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The Power
The Power may refer to: The Power (1956 novel), a 1956 science fiction novel by Frank M. Robinson The Power (film), based on the novel "The Power" (Studio
Mar 15th 2017

Power supply
load. In most power supplies the power input and output consist of electrical connectors or hardwired circuit connections, though some power supplies employ
Apr 10th 2017

Power station
not a power station – but if the installation comprised more than one alternator/engine, or if capacity were much larger than that, the term power station
May 15th 2017

AC power
(called a Power-TrianglePower Triangle). In the diagram, P is the active power, Q is the reactive power (in this case positive), S is the complex power and the length
May 24th 2017

Power outage
A power outage (also called a power cut, a power blackout, power failure or a blackout) is a short-term or a long-term loss of the electric power to a
Apr 28th 2017

Wind power
those of nonrenewable power sources. Wind farms consist of many individual wind turbines which are connected to the electric power transmission network
May 18th 2017

Power factor
engineering, the power factor of an AC electrical power system is defined as the ratio of the real power flowing to the load to the apparent power in the circuit
May 25th 2017

Power engineering
developments also came from extending innovations in the ICT field to the power engineering field. For example, the development of computers meant load
May 19th 2017

"Power" (Sharon O'Neill song), 1984 "The Power" (Snap! song), 1990 "Power", by Bastille from Wild World "The Power", by Cher from Believe "The Power"
Apr 14th 2017

Power (physics)
traditional measure is horsepower (comparing to the power of a horse). Being the rate of work, the equation for power can be written:
May 17th 2017

Electric power
The term wattage is used colloquially to mean "electric power in watts." The electric power in watts produced by an electric current I consisting of
Apr 23rd 2017

Nuclear power
nuclear physics pioneers Niels Bohr and Albert Einstein believed harnessing the power of the atom for practical purposes anytime in the near future was unlikely
May 21st 2017

Power tool
revolution-era factories had batteries of power tools driven by belts from overhead shafts. The prime power source was a water wheel or (later) a steam
Apr 10th 2017

Power (social and political)
power is the power or ability of individuals to attract others and build loyalty. It is based on the charisma and interpersonal skills of the power holder
May 12th 2017

Power Rangers
SCG Power Rangers, the television series takes much of its footage from the Japanese tokusatsu Super Sentai, produced by Toei Company. The first Power Rangers
May 22nd 2017

Tidal power
ponds, and as the tide went out, it turned waterwheels that used the mechanical power it produced to mill grain. The earliest occurrences date from the
May 19th 2017

Power law
c {\displaystyle c} simply multiplies the original power-law relation by the constant c
Apr 24th 2017

Power-to-weight ratio
with the engine's power output being divided by the weight (or mass) of the vehicle, to give a metric that is independent of the vehicle's size. Power-to-weight
Mar 31st 2017

Nuclear power plant
controlled area of the nuclear power station. The generator converts mechanical power supplied by the turbine into electrical power. Low-pole AC synchronous
May 21st 2017

Electric power system
transmission system that carries the power from the generating centres to the load centres and the distribution system that feeds the power to nearby homes and industries
Apr 24th 2017

Uninterruptible power supply
emergency power to a load when the input power source or mains power fails. A UPS differs from an auxiliary or emergency power system or standby generator
Apr 24th 2017

Power density
article is about power per volume. For power per area, see surface power density. Power density (or volume power density or volume specific power) is the amount
Mar 25th 2017

Power Macintosh
by Apple Inc. from March 1994 until August 2006. The first models were the Power Macintosh 6100, 7100, and 8100, which offered speeds ranging from 60 to
Apr 5th 2017

Solar power
trough, the compact linear Fresnel reflector, the Stirling dish and the solar power tower. Various techniques are used to track the sun and focus light
May 18th 2017

Switched-mode power supply
publicized. One thing Holt has to his credit is that he created the switching power supply that allowed us to do a very lightweight computer". 1980 The
May 17th 2017

