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The Hong Kong
The Hong Kong originally formed in New Orleans, but became more established after regrouping in Brooklyn. They are known for mixing a 1960s feel with
Oct 10th 2016

Hong Kong
Hong Kong, officially the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China, is an autonomous territory on the Pearl River Delta
May 23rd 2017

Royal Hong Kong Regiment
The Royal Hong Kong Regiment (Volunteers">The Volunteers) (RHKR(V)) (Chinese: 皇家香港軍團(義勇軍)), formed in May 1854, was a local auxiliary militia force funded and administered
Apr 27th 2017

Cinema of Hong Kong
ISBN 1-903047-07-2. Fonoroff, Paul. At the Hong Kong Movies: 600 Reviews from 1988 Till the Handover. Hong Kong: Film Biweekly Publishing House, 1998;
May 6th 2017

Demographics of Hong Kong
populace, religious affiliations and other aspects of the population. Hong Kong is one of the most densely populated areas in the world, with an overall
May 18th 2017

Sport in Hong Kong
the Hong Kong Cricket Association was granted associate membership of the International Cricket Council (ICC) in 1969. Hong Kong hosted the Hong Kong
Dec 16th 2016

Hong Kong people
cultural connection with Hong Kong. The terms have no legal definition by the Hong Kong Government; more precise terms such as Hong Kong Permanent Resident
Apr 26th 2017

British Hong Kong
Declaration provides that these basic policies shall be stipulated in the Hong Kong Basic Law. The ceremony of the signing of the Sino-British Joint Declaration
May 23rd 2017

Hong Kong cuisine
not sown until 1949, and the cuisine of Hong Kong has its direct roots in this period. By the 1960s, Hong Kong was past the worst of the economic depression
May 3rd 2017

Battle of Hong Kong
British-EmpireBritish Empire. The Japanese attack was met with stiff resistance from the Hong Kong garrison, composed of local troops as well as British, Canadian and
Apr 24th 2017

History of Hong Kong
openly denied by the British Hong Kong Government up to the early 1970s. Leslie Wah-Leung Chung (鍾華亮, 1917-2009), President of the Hong Kong Chinese Civil
Apr 26th 2017

Miss Hong Kong Pageant
The Miss Hong Kong Pageant (Chinese: 香港小姐競選), or Miss HK (港姐) for short, is a beauty pageant organised by a local Hong Kong television station, TVB. In
Apr 14th 2017

Governor of Hong Kong
Commander-in-Chief of the British Forces Overseas Hong Kong. The governor's roles were defined in the Hong Kong Letters Patent and Royal Instructions. Upon
Apr 20th 2017

Conservation in Hong Kong
a circular trail on Lantau Island. The Hong Kong Trail (50 km) traverses all the five Country Parks on Hong Kong Island. The Wilson Trail (78 km) opened
May 17th 2016

Emblem of Hong Kong
The Regional Emblem of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China came into use on 1 July 1997, after the transfer
May 11th 2017

Hong Kong Island (constituency)
of Hong Kong. The constituency covers all the four districts on the Hong Kong Island, namely, Central and Western, Eastern, Southern and Wan Chai.
May 23rd 2017

Transport in Hong Kong
Kong Disneyland, the Hong Kong International Airport, the northeastern and northwestern parts of the New Territories. The Hong Kong Tramways operates
Mar 30th 2017

Outline of Hong Kong
Foreign relations of Hong Kong Diplomatic missions in Hong Kong International organization membership of Hong Kong The Hong Kong Special Administrative
May 9th 2017

Hong Kong Identity Card
The Hong Kong Identity Card (Chinese: 香港身份證; Jyutping: hoeng1 gong2 san1 fan6 zing3, abbreviation: HKID) is an official identity document issued by the
May 18th 2017

Australia–Hong Kong relations
first interaction between Australians and southern Chinese, as the colonial Hong Kong became the point of departure for immigrants from southern China
Oct 20th 2016

Environment of Hong Kong
shores in Hong Kong: Starfish Bay In 1989, the Hong Kong government realised that Hong Kong was in danger of becoming a vast, densely populated
Dec 24th 2016

2014 Hong Kong protests
People's Congress (NPCSC) issued a decision regarding proposed reforms to the Hong Kong electoral system. The decision was widely seen to be highly restrictive
May 22nd 2017

Hong Kong national football team
The Hong Kong national football team (Chinese: 香港足球代表隊), represents Hong Kong in international association football competitions such as the FIFA World
May 4th 2017

Geography of Hong Kong
geography of Hong Kong primarily consists of three main territories: Hong Kong Island, Kowloon Peninsula, and the New Territories. The name "Hong Kong", literally
Apr 27th 2017

Hong Kong Island
on Pearl Harbor. However, the Japanese were able to take control of the Hong Kong skies on the first day of attack, outnumbering the defenders. The defenders
May 2nd 2017

