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TasmaniaTasmania (/tazˈmeɪniə/;, abbreviated as Tas and known colloquially as "Tassie") is an island state of the Commonwealth of Australia. It is located 240 km
May 28th 2017

Premier of Tasmania
The Premier of Tasmania is the head of the executive government in the Australian state of Tasmania. By convention, the leader of the party or political
Apr 28th 2017

Government of Tasmania
The-GovernmentThe Government of Tasmania, also referred to as the Tasmanian Government, is the executive authority of the state of Tasmania, Australia. The leader of
Apr 28th 2017

Central Highlands (Tasmania)
This article is about the TasmanianTasmanian region. For the Tasmania bioregion, see TasmanianTasmanian Central Highlands. For the local government authority, see Central
Feb 5th 2017

University of Tasmania
The University of Tasmania (UTAS) is a public research university primarily located in Tasmania, Australia. Officially founded in 1890, it was the fourth
May 25th 2017

Soccer in Tasmania
Soccer in Tasmania describes the sport of soccer being played and watched by people in the state of Tasmania in Australia. The governing body for the sport
Jan 1st 2017

South West Tasmania
Tasmania South West Tasmania is a region in Tasmania that has evoked curiosity as to its resources over the duration of European presence on the island. The more
Apr 11th 2017

Anglican Diocese of Tasmania
The-Anglican-DioceseThe Anglican Diocese of Tasmania includes the entire Tasmanian archipelago and is an extraprovincial diocese of the Anglican Church of Australia. The cathedral
Dec 4th 2016

Governor of Tasmania
The Governor of Tasmania is the representative in the AustralianAustralian state of Tasmania of Elizabeth II, Queen of Australia. The Governor performs the same
Apr 27th 2017

Airlines of Tasmania
airline called Airlines of Tasmania. For a list of airlines of Tasmania, see List of airlines of Australia. Airlines of Tasmania, also known by the name
May 6th 2017

Midlands (Tasmania)
Midlands Council or Southern Midlands Council. The Midlands is a region of Tasmania between Launceston and Hobart. It also refers to the relatively flat, dry
Jun 8th 2015

West Coast, Tasmania
For the local government area, see West Coast Council. The West Coast of Tasmania is the part of the state that is strongly associated with wilderness, mining
Oct 14th 2016

SC Tasmania 1900 Berlin
former Bundesliga football team. For the successor club, see Berlin SV Tasmania Berlin. SC Tasmania 1900 Berlin was a German football club based in the Berlin district
Mar 21st 2017

Tasmania Police
Tasmania-PoliceTasmania Police is the police force of the Australian state of Tasmania. Established in 1899, the force has more than 1,200 officers policing Tasmania's
May 12th 2017

Lake Rosebery (Tasmania)
Coast region of Tasmania, Australia. The reservoir was formed by the damming of the Pieman River by the Bastyan Dam by Hydro Tasmania, near the village
Feb 22nd 2017

Launceston, Tasmania
(i/ˈlɒnsəstən/, often mispronounced i/ˈlɔːnsəstən/) is a city in the north of Tasmania, Australia at the junction of the North Esk and South Esk rivers where
May 27th 2017

Devonport, Tasmania
Devonport is a city in northern Tasmania, Australia. It is situated at the mouth of the Mersey River. Devonport had an estimated urban population of 30
Apr 20th 2017

Forestry Tasmania
Tasmania Forests Tasmania. Tasmania Forestry Tasmania is a forest management corporation established by an Act of Parliament and wholly owned by the Government of Tasmania, Australia
Dec 24th 2016

SV Tasmania Berlin
Berlin Tasmania Berlin is a German football club based in Berlin-Neukolln, Germany, currently playing in the Berlin-Liga (VI). Main article: SC Tasmania 1900
Mar 7th 2017

History of Tasmania
The history of Tasmania begins at the end of the most recent ice age (approximately 10,000 years ago) when it is believed that the island was joined to
May 22nd 2017

AFL Tasmania
Tasmania AFL Tasmania is the governing body for Australian rules football in Tasmania. The organisation is responsible for game development in the state. The organisation
Nov 30th 2015

River Derwent (Tasmania)
The-DerwentThe Derwent is a river in Tasmania, Australia. The river rises in the state's Central Highlands and descends more than 700 metres (2,300 ft) over 200 kilometres
May 21st 2017

Eddystone (Tasmania)
small island, located in the Southern Ocean, off the southern coast of Tasmania, Australia. The island is situated approximately 27 kilometres (17 mi)
Feb 19th 2017

Dundas, Tasmania
railway location on the western foothills of the West Coast Range in Western Tasmania. It is now part of the locality of Zeehan. The town was located 5 kilometres
May 1st 2017

Hydro Tasmania
Hydro-TasmaniaHydro Tasmania, known for most of its history as the Hydro-Electric Commission or The Hydro, is the trading name of the Hydro-Electric Corporation, a Tasmanian
May 21st 2017