Power metal
of power metal. The twin-guitar sound promoted by duo of K. K. Downing and Glenn Tipton highly influenced this subgenre. Another pioneer in the power metal
May 17th 2017

Power supply unit (computer)
more power was delivered on the 12 V rail. However, since most of the power is consumed by chips, the 5 V rail still delivered most of the power. The
May 12th 2017

Thermal power station
steam, but only a gradual decrease in density. Currently most of the nuclear power plants must operate below the temperatures and pressures that coal-fired
May 7th 2017

List of largest power stations
This article lists the largest power stations in the world, the ten overall and the five of each type, in terms of current installed electrical capacity
May 21st 2017

List of power stations in India
nuclear power reactors with an installed capacity of 6,780 MW equal to 2.2% of total installed utility capacity, are operated by the Nuclear Power Corporation
May 22nd 2017

Georgia Power
counties. It employs approximately 9,000 workers throughout the state. The Georgia Power Building, its primary corporate office building, is located at 241
Mar 4th 2017

Geothermal power
Geothermal power is power generated by geothermal energy. Technologies in use include dry steam power stations, flash steam power stations and binary cycle
May 24th 2017

Narva Power Plants
"Narva Power Station" redirects here. For the hydroelectric power station in Russia, see Narva Hydroelectric Station. The Narva Power Plants (Estonian:
Apr 9th 2017

Space-based solar power
(DoE) and NASA to jointly investigate the concept. TheyThey organized the Satellite Power System Concept Development and Evaluation Program. The study remains
May 2nd 2017

NB Power
NB Power (French: Energie NB), formerly known as the New Brunswick Power Corporation and the New Brunswick Electric Power Commission, is the primary electrical
Dec 7th 2016

List of Power Rangers episodes
regards episode 13, "Sync or Swim," as the official 800th episode of the Power Rangers series. This episode was first broadcast in France on September
May 22nd 2017

Wave power
height is given in metres, and the wave period in seconds, the result is the wave power in kilowatts (kW) per metre of wavefront length. Example: Consider moderate
May 21st 2017

Power analysis
analysis is a form of side channel attack in which the attacker studies the power consumption of a cryptographic hardware device (such as a smart card,
May 2nd 2017

Statistical power
The power of a binary hypothesis test is the probability that the test correctly rejects the null hypothesis (H0) when the alternative hypothesis (H1)
May 9th 2017

Fossil fuel power station
regulate the disposal of coal ash; regulation is up to the states and the electric power industry has been lobbying to maintain this status quo. Most states
May 24th 2017

Emergency power system
switch is used to connect emergency power. One side is connected to both the normal power feed and the emergency power feed; and the other side is connected
Dec 30th 2016

Will to power
personal growth, self-overcoming, and self-perfection, and assert that the power held over others as a result of this is coincidental. Thus Nietzsche wrote:
May 24th 2017

Peaking power plant
they supply power only occasionally, the power supplied commands a much higher price per kilowatt hour than base load power. Peak load power plants are
Apr 19th 2017

Scottish Power
network." The energy regulator believes that energy generators manipulate the power market for profit when supplies are tight because network operator National
May 24th 2017

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
afternoon block (later weekend morning block). It is the first entry of the Power Rangers franchise, and became a 1990s pop culture phenomenon alongside
May 20th 2017

Sound power
space near the source, while the sound power of a source is the total power emitted by that source in all directions. Sound power passing through an area is
Feb 2nd 2017

List of power stations in Scotland
This list of power stations in Scotland includes current and former electricity-generating power stations in Scotland, sorted by type. Scotland is a net
May 23rd 2017

American Electric Power
parts of Northeast Tennessee, specifically Kingsport. Cities in the Appalachian Power service territory include Wheeling, Charleston and Huntington, West
May 10th 2017

Power steering
with hydraulic types, power to the actuator (motor, in this case) is controlled by the rest of the power-steering system. Other power steering systems (such
Apr 21st 2017

Power Stone
known as Power Stone Collection, to the PlayStation Portable with a few enhancements: most notably, the PSP version of the original Power Stone included
Feb 24th 2017

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