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DohaDoha (Arabic: الدوحة‎‎, ad-DawDawḥa or ad-Dōḥa, pronounced [addawħa],[stress?] literally in MSA: "the big tree", locally: "rounded bays") is the capital city
May 25th 2017

Doha Centre for Media Freedom
The Doha Centre for Media Freedom (DCMF) is a non-profit organization working for press freedom and quality journalism in Qatar, the Middle East, and
Jan 29th 2017

Doha bid for the 2016 Summer Olympics
Doha, the capital city of Qatar, bid for the 2016 Summer Olympics. It was one of two cities in the Arab World, along with Cairo, Egypt to mount a serious
Dec 31st 2016

Doha Tower and Convention Center
buildings in Doha, Qatar List of buildings with 100 floors or more "Doha Convention Centre and Tower". Construction Week Online. 2009-07-16. Retrieved 2010-01-14
May 1st 2017

Doha Development Round
The Doha Development Round or Doha Development Agenda (DDA) is the latest trade-negotiation round of the World Trade Organization (WTO) which commenced
May 8th 2017

Doha Declaration
Doha-Declaration">The Doha Declaration on the TRIPS Agreement and Public Health was adopted by the WTO Ministerial Conference of 2001 in Doha on November 14, 2001. It reaffirmed
Mar 4th 2017

Doha Metro
The Doha Metro is a planned rapid transit system in Qatar's capital city that is scheduled to become operational by the end of 2019. It will have four
Mar 18th 2017

Timeline of Doha
The following is a timeline of the history of the city of Doha, Qatar. This is a dynamic list and may never be able to satisfy particular standards for
Apr 6th 2017

Philippine School Doha
Philippine School Doha (Arabic: المدرسة الفلبينية الدوحة‎‎), also known as PSD for short, is a learning institution in Qatar providing basic education
Mar 23rd 2017

Embassy of India, Doha
The present Indian Ambassador to Qatar is P. Kumaran. He arrived in Doha on 28 September 2016 and presented his credentials on 5 October 2016. The former
Feb 27th 2017

Doha Academy
Doha-AcademyDoha Academy is an independent, privately owned day school situated in Doha, Qatar. It is open to students aged 3 – 18 or Kindergarten to Year 12, and
Feb 24th 2017

International Centre for Sport Security
The International Centre for Sport Security (ICSS) is an international, not-for-profit organisation based in Doha, Qatar. It was established in 2010 and
Mar 7th 2017

Doha News
February 2015.  "Doha News and the growth of online media in Qatar". Doha Centre for Media Freedom. 21 February 2013. Retrieved 16 February 2015Arab
Dec 14th 2016

2006 Asian Games
The 2006 Asian-GamesAsian Games, officially known as the XV Asiad, was an Asian multi-sport event held in Doha, Qatar from December 1 to December 15, 2006 with 424
Apr 30th 2017

Brookings Doha Center
February-17February 17, 2008. Staff Reporter (2007-10-31). "Brookings to open Doha centre in Feb". Gulf Times. Archived from the original on 2011-06-08. Retrieved
Jan 26th 2017

Aspire Zone
The Aspire Zone Foundation, also known as Doha-Sports-CityDoha Sports City, is a 250-hectare (2.5 km2) sporting complex located in Al Waab district of Doha, Qatar. It
Feb 7th 2017

Sheraton Grand Doha Resort & Convention Hotel
The Sheraton Grand Doha Resort & Convention Hotel is a five-star luxury hotel run by the Sheraton Hotels and Resorts overlooking the Persian Gulf in the
Oct 16th 2016

Museum of Islamic Art, Doha
The Museum of Islamic Art (Arabic: متحف الفن الإسلامي‎‎, matḥaf al-fann al-islāmī) is a museum located on one end of the seven kilometers long Corniche
Apr 26th 2017

Qatar National Convention Centre
The-Qatar-National-Convention-CentreThe Qatar National Convention Centre (QNCC) is located in Gharafat al Rayyan, on the Dukhan Highway in Doha, Qatar. The convention centre is a member of
May 10th 2017

Msheireb Downtown Doha
Doha Msheireb Downtown Doha is a planned city in Doha, Qatar. Initial construction began in January 2010. Located in the downtown area of Qatar's capital city
Oct 9th 2016

Trade Centre 2
Trade Centre 2 (Arabic: المركز التجاري الثانية‎‎), also known as Dubai-Financial-CentreDubai Financial Centre, is a locality in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE). Trade Centre
Sep 10th 2015

World Trade Organization Ministerial Conference of 2001
The Fourth Ministerial Conference of the World Trade Organization, also known as the WTO Fourth Ministerial Conference, was held at the Sheraton Doha Hotel
Mar 3rd 2017

Hamad Aquatic Centre
Hamad Aquatic Centre is a large swimming pool complex in Doha, Qatar. As part of the Doha sports city that encompasses a number of other complexes in the
Sep 12th 2015

Qatar Financial Centre
The Qatar Financial Centre (QFC) Authority is a fully onshore global business and financial centre located in Doha, providing legal and business platform
Apr 15th 2017

