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The Plain Dealer
The Plain Dealer is the major daily newspaper of Cleveland, Ohio, United States. It has the largest circulation of any Ohio newspaper and was a top 20
Feb 25th 2017

Jacobs Pavilion
Jacobs Pavilion (originally Nautica Stage, later Scene Pavilion, The Plain Dealer Pavilion and Nautica Pavilion) is an open-air amphitheater located on
Oct 9th 2016

The Plain Dealer (Kadina)
The Plain Dealer was a weekly Saturday newspaper in Kadina, South Australia, operating from 1894 until 1926. It was established in August 1894 by John
Feb 5th 2017

The Plain Dealer (play)
The-Plain-DealerThe Plain Dealer is a Restoration comedy by William Wycherley, first performed on 11 December 1676. The play is based on Moliere's Le Misanthrope, and
Dec 2nd 2016

Plain Dealing, Louisiana
"Plain Dealing" redirects here. For the historic house in Virginia, see Plain Dealing (Keene, Virginia). Plain Dealing is a town in Bossier Parish, Louisiana
Feb 3rd 2017

In Plain Sight
For other uses, see In Plain Sight (disambiguation). In Plain Sight is an American dramatic television series that premiered on the USA Network on June
Apr 19th 2017

Holden Dealer Team
This article is about the team started in 1969 and high performance road cars from 1980. For the 1968 team run by the Scuderia Veloce team, see Holden
Mar 22nd 2017

Ohio gubernatorial election, 2018
governor". The Plain Dealer. Retrieved-March-20Retrieved March 20, 2017.  Gomez, Henry J. (February 23, 2017). "Mary Taylor for Governor launches". The Plain Dealer. Retrieved
Apr 14th 2017

Woodland Cemetery (Cleveland)
Cemetery". The Plain Dealer. January 3, 1852. p. 3.  "Legislative". The Plain Dealer. February 25, 1852. p. 2.  "The New Cemetery". The Plain Dealer. July
Apr 18th 2017

Connie Schultz
nationally syndicated columnist for Creators Syndicate. She worked at The Cleveland Plain Dealer newspaper from 1993 to 2011. She won the 2005 Pulitzer Prize for
Apr 26th 2017

Janine Boyd
"Janine Boyd for Ohio House District 9: endorsement editorial". Cleveland-Plain-DealerCleveland Plain Dealer. Cleveland. 2014-10-02. Retrieved 2014-12-10.  "Cleveland Heights City
Dec 26th 2016

Bill Lund
died in 2008. "Ban Lifted, Case Plays B.-W. Saturday". Cleveland Plain Dealer. February 8, 1943. p. 15. Carlin hopes that Bill Lund of Cuyahoga Falls
Jan 24th 2017

Cleveland mayoral election, 2017
circulating petitions to challenge Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson". The Plain Dealer. Retrieved March 31, 2017.  "2017 Candidate List" (PDF). Cuyahoga
Apr 23rd 2017

Ohio gubernatorial election, 2014
The Plain Dealer. Retrieved-July-17Retrieved July 17, 2013.  Eaton, Sabrina (March 15, 2013). "Rep. Tim Ryan decides to skip gubernatorial bid". The Plain Dealer. Retrieved
Apr 16th 2017

Cleveland Browns Radio Network
(October 8, 1989). "A Howling Success". The Plain Dealer. Plain Dealer Publishing Co. p. 24 - The Plain Dealer Magazine. Mason has never lived in Cleveland
Apr 16th 2017

Gaylon Smith
in 1943. He also boxed in an amateur tournament organized by the Cleveland Plain Dealer. The following year, SmithSmith joined the U.S. Navy during World War
Jan 23rd 2017

Flood Plain (painting)
Flood Plain is a 1986 painting by the American artist Andrew Wyeth. It depicts a part of the artist's family's land in Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania in the
Nov 18th 2016

