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French Fourth Republic
The French Fourth Republic was the republican government of France between 1946 and 1958, governed by the fourth republican constitution. It was in many
Apr 29th 2017

Provisional Government of the Fourth French Republic
operations Overlord and Dragoon, and lasted until the establishment of the French Fourth Republic. Its establishment marked the official restoration and re-establishment
May 7th 2017

French Fifth Republic
Third Republic (1870–1940). The trigger for the collapse of the French Fourth Republic was the Algiers crisis of 1958. France was still a colonial power
May 15th 2017

Fourth Republic
Fourth-RepublicFourth-RepublicFourth-RepublicFourth Republic may refer to: French Fourth-RepublicFourth-RepublicFourth-RepublicFourth Republic (1946-1958) Fourth-RepublicFourth-RepublicFourth-RepublicFourth Republic of Ghana, since 1993 Fourth-RepublicFourth-RepublicFourth-RepublicFourth Republic of South Korea (1972-1979) Fourth
Mar 23rd 2017

French presidential elections under the Fourth Republic
ThereThere were two presidential elections in France during the republican government known as the Fourth Republic. The president was elected by the Congress
May 8th 2017

Council of the Republic (France)
Republique) was the name of the upper house of the legislature of the French Fourth Republic (1946–1958). It was replaced by the Senate when the constitution
Mar 8th 2013

French Third Republic
positions and joined the national war effort. First World War begins. French Fourth Republic French Fifth Republic French colonial empire French Presidential
May 18th 2017

French First Republic
In the history of France, the First Republic, officially the French-RepublicFrench Republic (French: Republique francaise), was founded on 21 September 1792 during the
May 10th 2017

French Second Republic
The French Second Republic was a short-lived republican government of France between the 1848 Revolution and the 1851 coup by Louis-Napoleon Bonaparte
May 8th 2017

French Republics
(1792–1804) French Second Republic (1848–1852) French Third Republic (1870–1940) French Fourth Republic (1946–1958) French Fifth Republic (1958–present)
Apr 18th 2017

Constitution of France
French Constitution of 1946, adopted 27 October 1946, established the French Fourth Republic The French Constitution of 1958, adopted 4 October 1958, established
Apr 9th 2017

French Parliament
French-Parliament">The French Parliament (French: Parlement francais) is the bicameral legislature of the French Republic, consisting of the SenateSenate (Senat) and the National
May 15th 2017

President of France
President The President of the French-RepublicFrench Republic (French: President de la Republique francaise, French pronunciation: ​[pʁezidɑ̃ də la ʁepyblik fʁɑ̃sɛz]), is the executive
May 17th 2017

French Cameroons
Peoples of Cameroon (UPC) erupted in 1955, strongly repressed by the Republic French Fourth Republic. Cameroun became independent as the Republic of Cameroon in January
Mar 18th 2017

France in the twentieth century
Main articles: Provisional Government of the French Republic, French Fourth Republic, and French Fifth Republic France emerged from World War II to face
Apr 2nd 2017

Parliamentary republic
France by Nazi Germany in 1940. Following the end of the war, the French Fourth Republic was constituted along similar lines in 1946. The Fourth Republic
May 9th 2017

French Union
Union (French: Union francaise) was a political entity created by the French Fourth Republic to replace the old French colonial system, colloquially known
Mar 7th 2017

Republic of the Congo
Coordinates: 1°26′24″S 15°33′22″E / 1.44°S 15.556°E / -1.44; 15.556 The Republic of the Congo (French: Republique du Congo), also known as the Congo
May 22nd 2017

Fourth International (ICR)
The Fourth International (identified here by its major theoretical magazine "La Verite") was established as an "International Centre (or Center) of Reconstruction"
Jan 7th 2015

Prime Minister of France
French-Prime-Minister">The French Prime Minister (French: Premier ministre francais) in the Fifth Republic is the head of government and of the Council of Ministers of France
May 22nd 2017

France (French: [fʁɑ̃s]), officially the French Republic (Republique francaise [ʁepyblik fʁɑ̃sɛz]), is a country with territory in western Europe and several
May 23rd 2017

France and the United Nations
before being succeeded by the French Fourth Republic in 1946, however, after a series of crises, the French Fourth Republic collapsed. A constitutional
Apr 13th 2017

Fourth Anglo-Dutch War
The-Fourth-AngloThe Fourth Anglo-War Dutch War (1780–1784) was a conflict between the Kingdom of Great Britain and the Dutch Republic. The war, contemporary with the War of
Apr 12th 2017

Congress of the French Parliament
Congress">The Congress of the French-ParliamentFrench Parliament (French: Congres du Parlement francais) is the name given to the body created when both houses of the present-day
Nov 16th 2016

List of Presidents of the Senate of France
The French Senate is the Upper House of the French Parliament. It is presided over by a President. Although there had been Senates in both the First and
May 22nd 2017