Parliament of Tasmania
The Parliament of Tasmania s the bicameral legislature of the Australian state of Tasmania. It follows a Westminster-derived parliamentary system and consists
May 23rd 2017

Hunter Island (Tasmania)
north-west Tasmania, Australia. The island is located near Three Hummock Island, several kilometres off the north-west coast of Tasmania. The island
May 16th 2017

Cockle Creek (Tasmania)
Cockle Creek is a tiny settlement in Tasmania, the farthest point south one can drive in Australia, 148 km from Hobart via the Huon Highway. It is located
Mar 12th 2017

Great Lake (Tasmania)
and man-made reservoir that is located in the central northern region of Tasmania, Australia. Fed by the Pine Rivulet and Breton Rivulet, the original
Feb 20th 2017

Glenorchy, Tasmania
suburb in the northern part of greater Hobart, capital of the state of Tasmania, Australia. The land was originally used for agriculture (particularly
May 19th 2017

North West Tasmania
is about the region in Tasmania. For the bioregion, see Tasmanian West. North West Tasmania is one of the regions of Tasmania in Australia. The region
Aug 13th 2016

Scouting and Guiding in Tasmania
Scouting in Tasmania, a state of Australia, began in 1908 with several separate associations operating in the early years including the Chums Scout Patrols
May 26th 2017

Australian rules football in Tasmania
Australian rules football in Tasmania known as "football" officially and locally, has a history dating back to the 1860s, with the state having the distinction
May 25th 2017

Tasmania SuperSprint
The Tasmania SuperSprint (formally known as the Tyrepower Tasmania SuperSprint) is an annual motor racing event for Supercars, held at Symmons Plains Raceway
Apr 10th 2017

Bass Highway, Tasmania
The Bass Highway is a highway in Tasmania, Australia. It is a part of the National Highway, designated as National Highway 1 and connects the major cities
Jan 19th 2017

Mount Dundas (Tasmania)
Mount Dundas is a mountain located in the West Coast region of Tasmania, Australia. The mountain is situated at the north west edge of the West Coast Range
Dec 4th 2016

Pedra Branca (Tasmania)
small island, located in the Southern Ocean, off the southern coast of Tasmania, Australia. The island is situated approximately 26 kilometres (16 mi)
May 4th 2017

List of power stations in Tasmania
This is a list of active power stations in Tasmania, Australia. Candidates for this list must already be commissioned and capable of generating 1-megawatt
May 22nd 2017

Meander River (Tasmania)
River is a major perennial river located in the central northern region of Tasmania, Australia. Until the founding of Westbury in the early 1820s the river
May 21st 2017

Deputy Premier of Tasmania
Deputy Premier of Tasmania is a role in the Government of Tasmania assigned to a responsible Minister in the Australian state of Tasmania. It has second
Nov 9th 2016

Mount Murchison (Tasmania)
a mountain on the West Coast Range located in the West Coast region of Tasmania, Australia. At 1,275 metres (4,183 ft) above sea level, it is the highest
Feb 20th 2017

Mount Tyndall (Tasmania)
Range, Tasmania: Mountains and Geological Giants" (PDF). Papers and Proceedings of the Royal Society of Tasmania (reprint ed.). Hobart, Tasmania: University
Apr 19th 2017

United Tasmania Group
The-United-Tasmania-GroupThe United Tasmania Group (UTG) is generally acknowledged as the world's first Green party. The party was formed on 23 March 1972, during a meeting of
Jan 6th 2017

Horseshoe Falls (Tasmania)
This article is about the waterfall in Tasmania. For other uses, see Horseshoe Falls (disambiguation). The Horseshoe Falls, a tiered–cascade waterfall
Jan 12th 2017

Mount Darwin (Tasmania)
Mount Darwin is a mountain located in the West Coast region of Tasmania, Australia. With an elevation of 1,033 metres (3,389 ft) above sea level, the mountain
Nov 8th 2016

Sorell, Tasmania
Sorell is a town in Tasmania, Australia, north-east of Hobart. It is located on the Tasman Highway at the junction with the Arthur Highway. At the 2006
May 8th 2016

Local government areas of Tasmania
Local government areas (LGAs) in the Australian state of Tasmania describes the 29 organisations and processes by which towns and districts can manage
Apr 21st 2017

Flag of Tasmania
The current state flag of Tasmania was officially adopted following a proclamation by Tasmanian colonial Governor Sir Frederick Weld on 25 September 1876
May 20th 2017

Lake Dora (Tasmania)
mining area of the late 1890s located in the West Coast Range of Western Tasmania. It has a surface level at 756m. It has two adjacent tarns just west of
May 25th 2016

Murchison River (Tasmania)
catchment, is a major perennial river located in the West Coast region of Tasmania, Australia. The Murchison River rises below Pyramid Mountain, part of
May 21st 2017

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