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about the modern state of Syria. For other uses, see Syria (disambiguation). Coordinates: 35°N 38°E / 35°N 38°E / 35; 38 Syria (i/ˈsɪ.riə/; Arabic: سوريا‎‎
Apr 22nd 2017

Roman Syria
For other uses, see Syria (disambiguation). Syria was an early Roman province, annexed to the Roman Republic in 64 BC by Pompey in the Third Mithridatic
Mar 10th 2017

History of Syria
history of the region of Syria since antiquity. For the history of the modern state, see Modern history of Syria. The history of Syria covers the developments
Apr 12th 2017

Greater Syria
concept. For the geographic area, see Syria (region). For other uses, see Syria (disambiguation). Greater Syria (Arabic: سوريّة الكبرى‎‎; also Arabic:
Apr 22nd 2017

Roman Imperial Roman province, see Syria-Coele Syria Coele (Roman province). Coele-Syria, Coele Syria, Coelesyria (Greek: Κοίλη Συρία, Koilē Syria), also rendered as Coelosyria
Jan 8th 2017

Syria (region)
article is about region of Syria. For other meanings, see Syria (disambiguation). The historic region of Syria (Hieroglyphic Luwian: Sura/i;
Apr 22nd 2017

Outline of Syria
of Syria Birds of Syria Mammals of Syria Glaciers of Syria Islands of Syria Lakes of Syria Mountains of Syria Volcanoes in Syria Rivers in Syria Waterfalls
Feb 16th 2017

Jordan–Syria relations
Relations between neighbours Jordan and Syria have ancient roots as Jordan was historically the southern part of Syria.[citation needed] The two states were
Sep 28th 2016

Christianity in Syria
ChristiansChristians in Syria make up about 11.2% of the population. The country's largest Christian denomination is the Orthodox Church of Antioch (known as the
Apr 16th 2017

Women in Syria
Women in Syria constitute 49.4% of Syria's population. In the 21st century, the conflict in Syria has had a negative impact on women and their rights,
Mar 10th 2017

Syria–United States relations
SyriaUnited States relations are officially non-existent. Relations have been suspended since 2012 due to the Syrian Civil War. Priority issues between
Apr 19th 2017

American-led intervention in Syria
(2014–present). During the Syrian Civil War, which began in 2011, the United States first supplied the rebels of the Free Syrian Army with non-lethal aid
Apr 22nd 2017

Israel–Syria relations
IsraelSyria relations refers to diplomatic and economic relations between Israel and Syria. The two countries have since the establishment of the State
Apr 15th 2017

Terrorism in Syria
Syrian-Arab-Republic">The Syrian Arab Republic has been a victim of terrorism. Since the start of the Syrian-Civil-WarSyrian Civil War, Syria has been swept by multiple terrorist acts, initiated
Feb 28th 2017

Iraq–Syria relations
IraqSyria relations are marked by long-shared cultural and political links, as well as regional rivalry. The two countries took their present form after
Feb 9th 2017

Kurds in Syria
Kurds in Syria refers to people born in or residing in Syria who are of Kurdish origin. The Kurds are the largest ethnic minority in Syria, comprising
Apr 24th 2017

Serbia–Syria relations
SerbiaSyria relations are foreign relations between Serbia and Syria. Serbia has an embassy in Damascus. Syria has an embassy in Belgrade. Also Syria is
Feb 14th 2014

Armenians in Syria
Armenians">The Armenians in Syria are Syrian citizens of either full or partial Armenian descent. Syria and the surrounding areas have often served as a refuge for
Apr 19th 2017

Syrian Civil War
Syrian-Civil-War">The Syrian Civil War (Arabic: الحرب الأهلية السورية‎‎, Al-ḥarb al-ʼahliyyah as-sūriyyah) is an ongoing armed conflict in Syria between the government of
Apr 24th 2017

Telecommunications in Syria
Syrian-Ministry">The Syrian Ministry of Communications retains governmental authority over the internet in Syria. Prior to the Syrian civil war, telecommunications in Syria
Mar 11th 2017

Iran–Syria relations
Syria and Iran are strategic allies. Syria is usually called Iran's "closest ally", with ideological conflict between the Arab nationalism ideology of
Apr 14th 2017

Lebanon–Syria relations
Lebanon-Syria Relations were officially established in October 2008 when Syrian President Bashar Assad issued a decree to establish diplomatic relations
Mar 14th 2017

Syrian Turkmen
Syrian-TurkmensSyrian Turkmens (also referred to as Syrian-TurkomansSyrian Turkomans or Syrian-TurksSyrian Turks) (Arabic: تركمان سوريا‎‎, Turkish: Suriye Türkleri or Suriye Türkmenleri) are Syrian
Apr 4th 2017

Russia–Syria relations
RussiaSyria relations refers to the bilateral relationship between Russia and Syria. Russia has an embassy in Damascus and Syria has an embassy in Moscow
Mar 7th 2017

