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and the Pan-African Parliament has its seat in Johannesburg and Midrand. Pan-Africanism stresses the need for "collective self-reliance". Pan-Africanism
Apr 20th 2017

were the Pan-Slavic colours (blue, white and red) and the Pan-Slavic anthem, Hey, Slavs. The first pan-Slavists were the 16th-century Croatian writer Vinko
Mar 19th 2017

e.g.: Pan-American Pan-Americanism Pan-Africanism Pan-Arabism Pan-Asian Pan-Celticism Pan-European Pan-Germanism Pan-Iranism Pan-Islamism Pan-Scandinavianism
Apr 16th 2017

Peter Pan
Pan (or Operacion Pedro Pan). American psychologist Dr. Dan Kiley popularised the Peter Pan syndrome (puer aeternus) in his 1983 book, The Peter Pan Syndrome:
Apr 25th 2017

Pan American Games
Games. The Pan-American or Pan American Games (also known colloquially as the Pan Am Games) is a major sporting event in the Americas featuring summer sports
Apr 21st 2017

Pan (god)
stories about Pan are actually about Nomios, not the god Pan. Although, Agreus and Nomios could have been two different aspects of the prime Pan, reflecting
Apr 25th 2017

Turkey's efforts have not met the expectations of the Turkic states or the country's pan-Turkist supporters. Modest housing projects promised to the Crimean
Apr 21st 2017

Frying pan
versatile pan that combines the best of both the saute pan and the frying pan has higher, sloping sides that are often slightly curved. This pan is called
Feb 11th 2017

Pan American World Airways
clearance and collided with the Pan Am airplane still taxiing on the runway. A total of 583 people were killed. 335 passengers on the Pan Am plane died while
Apr 26th 2017

1951, the vision of Greater Syria was dropped from the Jordanian agenda. The pan-Arabist ideology has been accused of inciting prejudice against or downplaying
Feb 14th 2017

German Empire. From the late 19th century, many Pan-Germanist thinkers, since 1891 organized in the Pan-German League, had adopted openly ethnocentric
Apr 13th 2017

mobilization, excluding ethnicity as primary factors towards unification. The model pan-IslamismIslamism aims for is the early years of Islam – the reign of Muhammad
Apr 10th 2017

Celtic language and it on this criterion that they are considered, by The Pan Celtic Congress in 1904 and Celtic League, to be the Celtic nations. Brittany
Apr 8th 2017

Pan evaporation
(in inches) evaporates from the pan. The measurement day begins with the pan filled to exactly two inches (5 cm) from the pan top. At the end of 24 hours
Oct 23rd 2016

branches the company: Pan-Europeenne-EditionEuropeenne Edition, an independent distribution created in 2001, and Pan-Europeenne-ProductionEuropeenne Production. In 2004, Wild Bunch chose Pan-Europeenne
Jan 10th 2016

Pan-African Congress
African political party, see Pan Africanist Congress of Azania. Pan The Pan-African Congress — following on from the first Pan-African Conference of 1900 in
Apr 14th 2017

Pan Pan
Pan-Pan-Pan Pan may refer to: Pan-Pan-Pan Pan (kingdom), an ancient Hindu kingdom Pan-pan, a distress call Pan-Pan-Pan Pan (giant panda), 1985–2016 Pan-Pan-Pan Pan (badminton) (born
Dec 30th 2016

United States at the Pan American Games
The United States (USA) has sent athletes to every celebration of the Pan American Games. The United States Olympic Committee (USOC) is the National Olympic
Sep 11th 2015

Peter Pan (1953 film)
film was released Walt Disney produced a promotional film entitled The Peter Pan Story and it was shown on Television. Main article: Disney Fairies
Apr 24th 2017

which led to the Pan Pan broadcast has been resolved or contended with, conventional practice is for the station that initiated the Pan Pan call to make
Mar 21st 2017

annexed territories does not necessarily make the state pan-national in character.) The general failure of the pan-nationalist movements is illustrated by several
Apr 2nd 2017

Pan flute
"Pipes of Pan" redirects here. For other uses, see Pipes of Pan (disambiguation). The pan flutes (also known as panpipes or syrinx) are a group
Apr 11th 2017

The Adventures of Peter Pan
manga portal Preview summaries character designs and pictures of the Peter Pan were released in magazines to promote the series. The character designs
Apr 6th 2017

Pan-STARRS-NEOSTARRS NEO survey searches all the sky north of declination −47.5. The first Pan-STARRS telescope (PS1) is located at the summit of Haleakalā on Maui
Mar 28th 2017

2015 Pan American Games
Parapan American Games. The 2015 Pan-American-GamesPan American Games, officially the XVII Pan-American-GamesPan American Games and commonly known as the Toronto 2015 Pan-Am Games (French: Jeux
Apr 21st 2017

Pan frying
medium and on correct temperature and time to not overcook or burn the food. Pan frying can serve to retain the moisture in foods such as meats such
Apr 22nd 2017

