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International Phonetic Alphabet, ⟨t⟩ denotes the voiceless alveolar plosive. T with diacritics: Ť ť Ṫ ṫ Ţ ţ Ṭ ṭ Ʈ ʈ Ț ț Ṱ ṱ Ṯ ṯ Ƭ ƭ 𐤕 : Semitic letter Taw
Apr 25th 2017

𝕳 𝕴 𝕵 𝕶 𝕷 𝕸 𝕹 𝕺 𝕻 𝕼 𝕽 𝕾 𝕿 𝖀 𝖁 𝖂 𝖃 𝖄 𝖅 𝖆 𝖇 𝖈 𝖉 𝖊 𝖋 𝖌 𝖍 𝖎 𝖏 𝖐 𝖑 𝖒 𝖓 𝖔 𝖕 𝖖 𝖗 𝖘 𝖙 𝖚 𝖛 𝖜 𝖝 𝖞 𝖟 The word derives
Apr 19th 2017

Unicode subscripts and superscripts
symbols: Latin/IPA ᴬ ᴭ ᴮ ᴯ ᴰ ᴱ ᴲ ᴳ ᴴ ᴵ ᴶ ᴷ ᴸ ᴹ ᴺ ᴻ ᴼ ᴽ ᴾ ᴿ ᵀ ᵁ ᵂ ᵃ ᵄ ᵅ ᵆ ᵇ ᵈ ᵉ ᵊ ᵋ ᵌ ᵍ ᵏ ᵐ ᵑ ᵒ ᵓ ᵖ ᵗ ᵘ ᵚ ᵛ ᵢ ᵣ ᵤ ᵥ, Greek ᵝ ᵞ ᵟ ᵠ ᵡ ᵦ ᵧ ᵨ ᵩ ᵪ, Cyrillic ᵸ,
Apr 19th 2017

T cell
T A T cell, or T lymphocyte, is a type of lymphocyte (a subtype of white blood cell) that plays a central role in cell-mediated immunity. T cells can be
Apr 21st 2017

000 T-54-1, T-54-2, T-54 (T-54-3), T-54A, T-54B, T-54AK1, T-54AK2, T-54BK1 and T-54BK2 tanks were produced between 1946 and 1958 and 27,500 T-55, T-55A
Apr 26th 2017

known as T AT&T since 2005. For the original T AT&T (American Telephone & Telegraph) founded in 1885, see T AT&T Corporation. For other uses, see T AT&T (disambiguation)
Apr 27th 2017

AT&T Mobility
"AT&T Wireless" redirects here. For the defunct wireless provider that was merged into Cingular in 2004, see AT&T Wireless Services. AT&T Mobility LLC
Apr 27th 2017

videogame, see T-72: Balkans On Fire! The T-72 is a Soviet second-generation main battle tank that entered production in 1971. About 20,000 T-72 tanks
Apr 27th 2017

article is about the Soviet medium tank. For other uses, see T34 (disambiguation). The T-34 was a Soviet medium tank that had a profound and lasting
Apr 24th 2017

"TatuTatu" redirects here. For other uses, see TatuTatu (disambiguation). t.A.T.u. (Russian: Тату, pronounced [tɐˈtu] ( listen)) were a Russian music duo that
Apr 17th 2017

AT&T Corporation
T AT&T, Inc which was originally known as American Telephone and Telegraph Company. For the 2005 company currently known as "T AT&T", see T AT&T. T AT&T Corp
Apr 5th 2017

The-The T-80U was last produced in a factory in Omsk, Russia, while the T-80UD and further-developed T-84 continue to be produced in Ukraine. The-The T-80 and
Apr 9th 2017

and incorporates many features found on the T-80U. Originally called the T-72BU, but later renamed to T-90, it is an advanced tank in service with Russian
Apr 28th 2017

T helper cell
ThThe-ThThe T helper cells (ThTh cells) are a type of T cell that play an important role in the immune system, particularly in the adaptive immune system. ThThey
Apr 28th 2017

The-The T-64 is a Soviet second-generation main battle tank introduced in the early 1960s. It was a more advanced counterpart to the T-62: the T-64 served
Apr 10th 2017

Cytotoxic T cell
T cell. A cytotoxic T cell (also known as TC, cytotoxic T lymphocyte, CTL, T-killer cell, cytolytic T cell, CD8+ T-cell or killer T cell) is a T
Apr 26th 2017

other uses, see T-Shirt (disambiguation). A T-shirt (or tee shirt, or tee) is a style of unisex fabric shirt, named after the T shape of the
Apr 26th 2017

Student's t-test
A t-test is any statistical hypothesis test in which the test statistic follows a Student's t-distribution under the null hypothesis. It can be used to
Apr 22nd 2017

Raytheon T-1 Jayhawk
For the T-1 SeaStar, see Lockheed T2V SeaStar. The Raytheon T-1 Jayhawk is a twin-engined jet aircraft used by the United States Air Force for advanced
Apr 11th 2017

see T62">Solar T62. The-The T-62 is a Soviet main battle tank that was first introduced 1961. As a further development of the T-55 series, the T-62 retained
Apr 27th 2017

AT&T Internet Services
AT&T Internet Services (previously SBC Internet Services) is a trade name for several affiliated companies. AT&T Internet Services provides the att.net
Nov 28th 2016

AT&T U-verse
T AT&T-U T U-verse, commonly called U-verse, is an T AT&T brand of triple-play telecommunications services, although the brand is now only used in reference to
Apr 27th 2017