Flag of Syria
a result of the ongoing SyrianSyrian civil war, there are currently two governments claiming to be the de jure government of Syria, using different flags to
Apr 17th 2017

Economy of Syria
The economy of Syria is based on agriculture, oil, industry and services. Its GDP per capita expanded 80% in the 1960s reaching a peak of 336% of total
Apr 4th 2017

Malaysia–Syria relations
MalaysiaSyria relations are foreign relations between Malaysia and Syria. The Federation of Malaya and Syria established diplomatic relations in 1958. Syria
Apr 25th 2017

see Demographics of Syria. For Syrians outside of Syria, see Syrian diaspora. Syrians (Arabic: سوريون‎‎), also known as the Syrian people (Arabic: الشعب
Apr 17th 2017

State of Syria (1924–30)
The State of Syria (French: Etat de Syrie, Arabic: دولة سوريا‎‎ Dawlat Sūriyā) was a French Mandate state declared on 1 December 1924 from the union of
Mar 31st 2017

Syria Palaestina
Syria Palaestina was a Roman province between 135 and about 390. It was established by the merger of Roman Syria and Roman Judaea, following the defeat
Mar 3rd 2017

Pakistan–Syria relations
PakistanSyria relations are the historic, international, and bilateral relations between Syria and Pakistan. Through the ancient civilization exchange
Oct 31st 2016

Russian military intervention in Syria
Russian military intervention in the Syrian-Civil-WarSyrian Civil War began in September 2015 after an official request by the Syrian government for military help against
Apr 22nd 2017

Syrian Armed Forces
Syrian Arab Armed Forces (Arabic: القوات المسلحة العربية السورية‎‎) are the military forces of the Syrian Arab Republic. They consist of the Syrian Arab
Apr 8th 2017

French Mandate for Syria and the Lebanon
Mandate">The Mandate for Syria and the Lebanon (French: Mandat francais pour la Syrie et le Liban; Arabic: الانتداب الفرنسي على سوريا ولبنان‎‎ al-intidāb al-fransi
Feb 19th 2017

Muslim Brotherhood of Syria
This article refers to the Syrian organisation called the Muslim Brotherhood; for other organisations that use the same name, see the Muslim Brotherhood
Apr 3rd 2017

Denmark–Syria relations
DenmarkSyria relations are foreign relations between Denmark and Syria. Both countries established diplomatic relations on August 29, 1992. Denmark is
Mar 6th 2017

Egypt–Syria relations
EgyptSyria relations are foreign relations between Egypt and Syria. Egypt has an embassy in Damascus. Syria has an embassy in Cairo. Both countries were
Apr 11th 2017

Syria–Turkey relations
Turkey shares its longest common border with Syria; various geographic and historical links also tie the two neighboring countries together. The traditional
Mar 21st 2017

Council of Ministers (Syria)
2696167 The Cabinet of Syria is the chief executive body of the Syrian Arab Republic. According to the Constitution of Syria: Section 2 The Council
Apr 10th 2017

India–Syria relations
Bilateral relations between the India and Syria are historic where the two have ancient civilisational ties. Both countries were on the silk route through
Apr 17th 2017

Syria–Yemen relations
SyriaYemen relations refers to the current and historical relationship between Syria and Yemen. The two countries generally enjoy good relations. In
Jan 10th 2017

Vienna peace talks for Syria
The Vienna peace talks for Syria, as of 14 November 2015 known as the talks of the International Syria Support Group (ISSG), are negotiations of foreign
Mar 11th 2017

Human rights in Syria
The situation for human rights in Syria is considered exceptionally poor among international observers. A state of emergency was in effect from 1963 until
Apr 11th 2017

Syria–Lebanon Campaign
The SyriaLebanon campaign, also known as Operation Exporter, was the British invasion of Vichy French Syria and Lebanon from JuneJuly 1941, during World
Apr 24th 2017

Friends of Syria Group
the Syrian-PeopleSyrian People (sometimes: Friends of Syria-GroupSyria Group or Friends of the Syrian-PeopleSyrian People Group or Friends of Syria Democratic Syria or simply Friends of Syria) is
Mar 10th 2017

Indonesia–Syria relations
IndonesiaSyria relations was officially established in 1949, and it was among earliest international recognitions on Indonesian sovereignty. Both nations
Sep 20th 2016

Governorates of Syria
Syria Is a unitary state, but for administrative purposes, it is divided into fourteen governorates (muhafazat, singular muhafazah). The governorates
Apr 8th 2017

Politics of Syria
Politics in the Syrian Arab Republic takes place in the framework of a semi-presidential republic with multiparty representation. President Bashar al-Assad's
Apr 12th 2017

Saudi Arabia–Syria relations
Saudi ArabiaSyria relations refer to diplomatic and economic relations between Saudi Arabia and Syria. Diplomatic ties between these two countries of
Dec 16th 2016

Coat of arms of Syria
The current coat of arms of Syria or coat of arms of the Syrian Arab Republic was adopted in 1980, following the 1977 dissolution of the Federation of
Mar 8th 2017

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