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American Modern Dance movement of the 1930s Aile Asszonyi (born 1975) Surnamed Roger Ailes (1940–2017), president of America's Fox News Channel and chairman
May 19th 2017

Roger (/ˈrɒdʒər/, /ˈroʊdʒər/) is a masculine given name and a surname. The given name is derived from the Old French personal names Roger and Rogier. These
May 28th 2017

Le Neubourg
Le Neubourg is a commune in the Eure department in Normandy in northern France. In the 11th century the manor of Le Neubourg was a subsidiary holding
May 20th 2017

Sophia Sidney, Baroness De L'Isle and Dudley
Sophia Sidney, Baroness De L'Isle and Dudley (nee FitzClarence; 4 March 1795 – 10 April 1837) was the eldest illegitimate daughter of William IV of the
Jan 30th 2017

List of dance personalities
This is a partial list of people involved in dance Alvin Ailey – modern choreographer Alicia Alonso – great Cuban prima ballerina assoluta Elena Andreianova
May 24th 2017

Anthony Dryden Marshall
Anthony-Dryden-MarshallAnthony Dryden Marshall (born Anthony-Dryden-KuserAnthony Dryden Kuser; May 30, 1924 – November 30, 2014) was an AmericanAmerican theatrical producer and C.I.A. intelligence officer
May 5th 2017

Patrick Stanley Vaughan Heenan
Patrick Stanley Vaughan Heenan (29 July 1910 – 13 February 1942) was a captain in the British Indian Army who was convicted of treason, after spying for
May 24th 2017

Barbara Walters
Walters Barbara Jill Walters (born September 25, 1929) is an American broadcast journalist, author, and television personality. Walters is known for having hosted
May 19th 2017

I Am Love (film)
I Am Love (Italian: Io sono l'amore) is a 2009 Italian film directed by Luca Guadagnino set around 2000 in Milan. The film follows an haute bourgeoisie
Apr 30th 2017

College of Arms
College The College of Arms, also known as the College of Heralds, is a royal corporation consisting of professional officers of arms, with jurisdiction over England
May 28th 2017

Deaths in 2017
This is a chronology of deaths in 2017. Names are reported under the date of death. Names under each date are reported in alphabetical order by surname
May 28th 2017

Thomas à Kempis
Thomas a Kempis, CRSA (c. 1380 – 25 July 1471) was a German who became a canon regular in the Netherlands and authored The Imitation of Christ, one of
May 18th 2017

Ebenezer Scrooge
Ebenezer Scrooge (/ˌɛbᵻˈniːzər ˈskruːdʒ/) is the focal character of Charles Dickens' 1843 novella, A Christmas Carol. At the beginning of the novella,
May 14th 2017

Vatteville is a commune in the Eure department in Normandy in northern France. The surname "Waterfield" originates from this town. Communes of the Eure
May 7th 2017

List of House members of the 36th Parliament of Canada
The is a list of the members of the 36th Parliament of Canada, from September 22, 1997 to October 22, 2000. Members of the House of Commons in the 36th
Jan 8th 2017

Clarenceux King of Arms
Clarenceux-KingClarenceux King of Arms, historically often spelled Clarencieux[needs IPA], is an officer of arms at the College of Arms in London. Clarenceux is the senior
Mar 1st 2017

William Herbert Wallace
William Herbert Wallace (29 August 1878 – 26 February 1933) was convicted in 1931 of the murder of his wife Julia in their home in Wolverton Street in
May 6th 2017

David Lange
David Russell Lange ONZ CH (/ˈlɒŋi/ LONG-ee; 4 August 1942 – 13 August 2005) served as the 32nd Prime Minister of New Zealand from 1984 to 1989. He headed
Apr 27th 2017

Meryl Streep
Mary Louise "Meryl" Streep (born June 22, 1949) is an American actress and philanthropist. Cited in the media as the "best actress of her generation",
May 27th 2017

John of Gaunt
John of Gaunt, 1st Duke of Lancaster, KG (6 March 1340 – 3 February 1399) was a member of the House of Plantagenet, the third of five surviving sons of
May 13th 2017

Max Geldray
Max van Gelder (12 February 1916 – 2 October 2004), professionally known as Max Geldray, was a jazz harmonica player. Best known for providing the musical
Apr 19th 2017

Jon Stewart
Jon Stewart (born Jonathan Stuart Leibowitz, November 28, 1962) is an American comedian, writer, producer, director, actor, media critic, and former television
May 27th 2017

William Rehnquist
William Hubbs Rehnquist (October 1, 1924 – September 3, 2005) was an American lawyer and jurist who served on the Supreme Court of the United States for
May 12th 2017

The Americans (2013 TV series)
The-AmericansThe Americans is an American television period drama series created and produced by former CIA officer Joe Weisberg. The series premiered in the United
May 23rd 2017

All England Open Badminton Championships
England-Open-Badminton-Championships">The All England Open Badminton Championships is the world's oldest badminton tournament, held annually in England. With the introduction of the BWF's latest
May 28th 2017