United States Senate election in Ohio, 2018
Sherrod Brown taps Justin Barasky to manage re-election campaign". The Plain Dealer. Retrieved January 11, 2017.  Hagen, Lisa (January 20, 2017). "Major
Apr 27th 2017

Frank Pokorny
The Plain Dealer. June 26, 1949. p. D7.  "Mrs. Frank J. Pokorny". The Plain Dealer. April-3April 3, 1953. p. 31.  "The Commissioner". The Plain Dealer. April
Apr 12th 2017

Melissa King assault case
The Plain Dealer. pp. B1. Archived from the original on 2007-10-01. Retrieved 2007-05-29.  Dissell, Rachel; Hagan, John F. (June 22, 2003) The Plain
Mar 27th 2017

Warren Lahr
Cleveland Plain Dealer. p. 16.  Heaton, Charles (December 10, 1946). "Big 4 Coaches Unanimous On Three Choices". Cleveland Plain Dealer. p. 20.  "Adelbert
Feb 1st 2017

Gordon Cobbledick
journalist and author in Cleveland, Ohio. He was a journalist for the Cleveland Plain Dealer and Cleveland Times from 1923 to 1964. He served as a war correspondent
Mar 23rd 2017

List of Cleveland Browns broadcasters
Browns Cleveland "The voices of Browns games past". The Plain Dealer. The Plain Dealer Publishing Co. November 10, 2002. p. J6 - Sunday Arts
Oct 9th 2016

Just Plain Bill
Just Plain Bill was a long-running 15-minute American daytime radio drama program heard on CBS Radio and NBC Radio. The series was sponsored by Anacin
Aug 24th 2016

Huntington Convention Center of Cleveland
Convention Trade". The Plain Dealer. p. A1Lubinger, Bill (September 14, 1996). "Plan Would Double Convention Center Space". The Plain Dealer. p. A1Stoessel
Dec 28th 2016

Pat Seerey
to Test Seerey in Center Field". The Plain Dealer. p. 33.  "Seerey's Home Run Repels Tigers, 7-4". The Plain Dealer. April 22, 1944. p. 1.  Cobbledick
Dec 16th 2016

Mike Junkin
Defense". The Plain Dealer. p. 6C.  Grossi, Tony (September-1September 1, 1988). "Junkin to Start". The Plain Dealer. p. 1F.  "The Junkin Watch". The Plain Dealer. September
Dec 15th 2016

United States House of Representatives elections in Ohio, 2018
weeks'". The Plain Dealer. Retrieved-February-12Retrieved February 12, 2017.  Gomez, Henry J. (February 28, 2017). "Tim Ryan won't run for Ohio governor". The Plain Dealer. Retrieved
Apr 27th 2017

Knollwood Cemetery
Incorporations". The Plain Dealer. September-10September 10, 1908. p. 9.  "Legal Notices". The Plain Dealer. May 4, 1909. p. 9.  "Site For Cemetery". The Plain Dealer. September
Apr 28th 2017

Wilson Hirschfeld
1916 — March 2, 1974) was a journalist and former managing editor of The Plain Dealer. In his teenage years Wilson attended Glenville High School along with
Mar 17th 2017

1982–83 Cleveland Cavaliers season
playoff spot Dolgan, Bob (September 11, 2007). "Successful, Except as Owner of Cavs". The Plain Dealer. Plain Dealer Publishing Co. p. D1 - Sports
Apr 28th 2017

Lin Houston
Tonight". Cleveland Plain Dealer. August 30, 1944. p. 14.  "Brown Explains All 'Secrets' Of His T Formation". Cleveland Plain Dealer. May 4, 1946. p. 16
Apr 13th 2017

Ralph S. Locher
Dies at Home". The Plain Dealer. June 20, 2004. p. A1Watzman, Sanford (October 3, 1962). "Locher Wins Nomination". The Plain Dealer. pp. A1, A10. 
Apr 2nd 2017

