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primarily in Sweden and Swedish Finland Swedish alphabet, the official alphabet used by the Swedish language Swedish people or Swedes, persons with a Swedish ancestral
Mar 25th 2017

Swedish language
Swedish ( svenska (help·info) [²svɛnːska]) is a North Germanic language, spoken natively by more than 9 million people predominantly in Sweden (as sole
May 25th 2017

Swedish Americans
Swedish-AmericansSwedish Americans (Swedish: Svenskamerikaner) are an American ethnic group of people who have ancestral roots from Sweden. They primarily include the
May 16th 2017

16°E / 63; 16 Sweden (i/ˈswiːdən/ SWE-dən; Swedish: Sverige [ˈsvarjɛ]  listen (help·info)), officially the Kingdom of Sweden (Swedish:  Konungariket
May 22nd 2017

Finland Swedish
Swedish Finland Swedish or Fenno-Swedish (Swedish: finlandssvenska, Finnish: suomenruotsi) is a general term for the variety of Standard Swedish and a closely
May 13th 2017

Swedish krona
currency is sometimes referred to as the Swedish crown, as krona literally means crown in Swedish. The Swedish krona was the 11th most traded currency
May 28th 2017

List of Swedish monarchs
List Swedes List of Swedish governments List of Swedish military commanders List of Swedish politicians List of Swedish queens Politics of Sweden Prime Minister
Apr 21st 2017

Swedish Navy
Swedish-Royal-Navy">The Swedish Royal Navy (Swedish: Svenska marinen) is the naval branch of the Swedish Armed Forces. It is composed of surface and submarine naval units
May 17th 2017

Swedish Armed Forces
Swedish-Armed-Forces">The Swedish Armed Forces (Swedish: Forsvarsmakten) is the government agency that forms the military forces of Sweden, and which is tasked with defence
May 30th 2017

Swedish-speaking population of Finland
Swedish The Swedish-speaking population of Finland (whose members are often called Swedish-speaking Finns, Finland-Swedes, Finland Swedes, Finnish Swedes, or Swedes
May 20th 2017

Swedish Canadians
Swedish-CanadiansSwedish Canadians (Swedish: Svenskkanadensare) are Canadian citizens of Swedish ancestry or Swedes who emigrated to and reside in Canada. The Swedish
May 2nd 2017

Swedish Open
played on outdoor clay courts. The Swedish Open was first held in 1948 when it was called the International Swedish Hard Court Championships. Between 1970
May 10th 2017

Swedish nationality law
Swedish nationality law determines entitlement to Swedish citizenship. Citizenship of Sweden is based primarily on the principle of jus sanguinis. In other
Apr 23rd 2017

Swedish literature
Swedish literature refers to literature written in the Swedish language or by writers from Sweden. The first literary text from Sweden is the Rok Runestone
Aug 9th 2016

Polish–Swedish wars
Polish The PolishSwedish Wars were a series of wars between the PolishLithuanian Commonwealth and Sweden. Broadly construed, the term refers to a series of
Feb 26th 2017

Swedish phonology
[citation needed] In Sweden, the Swedish Central Swedish varieties often go under the name of rikssvenska ('Swedish National Swedish') Swedish has 9 vowels that,
May 12th 2017

Swedish Air Force
Swedish-Air-Force">The Swedish Air Force (Swedish: Svenska Flygvapnet) is the air force branch of the Swedish Armed Forces. Swedish-Air-Force">The Swedish Air Force was created on July 1
May 26th 2017

Swedish cuisine
Swedish cuisine is the traditional food of the people of Sweden. Due to Sweden's large NorthSouth expanse, there are regional differences between the
May 28th 2017

Cinema of Sweden
United States to work for MGM, bringing Swedish influence to Hollywood. The departure left a vacuum in Swedish cinema, which subsequently went into a financial
May 1st 2017

Swedish Empire
Swedish-Empire">The Swedish Empire (Swedish: stormaktstiden, "the era of great power") refers to the Kingdom of Sweden's territorial control of much of the Baltic region
May 16th 2017

Swedish Army
The-Swedish-ArmyThe Swedish Army (Swedish: Armen) is a branch of the Swedish Armed Forces in which its main responsibility is land operations. The peace-time organization
May 21st 2017

Monarchy of Sweden
and hereditary monarchy with a parliamentary system. The Kingdom of Sweden (Swedish: Konungariket Sverige) has been a monarchy since time immemorial. Originally
Mar 2nd 2017

Modern Swedish
Swedish Modern Swedish (Swedish: nysvenska) is the linguistic term used for the Swedish language from the Bible translation of 1526 to the development of a common
Nov 30th 2016

Swedish dialects
Swedish dialects are the various forms of the Swedish language, particularly those that differ considerably from Standard Swedish. The linguistic
Nov 5th 2016

History of Sweden
centuries, Sweden gradually became a unified Christian kingdom that later included what is today Finland. During the early Middle Ages, the Swedish state also
Apr 30th 2017

