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The Hidden Hitler
The Hidden Hitler (German: Hitlers Geheimnis. Das Doppelleben eines Diktators; the title translates literally as "Hitler's Secret: The Double Life of
Mar 11th 2017

Hidden Führer: Debating the Enigma of Hitler's Sexuality
the research of German Professor Lothar Machtan for his 2001 book The Hidden Hitler that claimed Adolf Hitler was a homosexual. Aired by HBO's CINEMAX
Jan 9th 2017

Sexuality of Adolf Hitler
had bizarre sexual fetishes". Historian Lothar Machtan argues in The-Hidden-Hitler The Hidden Hitler (2001) that Hitler was homosexual. The book speculates about Hitler's
Apr 27th 2017

The Plot to Kill Hitler
For the 1955 German film, see The Plot to Assassinate Hitler. The Plot to Kill Hitler is a 1990 television film based on the July 20 plot by German High
Mar 6th 2017

Death of Adolf Hitler
Adolf Hitler killed himself by gunshot on 30 April 1945 in his Führerbunker in Berlin. His wife Eva Braun committed suicide with him by taking cyanide
Apr 8th 2017

Adolf Hitler in popular culture
Adolf Hitler (20 April 1889 – 30 April 1945) was the leader of the National Socialist German Workers' Party and Chancellor of Nazi Germany from 1933 (Führer
Apr 25th 2017

Hitler and Mannerheim recording
The Hitler and Mannerheim Recording is a secret voice recording of a private conversation between Adolf Hitler and Baron Carl Gustaf Emil Mannerheim, Marshal
Apr 24th 2017

List of books by or about Adolf Hitler
Hitler-I-KnewHitler I Knew. Greenwood. ISBN 0-8371-8664-1.  Machtan, L. (2001). Hitler The Hidden Hitler. Basic Book. ISBN 0-465-04308-9 Marrin, A . (1987). Hitler. Penguin
Dec 17th 2016

Hitler Diaries
Hitler-Diaries">The Hitler Diaries (German: Hitler-Tagebücher) were a series of sixty volumes of journals purportedly by Adolf Hitler, but forged by Konrad Kujau between
Apr 28th 2017

The Mind of Adolf Hitler
historian Machtan, solely devoted to this thesis: Machtan, Lothar (2002). The Hidden Hitler. Basic Books. ISBN 0-465-04309-7.  The Mind of Adolf Hitler p. 149-50
Feb 19th 2017

Paintings by Adolf Hitler
Adolf Hitler, leader of the Nazi Party in Germany in the years leading up to and during World War II, was also a painter. He produced hundreds of works
Apr 19th 2017

Even Hitler Had a Girlfriend
For the punk song, see Even Hitler Had a Girlfriend (song). Even Hitler Had a Girlfriend is a 1991 black comedy film about a lonely security guard who
Aug 19th 2016

Psychopathography of Adolf Hitler
such as for example happened in the case of Lothar Machtan’s book The Hidden Hitler (2001). Even more grave, secondly, is the warning put forward by some
Mar 12th 2017

Adolf Hitler's health
ISBN 0-7553-1149-3.  Machtan, Lothar (2002). trans. J. Brownjohn, ed. The Hidden Hitler. Basic Books. ISBN 0-465-04308-9.  Murray, Henry A. (1943). Analysis
Apr 20th 2017

Secret Hitler
Secret Hitler is a multiplayer hidden identity board card game. It is set in 1930s Germany and there are two teams, liberals and fascists, where liberals
Apr 28th 2017

Unmasked: Two Confidential Interviews with Hitler in 1931
Unmasked: Two Confidential Interviews with Hitler in 1931 is a book first published in 1968 claiming to comprise transcripts of shorthand notes by Richard
Nov 15th 2016

Lothar Machtan
Propylaen, Berlin 2008. "The Hidden Hitler With Lothar Machtan". The Washington Post. 17 October 2001The Hidden Hitler by Lothar Machtan by Allen
Feb 19th 2017

Hunting Hitler
Hunting Hitler is a History Channel television series based on the conspiracy theory that Adolf Hitler escaped from the Führerbunker in Berlin at the end
Apr 25th 2017

Esoteric Nazism
Nazism Esoteric Nazism is an umbrella term used to describe various mystical interpretations and adaptations of Nazism in the post-World War II period. After
Nov 25th 2016

Hitler's Daughter
Children's literature portal Hitler's Daughter is a children's novel by Australian children's author Jackie French. It was first published in 1999, and
Apr 3rd 2017

Secret Lives: Hidden Children and Their Rescuers During WWII
Secret Lives: Hidden Children and Their Rescuers During WWII is a 2002 documentary directed by Aviva Slesin. It deals with the complicated associations
Apr 19th 2017

Theodor Morell
Morell Theodor Gilbert Morell (22 July 1886 – 26 May 1948) was a German doctor known for acting as Adolf Hitler's personal physician. Morell was well known in
Mar 29th 2017

Recurring Saturday Night Live characters and sketches introduced 2001–2002
based on a theory described in German historian Lothar Machtan's book The-Hidden-HitlerThe Hidden Hitler,[1] which attempts to prove that Adolf Hitler was a homosexual. The
Jan 27th 2017

Gerd Heidemann
Gerd Heidemann (born 4 December 1931) is a German journalist best known for his role in the publication of purported Hitler Diaries that were subsequently
Jan 21st 2017

