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Jewish culture
Jewish culture is the culture of the Jewish people from the formation of the Jewish nation in biblical times through life in the diaspora and the modern
Apr 21st 2017

Jewish Brigade
other Jewish regiments, see Jewish Legion (disambiguation). The Jewish Infantry Brigade Group, more commonly known as the Jewish Brigade Group or Jewish Brigade
Apr 24th 2017

Homeland for the Jewish people
nature of the State of Israel, see Jewish state. A homeland for the Jewish people is an idea rooted in Jewish culture and religion. In the early
Dec 25th 2016

Jewish holidays
article: Yom tov sheni shel galuyot The Torah specifies a single date on the Jewish calendar for observance of holidays. Nevertheless, festivals of Biblical
Apr 21st 2017

Jewish left
The term "Jewish left" describes Jews who identify with or support left wing, occasionally liberal causes, consciously as Jews, either as individuals or
Apr 21st 2017

Jewish cuisine
Jewish cuisine is a diverse collection of cooking traditions of the Jewish people worldwide. It has evolved over many centuries, shaped by Jewish dietary
Apr 26th 2017

Jewish Encyclopedia
Not to be confused with Encyclopaedia Judaica. The Jewish Encyclopedia is an English encyclopedia containing over 15,000 articles on the history,
Feb 16th 2017

Jewish philosophy
Judaism-BorrowingJudaism Borrowing from the MutakallaminMutakallamin of Basra, the Karaites were the first Jewish group to subject Judaism to Muʿtazila. Rejecting the Talmud and Rabbinical
Apr 21st 2017

The Jewish Advocate
Jewish-Advocate">The Jewish Advocate is a weekly Jewish newspaper serving Greater Boston and the New England area. It was established in 1902, and is the oldest continuously-circulated
Mar 14th 2017

Jewish Bolshevism
Russian Revolution and held the primary power among Bolsheviks. Similarly, the Jewish Communism theory implies that Jews have been dominating the Communist
Apr 26th 2017

Jewish feminism
successes, have opened up within all major branches of the Jewish religion. In its modern form, the Jewish feminist movement can be traced to the early 1970s
Apr 25th 2017

Jewish Federation
a substantial Jewish community. Their broad purpose is to provide "human services", generally, but not exclusively, to the local Jewish community. All
Oct 18th 2016

Jewish atheism
as well as religious components, the term "Jewish atheism" does not inherently entail a contradiction. Based on Jewish law's emphasis on matrilineal descent
Feb 9th 2017

Jewish languages
Jewish languages are the various languages and dialects that developed in Jewish communities in the diaspora. The original Jewish language is Hebrew,
Feb 25th 2017

Jewish mysticism
and the Bible, Aryeh Kaplan reconstructs meditative-mystical methods of the Jewish prophetic schools. There is academic debate about how the mystical references
Apr 24th 2017

Jewish Agency for Israel
Jewish-Agency">The Jewish Agency for Israel (Hebrew: הסוכנות היהודית לארץ ישראל‎‎, HaSochnut HaYehudit L'Eretz Yisra'el) is the largest Jewish nonprofit organization
Apr 21st 2017

Jewish state
national Jewish homeland, see Homeland for the Jewish people. For the ship named "Jewish State", see USCGC Northland (WPG-49). For the Jewish commonwealth
Mar 27th 2017

Jewish Federations of North America
The Jewish Federations of North America (JFNA), formerly the United Jewish Communities (UJC), is an American Jewish umbrella organization representing
Apr 21st 2017

Jewish Autonomous Oblast
The Jewish Autonomous Oblast (Russian: Евре́йская автоно́мная о́бласть, Yevreyskaya avtonomnaya oblast; Yiddish: ייִדישע אװטאָנאָמע געגנט‎, yidishe avtonome
Apr 21st 2017

Jewish ethics
Jewish ethics is the moral philosophy particular to one or both of the Jewish religion and peoples. Serving as a convergence of Judaism and the Western
Feb 12th 2017

Jewish Christian
see Messianic Judaism. Jewish-Christians Jewish Christians, also Christians Hebrew Christians or Judeo-Christians, were the original members of the Jewish movement that later became
Apr 21st 2017

Jewish assimilation
accompanying assimilation into the non-Jewish-EuropeanJewish European communities, especially among the upper classes. "The concentration of the Jewish population in large cities
Apr 21st 2017

Jewish peoplehood
awareness of the underlying unity that makes an individual a part of the Jewish people. The concept of peoplehood has a double meaning. The first is descriptive
Oct 3rd 2016

Jewish diaspora
The Jewish diaspora (Hebrew: Tfutza, תְּפוּצָה) or exile (Hebrew: Galut, גָּלוּת; Yiddish: Golus) is the dispersion of Israelites, Judahites and later
Apr 21st 2017

New Jersey Jewish News
1946 as The Jewish News. Merging in 1947 with the Jewish Times of Newark, it kept the Jewish News name. In 1988, it was renamed the MetroWest Jewish News
Dec 25th 2016

