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Australia) Tamil script, primarily used to write the Tamil language Tamil (Unicode block), a block of Tamil characters in Unicode Tamils, an ethnic group
Apr 20th 2017

Tamil language
TamilTamil (English pronunciation: /ˈtamɪl/; தமிழ்; Tamiḻ; [t̪ɐmɨɻ];  pronunciation (help·info)) is a Dravidian language predominantly spoken by the TamilTamil
Apr 22nd 2017

Tamil Eelam
Tamil-EelamTamil Eelam (Tamil: தமிழீழம் tamiḻ īḻam, generally rendered outside Tamil-speaking areas as தமிழ் ஈழம்) is a proposed independent state that Tamils in
Apr 23rd 2017

Tamil The Tamil people (Tamil: தமிழர், tamiẓar (singular) ? [t̪ɐmɪɻɐɾ], or Tamil: தமிழர்கள், tamiẓarkaḷ (plural) ? [t̪ɐmɪɻɐɾxɐɭ]), also known as Tamilians, Tamilans
Apr 10th 2017

Tamil literature
Tamil literature (Tamil: தமிழ் இலக்கியம்) refers to the literature in the Tamil language. Tamil literature has a rich and long literary tradition spanning
Apr 24th 2017

Tamil Nadu
Tamil-NaduTamil Nadu (English pronunciation: IPA: [t̪amiɻ n̪aːᶑu];   pronunciation (help·info); TamiNāṭu; literally 'The Land of Tamils' or 'Tamil Country') is
Apr 28th 2017

Tamil Canadians
Tamil-Canadians Tamil Canadians are Canadians of Tamil ethnic origins mostly from India and Sri Lanka. From a population of fewer than 150 Tamils in 1983, it has become
Apr 25th 2017

Tamil nationalism
Tamil nationalism asserts that Tamils are a nation and promotes the cultural unity of Tamil people. It expresses itself in the form of linguistic purism
Apr 4th 2017

Tamil script
TamilTamil script (தமிழ் அரிச்சுவடி; Tamiḻ ariccuvaṭi; [t̪ɐmɨɻ] [aɾiˈ͡tʃːuʋaɖi];  pronunciation (help·info)) is an abugida script that is used by TamilTamils and
Apr 8th 2017

Tamil Americans
Tamil-Americans Tamil Americans (தமிழ் அமெரிக்கர்) are Americans who are of Tamil ethnic origins, mostly from India and Sri Lanka and other diasporic centers such as
Apr 26th 2017

Tamil numerals
Tamil numerals (Tamil: தமிழ் எண்கள், இலக்கங்கள்), refers to the numeral system of the Tamil language used officially in Tamil Nadu and Singapore, as well
Apr 16th 2017

British Tamil
British-TamilsBritish Tamils (Tamil: பிரித்தானியத் தமிழர்) are British people of Tamil origin. Migration of significant numbers of Tamils to the United Kingdom (UK)
Mar 1st 2017

Tamil Muslim
Muslims. Tamil Muslims (Tamil: தமிழ் முஸ்லிம்கள், tamiḻ muslimgal ?) are Tamil-speaking people with Islam as their faith. There are 3 – 4 million Tamil Muslims
Apr 25th 2017

Lists of Tamil-language films
List of Tamil films: 1930s List of Tamil films: 1940s List of Tamil films: 1950s List of Tamil films: 1960s List of Tamil films: 1970s List of Tamil films:
Dec 5th 2016

Sri Lankan Tamils
Tamils">Lankan Tamils (Tamil: இலங்கை தமிழர், ilankai tamiḻar ? also Tamil: ஈழத் தமிழர், īḻat tamiḻar ?) or Ceylon Tamils, also known as Eelam Tamils in Tamil, are
Apr 25th 2017

Tamil cinema
Nepal. Tamil cinema refers to Indian motion pictures produced in the language of Tamil. Based in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu, the hub of the Tamil film
Apr 14th 2017

