and would develop into the
Apr 23rd 2017

German submarine U-571
Prentice, and F/Sgt C. D. Bremner. U-571 took part in 14 wolfpacks, namely. Stosstrupp (30 October – 4 November 1941) Raubritter (4–17 November 1941) Stortebecker
Dec 3rd 2016

1st SS Panzer Division Leibstandarte SS Adolf Hitler
unit was renamed StoSstrupp (Shock Troop)–Hitler. The unit numbered no more than 20 members at that time. On 9 November 1923, the StoSstrupp, along with the
May 2nd 2017

Marine StoSstrupp Kompanie landed with soldiers of the German Army from destroyers on 9 April 1940 in Narvik. In June 1940 the Marine StoSstrupp Abteilung
Apr 17th 2017

Uniforms and insignia of the Schutzstaffel
8-man Stabswache (staff guard), Hitler's bodyguard, soon renamed the Stosstrupp (shock troop), also adopted in May 1923 the skull and oak leaf as a means
May 6th 2017

Baltische Landeswehr
blue and white, the BalticBaltic colors. 1. Deutsch-Balt. Kampfbataillon (Manteuffel StoSstrupp Manteuffel; Baron Hans von Manteuffel) 2. Deutsch-Balt. Kampfbataillon
Dec 24th 2016

German submarine U-96 (1940)
ships. On 27 October, U-96 left for her seventh patrol and joined group StoSstrupp three days later. The next day, 31 October, the group made contact with
Apr 13th 2017

Wilhelm Sauter
Der ewige MusketierMusketier (The Eternal Soldier) l.M.G. (light Machine Gun) StoSstrupp (Stormtroopers) Ums Morgengrauen (At Sunrise) Der tote Kamerad (The Dead
Oct 21st 2016

Bruno Gesche
No. 1093). The SS, as in its earlier incarnations, the Stabswache and StoSstrupp-Hitler, functioned as the future Führer's bodyguard. On 29 February 1932
Mar 13th 2017

Daniel F. Galouye
a translation of the collection named "Mindmate and other stories"] "StoSstrupp" (aka "Shock Troop" 1957 ) "Der Personlichkeitstausch" (aka Mindmate 1964
Dec 12th 2016

German invasion of Luxembourg
and several German paramilitaries living in Luxembourg—the so-called StoSstrupp Lützelburg—tried to sabotage the radio stations and the barricades along
May 6th 2017

German submarine U-552
took part in 21 wolfpacks, namely. Brandenburg (15–26 September 1941) Stosstrupp (30 October – 4 November 1941) Stortebecker (15–19 November 1941) Benecke
Mar 7th 2017

Karl Fiehler
a convinced National Socialist, Karl Fiehler became a member of the "Hitler StoSstrupp Hitler" (English: Shock Troop-Hitler), that had been established to protect
May 11th 2017

Beer Hall Putsch
and Heinrich Bennecke, Brückner's adjutant. Behind this row marched the StoSstrupp-Hitler, the SA, the Infantry School, and the Oberlander. Early timeline
May 14th 2017

Units and commands of the Schutzstaffel
units of the Freikorps, and then adopted by the forerunner of the SS. Stosstrupp ("Shock Troops"): A carry over from World War I, early bodyguard unit
May 19th 2016

Battle of Westerplatte
torpedo boats: T-196 and T-963[citation needed] Eberhardt group: 3. Marine-StoSstrupp-Kompanie (elite naval infantry company, later renamed Marine-Artillerie-Abteilung
Mar 16th 2017

Allgemeine SS
ex-soldiers like Schreck, who would be loyal to him. The unit included old StoSstrupp members like Emil Maurice and Erhard Heiden. The unit made its first public
May 23rd 2017

a Freikorps of the time. The unit was renamed StoSstrupp (Shock Troops) in May 1923. The StoSstrupp was abolished after the failed 1923 Beer Hall Putsch
May 14th 2017

German occupation of Luxembourg during World War II
civilians and supported by Germans living in Luxembourg - the so-called StoSstrupp Lützelburg - tried to sabotage radio broadcasting and the barricades along
Mar 16th 2017

List of Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross recipients (L)
of the 2./Grenadier-Regiment 358. According to Scherzer as leader of StoSstrupp-Kompanie 302 (302. Infanterie-Division). According to Scherzer as Staffelführer
May 21st 2017

Battle of Arras (1917)
Sentries could retreat to larger positions (Gruppennester) held by Stosstrupps (five men and an NCO per Trupp), who would join the sentries to recapture
May 21st 2017

Second Battle of the Aisne
Sentries could retreat to larger positions (Gruppennester) held by Stosstrupps (five men and an NCO per Trupp), who would join the sentries to recapture
May 22nd 2017

Luxembourgish collaboration with Nazi Germany
during the German occupation failed. The Luxemburger Volksjugend (LVJ) / StoSstrupp Lützelburg was more successful in gathering a determined core of young
Apr 14th 2016

Western Front tactics, 1917
a Stosstrupp. The extra fire power gave the German unit better means for fire and manoeuvre. 60 percent of the front line garrison were Stosstrupps and
Mar 3rd 2017

Battle of Messines (1917)
the defensive zone. The German defence was intended to be mobile and Stosstrupps in "Ic" the third breastwork, were to conduct immediate counter-attacks
Apr 26th 2017

Glossary of Nazi Germany
the 1939 creation was made but never awarded, and is now at West Point. StoSstrupp "shock troop" – Hitler's body guard unit before the Hitlerputsch; forerunner
May 9th 2017

Capture of Westhoek
a MG 08/15 crew of four men, to become a Gruppe, the Trupp becoming a Stosstrupp. The extra fire power gave German infantry more means for fire and manoeuvre
Apr 30th 2017

Capture of Stuff Redoubt
October and during the evening of 12 October, a German counter-attack by a StoSstrupp supported by a flame-thrower detachment, managed to re-capture the north-west
Dec 11th 2016

Glossary of German military terms
"stopfen" — a command to stop firing, probably derived from "stop your vents" StoSstruppStoSstrupp — small unit as shock or attack troops. StoSs-[unit] — StoSsbataillon, StoSsregiment
May 7th 2017

List of SS personnel
Co-leader of the StoSstrupp-Hitler; forerunner of the SS (1923) 750 Erhard Heiden Third Reichsführer-SS 1927–1929 Member of the StoSstrupp-Hitler, forerunner
May 10th 2017

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