1983–84 Cleveland Cavaliers season
playoff spot Dolgan, Bob (September 11, 2007). "Successful, Except as Owner of Cavs". The Plain Dealer. Plain Dealer Publishing Co. p. D1 - Sports
Apr 16th 2017

Chad Zumock
10, 2004). "Michael-StanleyMichael Stanley parody does resonate a bit". The Plain Dealer. The Plain Dealer Publishing Co. p. E1Arts & LifeMcIntyre, Michael (June
Dec 29th 2016

Mike Scarry
Tackle Dons Sunday". Cleveland Plain Dealer. p. 22.  "Rams Need Strengthening at End and Tackle Posts". Cleveland Plain Dealer. August 27, 1944. p. 2C. 
Dec 15th 2016

Richard F. Gallagher
Years Experience". Cleveland Plain Dealer. July 31, 1968. p. 14.  "Browns Sign Gallagher to Coach Ends". Cleveland Plain Dealer. June 15, 1947. p. 20A. 
Apr 27th 2017

John Yonakor
Bed". Cleveland Plain Dealer. p. 18.  Dietrich, John (October 1, 1943). "Lujack Looms as Key Man in Irish Attack". Cleveland Plain Dealer. p. 15.  "John
Apr 26th 2017

United Freedom Movement
Beautifying Mall". The Plain Dealer. pp. A1, A5Gaumer, Thomas H. (September 1, 1976). "A Century of Struggle". The Plain Dealer. p. A14.  Sabath,
Apr 7th 2017

Eight Mile Plains, Queensland
Eight Mile Plains is a suburb of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. It is located 14.38 kilometres (8.94 mi) from the Brisbane central business district
Mar 11th 2017

Cleveland City Council
The Plain Dealer. Cleveland, Ohio. Retrieved 2009-04-04.  Gomez, Henry J. (2009-03-23). "Cleveland Council adopts new ward boundaries". The Plain Dealer
Mar 23rd 2017

Bill Patmon
Cleveland mayoral candidate Bill Patmon is running for House sea". The Plain Dealer. Cleveland, Ohio. November-7">Retrieved November 7, 2010.  Gomez, Henry J. (November
Feb 18th 2017

Cleveland News
purchased the Cleveland World — bought both the News & Herald and the Evening Plain Dealer, and merged the trio into the single afternoon daily paper, the
Oct 9th 2016

Jane Scott (rock critic)
Scott (May 3, 1919 – July 4, 2011) was an influential rock critic for The Plain Dealer in Cleveland, Ohio. During her career she covered every major rock
Feb 26th 2017

The 9 Cleveland
"Tour downtown Cleveland's long-vacant Ameritrust rotunda and tower". The Plain DealerJarboe McFee, Michelle (October 7, 2013). "Ameritrust redo will
Mar 13th 2017

Brian Windhorst
through the summer of 2008, and began to work for Cleveland newspaper The Plain Dealer in October 2008. He moved to ESPN in 2010 after LeBron James left the
Apr 28th 2017

Cleveland Convention Center (demolished)
The Plain Dealer. January 16, 1962. p. A7.  "Mall-Hall-Gets-FloorMall Hall Gets Floor". The Plain Dealer. February 3, 1962. p. A7.  "On the Mall". The Plain Dealer. March
Mar 4th 2017

Steve Gromek
1944). "Plain Dealing". The Plain Dealer. p. 14.  Cobbledick, Gordon (August 2, 1944). "Plain Dealing". The Plain Dealer. p. 12.  "Steve Gromek Minor
Nov 28th 2016

Public Square, Cleveland
The Plain Dealer. Retrieved November 15, 2016.  Christ, Ginger (February 21, 2017). "RTA hopes to reopen Public Square to buses by March 6". The Plain
Feb 22nd 2017

Ohio elections, 2018
The Plain Dealer. Retrieved November 25, 2016.  Gomez, Henry J. (March 1, 2017). "Joe Schiavoni makes run for governor official". The Plain Dealer.
Apr 14th 2017

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