Swedish Police Authority
Swedish-Police-Authority">The Swedish Police Authority (Swedish: Polismyndigheten) is the central administrative authority for the police in Sweden, responsible for law enforcement
Apr 28th 2017

Swedish Argentine
Swedish settlement in Argentina took place principally in the mid to late 19th century, when Swedish people arrived in Argentina. Many Swedes came to Argentina
Oct 13th 2016

Provinces of Sweden
The provinces of Sweden (Swedish: Sveriges landskap) are historical, geographical and cultural regions. Sweden has 25 provinces and they have no administrative
Dec 3rd 2016

List of Swedish football champions
Swedish football champions (Swedish: Svenska mastare i fotboll) is a title held by the winners of the highest Swedish football league played each year
May 23rd 2017

Rinkeby Swedish
Swedish Rinkeby Swedish (Rinkebysvenska) is any of a number of varieties of Swedish spoken mainly in urban districts with a high proportion of immigrant residents
Apr 17th 2017

Swedish Security Service
Swedish-Security-Service">The Swedish Security Service (Swedish: SakerhetspolisenSakerhetspolisen , abbreviated Sapo, until 1989 Rikspolisstyrelsens sakerhetsavdelning abbreviated RPS/Sak) is
May 28th 2017

Music of Sweden
the most common Swedish folk instruments. The instrumental genre is the biggest one in Swedish traditional music. In the 1960s, Swedish youth sparked a
May 29th 2017

Swedish overseas colonies
Sweden possessed overseas colonies from 1638 to 1663 and from 1784 to 1878. The former Swedish colonies in Africa were: Swedish Gold Coast (1650–1663;
May 6th 2017

Swedish Iranians
Swedish-IraniansSwedish Iranians consist of people of Iranian nationality who have settled in Sweden, as well as Swedish residents and citizens of Iranian heritage. There
Apr 4th 2017

Government of Sweden
the Kingdom of Sweden (Swedish: Konungariket Sveriges regering) is the national cabinet and the supreme executive authority in Sweden. The short-form
May 18th 2017

History of Swedish
East Norse (Sweden and Denmark). In the 12th century, the dialects of Denmark and Sweden began to diverge, becoming Old Danish and Old Swedish in the 13th
Mar 25th 2016

Swedish nobility
The Swedish nobility (Adeln) has historically been a legally and/or socially privileged class in Sweden, and part of the so-called fralse (a derivation
Apr 29th 2017

Swedish hip hop
innovative use of the Swedish language, debuted a decade later and paved the way for a second, and bigger, breakthrough for Swedish hip hop. Today, some
May 27th 2017

Swedish royal family
Swedish-Royal-Family">The Swedish Royal Family (Swedish: Svenska kungafamiljen) since 1818 has consisted of a number of persons in the Swedish Royal House of Bernadotte, closely
May 15th 2017

Russo-Swedish War (1741–43)
Lesser Wrath (Finnish: Pikkuviha, Swedish: Lilla ofreden), or the occupation of Finland, was instigated by the Hats, a Swedish political party that aspired
Apr 23rd 2017

Swedish War of Liberation
Swedish-War">The Swedish War of Liberation (1521–23; Swedish: Befrielsekriget, "The Liberation War"), also known as Gustav Vasa's Rebellion and the Swedish War of Secession
Oct 12th 2016

Counties of Sweden
The counties of Sweden (Swedish: Sveriges lan) are the top-level geographic subdivisions of Sweden. Sweden is today divided into 21 counties; however,
Mar 18th 2017

Swedish–Norwegian War (1814)
Swedish The SwedishNorwegian-War Norwegian War, also known as the Campaign against Norway (Swedish: Falttaget mot Norge), War with Sweden 1814 (Norwegian: Krigen med Sverige
May 16th 2017

Old Swedish
Swedish Old Swedish (Swedish Modern Swedish: fornsvenska) is the name for two separate versions of the Swedish language that were spoken in the Middle Ages: Early Old
Mar 10th 2017

Dano-Swedish War of 1808–09
The DanoSwedish War of 1808–1809 was a war between DenmarkNorway and Sweden due to DenmarkNorway's alliance with France and Sweden's alliance with the
Mar 11th 2017

Church of Sweden
The Church of Sweden (Swedish: Svenska kyrkan) is an Evangelical Lutheran national church in Sweden. A former state church, headquartered in Uppsala,
May 8th 2017

Popular music in Sweden
Swedish popular music, also called Swedish pop music, or just Swedish pop, refers to music that has swept the Swedish mainstream at any given point in
May 23rd 2017

Swedish emigration to the United States
longer a Swedish mass emigration. The Swedish West India Company established a colony on the Delaware River in 1638, naming it New Sweden. A small
May 26th 2017

Swedish Fish
SwedishSwedish-FishSwedishSwedish Fish is a fish-shaped chewy wine gum candy, originally developed by the SwedishSwedish candy producer Malaco in the late 1950s for the U.S. market.
May 5th 2017

Swedish general election, 2010
foreign threat to Sweden since the Second World War." The parties already represented in the Swedish parliament, along with the Swedish television networks
Mar 11th 2017

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