Jewish Ledger
Jewish-Ledger">The Jewish Ledger is Connecticut's only weekly Jewish newspaper. The Hartford newspaper also has a monthly edition serving the western Massachusetts area
Oct 15th 2016

Jewish question
For other uses, see Jewish question (disambiguation). The Jewish question is a wide-ranging debate in European society pertaining to the appropriate status
Apr 21st 2017

Jewish humour
Christianization. Modern Jewish humor emerged during the nineteenth century among German-speaking Jews of the Haskalah (Jewish Enlightenment), matured
Apr 21st 2017

Jewish Theological Seminary of America
The Jewish Theological Seminary (JTS) is located in New York. It is one of the academic and spiritual centers of Conservative Judaism, and a major center
Apr 21st 2017

Jewish history
Jewish history (or the history of the Jewish people) is the history of the Jews, and their religion and culture, as it developed and interacted with other
Apr 23rd 2017

Jewish music
Jewish music is the music and melodies of the Jewish people. There exist both traditions of religious music, as sung at the synagogue and domestic prayers
Mar 18th 2017

Jewish Publication Society
The Jewish Publication Society (JPS), originally known as the Jewish Publication Society of America, is the oldest nonprofit, nondenominational publisher
Dec 6th 2016

Secular Jewish music
earliest Hebrew origins and that would differentiate them from the style of the Jewish diaspora of Eastern Europe, which they viewed as weak. This new style
Apr 12th 2017

Jewish-American organized crime
"Jewish mafia" redirects here. For Jewish mafia in Israel, see Israeli mafia. Jewish-American organized crime emerged within the American Jewish community
Apr 5th 2017

Jewish religious movements
resonance that does not translate easily into the Jewish context. However, in recent years the American Jewish Year Book has adopted "denomination," as have
Apr 27th 2017

First Jewish–Roman War
The First JewishRoman War (66–73 CE), sometimes called the Great Revolt (Hebrew: המרד הגדול‎‎ ha-Mered Ha-Gadol), was the first of three major rebellions
Mar 28th 2017

The Jewish Week
for the Jewish-Week">Washington Jewish Week. Jewish-Week">The Jewish Week is a weekly newspaper serving the Jewish community of the metropolitan New York City area. Jewish-Week">The Jewish Week
Feb 18th 2017

Jewish education
men generally studied under the local rabbi, who was allocated funds by the Jewish community to maintain a number of students. The Hasidic masters and the
Mar 21st 2017

Jewish identity
to the Jewish community. Orthodox Judaism bases Jewishness on matrilineal descent. According to Jewish law (halacha), all those born of a Jewish mother
Mar 14th 2017

J. The Jewish News of Northern California
J. The Jewish News of Northern California, formerly known as Jweekly, is a weekly print newspaper in Northern California, with its online edition updated
Feb 27th 2017

Jewish Renewal
traditions". The Jewish Renewal movement incorporates social views such as egalitarianism, environmentalism and pacifism. About the movement, Jewish Renewal
Apr 21st 2017

Jewish Standard
Jewish-Standard">The Jewish Standard is a newspaper based in Teaneck, New Jersey, USA, that primarily serves the Jewish community in Bergen County and Northeastern New
Mar 15th 2017

Jewish Museum (Manhattan)
For the children's museum, see Jewish Children's Museum. For other uses, see Jewish Museum. The Jewish Museum is an art museum and repository of cultural
Apr 21st 2017

Jewish Legion
other uses, see Jewish-LegionJewish Legion (disambiguation). The Jewish-LegionJewish Legion (1917–1921) is an unofficial name used to refer to five battalions of Jewish volunteers,
Mar 4th 2017

Jewish–Roman wars
The JewishRoman wars were a series of large-scale revolts by the Jews of the Eastern Mediterranean against the Roman Empire between 66 and 136 CE. While
Apr 26th 2017

Jewish emancipation
century and the early 20th century. Jewish emancipation followed the Age of Enlightenment and the concurrent Jewish enlightenment. Various nations repealed
Apr 28th 2017

The Jewish Chronicle
London-based newspaper. There is also a Jewish-ChronicleJewish Chronicle of Pittsburgh. The Jewish-ChronicleJewish Chronicle (The JC) is a London-based Jewish weekly newspaper. Founded in 1841
Mar 21st 2017

Jewish Telegraphic Agency
Landau as the Jewish-Correspondence-BureauJewish Correspondence Bureau in The Hague with the mandate of collecting and disseminating news among and affecting the Jewish communities
Mar 5th 2017

Jewish museum
Jewish A Jewish museum is a museum which focuses upon Jewish people and may refer seek to explore and share the Jewish experience in a given area. Notable
Aug 28th 2016

Jewish anarchism
Jewish anarchism is a general term encompassing various expressions of anarchism within the Jewish community. Many people of Jewish origin, such as
Apr 21st 2017

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