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This article is about the year 2011. For The Smithereens album, see 2011 (album). 2011 (MMXI) was a common year starting on Saturday (dominical letter
Apr 18th 2017

2011 in film
have surpassed the billion dollar mark, and the highest-grossing in the series. 2011 was the first year when three films grossed more than $1 billion worldwide
Apr 24th 2017

Timeline of the Bahraini uprising of 2011
circuit's medical staff to hospitals in the capital. A practice session for the 2011 Formula One season Bahrain Grand Prix was also called off, and officials
Apr 23rd 2017

United Kingdom Census 2011
United Kingdom is taken every ten years. The 2011 census was held in all countries of the UK on 27 March 2011. It was the first UK census which could be
Mar 11th 2017

2011 in Germany
2011 in Germany are the events and situation of the Federal Republic of Germany in the year 2011, the state of its land and people in that year. In 2011
Jan 1st 2017

2011 Formula One season
2011" redirects here. For the video game based on the 2011 Formula One season, see F1 2011 (video game). Formula One portal The 2011
Apr 17th 2017

Soccer Bowl 2011
Soccer Bowl 2011 was the North American Soccer League's postseason championship final of the 2011 season. It was the first championship match held by
Apr 3rd 2017

Timeline of the Syrian Civil War (January–April 2011)
events of the previous, very bloody, day incited Al Jazeera to entitle the Syrian 2011 protests no longer as merely ‘protests’ but henceforward as an "uprising"
Apr 2nd 2017

2011 in Ireland
IrelandIreland Northern Ireland, see 2011 in IrelandIreland Northern Ireland. Events during the year 2011 in Ireland. President: Mary McAleese (until November 10, 2011); Michael D. Higgins
Apr 2nd 2017

Timeline of the Egyptian revolution of 2011
about timeline of the 2011 Egyptian revolution right up to Hosni Mubarak's resignation. For subsequent events, see Aftermath of the 2011 Egyptian revolution
Mar 14th 2017

NASCAR The Game: 2011
"NASCAR-2011NASCAR 2011" redirects here. For the 2011 NASCAR season, see 2011 in NASCAR. NASCAR The Game: 2011, also known as NASCAR-2011NASCAR 2011: The Game, is the first
Jan 24th 2017

2011–12 Jordanian protests
salaries were a cause for resentment in the country. The 2010-2011 Tunisian Revolution and the 2011 Egyptian Revolution also raised hopes for political
Mar 4th 2017

2011 Tippeligaen
The-2011The 2011 Tippeligaen season was the sixty-seventh season of top-tier football in Norway. The competition began on 20 March 2011 and ended on 27 November
Jan 16th 2017

2011 K-League
The 2011 edition of the K League was the 29th since its establishment in 1983. The 2011 season was known as Hyundai Oilbank K-League 2011 due to the competition's
Mar 20th 2017

Greatest the Hits 2011–2011
"Greatest the Hits 2011–2011" (グレイテスト・ザ・ヒッツ 2011〜2011, Gureitesuto Za Hittsu 2011-2011?) is a triple A-side maxi single released by the Japanese rock band
Mar 9th 2017

List of elections in 2011
occurred in the year 2011. Local electoral calendar 2011 National electoral calendar 2011 United Nations Security Council election, 2011 Beninese general
Apr 21st 2016

2011 in China
Events in the year 2011 in China. Party General Secretary - Hu Jintao PresidentHu Jintao PremierWen Jiabao Congress Chairman - Wu Bangguo Conference
Feb 25th 2017

2011–12 Iranian protests
The-2011The 2011–12 protests in Iran were a series of demonstrations in Iran which began on 14 February 2011, called "The-DayThe Day of Rage". The protests followed the
Apr 5th 2017

Kuwaiti protests (2011–12)
protests refers to the series of 2011–12 demonstrations for government reforms in the state of Kuwait. In November 2011, the government of Kuwait resigned
Mar 13th 2017

2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami
other earthquakes and tsunamis in Japan, see List of earthquakes in Japan. The-2011The 2011 earthquake off the Pacific coast of Tōhoku (東北地方太平洋沖地震, Tōhoku-chihō Taiheiyō
Apr 19th 2017

Canada 2011 Census
The Canada 2011 Census is a detailed enumeration of the Canadian population on May 10, 2011. Statistics Canada, an agency of the Canadian government,
Mar 1st 2017

List of Bollywood films of 2011
February 2011. Retrieved 21 March 2011.  "Kaccha Limboo : Complete Cast and Crew details". 18 February 2011. Retrieved 21 March 2011
Apr 8th 2017

2011–12 ECHL season
The-2011The 2011–12 ECHL season was the 24th season of the ECHL. The regular season schedule ran from October 4, 2011 to March 31, 2012 and was followed by the
Apr 14th 2017

2011 in sports
The year 2011 saw a number of significant sporting events, some of which are listed below. 31 March – 28 October: Baseball, / 2011 Major League Baseball
Apr 9th 2017

