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Trinitrotoluene (/ˌtraɪˌnaɪtroʊˈtɒljuːˌiːn, -ljəˌwiːn/; TNT), or more specifically 2,4,6-trinitrotoluene, is a chemical compound with the formula C6H2(NO2)3CH3
May 16th 2017

TNT (TV channel)
TNT is an American basic cable and satellite television channel that is owned by the Turner Broadcasting System division of Time Warner. The original
May 18th 2017

NBA The NBA on TNT is Turner Network Television's coverage of the National Basketball Association (NBA), produced by Turner Sports since 1989. TNT's NBA coverage
May 6th 2017

TNT equivalent
TNT equivalent is a convention for expressing energy, typically used to describe the energy released in an explosion. The "ton of TNT" is a unit of energy
May 22nd 2017

TNT-NTNT N.V. was an international express, mail delivery and logistics services company with headquarters in Hoofddorp, Netherlands. TNT operated the Dutch
Feb 20th 2017

TNT (disambiguation)
TNT is trinitrotoluene, an explosive chemical compound. TNT may also refer to: TNT (TV channel), American cable television channel and its international
Apr 19th 2017

NFL The NFL on TNT was the weekly United States television broadcast by Turner Network Television (TNT) of Sunday evening National Football League (NFL) games
Feb 15th 2017

The RIVA TNT, codenamed NV4, is a 2D, video, and 3D graphics accelerator chip for PCs that was manufactured by Nvidia. It was released in mid-1998 and
Apr 15th 2017

TNT (Russian TV channel)
TNT (Means: Television Your New Television. Russian: ТНТ, Твоё Новое Телевидение, Tvoyo Novoye Televideniye, or Television of new Millennium (Russian: ТНТ, Телевидение
Feb 27th 2017

TNT Comedy
TNT Comedy (until March 2014 glitz* and until May 2016 TNT Glitz) is a pay TV channel in Germany, which was launched on May 8, 2012 as glitz*. It is owned
May 3rd 2017

TNT (magazine)
TNT is a weekly, free magazine published in the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand. The magazine was founded in September 1983, from an office
May 6th 2017

TNT Olympic broadcasts
The American cable channel TNT served as cable partner for the CBS broadcast television network during the 1992, 1994, and 1998 Winter Olympic Games,
Apr 21st 2017

Golf on TNT
TNT's golf coverage is produced by Turner Sports and consists of television broadcasts of some of the key professional golf events in the United States
Apr 27th 2016

Koninklijke TNT Post
V Koninklijke TNT Post BV (Dutch pronunciation: [ˌkoːnɪŋkləkə teːɛnˌteː ˈpɔzd beːˌveː]) was the national postal company in the Netherlands, owned by TNT N.V. Until
Oct 1st 2016

TNT – Fortuna Meeting
The TNTFortuna Meeting is an annual track and field combined events meeting which takes place at Sletistě Stadium in Kladno, Czech Republic in mid-June
Feb 19th 2017

Children's programming on TBS and TNT
TBS and TNT, the first two cable television networks in the Turner Broadcasting System, aired children's programming for a period of over 20 years, beginning
Dec 18th 2016

2015–16 TNT KaTropa season
2015–16 TNT KaTropa season is the 26th season of the franchise in the Philippine Basketball Association (PBA). The team was known as the "TNT Tropang
Apr 25th 2017

TNT Racers
TNT Racers is a racing video game for the Wii-UWii U, Wii, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Portable, and Xbox 360. The game was released on the consoles as downloadable
Dec 31st 2016

Troponin T
Troponin T is a skeletal and smooth muscle protein useful in laboratory diagnosis of heart attack, as it is released into the blood stream when damage
Mar 8th 2017

TNT (TV station)
article is about the TNT Australian TNT station. For other television services named "TNT", see TNT (disambiguation). TNT is a television station based in
Apr 11th 2017

2016–17 TNT KaTropa season
The 2016–17 TNT KaTropa season is the 27th season of the franchise in the Philippine Basketball Association (PBA). October 22, 2016: TNT KaTropa appointed
May 20th 2017

The-RIVA-TNT2The RIVA TNT2 is a graphics processing unit manufactured by Nvidia starting in early 1999. The chip is codenamed "NV5" because it is the 5th graphics
Jan 18th 2017

TNT HD may refer to high-definition television services from: Turner Network Television, American cable channel Television Numerique Terrestre, French
Mar 8th 2013

ASL Airlines Belgium
ASL Airlines Belgium, formerly TNT Airways, is a Belgian cargo airline operating chartered flights mainly to European destinations. It has its head office
Apr 22nd 2017

NASCAR on TNT was the tagname for any NASCAR series race that had been broadcast on Turner Network Television by Turner Sports. The network featured the
Apr 30th 2017