Hong Kong independence
the Hong Kong section of the high-speed rail link to Guangzhou (XRL) escalated to a series of massive protests. Many protesters accused of the Hong Kong
May 23rd 2017

Chief Executive of Hong Kong
The Chief Executive of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region is the head and representative of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region and head
May 23rd 2017

Hong Kong Observatory
The Hong Kong Observatory (Chinese: 香港天文台) is a weather forecast agency of the government of Hong Kong. The Observatory forecasts the weather and issues
Apr 27th 2017

Hong Kong Tramways
chosen for ease of operation. 1910: Name of the company changed to The Hong Kong Tramway Company Limited. 1912: Owing to strong passenger demand, the
Apr 30th 2017

Scout Association of Hong Kong
in Hong Kong. The headquarters at the Hong Kong Scout Centre (香港童軍中心) in Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon host the administration, headed by the Hong Kong Chief
May 20th 2017

Declared monuments of Hong Kong
Declared monuments of Hong Kong are places, structures or buildings legally declared to receive the highest level of protection. In Hong Kong, declaring a monument
Mar 13th 2017

Education in Hong Kong
East Asia was the Hong Kong College of Medicine for Chinese. The London Missionary Society and Sir James Cantlie started the Hong Kong College of Medicine
Apr 30th 2017

Tourism in Hong Kong
HK$7,333 per capita in 2011. According to the Hong Kong Tourism Board (HKTB) Overall visitor arrivals to Hong Kong in 2010 totalled just over 36 million,
May 3rd 2017

Transfer of sovereignty over Hong Kong
own school system and practically off-limits to the Royal Hong Kong Police Force. In 1996 the Hong Kong government finally forcibly evicted Rennie's Mill's
Apr 29th 2017

Culture of Hong Kong
Structurally, one of the first laws to define people's relationships was the Hong Kong Matrimonial Ordinance passed in 1972. The law set the precedent of banning
May 16th 2017

Law of Hong Kong
in Asia by one survey. The Hong Kong Basic Law contains the essentials of the constitutional framework in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region
May 12th 2017

Hong Kong Football Association
The Hong Kong Football Association Limited (Chinese: 香港足球總會), often abbreviated to the HKFA, is the governing body of association football in Hong Kong
Nov 23rd 2016

Hong Kong at the Olympics
designated Hong Kong, China. Hong Kong is represented separately at the Olympics by its own choice (for any gold medal ceremony the Hong Kong SAR flag is
Apr 4th 2017

Hong Kong Police Force
The Hong Kong Police Force (HKPF) (Chinese: 香港警務處) is the largest disciplined service under the Security Bureau of Hong Kong. It is the world's second
May 23rd 2017

Hong Kong Film Award
The-Hong-Kong-Film-AwardsThe Hong Kong Film Awards (HKFA; Chinese: 香港電影金像獎), founded in 1982, is an annual film awards ceremony in Hong Kong. The ceremonies are typically in April
Apr 21st 2017

Hong Kong Airlines
established CR Airways in Hong Kong on 28 March 2001. The airline received its Air Operator's Certificate (AOC) from the Hong Kong Civil Aviation Department
May 16th 2017

List of newspapers in Hong Kong
Apple Daily and Sun Daily have the highest shares in the Hong Kong newspaper market, while the Hong Kong Economic Times is the best-selling financial newspaper
Mar 31st 2017

Economy of Hong Kong
well established international financial market. Its currency, called the Hong Kong dollar, is legally issued by three major international commercial banks
May 1st 2017

Hong Kong tea culture
The tea-drinking habits of Hong Kong residents derive from Chinese tea culture. After more than 150 years of British rule, however, they have changed
Dec 24th 2015

Japanese occupation of Hong Kong
and controlled warehouses. Early in January 1942, former members of the Hong Kong Police including the Indians and Chinese were recruited into a reformed
May 13th 2017

Foreign relations of Hong Kong
Under the Basic Law, the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region is exclusively in charge of its internal affairs and external relations, whilst the Government
Apr 22nd 2017

Hong Kong Stadium
the burial ground for the 1918 fire at Happy Valley Racecourse. ThenThen the Hong Kong Government moved all the tombs to Aberdeen. The old Government Stadium
Apr 9th 2017

Districts of Hong Kong
covering the whole of Hong Kong. As head of each district office, the district officer is the representative of the Hong Kong Special Administrative
Feb 2nd 2017

Judiciary of Hong Kong
the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region is the judicial branch of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. Under the Basic Law of Hong Kong,
May 12th 2017

Executive Council of Hong Kong
to the Executive Council. The Executive Council was set up by the British Hong Kong Government. The first ex officio members were the Colonial Secretary
May 13th 2017

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