Tamil diaspora
Tamil The Tamil diaspora refers to descendants of the Tamil immigrants who emigrated from their native lands to other parts of the world. They found primarily
Apr 22nd 2017

Tamil Indonesians
Tamil-IndonesiansTamil Indonesians are persons of Tamil ancestry living in Indonesia. Majority of them live in Medan in North Sumatra while there are small community in
Nov 20th 2016

Sri Lankan Tamil militant groups
Sri Lankan Tamil militant groups rose to prominence in the 1970s to fight the state of Sri Lanka in order to create an independent Tamil Eelam in the
Dec 4th 2016

Sri Lankan Tamil cinema
Tamil Lankan Tamil cinema, the Tamil language film industry in Sri Lanka, has remained relatively small with fewer than 100 films produced. The Tamil film industry
Jul 8th 2016

Tamil Malaysians
Tamil-MalaysiansTamil Malaysians, also known as Malaysian-TamilsMalaysian Tamils, are people of full or partial Tamil descent who were born in or immigrated to Malaysia. They make up
Apr 14th 2017

Tamil cuisine
Tamil Nadu is famous for its deep belief that serving food to others is a service to humanity, as it is common in many regions of India. The region has
Apr 27th 2017

Tamil Jain
Tamil-JainsTamil Jains (Tamil-SamaTamil Samaṇar, Nayiṉār, from Prakrit samaṇa "wandering renunciate") are TamilsTamils from Tamil-NaduTamil Nadu, India, who practice Digambara Jainism (Tamil
Apr 25th 2017

Tamil-Brahmi, or Tamili, is a variant of the Brahmi script used to write the Tamil language. These are the earliest documents of a Dravidian language,
Mar 8th 2017

Politics of Tamil Nadu
Ministers of Tamil Nadu, Tamil Nadu Assembly Election 2006, and Dravidian people Main article: Elections in Tamil Nadu Politics of Tamil Nadu is the politics
Apr 18th 2017

Tamil calendar
Tamil The Tamil calendar is a sidereal Hindu calendar used in Tamil-NaduTamil Nadu, India. It is also used in Puducherry, and by the Tamil population in Malaysia, Singapore
Apr 12th 2017

List of governors of Tamil Nadu
The Governor of Tamil Nadu is the constitutional head of the South Indian state of Tamil Nadu. Like all states, the governor is a nominal head and representative
Feb 16th 2017

Pathans of Tamil Nadu
The Pathans of Tamil Nadu are Urdu-speaking Muslims of Pashtun ancestry who have migrated to and settled in the South Indian state of Tamil Nadu. Their migration
Jan 28th 2017

Tamil Thai
TamiTamilTamiTamil-ThaiTamiTamilTamiTamil Thai (TamiTamilTamiTamil: தமிழ்த்தாய், TamiTamiḻ Tāy, TamiTamizh Thai) denotes the deified personification of the TamiTamilTamiTamil language as a mother. This deification of TamiTamilTamiTamil
Feb 26th 2017

List of Chief Ministers of Tamil Nadu
complete list of Chief Ministers of Tamil Nadu consists of the heads of government in the history of the state of Tamil Nadu in India since 1920. The area
Apr 27th 2017

Tamils in Pakistan
There is a small community of Tamils in Pakistan. Some Muslim Tamils migrated from the South Indian state of Tamil Nadu, and settled in Karachi after the
Oct 21st 2016

Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam
The Liberation Tigers of TamilTamil-EelamTamilTamil Eelam (TamilTamil: தமிழீழ விடுதலைப் புலிகள் Tamiḻīḻa viṭutalaip pulikaḷ, Sinhalese: දෙමළ ඊළාම් විමුක්ති කොටි Dhemala īlām vimukthi
Apr 28th 2017

Tamil keyboard
Tamil-KeyboardTamil Keyboard is the keyboard layout used in Computers or any mobile devices to input Tamil language scripts. The keyboard layout approved by Government
Aug 20th 2016