Till Next Time – The Best of TNT
Till Next TimeThe Best of TNT is a compilation album by the Norwegian hard rock band TNT. Tony Harnell – vocals Ronni Le Tekro – guitars, guitar
Feb 6th 2017

TNT (TNT album)
TNT is the first album by the Norwegian heavy metal band TNT. It is their only album to feature Norwegian lyrics. In 1984, the first half of the album
Apr 27th 2015

TNT (band)
Tekro is the only consistent member of TNT. TNT has sold between 4-5 million albums worldwide as of 2016. TNT was formed in the Norwegian city Trondheim
Apr 19th 2017

TNT (comics)
TNT is a DC Comics superhero from the 1940s. TNT and his side-kick Dan the Dyna-Mite were created by Mort Weisinger for DC Comics, and made their debut
May 7th 2017

TNT Sunday Night Football results (1990–1997)
National Football League games played on Turner Network Television (TNT). From 1990–1997, TNT broadcast NFL games on Sunday nights for the first half of the
Oct 9th 2016

TNT Film
TNT Film is a German television channel owned by Turner Broadcasting System Europe. The channel broadcasts movies both in their original language and
May 3rd 2017

Olympics on TNT commentators
and on CBS and TNT at Lillehammer in 1994 and Nagano in 1998. InBaseline The 1992 Winter-OlympicsWinter-OlympicsWinter Olympics (TNT) The 1994 Winter-OlympicsWinter-OlympicsWinter Olympics (TNT) The 1998 Winter
Aug 26th 2016

TNT Express
TNT Express is an international courier delivery services company, now a subsidiary of FedEx but originally with headquarters in Hoofddorp, Netherlands
Apr 25th 2017

Greg Bownds
Gregory James Bownds (born 20 February 1977) better known by his ring name TNT, is an Australian professional wrestler and promoter, currently owning and
Apr 3rd 2017

List of TNT KaTropa seasons
This is a list of TNT KaTropa seasons of the Philippine Basketball Association. *one-game playoffs *one-game playoffs **team had the twice-to-beat
Dec 16th 2016

TNT KaTropa
The TNT KaTropa (also known as the TNT Tropang Texters and Tropang TNT) is a professional basketball team currently owned by Smart Communications, a subsidiary
May 22nd 2017

TNT KaTropa all-time roster
players, both past and current, who appeared at least in one game for the TNT KaTropa PBA franchise. Contents : Top 0–9 A B C D E F G H J L M N P Q R
Apr 23rd 2017

Tennis on TNT
Tennis on TNT is a television program produced by the basic cable television network TNT that broadcasts the main professional tennis tournaments in the
Mar 17th 2017

List of NBA on TNT commentators
This is a list of in-game commentators for TNT's coverage of the National Basketball Association. Marv Albert (1999–present) Brian Anderson (2014–present)
May 18th 2017

TNT (Sweden)
TNT is a commercial television channel in Sweden. The channel launched by the tabloid newspaper Aftonbladet as Aftonbladet TV7 on 9 October 2006. Aftonbladet
Dec 14th 2016

The Collection (TNT DVD)
The Collection: Volume 1 is a DVD released by the Norwegian hard rock band TNT. It features a concert recorded in Japan, band interviews and the music videos
Oct 28th 2016

Los TNT were an Italian-Uruguayan rock 'n' roll band, popular in the 1960s. The band consisted of two brothers and a sister from Udine, Italy: Edelweiss
Dec 31st 2015

TNT TeamTNT is a group of mappers who created the TNT: Evilution episode of Doom Final Doom, as well as several free level packs and developer resources for Doom
Mar 21st 2017

TNT (cellular service)
TNT (formerly known as Mobiline, Phone Pal, and Talk 'N Text) is a cellular service of Smart Communications in the Philippines. By April 2000, Piltel
Sep 13th 2016

TNT Series
TNT Series is a Latin American television channel dedicated to television series, the station is operated by Turner Broadcasting System Latin America
Jan 27th 2017

TNT Serie
TNT Serie is a German television channel dedicated to television series. The station is operated by Turner Broadcasting System Europe and launched on
May 9th 2017

Transistor (TNT album)
Transistor is the seventh studio album by the Norwegian hard rock band TNT. While it kept the alternative feel of Firefly, it was more successful than
Oct 11th 2015

TNT discography
The discography of TNT, a Norwegian-based hard rock band formed in 1982, consists of twelve studio albums, eleven singles, two live albums, three EPs
Sep 8th 2015

TNT (clothing)
TNT is an Israel-based urban fashion label aimed at the teen and young adult market. Started in 1999, as of 2007 it controls 20 percent of the clothing
Oct 28th 2016

Firefly (TNT album)
studio album by the Norwegian hard rock band TNT. It was released in 1997. The album was a comeback for TNT who split up in 1992 after the release of Realized
Oct 9th 2014

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