List of Presidents of France
This is a list of PresidentsPresidents of France. The first President of France is considered to be Louis-Napoleon Bonaparte (later Napoleon III), who was elected
May 21st 2017

List of Prime Ministers of France
The Prime Minister of France is the Head of Government and of the Cabinet of France. During earlier periods of French history, the French head of government
May 20th 2017

French Equatorial Africa
French-Equatorial-AfricaFrench Equatorial Africa (French: Afrique equatoriale francaise), or the AEF, was the federation of French colonial possessions in Central Africa, extending
Mar 27th 2017

French Dahomey
from 1904 to 1958. After World War II, by the establishment of the French Fourth Republic in 1947, Dahomey became part of the French Union with an increased
Nov 22nd 2016

Senate (France)
Coordinates: 48°50′54″N 2°20′14.2″E / 48.84833°N 2.337278°E / 48.84833; 2.337278 Senate">The Senate (French: Senat [seˈna]) is the upper house of the French
May 19th 2017

Government of France
The Government of the French-RepublicFrench Republic (French: Gouvernement de la Republique francaise) exercises executive power. It is composed of a prime minister,
May 21st 2017

French legislative election, 1968
French legislative elections took place on 23 and 30 June 1968 to elect the fourth French National Assembly of the Fifth Republic. They were held in the
May 21st 2017

Batavian Republic
Republic The Batavian Republic (Dutch: Bataafse Republiek; French: Republique Batave) was the successor of the Republic of the Seven United Netherlands. It was
Mar 16th 2017

China–France relations
communist-led People's Republic of China (PRC) on 1 October 1949, the French Fourth Republic government did not recognize the PRC. Instead, France maintained
May 3rd 2017

A republic (Latin: res publica) is a form of government in which the country is considered a "public matter" – not the private concern or property of the
May 20th 2017

Fourth grade
"4th Grade" redirects here. For the South Park episode, see 4th Grade (South Park). Fourth Grade (also called Grade Four or Year five in Britain) is a
Feb 16th 2017

Republic of Ragusa
The Republic of Ragusa was a maritime republic centered on the city of Dubrovnik (Ragusa in Italian, German and Latin; Raguse in French) in Dalmatia (today
May 21st 2017

The Collapse of the Third Republic
constitution. Its ratification, in October 1946, paved the way for the French Fourth Republic. "William L. Shirer, Author, Is Dead at 89". nytimes. New York
Apr 30th 2017

Fourth Army
A number of nations have had a Army-">Fourth Army 4th Army (German Empire), a World War I field Army 4th Army (Wehrmacht), a World War II field army 4th Panzer
Jan 23rd 2016

Republic of Genoa
The Republic of Genoa (Ligurian: Repubrica de Zena /re'pybrika 'de 'ze:na/, Latin: Res Publica Ianuensis, Italian: Repubblica di Genova) was an independent
May 9th 2017

Fifth Republic
There have been several Fifth Republics in the course of history, including: French Fifth Republic (1958–present) Czechoslovak Socialist Republic, after
Apr 2nd 2015

Presidential elections in France
PresidentialPresidential elections in France determine who will serve as the President of France for the next several years. Currently they are held once in five years
May 12th 2017

French Revolution of 1848
For previous revolutions in France, see Revolution French Revolution and Revolution July Revolution. The 1848 Revolution in France, sometimes known as the February
Apr 29th 2017

French legislative election, 1958
first National Assembly of the French Fifth Republic. Since 1954, the French Fourth Republic had been mired in the Algerian War. In May 1958, Pierre Pflimlin
Dec 17th 2016

Fourth Crusade
The Fourth Crusade (1202–04) was a Western European armed expedition called by Pope Innocent III, originally intended to conquer Muslim-controlled Jerusalem
May 16th 2017

Free France
Free France and its French-Forces Free French Forces (French: France Libre and Forces francaises libres) were the government-in-exile led by Charles de Gaulle during
May 18th 2017

French Revolution
French-Revolution The French Revolution (French: Revolution francaise [ʁevɔlysjɔ̃ fʁɑ̃sɛːz]) was a period of far-reaching social and political upheaval in France that lasted
May 20th 2017

French Republican Calendar
French-Republican-Calendar">The French Republican Calendar (French: calendrier republicain francais), also commonly called the French Revolutionary Calendar (calendrier revolutionnaire
May 19th 2017

French legislative election, 1967
French legislative elections took place on 5 and 12 March 1967 to elect the third National Assembly of the Fifth Republic. In December 1965, Charles de
May 21st 2017

Parliamentary Republic
Parliamentary republic The History of Chile during the Parliamentary Era (1891–1925) The French Third Republic (1870–1940) The French Fourth Republic (1947–1958)
Apr 23rd 2014

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