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article is about the year 1935. 1935 (MCMXXXV) was a common year starting on Tuesday (dominical letter F) of the Gregorian calendar, the 1935th year of the
Apr 28th 2017

1935 in film
The cinema releases of 1935 were highly representative of the early Golden Age period of Hollywood. This period was punctuated by performances from Judy
Mar 30th 2017

Modèle 1935 pistol
French military pistol "Model 1935" exist, the model 1935A and the model 1935S. Both were designed to compete in the 1935–37 French military trials conducted
Feb 27th 2017

United Kingdom general election, 1935
held during the Second World War until Allied victory was assured; hence the 1935 House sat until 1945. As a result, this parliament would see two leadership
Apr 20th 2017

EuroBasket 1935
The 1935 FIBA European Championship, commonly called EuroBasket 1935, was the first FIBA EuroBasket regional basketball championship, held by FIBA Europe
Mar 8th 2017

Philippine constitutional plebiscite, 1935
A constitutional plebiscite held in the Philippines on 14 May 1935 ratified the 1935 Philippine Constitution which established the Philippine Commonwealth
Jul 17th 2016

1935 Labor Day hurricane
hit Syracuse, New York, in 1998, see New York State Labor Day Derechos. The 1935 Labor Day Hurricane was the most intense hurricane to make landfall in
Feb 3rd 2017

Canadian federal election, 1935
collapse in 1993. The Liberal Party would continue to hold power until 1957. The 1935 election was also important in it saw the final demise of the Progressive
Mar 28th 2017

1935 NFL Championship Game
Detroit The 1935 National Football League Championship game was the third NFL title game, held December 15 at University of Detroit Stadium (Titan
Apr 23rd 2017

1935–36 Iraqi Shia revolts
1935 Rumaytha and Diwaniyya revolt or the 1935–1936 Shia Iraqi Shia revolts consisted of a series of Shia tribal uprisings in the mid-Euphrates region against
Jul 19th 2016

List of elections in 1935
occurred in the year 1935. Philippine legislative election, 1935 Philippine presidential election, 1935 Czechoslovakian parliamentary election, 1935 Danish
Nov 17th 2015

1935–36 Divizia A
The 1935–36 Divizia-ADivizia-ADivizia A was the twenty-fourth season of Divizia-ADivizia-ADivizia A, the top-level football league of Romania. Romanian football portal 1935–36 Divizia
Mar 26th 2016

1935 Shinchiku-Taichū earthquake
The 1935 Shinchiku-Taichū earthquake occurred with a Richter magnitude of 7.1 in April 1935 with its epicenter in Shinchiku Prefecture, Japanese Taiwan
Dec 23rd 2016

1935 Úrvalsdeild
Statistics of Urvalsdeild in the 1935 season. It was contested by 4 teams, and Valur won the championship. KR's Borsteinn Einarsson and Bjarni Olafsson
Aug 3rd 2016

1935 Vuelta a España
into Madrid. For a more comprehensive list, see List of cyclists in the 1935 Vuelta a Espana. There were two teams entering the Vuelta: B.H. and Orbea
Sep 9th 2016

1935–36 La Liga
La Liga 1935-36 season started November 10, 1935, and finished April 19, 1936. The season involved the following clubs: Valencia Real Madrid
Nov 13th 2016

1935–36 FA Cup
The 1935–36 FA-CupFA Cup was the 61st season of the world's oldest football cup competition, the Football Association Challenge Cup, commonly known as the FA
Apr 24th 2015

Dumfriesshire by-election, 1935
the last by-election of the 1931–1935 Parliament. Only six weeks later, on 25 October, Parliament was dissolved for the 1935 general election. The National
Mar 18th 2017

1935 Australian Championships
The 1935 Australian-ChampionshipsAustralian Championships was a tennis tournament that took place on outdoor Grass courts at the Kooyong Stadium in Melbourne, Australia from 5
Dec 26th 2016

1935 NSWRFL season
The 1935 New South Wales Rugby Football League premiership was the twenty-eighth season of Sydney’s top-grade rugby league club competition, Australia’s
Apr 4th 2017

Škoda Rapid (1935–47)
other uses, see Skoda-RapidSkoda Rapid. The Skoda-RapidSkoda Rapid was introduced in 1935 by the Czechoslovakian automotive manufacturer Skoda, and was in production
Nov 15th 2016

Greek monarchy referendum, 1935
voters took part in the legislative elections of 1935 and 1936 respectively, the reported turnout at the 1935 referendum was officially more than 1.5 million
Mar 23rd 2017

1935 in Mandatory Palestine
Events in the year 1935 in the British Mandate of Palestine. High Commissioner - Sir Arthur Grenfell Wauchope Emir of Transjordan - Abdullah I bin al-Hussein
Mar 22nd 2017

Government of India Act, 1935
and within Indian and British views resulted in the clumsy compromise of the 1935 Act having no preamble of its own, but keeping in place the 1919 Act's
Apr 24th 2017