List of Doonesbury characters
The comic strip Doonesbury, by Garry Trudeau, has featured many recurring characters since its debut in 1970. Most of these characters have interacted
May 28th 2017

Rush Limbaugh
Rush Hudson Limbaugh III (/ˈlɪmbɔː/, LIM-baw; born January 12, 1951) is an American radio talk show host and conservative political commentator. He currently
May 23rd 2017

Germanic name
Germanic given names are traditionally dithematic; that is, they are formed from two elements, by joining a prefix and a suffix. For example, King Abelred's
May 24th 2017

George H. W. Bush
George Herbert Walker Bush (born June 12, 1924) is an American politician who was the 41st President of the United States from 1989 to 1993 and the 43rd
May 22nd 2017

Gaulish language
Gaulish is an ancient Celtic language that was spoken in parts of Europe as late as the Roman Empire. In the narrow sense, Gaulish was the language spoken
May 25th 2017

Hmong people
Hmong The Hmong/Mong (RPA: Hmoob/Moob, Hmong pronunciation: [m̥ɔ̃ŋ]) is an ethnic group from the mountainous regions of China, Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar and Thailand
May 27th 2017

List of The Archers characters
This is a list of many of the characters from the long-running British radio soap The Archers. Jill Archer nee Patterson (born 3 October 1930) (Patricia
May 19th 2017

Mulan (Disney character)
Mulan Fa Mulan is a character, inspired by an actual historic figure, who appears in Walt Disney Pictures' 36th animated feature film Mulan (1998), as well as
May 13th 2017

Paul S. Walsh
Paul Steven Walsh (born 15 May 1955) is an English businessman. He was the chief executive of Diageo, the world's largest spirits group, for twelve years
Feb 17th 2017

Nelson Mandela
Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela (/manˈdɛlə/; 18 July 1918 – 5 December 2013) was a South African anti-apartheid revolutionary, politician, and philanthropist
May 24th 2017

Walter Scott
Sir Walter Scott, 1st Baronet, FRSE (15 August 1771 – 21 September 1832) was a Scottish historical novelist, playwright and poet. Many of his works remain
May 7th 2017

One Life to Live characters (1990s)
This is a list of characters from the ABC Daytime soap opera, One Life to Live, that began their run between the beginning of 1990 and the end of 1999
May 26th 2017

James I of Scotland
James I (late July 1394 – 21 February 1437), King of Scotland from 1406, was the son of King Robert III and Annabella Drummond. He was the last of three
May 20th 2017

Mohammad Reza Pahlavi
PahlaviMohammad Reza Pahlavi (Persian: محمدرضا پهلوی‎, translit. Mohammad Rezā Pahlavi‎, pronounced [mohamˈmad reˈzɒː ˈʃɒːh pahlaˈviː]; 26 October 1919 – 27 July
May 28th 2017

Pope John Paul II
II Pope Saint John Paul II (Latin: II Ioannes Paulus II; Italian: II Giovanni Paolo II; Polish: Jan Paweł II; born Karol Jozef Wojtyła; Polish: [ˈkarɔl ˈjuzɛv vɔjˈtɨwa];
May 27th 2017

John C. Calhoun
John Caldwell Calhoun (/kalˈhuːn/; March 18, 1782 – March 31, 1850) was an American statesman and political theorist from South Carolina, and the seventh
May 28th 2017

Donald Trump presidential campaign, 2016
The 2016 presidential campaign of Donald Trump, an American businessman, television personality, and author, was formally launched on June 16, 2015, at
May 26th 2017

East Breifne
The Kingdom of East Breifne (Irish Old Irish: Muintir-Maelmordha; Irish: Breifne Ui Raghallaigh) or Breifne O'Reilly was an historic kingdom of Ireland roughly
Apr 25th 2017

Amiens (French pronunciation: ​[a.mjɛ̃]) is a city and commune in northern France, 120 km (75 mi) north of Paris and 100 km (62 mi) south-west of Lille
May 25th 2017

John Ford
John Ford (February 1, 1894 – August 31, 1973) was an American film director. He is renowned both for Westerns such as Stagecoach (1939), The Searchers
May 24th 2017

Scotland in the Middle Ages
Scotland in the Middle Ages concerns the history of the region that is now Scotland, from the departure of the Romans (from Britannia) in the early fifth
Apr 3rd 2017

Yulia Tymoshenko
Yulia Volodymyrivna Tymoshenko (Ukrainian: Ю́лія Володи́мирівна Тимоше́нко, pronounced [ˈjulʲijɐ voɫoˈdɪmɪrʲivnɐ tɪmoˈʃɛnko], nee Hrihyan, Грігян, born
May 27th 2017

List of Community characters
Cast members of Community Community is an American television situation comedy created by Dan Harmon. The show, set at the fictional
May 28th 2017

History of Scotland
The History of Scotland is known to have begun by the end of the last glacial period (in the paleolithic), roughly 10,000 years ago. Prehistoric Scotland
May 25th 2017

Smash! (comics)
Smash! was a weekly British comic book, published in London by Odhams Press Ltd from 64 Long Acre and subsequently by IPC Magazines Ltd from (initially)
May 3rd 2017

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