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The Irish Times
The-Irish-TimesThe Irish Times is an Irish daily broadsheet newspaper launched on 29 March 1859. The editor is Paul O'Neill who succeeded Kevin O'Sullivan in 2017; the
May 16th 2017

Irish Times Debate
The Irish Times National Debating Championship is a debating competition for students in higher education in Ireland. It has been run since 1960, sponsored
May 23rd 2017

The Times
The Straits Times (Singapore) (1845), The New York Times (1851), The Irish Times (1859), Le Temps (France) (1861-1942), the Cape Times (South Africa)
May 22nd 2017

Irish Times Theatre Awards
The-Irish-Times-Theatre-AwardsThe Irish Times Theatre Awards recognize outstanding achievements in Irish theatre. The awards were founded in 1997 by The Irish Times. It established
Apr 26th 2017

List of Irish Times employees
This is a list of employees of The Irish Times, past and present. Dr. George Ferdinand Shaw (1859) Rev. George Bomford Wheeler (1859–77) James Scott
Apr 9th 2016

Poetry Now Award
("dlr" stands for "Dun LaoghaireRathdown"). The award is sponsored by The Irish Times newspaper. Winner: Caitriona OReilly, for Geis Shortlist: Judges:
Sep 25th 2016

The Sunday Times
The Irish Times. Retrieved 21 September 2016Staff (24 August 2012). "Sales of daily newspapers decline 7.3% while Sunday titles down 8%". The Irish
May 20th 2017

Irish Travellers
The Irish Times. Archived from the original on 12 June 2011. Retrieved 12 June 2011.  "50% of Travellers die before 39 - study". The Irish Times. 25
May 16th 2017

Irish diaspora
The-Irish The Irish diaspora (Irish: Diaspora na nGael) refers to Irish people and their descendants who live outside Ireland. The phenomenon of migration from Ireland
May 7th 2017

2008 Irish pork crisis
Irish pork crisis". The Irish Times. Retrieved-9Retrieved 9 March 2009.  "Superquinn to reintroduce Irish pork products". The Irish Times. 10 December 2008. Retrieved
May 4th 2017

Irish Independent
"O'Brien seals €200m deal for Emap's three Irish radio outlets". The Irish Times. ArchivedArchived from the original on 1 June 2015.  "A message from the editor
Apr 25th 2017

Irish Americans
election: Did the Irish swing Massachusetts for Hillary Clinton". The Irish Times. Retrieved 7 March 2017Egan, Casey (17 March 2016). "In a poll
May 17th 2017

United Ireland
in UK". The Irish Times. 6 June 2011. Retrieved 2 September-2012September 2012.  "Sharp rise in support for united Ireland, survey reveals". The Irish Times. 8 September
May 25th 2017

Irish literature
Carson's poem Belfast Confetti, about the aftermath of an IRA bomb, won The-Irish-Times-Irish-Literature-PrizeThe Irish Times Irish Literature Prize for Poetry in 1990. The most significant dramatist
May 4th 2017

Irish people
Irish The Irish people (Irish: Muintir na hEireann or Na hEireannaigh) are a nation and ethnic group native to the island of Ireland, who share a common Irish
May 24th 2017

Post-2008 Irish economic downturn
The Irish Times. Irish Times Trust. Retrieved 16 January 2012Cassidy, Luke (12 January 2012). "Kenny rules out second bailout". The Irish Times.
May 17th 2017

Irish language
followed by Irish governments as a "complete and absolute disaster". The Irish Times, referring to his analysis published in the Irish language newspaper
May 20th 2017

Irish cuisine
Shane (3 November 2009). "How fish and chips enriched a nation". The Irish Times. Dublin, Ireland. p. 17.  "Taxing ourselves thin – the way forward
May 22nd 2017

List of newspapers in the Republic of Ireland
Irish-language column (Saturdays) Irish News – Irish-language columns The Irish Times – Irish-language columns Metro Eireann – Irish-language columns UCC
May 22nd 2017

Anti-Irish sentiment
"School appeals entry bias against TravellerThe Irish TimesTue, Jul 05, 2011". The Irish Times. Retrieved 21 May 2012.  "Archived copy". Archived
May 14th 2017

Post-2008 Irish banking crisis
Fianna Fail party fell to fourth place in an opinion poll conducted by The Irish Times, placing behind Fine Gael, Labour and Sinn Fein, putting Labour and
Mar 18th 2017

Irish Open (golf)
2009. Retrieved 6 March 2009.  "Purse is down but Rory will be there". Irish-TimesIrish Times. 29 June 2011. Retrieved 31 May 2012.  "Dubai Duty Free extends Irish
May 13th 2017

The New York Times
The New York Times (sometimes abbreviated NYT and The Times) is an American daily newspaper, founded and continuously published in New York City since
May 24th 2017

Irish Examiner
is available throughout the country. Its main national rivals are The Irish Times, and the Irish Independent. The Irish Examiner is available on the
Apr 16th 2017

Status of the Irish language
for optional Leaving Cert Irish". The Irish Times. 2 February 2011.  "Fixing the education system". The Irish Times. 2 February 2011.  "Windows XP Pacaiste
May 18th 2017