Something of, from, or related to the Americas Pan-Americanism, an integrationist movement among the nations of the Americas Pan American Union, later the Organization
Jan 2nd 2017

University of Texas–Pan American
subsequent to entry into the UT System, preserving the nearly 40-year legacy of the Pan American name. On December 6, 2012, University of Texas regents approved
Jan 1st 2017

Gold panning
out of the pan, whereas materials with a higher specific gravity sink to the bottom of the sediment during agitation and remain within the pan for examination
Apr 27th 2017

Pan-AsianismAsianism (also known as AsianismAsianism or Greater AsianismAsianism) is an ideology that promotes the unity of Asian peoples. Several theories and movements of Pan-AsianismAsianism
Apr 26th 2017

Pan-Green Coalition
The pan-Green coalition, pan-Green force or pan-Green groups, is a loose umbrella term in Taiwan (Republic of China), consisting of the Democratic Progressive
Jan 24th 2017

Pan Books
War. Pan-Books">The Pan Books logo, showing the ancient Greek god Pan playing pan-pipes, was designed by Mervyn Peake. A few years after it was founded, Pan Books
Oct 7th 2016

Pan-African colours
The term Pan-African colours refers to two different sets of three colours: red, gold (not yellow), and green (inspired by the flag of Ethiopia), and red
Mar 24th 2017

1987 Pan American Games
The 1987 Pan American Games, officially known as the X Pan American Games, was a major international multi-sport event which was celebrated in Indianapolis
Mar 30th 2017

Gymnastics at the Pan American Games
Last updated after the 2015 Pan American Games. Last updated after the 2015 Pan American Games. Last updated after the 2015 Pan American Games. Last
Apr 11th 2016

Pan dulce
Pan Pachucos Pan catarino Pan de caja Pan de elote Pan de feria Pan de muerto Pan de pueblo Pan de pulque Pan de royal Pan de trenzas de sal Pan de yema Pan decorado
Apr 23rd 2017

Pan Twardowski
Pan Twardowski (Polish pronunciation: [ˈpan tfarˈdɔfski]), in Polish folklore and literature, is a sorcerer who entered a pact with the Devil. Pan Twardowski
Mar 25th 2017

scientist Dr. Mahmoud Afshar developed the Pan-Iranist ideology in the early 1920s in opposition to Pan-Turkism and Pan-Arabism, which were seen as potential
Dec 23rd 2016

1967 Pan American Games
The 5th Pan American Games were held in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, from July 23 to August 6, 1967. Winnipeg was chosen as host of the Pan American Games
Apr 2nd 2017

Tin Pan Alley
For the film, see Tin Pan Alley (film). For the play, see The Tin Pan Alley Rag. For the band, see Haruomi Hosono. Coordinates: 40°44′44″N 73°59′22.5″W
Apr 15th 2017

Pan-American Highway
(film). Pan The Pan-American Highway (French: Route / Autoroute-PanamericaineAutoroute Panamericaine / Transamericaine, Portuguese: Rodovia / Auto-estrada Pan-americana, Spanish:
Apr 25th 2017

Pan-African Parliament
The Pan-African Parliament (PAP), also known as the African Parliament, is the legislative body of the African Union and held its inaugural session in
Feb 1st 2017

1975 Pan American Games
The 7th Pan American Games were held in Mexico-CityMexico City, Mexico, from October 12 to October 26, 1975, exactly twenty years after the 2nd Pan American Games
Apr 22nd 2017

Pan-Pacific Auditorium
The Pan-Pacific Auditorium, a landmark structure in the Fairfax District of Los Angeles, California, once stood at 7600 West Beverly Boulevard near the
Feb 9th 2017

Pan Am (TV series)
Pan Am is an American period drama television series created by writer Jack Orman. Named for the iconic Pan American World Airways, the series features
Apr 16th 2017

Pan Am Badminton Championships
The Pan Am Badminton Championships is a tournament organized since 1977 by the Badminton Pan Am (BPA) to crown the best badminton players in the Americas
Mar 22nd 2017

1979 Pan American Games
The 8th Pan American Games were held in San Juan, Puerto Rico, from July 1 to July 15, 1979. The 1980 documentary film A Step Away showcased a number
Mar 30th 2017

Pan Africanist Congress of Azania
leaders in the 20th century, see Pan-African Congress. The Pan Africanist Congress of Azania (once known as the Pan Africanist Congress, abbreviated as
Apr 12th 2017

Volleyball at the 2011 Pan American Games
the 2011 Pan-American-GamesPan-American-GamesPan American Games. Volleyball competitions at the 2011 Pan-American-GamesPan-American-GamesPan American Games in Guadalajara were held from October 15 to October 29 at the Pan
Oct 7th 2016

Flash pan
gonnes, matchlocks, wheellocks, snaplocks, snaphances, and flintlocks. The flash pan was at first attached to the gun barrel, but was later moved to the
Mar 22nd 2017

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