Water polo at the 2006 Asian Games
Water polo was contested by men's teams at the 2006 Asian Games in Doha, Qatar from December 6 to December 14, 2006. Ten teams competed in two round robin
Nov 20th 2016

2016 UCI Road World Championships
kilometres (50 miles) through the desert and a finishing circuit in Doha city centre, including 1.2 kilometres (0.75 miles) of cobblestones. The finishing
Apr 15th 2017

2010 IAAF World Indoor Championships
The-2010The 2010 IAAF World Indoor Championships in Athletics was held between 12 and 14 March at the ASPIRE Dome in Doha, Qatar. The championships was the first
Mar 14th 2017

ACS International Schools
ACS International Schools is a group of four private schools, three in England and one in Qatar. Until 2005, the organisation was known as American Community
May 24th 2017

2005 World Weightlifting Championships
The 2005 World Weightlifting Championships were held in Al-Sadd Sports Centre, Doha, Qatar from November 9 to November 17. Ranking by Big (Total result)
Mar 31st 2017

Stafford Sri Lankan School Doha
Stafford Sri Lankan School Doha was inaugurated in October 2001, under the patronage of H.E. Meerasahib Mahroof, then Ambassador of Sri Lanka to Qatar
Apr 26th 2017

Al Hilal (district)
Al Hilal is a district of Doha. It is home to the Doha Mall, the city's first shopping centre. One of Qatar's largest public libraries is located in
Mar 10th 2017

Academic health science centre
An academic health science centre (AHSC; also known as an academic health sciences centre, an academic health science(s) system, an academic health science(s)
May 26th 2017

Madinat Khalifa North
Madinat Khalifa North (Arabic: مدينه خليفه الشماليه‎‎) is a north-western district of Doha, Qatar. It one of the two sections of Madinat Khalifa, the other
Mar 24th 2017

Mohammed Hanzab
Mohammed Hanzab is the President of the International Centre for Sport Security (ICSS) in Doha, Qatar. He is the former President of the Qatar International
Jun 1st 2016

Al Dafna
Al Dafna (Arabic: الدفنة) is a seaside district of the Qatari capital Doha located on the arabin Gulf. The district is currently rapidly developing into
Mar 10th 2017

Diving at the 2006 Asian Games
Diving was contested at the 2006 Asian Games in Doha, Qatar from December 10 to December 14. Men's and women's individual and synchronized events were
May 3rd 2017

Al Waab
Al Waab is a settlement situated between the municipalities of Doha and Al Rayyan in Qatar. The settlement has witnessed tremendous growth beginning in
Mar 11th 2017

Maryam Nemazee
This article is about the journalist. For the political activist, see Maryam Namazie. Maryam Nemazee (Persian: مریم نمازي‎‎) is a British broadcast journalist
Feb 22nd 2017

Souq Waqif
Souq Waqif (Arabic: سوق واقف, "the standing market") is a souq in Doha, in the state of Qatar. The souq is noted for selling traditional garments, spices
Mar 12th 2017

Indians in Qatar
The community of IndiansIndians in Qatar includes Indian expatriates in Qatar, as well as people born in Qatar of Indian origin. The Indian population in the
Feb 28th 2017

Onaiza is a north-eastern district of Doha, Qatar. It is located between Al Dafna, Qatar's emerging central business district, and Lusail, a development
Aug 5th 2015

Qatar Finance and Business Academy
QFBA is the educational arm of the Qatar Financial Centre Authority. It is aimed at entry-level to senior executive professionals, instructing them in
Mar 16th 2017

Bowling at the 2006 Asian Games
Bowling took place for the men's and women's individual, doubles, trios, and team events at the 2006 Asian Games in Doha, Qatar from December-3December 3 to December
May 27th 2017

Hamad may refer to: Hamad (name), an Arabic given name and surname Hamad Town, also known as Madinat Hamad, a city in northern Bahrain Abu Hamad, also
Apr 6th 2017

International Broadcast Centre
The International Broadcast Centre (IBC) is a temporary hub for broadcasters during major sport events. During the 2006 FIFA World Cup, in Germany, the
Dec 15th 2016

2013 Arab Athletics Championships
The 2013 Arab-Athletics-ChampionshipsArab Athletics Championships was the eighteenth edition of the international athletics competition between Arab countries that took place in Doha
Mar 15th 2016

Al Bidda
Al Bidda is a neighborhood of Doha, Qatar. It was previously the largest town in Qatar in the 19th century, before Doha, an offshoot of Al Bidda, grew
Mar 16th 2017

Swimming at the 2006 Asian Games
The Swimming competition at the 2006 Asian Games took place December 2–9 at the Hamad Aquatic Centre in Doha, Qatar. It featured 38 events (19 male, 19
Mar 7th 2017

Swimming at the 2006 Asian Games – Women's 200 metre butterfly
The women's 200m butterfly swimming event at the 2006 Asian Games was held on December 4, 2006 at the Hamad Aquatic Centre in Doha, Qatar. All times
Aug 10th 2016

Swimming at the 2006 Asian Games – Women's 200 metre breaststroke
The women's 200m breaststroke swimming event at the 2006 Asian Games was held on December 6, 2006 at the Hamad Aquatic Centre in Doha, Qatar. All times
Aug 10th 2016

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