Northrop T-38 Talon
Northrop T-38 Talon is a two-seat, twin-engined supersonic jet trainer. It was the world's first supersonic trainer and is also the most produced. The T-38
Mar 16th 2017

T.120 is an ITU-T recommendation that describes a series of communication and application protocols and services that provide support for real-time, multipoint
Dec 13th 2013

For other uses, see T26 (disambiguation). The T-26 tank was a Soviet light infantry tank used during many conflicts of the 1930s and in World War II.
Apr 20th 2017

T.A.T.u. discography
duet t.A.T.u. contains six studio albums, two remix albums, one compilation album, and eighteen singles. "Australian-ChartsAustralian Charts > t.A.T.u.". australian-charts
Mar 27th 2017

Student's t-distribution
Student's t-distribution. For its uses in statistics, see Student's t-test. In probability and statistics, Student's t-distribution (or simply the t-distribution)
Apr 14th 2017

T.N.T. (song)
"T.N.T." is a single released in 1976 by the hard rock band AC/DC, taken from their Australian album T.N.T. and the international version of High Voltage
Apr 4th 2017

Bristol T.T.A.
T Bristol T.T.A was designed in 1915 to a War Office requirement for a local defence aircraft. The T.T.A was a two-seat, twin-engine biplane with T.T. standing
Dec 20th 2016

Wet T-shirt contest
A wet T-shirt contest is an exhibitionistic competition typically featuring young women contestants at a nightclub, bar, or resort. They have traditionally
Sep 6th 2016

grapheme Ť (minuscule: ť) is a letter in the Czech and Slovak alphabets used to denote /c/, the voiceless palatal stop. It is formed from Latin T with the
Mar 8th 2017

The Best (t.A.T.u. album)
The-BestThe-BestThe Best (aka The-BestThe-BestThe Best of t.A.T.u., t.A.T.u. The-BestThe-BestThe Best) is a CD/ set from the Russian group t.A.T.u. featuring hit singles, rare mixes, three previously
Sep 16th 2016

Gamma delta T cell
Gamma delta T cells (γδ T cells) are T cells that have a distinctive T-cell receptor (TCR) on their surface. Most T cells are αβ (alpha beta) T cells with
Jun 17th 2016

T Tauri star
variable star called "T Tauri", see T Tauri. T Tauri stars (TTS) are a class of variable stars named after their prototype – T Tauri. They are found
Jan 17th 2017

T-Mobile-USMobile US. T-Mobile-International-AGMobile International AG was a German holding company for Deutsche Telekom AG's mobile communications subsidiaries. From 2003 to 2007 T-Mobile
Apr 6th 2017

T meson
T mesons are hypothetical mesons composed of a top quark and either an up ( T0 ), down ( T+ ), strange ( T+ s) or charm antiquark ( T0 c). Because of
Nov 9th 2016

The T-carrier is a member of the series of carrier systems developed by AT&T Bell Laboratories for digital transmission of multiplexed telephone calls
Dec 23rd 2016

T A T-bucket (or T Bucket T) is a hot rod, based on a T Ford Model T of the 1915 to 1927 era, but extensively modified. T-buckets were favorites for greasers
Nov 15th 2016

T-ara (/tiˈɑːrə/; Korean: 티아라) is a South Korean girl group formed in 2009 by MBK Entertainment (formerly known as Core Contents Media). Their most well-known
Apr 26th 2017

Mr. T
For other uses, see Mr. T (disambiguation). Mr. T (born Lawrence Tureaud; May 21, 1952) is an American actor and retired professional wrestler known for
Apr 17th 2017

Lockheed T-33
The-Lockheed-The Lockheed T-33 Shooting Star (or T-Bird) is an American jet trainer aircraft. It was produced by Lockheed and made its first flight in 1948 piloted
Apr 24th 2017

T & T Supermarket
T & T Supermarket (simplified ChineseChinese: 大统华超级市场; traditional ChineseChinese: 大統華超級市場; pinyin: Datǒnghua Chāojishichǎng) is a Canadian supermarket chain which
Mar 21st 2017

T&T may refer to: Bangladesh Telegraph and Telephone Board, a state-owned telecommunication company T&T Supermarket, a supermarket chain in Canada Tackey
May 23rd 2016

T-Mobile US
T-Mobile US is a major wireless network operator in the United States. The German telecommunications company Deutsche Telekom (DT) is its majority shareholder
Apr 27th 2017

King Air. The-The T-44 is a medium tank first produced near the end of World War II by the Soviet Union. It was the successor to the T-34, offering improved
Apr 14th 2017

T.N.T. (album)
For other albums with the same name, see TNTNT (disambiguation). T.N.T. is the second studio album by Australian hard rock band AC/DC, released only in
Apr 16th 2017

T-54/T-55 operators and variants
– 35,000 T-54-1 (T-54 Model 1946), T-54-2 (T-54 Model 1949), T-54 (T-54-3 or T-54 Model 1951), T-54A, T-54B, T-54AK1, T-54AK2, T-54BK1 and T-54BK2. produced
Apr 24th 2017

T formation
In American football, a T formation (frequently called the full house formation in modern usage, sometimes the Robust T) is a formation used by the offensive
Feb 9th 2017

AT&T Communications
AT&T Communications, Inc., was a division of the AT&T Corp. that, through 23 subsidiaries, provided interexchange carrier and long distance telephone services
Nov 25th 2016

T-cell receptor
The-The T-cell receptor, or TCRTCR, is a molecule found on the surface of T cells, or T lymphocytes, that is responsible for recognizing fragments of antigen
Mar 22nd 2017

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