Next Irish general election
most popular party". The Irish Times. 8 December 2016. Retrieved-8Retrieved 8 December 2016.  "Irish Times Poll Portal". The Irish Times. 8 December 2016. Retrieved
May 21st 2017

Irish nationalism
Irish nationalism asserts that the Irish people are a nation. Since the partition of Ireland, the term generally refers to support for a united Ireland
May 19th 2017

Irish Americans in New York City
See also: Irish Americans The Irish community is one of New York City's major and important ethnic groups, and has been a significant proportion of
Apr 4th 2017

Names of the Irish state
January 2013). "Milking the Tricolour to boost sales in supermarkets". The Irish Times. Retrieved 6 July 2013.  "NDC Launches Nationwide Campaign to Support
May 20th 2017

The Irish Press
Newspapers group was seen as supporting Cumann na nGaedheal/Fine Gael, and The Irish Times being pro-union, and with a mainly middle-class or Protestant readership
Apr 1st 2017

Republic of Ireland
Bill passed". Irish-Times">The Irish Times. Dublin, Ireland. p. 1.  "Nearly three-quarters of Irish people in favour of gay marriage". Irish Times. 5 March 2011.
May 22nd 2017

Irish name
Irish Names at The Origins of Irish Surnames at Find Irish Family Names at 16th & 17th Century Anglicized
May 19th 2017

Irish pub
Archives blog". The National Archives blog. Retrieved 2015-11-23.  "The Irish Times". January 29, 2010.  "Pubs: Ireland's Watering Holes by Rick Steves
Dec 23rd 2016

Irish general election, 2016
Dail". Irish Times. 3 February 2016. Retrieved 3 February 2016.  "Peter Burke and Willie Penrose elected in LongfordWestmeath". The Irish Times. 3 March
May 21st 2017

themselves as of no religion. In a 2010 survey conducted on behalf of the Irish Times, 32% of respondents said they went to a religious service more than
May 6th 2017

The Times (disambiguation)
Huntsville Times Inish Times International Times (multiple publications) The Irish Times The Jordan Times Kansas City Times The Kenton Times Kenya Times Khaleej
May 18th 2017

Flag of Ireland
This article is about the flag of the state called Ireland. For flags associated with the island of Ireland, see List of flags of Ireland. For flags used
Apr 19th 2017

Music of Ireland
12 August 2007. "A Remarkable Voice of Remarkable Longevity", in: The Irish Times, 30 September 2008. "Exclusive: Meet Diablo III's sound team, samples
Apr 25th 2017

Irish presidential election, 2011
presidency". Irish Times. Retrieved-10Retrieved 10 September 2010Minihan, Mary (26 May 2011). "Special Olympics chief set for Aras bid". The Irish Times. Retrieved
May 4th 2017

Irish Canadians
Irish-CanadiansIrish Canadians (Irish: Gaedheal-Cheanadaigh) are Canadian citizens who have full or partial Irish heritage including descendants who trace their ancestry
May 23rd 2017

Monarchy of Ireland
A monarchical system of government existed in Ireland from ancient times (before 900BC) until, for what became the Republic of Ireland, the mid-twentieth
Feb 14th 2017

Irish general election, 2011
September 1927 election that it was not the largest party in the chamber. The Irish Times, Ireland's newspaper of record, described Fianna Fail's meltdown as
May 11th 2017

Irish Free State
Irish-Free-State">The Irish Free State (Irish: Saorstat Eireann pronounced [sˠiːɾˠsˠˈt̪ˠaːt̪ˠ ˈeːɾʲən̪ˠ]; 6 December 1922 – 29 December 1937) was an independent state established
May 22nd 2017

Culture of Ireland
daily newspapers, including the Irish Independent, The Irish Examiner, The Irish Times, The Star, The Evening Herald, Daily Ireland, the Irish Sun, and the
May 18th 2017

Sunday Times Rich List 2005
Sunday-Times-Rich-List-2005">The Sunday Times Rich List 2005 was published in April 2005. Since 1989 the UK national Sunday newspaper The Sunday Times (sister paper to The Times) has
Apr 20th 2017

Irish mythology
The mythology of pre-Christian Ireland did not entirely survive the conversion to Christianity. However, much of it was preserved in medieval Irish literature
May 23rd 2017

Irish Medical Times
Irish-Medical-Times">The Irish Medical Times is an independent weekly newspaper for Irish physicians. It was founded in 1967 by John O'Connell, who went on to become the Minister
Jun 9th 2015

Irish whiskey
January 2014). "Irish Whiskey brand returns 80 years after Prohibition". The Irish Times. Retrieved 23 January 2014.  "Echlinville - Brands".
May 6th 2017

Allied Irish Banks
democracy — The Irish Times newspaper article, 19 December 2006. "AIB raises forecast after six-months profit tops €1.2 billion". The Irish Times. 2 August
May 17th 2017

Irish measure
"Past Imperfect; Milestones: Silent Witness to Our Transport History". The Irish Times. p. 34. Retrieved May 25, 2009.  "Lighting of Towns (Ireland) Act
Apr 14th 2017

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