The Rhetoric of Hitler's
The Rhetoric of Hitler's "Battle" was an influential essay written by Kenneth Burke in 1939 which offered a rhetorical analysis of Adolf Hitler's rise
Sep 24th 2016

August Kubizek
August ("Gustl") Kubizek (3 August 1888 in Linz – 23 October 1956 in Eferding) was a close friend of Adolf Hitler when both were in their late teens. He
Mar 25th 2017

Heinrich Hoffmann (photographer)
For other people known by the same name, see Heinrich Hoffman (disambiguation). Heinrich Hoffmann (12 September 1885 – 15 December 1957) was a German
Mar 7th 2017

The Seventh Secret
The Seventh Secret is a 1986[citation needed] novel by Irving Wallace using an alternate history of Adolf Hitler having survived World War II. One Oxford
Nov 4th 2016

Rudolf Christoph Freiherr von Gersdorff
Rudolf Christoph Freiherr von Gersdorff (27 March 1905 – 27 January 1980) was an officer in the German Army. He attempted to assassinate Adolf Hitler by
Apr 23rd 2017

Coordinates: 48°17′25″N 14°17′31″E / 48.290139°N 14.291981°E / 48.290139; 14.291981 The Führermuseum (English, Leader's Museum), also
Mar 17th 2017

Moloch (film)
Moloch (Russian: Молох) is a 1999 Russian biographical drama film directed by Alexander Sokurov. The storyline was conceived from a screenplay written
Apr 25th 2017

For the assault detachments of the German-ArmyGerman Army during World War I, see Stormtrooper. For the youth groups, see Jungsturm. The Sturmabteilung (SA; German
Apr 27th 2017

Margery Booth
Margery Booth (1905 – 11 April 1952) was an English opera singer, who having married a German and emigrated to Germany, became a British spy during World
Apr 19th 2017

Kurt Ludecke
Knew Hitler, London: Jarrolds  ("Ludecke") Machtan, Lothar (2002). The Hidden Hitler. Basic Books. ISBN 0-465-04309-7.  ("Machtan") Max, Gerry, "I Knew
Mar 11th 2017

Fritz Wiedemann
Fritz Wiedemann (16 August 1891 in Augsburg – 17 January 1970 in Postmünster) was a German soldier and Nazi Party activist. He was for a time the personal
Mar 4th 2017

Erna Hanfstaengl
guess" as to whether they actually made love); Machtan, Lothar (2002). The Hidden Hitler. Basic Books. p. 162. ISBN 0-465-04309-7. One can only speculate
Apr 20th 2017

Nazism and occultism
Nazism and occultism describes a range of theories, speculation and research into origins of Nazism and its possible relation to various occult traditions
Apr 18th 2017

Jud Newborn
Jud Newborn (born in 1952), is a New York-based author, lecturer, cultural anthropologist and curator. A pioneer in the creation of Holocaust museums,
Apr 2nd 2016

Ernst Röhm
Publishers. p. 192.  McNab 2013, p. 16. Machtan, Lothar (2002). The Hidden Hitler. Basic Books. p. 107. ISBN 0-465-04309-7.  Shirer, William (1990)
Apr 1st 2017

Molotov–Ribbentrop Pact
"German-Soviet-Nonaggression-PactSoviet Nonaggression Pact" redirects here. For the Weimar-era German-Soviet nonaggression pact, see Treaty of Berlin (1926). The MolotovRibbentrop
Apr 28th 2017

Brigitte Hamann
inordinate fear of both infection and women. Following the publication of The Hidden Hitler by historian and University of Bremen professor Lothar Machtan, Hamann
Apr 26th 2017

The Funniest Joke in the World
This article is about the Monty Python sketch. For research into international humour, see World'sWorld's funniest joke. "The Funniest Joke in the World" is the
Apr 26th 2017

Catholic Church and Nazi Germany
Popes Pius XI (1922–39) and Pius XII (1939–58) led the Roman Catholic Church through the rise and fall of Nazi Germany. Around a third of Germans were
Apr 14th 2017

Willy Johannmeyer
Willy Johannmeyer (27 July 1915 – 14 April 1970) was a German officer during World War II. He was also a recipient of the Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross
Feb 11th 2017

Blomberg–Fritsch affair
Blomberg The BlombergFritsch affair, also known as the BlombergFritsch crisis (German: BlombergFritschKrise), was two related scandals in early 1938 which resulted
Mar 10th 2017

Salami tactics
Salami tactics, also known as the salami-slice strategy, is a divide and conquer process of threats and alliances used to overcome opposition. With it
Apr 19th 2017

Hermann Göring
"Goring" redirects here. For other uses, see Goring (disambiguation). Hermann Wilhelm Goring (or Goering; German: [ˈɡoːʁɪŋ] ( listen); 12 January 1893 –
Apr 27th 2017

Edmund Heines
portal Munich portal Nazi Germany portal Lothar Machtan (2001). The Hidden Hitler, translated by John Brownjohn, Oxford: The Perseus Press, p. 111.
Mar 13th 2017

The Pope's Jews
Pope's-Jews">The Pope's Jews: The Vatican's Secret Plan to Save Jews from the Nazis is a 2012 book by the British author Gordon Thomas concerning the efforts of Pope
Apr 15th 2017

Heinrich Himmler
"Himmler" redirects here. For other persons with the same surname, see Himmler (surname). Heinrich Luitpold Himmler (German: [ˈhaɪnʁɪc ˈluˑɪtˌpɔlt ˈhɪmlɐ] (
Apr 21st 2017

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