2011 Burkinabé protests
The 2011 Burkinabe protests were a series of popular protests in Burkina Faso. On 15 February soldiers mutinied in the capital Ouagadougou over unpaid
Mar 23rd 2017

Swimming at the 2011 World Aquatics Championships
Main article: 2011 World Aquatics Championships The swimming portion of the 2011 FINA World Championships was held July 24–31 at the Shanghai Oriental
Aug 13th 2015

Egyptian revolution of 2011
80,000 people. Main article: Timeline of the 2011–present Egyptian civil unrest Most causes of the 2011 Egyptian revolution against Mubarak also existed
Apr 23rd 2017

Budget Control Act of 2011
The bill was the final chance in a series of proposals to resolve the 2011 United States debt-ceiling crisis, which featured bitter divisions between
Apr 22nd 2017

2011 in the Palestinian territories
Events in the year 2011 in the Palestinian territories. Palestinian National Authority (non-state administrative authority) PresidentMahmoud Abbas
Feb 23rd 2017

Libyan Civil War (2011)
International reactions to the Libyan Civil War and US domestic reactions to the 2011 military intervention in Libya Many states and supranational bodies
Apr 20th 2017

2011 AFL season
For the 2011 season of the Arena Football League, see 2011 Arena Football League season. The 2011 Australian Football League season was the 115th season
Mar 23rd 2017

2011 Christchurch earthquake
in March 2012. The west wall suffered collapses in the June 2011 earthquake and the December 2011 quake due to a steel structure – intended to stabilise
Apr 18th 2017

2011 Pacific hurricane season
The 2011 Pacific hurricane season was a below average Pacific hurricane season and was the first season since 2009 that featured no depressions or named
Apr 23rd 2017

2011 Sony Ericsson Open
The 2011 Sony Ericsson Open (also known as 2011 Miami Masters), a men's and women's tennis tournament, was held from March 22 to April 3, 2011. It was
Apr 3rd 2017

2011 Asian Winter Games
The 2011 Asian Winter Games was a multi sporting event that was held in Astana and Almaty, Kazakhstan and that began on January 30, 2011 and ended on February
Mar 14th 2017

2011–12 Segunda División B
The-2011The 2011–12 Segunda Division B season is the 81st since its establishment. The first matches of the season were played on 20 August 2011, and the season
Aug 25th 2016

2011 Pan American Games
"Guadalajara 2011" redirects here. For the Parapan American Games, see 2011 Parapan American Games. The 2011 Pan American Games, officially the XVI Pan
Mar 30th 2017

The Singles Collection 2001–2011
released in 2010, and none of the singles from their previous album The Fall (2011) were included. This edition includes 2 × 12" vinyl, both being double
Mar 31st 2017

2011–12 in English football
The-2011The 2011–12 season was the 132nd season of competitive football in England. The season began on 5 August-2011August 2011 for The Football League, on 12 August for
Nov 12th 2016

Protests in Sudan (2011–13)
Protests in Sudan, also nicknamed as the Sudanese Intifada, began in January 2011 as part of the Arab-SpringArab Spring regional protest movement. Unlike in other Arab
Mar 10th 2017

2011 Birthday Honours
The Birthday Honours 2011 for the Commonwealth realms were announced on 11 June 2011 in the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Barbados, Grenada, Papua New
Apr 14th 2017

2011 in the United Kingdom
Events from the year 2011 in the United Kingdom. MonarchElizabeth II Prime MinisterDavid Cameron (Coalition) 1 JanuaryInmates rioted at Ford
Apr 6th 2017

2011–12 2. Bundesliga
The-2011The 2011–12 2. Bundesliga was the 38th season of the 2. Bundesliga, Germany's second tier of its football league system. The season commenced on 15 July
Jul 6th 2016

2011 Rugby World Cup
Cup 2011" redirects here. For the video game based on the rugby event, see Rugby World Cup 2011 (video game). See also: Rugby-World-CupRugby World Cup hosts The 2011 Rugby
Apr 1st 2017

2011–12 Moroccan protests
series of demonstrations across Morocco which occurred from 20 February 2011 to the spring of 2012. They were inspired by other protests in the region
Mar 31st 2017

2011 Cricket World Cup
The 2011 ICC Cricket World Cup was the tenth Cricket World Cup. It was played in India, Sri Lanka, and (for the first time) Bangladesh. India won the tournament
Apr 24th 2017

2011–12 La Liga
The 2011–12 La Liga season (known as the Liga BBVA for sponsorship reasons) was the 81st season of the top level Spanish association football competition
Apr 27th 2017

2011 World Series
The-2011The 2011 World Series was the 107th edition of Major League Baseball's championship series. The best-of-seven playoff was played between the American League
Apr 3rd 2017

Aftermath of the Bahraini uprising (July–December 2011)
Pearl Roundabout. The protests were timed to coincide with a boycott of the 2011 Bahraini parliamentary by-elections to replace the 18 Al Wefaq members
Apr 15th 2017

2011 England riots
Not to be confused with 2011 United Kingdom anti-austerity protests. The 2011 England riots occurred between 6 and 11 August 2011, when thousands of people
Apr 22nd 2017

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