1935–36 Coppa Italia
The 1935–36 Coppa Italia was the third edition of the tournament and the first led to its conclusion since 1922. 98 teams took part to this competition
Apr 25th 2017

Brussels International Exposition (1935)
their careers. The Palais des ExpositionsExpositions, and at least three other of the 1935 structures, were re-used for Expo '58 which was held at the same site in
Apr 14th 2017

1935 Jérémie hurricane
The 1935 Jeremie hurricane was a highly destructive tropical cyclone that impacted the Greater Antilles and Honduras in October 1935, killing well over
Oct 22nd 2016

1935 Tschammerpokal
The 1935 Tschammerpokal was the 1st season of the annual German football cup competition. This was the first time a national cup tournament was held in
Jan 7th 2017

1935–36 Football League
The 1935–1936 season was the 44th season of The Football League. This season saw two significant changes in the First Division. Prior to this season Aston
Apr 12th 2017

1935 World Series
The 1935 Series World Series featured the Tigers Detroit Tigers and the Chicago Cubs, with the Tigers winning in six games for their first championship in five Series
Mar 25th 2017

List of British films of 1935
British films released in 1935. 1935 in British music 1935 in British television 1935 in the United Kingdom British films of 1935 at the Internet Movie
Apr 16th 2017

1935–36 in English football
The 1935–36 season was the 61st season of competitive football in England. Sunderland AFC won the league, and in doing so they remain the last team to
Apr 26th 2017

1935–36 Swedish football Division 2
Statistics of Swedish football Division 2 in season 1935/1936. For a colour code explanation, see Seasons in Swedish football § Legend. Teams
Feb 12th 2015

1935 Mestaruussarja – Finnish League Championship
The 1935 season was the sixth completed season of Finnish Football League Championship, known as the Mestaruussarja. The 1935 Mestaruussarja was contested
Jul 13th 2016

1935–36 NHL season
The-1935The 1935–36 NHL season was the 19th season of the National Hockey League (NHL). The-StThe St. Louis Eagles dropped out of the league, leaving eight teams. The
Apr 23rd 2017

1935 U.S. National Championships (tennis)
The 1935 U.S. National Championships (now known as the US Open) was a tennis tournament that took place on the outdoor grass courts at the West Side Tennis
Mar 12th 2017

German submarine U-8 (1935)
II. It was one of the smaller versions, and was first launched on 16 July 1935. Its first commander was Harald Grosse. U-8 would have 18 commanders over
Mar 5th 2017

1935 Peruvian Primera División
The-1935The 1935 season of the Primera Division Peruana was the 20th season of top-flight Peruvian football. A total of 5 teams competed in this league. The national
May 5th 2015

1935–36 Swedish football Division 3
Statistics of Swedish football Division 3 in season 1935/1936. 1. Soderhamns IF 16 12 3 1 44-11 27 Promotion Playoffs 2
Jun 7th 2016

German submarine U-17 (1935)
Germaniawerft, Kiel, where it was laid down on 1 July 1935 and commissioned on 3 December 1935, under the command of Werner Fresdorf. German Type IIB
Mar 4th 2017

Queensland state election, 1935
Elections were held in the Australian state of Queensland on 11 May 1935 to elect the 62 members of the state's Legislative Assembly. The Labor government
Jan 17th 2017

1935–36 Nationalliga
Statistics of Swiss Super League in the 1935–36 season. It was contested by 14 teams, and Lausanne Sports won the championship.
Feb 23rd 2016

1935 Argentine Primera División
The 1935 Argentine Primera Division was the 44° season of top-flight football in Argentina. There were 18 teams in the tournament, and Boca Juniors was
Jul 30th 2016

1935–36 Primeira Liga
The 1935–36 Primeira Liga season was the second season of top-tier football in Portugal. This was experimental competition and the winners of that competition
Jan 24th 2017

1935 Quetta earthquake
The 1935 Quetta earthquake (Urdu: بلوچستان زلزلہ‎) occurred on 31 May between 2:33 am and 3:40 am at Quetta, Balochistan, British Raj (now part of Pakistan)
Dec 28th 2016

1935–36 Scottish Football League
Statistics of the Scottish Football League in season 1935–36. Main article: 1935–36 Scottish First Division Main article: 1935–36 Scottish Second Division
Jan 17th 2017

List of Soviet films of 1935
A list of films produced in the Soviet-UnionSoviet Union in 1935 (see 1935 in film). Soviet films of 1935 at the Internet Movie Database
Nov 22nd 2016

Perth by-election, 1935
76 to give Parliament its proper attention, he decided not to contest the 1935 general election in November that year.
Mar 28th 2017

1935–36 Allsvenskan
Statistics of Allsvenskan in season 1935/1936. The league was contested by 12 teams, with IF Elfsborg winning the championship. Source:[citation needed]
May 3rd 2015

1935 in Canadian football
one more season. The-Winnipeg-Victoria-Rugby-ClubThe Winnipeg Victoria Rugby Club reformed on February 22, 1935. The nucleus of the team would be made up of players who played the 1934
Jul 22nd 2015

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