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Tahitian or Tahitians may refer to: Tahitians, people with an indigenous Tahitian or ethnic identity Tahitian language, an Eastern Polynesian language
Dec 22nd 2014

article is about indigenous people of Tahiti. For other uses, see Tahitian. The Tahitians, or Maohis, are indigenous peoples of Tahiti and thirteen other
Jan 20th 2017

Franco-Tahitian War
The Franco-Tahitian-WarTahitian-WarTahitian War or FrenchTahitian-WarTahitian-WarTahitian War (1844–1847) was a conflict between the Kingdom of the French and the Kingdom of Tahiti and its allies in
Mar 3rd 2017

Tahitian pearl
The Tahitian pearl (or black pearl) is an organic gem formed from the black lip oyster (Pinctada margaritifera). These pearls derive their name from the
Feb 11th 2017

Tahitian Dog
TahitianTahitian-Dog">The TahitianTahitian Dog (TahitianTahitian: ʻŪrī Mā’ohi, literally translated as 'native dog') is an extinct breed of dog from Tahiti and the Society Islands. Similar
Apr 22nd 2017

Tahitian ukulele
TahitianTahitian The TahitianTahitian ukulele (ʻukarere or TahitianTahitian banjo) is a short-necked fretted lute with eight nylon strings in four doubled courses, native to Tahiti and
Oct 6th 2016

Tahitian language
Tahitian (autonym Reo Tahiti, part of Reo Mā'ohi, languages of French-PolynesiaFrench Polynesia) is a Polynesian language, spoken mainly on the Society Islands in French
May 19th 2017

Tahitian drumming
TahitianTahitian drumming is a style of drumming native to Tahiti and French Polynesia. TahitianTahitian drumming and dance have become symbols of Polynesian heiva to
Feb 2nd 2016

Tahitian Women on the Beach
Tahitian-WomenTahitian Women on the Beach (French: Femmes de Tahiti) is an 1891 painting by Paul Gauguin. The painting depicts two women on the Pacific island of Tahiti
Oct 20th 2016

The Tahitian Choir
The Tahitian Choir is a choral group from the island known as Rapa Iti, one of the Bass Islands in the South Pacific, approximately 1,000 miles southeast
Apr 18th 2017

Eddie Lund and His Tahitians
Eddie Lund and Tahitians">His Tahitians were a Tahitian music band led by Eddie Lund in the 1950s and 1960s. They were very popular with the style of music played
Sep 21st 2016

Morinda, Inc.
Morinda, formerly known as Tahitian Noni International and Morinda Bioactives, a subsidiary of Morinda Holdings, Inc., is a multi-level marketing company
Aug 9th 2016

List of monarchs of Tahiti
Ari'i rahi. In 2006, Tauatomo Mairau claimed to be the heir to the Tahitian throne, and attempted to re-assert the status of the monarchy in court
May 22nd 2017

Lloyd Anoaʻi
appearances with the World Wrestling Federation (WWF) under the ring names Tahitian Savage, Fred Williams, and Lloyd Lanui and for his appearances with Extreme
May 17th 2017

became French citizens. French is the only official language although the TahitianTahitian language (Tahiti Reo Tahiti) is widely spoken. Tahiti is the highest
Apr 29th 2017

Tahiti and Society Islands mythology
Fati Ro'o-i-Te-Hiripoi Ta'aroa Taonoui Tumu-nui Maui (Tahitian mythology) Roua Rata (Tahitian mythology) Aremata Pahuanui Pua Tu Tahi Aremata-Popoa and Aremata-Rorua
Nov 1st 2016

Kingdom of Tahiti
cultural and economic prosperity to the islands over the reign of the five TahitianTahitian monarchs. Tahiti and its dependencies were made a French protectorate in
May 7th 2017

Two Tahitian Women
Tahitian-Women">Two Tahitian Women is an 1899 painting by Paul Gauguin. It depicts two topless women, one holding mango blossoms, on the Pacific Island of Tahiti. The
Oct 26th 2016

Tales of Tahitian Waters
Tales of Tahitian Waters is a 1931 book by Zane Grey. The book collects several fishing stories and was first published by Harper Brothers and was later
May 22nd 2017

MS Sirena
now owned by P&O Cruise Lines, see MV Oceana. Sirena, formerly R-FourR Four, Tahitian Princess, and Ocean Princess is an R-class cruise ship formerly owned by
Apr 20th 2017

Tahitian Football Federation
Football-Federation">The Tahitian Football Federation (French: Federation Tahitienne de Football) is the governing body of football in French Polynesia. "Federation Tahitienne
Feb 11th 2017

Inocarpus fagifer
Inocarpus fagifer, commonly known as the Tahitian chestnut, Polynesian chestnut, aila or mape tree, is a species of flowering plant in the subfamily Faboideae
May 4th 2017

Rata (Tahitian mythology)
Rata, in TahitianTahitian mythology, is said to have become king of Tahiti when his uncle, king Tumu-nui, and his father Vahieroa (TahitianTahitian mythology) are swallowed
Oct 22nd 2010

Eddie Lund
band, Eddie Lund and Tahitians">His Tahitians which released records on the ABC-Paramount and Tahiti labels. He picked up the Tahitian language quickly and secured
Nov 8th 2016