Government of Tamil Nadu
Government of Tamil Nadu is the governing authority for the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. It is seated at Fort St George, Chennai. The legislature of Tamil Nadu
Apr 27th 2017

Tamil Australians
Tamil-Australians Tamil Australians refers to Australians with a Tamil background. It includes people who speak Tamil, those whose ancestors were Tamil or those who identify
Jan 23rd 2017

Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam
Government of Tamil Eelam (TGTE) is a government in exile among the Sri Lankan Tamil diaspora which aims to keep alive the idea of Tamil Eelam, a state
Mar 11th 2017

Religion in ancient Tamil country
preach their doctrines. Tamil religions denotes the religious traditions and practices of Tamil-speaking people. The Tamils are native to modern state
Apr 10th 2017

Tamil Wikipedia
Tamil-Wikipedia The Tamil Wikipedia (Tamil: தமிழ் விக்கிப்பீடியா) is the Tamil language edition of Wikipedia, run by the Wikimedia Foundation. It was established in September
Mar 20th 2017

Tamil Thai Valthu
TamiTamilTamiTamil-Thai-VathuTamiTamilTamiTamil Thai Vathu (TamiTamilTamiTamil: தமிழ்த் தாய் வாழ்த்து, TamiTamiḻ Tāy Vālttu) is the State song of the Government of TamiTamilTamiTamil Nadu. The song was written by Manonmaniam
Apr 15th 2017

Tamil–Kannada languages
TamilKannada is an inner branch (Zvelebil 1990:56) of the Dravidian-I">Southern Dravidian I (SDr I) subfamily of the Dravidian languages that include Tamil, Kannada
Jul 25th 2016

History of Tamil Nadu
The region of Tamil Nadu, in the southeast of modern India, shows evidence of having had continuous human habitation from 15,000 BCE to 10,000 BCE. Throughout
Apr 16th 2017

Negombo Tamil dialect
For other uses, see Negombo-TamilsNegombo-Tamil Negombo Tamils. Negombo-Tamil Negombo Tamil dialect or Negombo-FishermenNegombo Fishermen’s Tamil is a Sri Lankan Tamil language dialect used by the fishers of Negombo
May 26th 2016

Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly
The Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly alone has powers to legislate laws covering state subjects in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. It has a strength of
Apr 27th 2017

Tamil Nadu diaspora
Tamil-Nadu">The Tamil Nadu diaspora (Tamil: அயலகத் தமிழர் (Ayalakat Tamiļar)) also known as MadrasiMadrasi diaspora (after Madras, erstwhile name of Tamil Nadu) comprises
Apr 4th 2017

Sri Lankan Tamil dialects
Tamil Sri Lankan Tamil dialects or Tamil Ceylon Tamil dialects form a group of Tamil dialects used in the modern country of Sri Lanka by Tamil Sri Lankan Tamil people that
Mar 5th 2015

Tamil Brahmin
Tamil-BrahminsTamil Brahmins are Tamil-speaking Brahmins primarily living in Tamil Nadu , although a few of them have settled in other states like, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala
Feb 3rd 2017

List of Tamil Nadu governmental organisations
Government-OrganisationsTamil Nadu Government Organisations are the commercial and non-commercial establishments in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu by Government of Tamil Nadu
Mar 10th 2017

Tirunelveli Tamil
Tamil Nellai Tamil, also known as Tirunelveli-Tamil Tirunelveli Tamil, is one of the dialects of Tamil which is spoken in the districts of Tirunelveli and Thoothukudi as well
Feb 26th 2017

Local bodies in Tamil Nadu
Local Bodies in Tamil Nadu constitute the three tier administration set-up in the South Indian state of Tamil Nadu. It is a system of local government
Nov 15th 2016

Tamil Germans
Tamil-German Tamil German or German-TamizharGerman Tamizhar refer to the German citizens of Tamil ethnic origins mainly from Sri Lanka, India and Malaysia apart from other parts
Jan 3rd 2017

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