Democratic Rally of the Tahitian People
The Democratic Rally of the Tahitian People (French: Rassemblement democratique des populations tahitiennes, abbreviated RDPT) was a political party in
Feb 15th 2017

Xanthosoma brasiliense
flowering plant in the Araceae. Common names include Tahitian spinach, tannier spinach, belembe, and Tahitian taro. It is one of several leaf vegetables used
Oct 20th 2016

Tahitian Terrace
The Tahitian Terrace was a Polynesian themed restaurant at Disneyland during the 1960s. It was placed in Adventureland. It had dishes such as skewered
Jul 7th 2016

Hawaii–Tahiti relations
similarity between the Tahitian and HawaiianHawaiian languages, and many crewmen were able to communicate with the HawaiianHawaiians. Some of the first Tahitians came to Hawaii
Mar 3rd 2017

Leeward Islands (Society Islands)
see Leeward Islands. The Leeward Islands (French: Iles Sous-le-vent; Tahitian: Fenua Raro Mata’i, literally "Islands Under-the-Wind") are the western
Apr 25th 2017

History of the Jews in French Polynesia
he married into the Tahitian royal family upon his marriage to Princess Arrioehau, a member of the Tevi tribe. Although Tahitian law at the time prohibited
Jan 10th 2016

Gardenia taitensis
Gardenia taitensis (also called Tahitian Gardenia or Tiare Flower) is a species of plant in the Rubiaceae family. It is an evergreen tropical shrub that
Mar 2nd 2017

Music of Tahiti
Tahiti was dominated by festivals called heiva. Dancing was a vital part of Tahitian life then, and dances were used to celebrate, pray and mark almost every
Jan 1st 2017

Maui (Tahitian mythology)
people ate their food raw. (Tregear 1891, 194, 235). See also Mahui'eMahui'e, Tahitian guardian of fire. Māui (Hawaiian mythology) Maui (Mangarevan mythology)
May 31st 2014

Tahiti sandpiper
Play media The Tahiti sandpiper or Tahitian sandpiper (Prosobonia leucoptera) is an extinct member of the large wader family Scolopacidae that was endemic
Dec 13th 2016

Tahitian Handball League
Tahitian-Handball-League">The Tahitian Handball League is a Handball European Handball competition held in Tahiti. Handball is a very popular sport in French Polynesia as the roots of the
Jan 13th 2017

When Will You Marry?
When Will You Marry? (Tahitian: Nafea faa ipoipo) is an oil painting from 1892 by the French Post-Impressionist artist Paul Gauguin. On loan to the Kunstmuseum
Mar 3rd 2017

List of Tahitian records in swimming
below is based on a listing of the records posted on the website of the Tahitian club Cercle des Nageurs de Polynesie, based in Papeete where FTN is also
Sep 21st 2016

Rapa language
terms from Tahitian to Old Rapa, but from bilingualism and language shift due to the dominance of Tahitian. While Reo Rapa is a mix of Tahitian and Old Rapa
May 21st 2017

Fatata te Miti (By the Sea)
na te Varua ino (Words of the Devil) (W 458). The painting depicts two Tahitian women, seen from behind, jumping into the sea. There is a fisherman in
Mar 6th 2017

La Coco-Dance
performed in French and Tahitian by Severine Ferrer. This was the first - and to date, the only - occasion on which the Tahitian language was used at the
Nov 20th 2016

Pouvanaa a Oopa
and Tahitian nationalist, who led a Tahitian separatist movement against French rule, before being exiled to France in the late 1950s. Tahitians and other
Oct 4th 2016

Vahieroa (Tahitian mythology)
Tahitian">In Tahitian mythology, Vahieroa is a son of Tafa'i and his wife Hina, and is born at his father's house in the Tapahi hills of Mahina in north Tahiti.
Jun 24th 2012

Ned Young
and the four surviving Tahitian men who sailed with them. Five of the mutineers, including Christian, and all of the Tahitian men were killed. Young slept
Dec 15th 2016

This is an article about a Tahitian dance. For the New Zealand river with this name see: Aparima River. The ʻaparima or Kaparima (Rarotongan) is a dance
Mar 15th 2013

Vanilla production in French Polynesia
The largest concentration of the vanilla variety Vanilla tahitensis (Tahitian vanilla) is situated in the Society Islands. The island of Taha'a, known
Dec 25th 2016

Objet décoratif carré avec dieux tahitiens
Objet decoratif carre avec dieux tahitiens (Square Ornament with Tahitian gods) is a 1893-95 terracotta sculpture by Paul Gauguin, now in the Musee d'Orsay
Dec 21st 2016

The pāreu or pareo (see below) is the Cook Islands and Tahitian word for a wraparound skirt. Originally it was used only to refer to women's skirts, as
Mar 19th 2017

A.S Dragon (handball)
Sportive Dragon is a handball club in Papeete, Tahiti. TheyThey play in the Tahitian Handball League. The club was an offshoot of the football team A.S Dragon
Feb 17th 2016

AS Faa'a (handball)
Papeete, Tahiti. They play in the Tahitian Handball League. Oceania Handball Champions Cup Runners-up - 2009 Tahitian Handball League - 8 titles Winners
Jan 27th 2016

Music of the Cook Islands
(tuki). The word 'imene' is derived from the English word 'hymn' (see TahitianTahitian: 'himene' - Tahiti was first colonised by the English). Likewise the harmonies
Jan 1st 2017

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