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Reality television
the then-new effect of turning ordinary people into celebrities. The first reality show in the modern sense may have been the series The American Sportsman
May 28th 2017

existence or has a direct basis in it in the way that thoughts do in the brain. Reality is often contrasted with what is imaginary, illusory, delusional,
Apr 25th 2017

Consensus reality
individuals do not agree upon the same reality. Children have sometimes been described or viewed as "inexperience[d] with consensus reality," though are described
May 14th 2017

Augmented reality
"The Duran Duran Project: The Augmented Reality Toolkit in Live Performance". The First IEEE International Augmented Reality Toolkit Workshop, 2002. Broughall
May 27th 2017

Virtual reality
which the user looks at (e.g., Microsoft's HoloLens, Magic Leap). The Virtual Reality Modelling Language (VRML), first introduced in 1994, was intended
May 29th 2017

CBS Reality
CBS Reality is a reality television channel which broadcasts across Europe, the Middle East and Africa. On 14 September 2009, it was revealed that the
May 26th 2017

Reality film
originally titled Spring Break: The Reality Movie. In an article in Time Magazine, Joel Stein wrote, "Like reality TV, a reality film is supercheap, and as
Apr 24th 2017

Mixed reality
Mixed reality (MR), sometimes referred to as hybrid reality, is the merging of real and virtual worlds to produce new environments and visualizations
May 24th 2017

Project Reality
consisting of current and former Project Reality:BF2 developers announced a new commercial game based on the Project Reality gameplay formula. The new game is
May 20th 2017

The Road to Reality
The Road to Reality: A Complete Guide to the Laws of the Universe is a book on modern physics by the British mathematical physicist Roger Penrose, published
Apr 3rd 2017

Simulated reality
Simulated reality is the hypothesis that reality could be simulated—for example by computer simulation—to a degree indistinguishable from "true" reality. It
May 23rd 2017

Zone Reality
Zone Reality (formerly Reality TV) was a European reality television channel. Zone Reality broadcast in both analogue and digital to over 120 million
Mar 22nd 2017

Artificial reality
expression may refer to virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality or a combination of these technologies. Artificial reality is a book by Myron W. Krueger
May 27th 2017

Reality (disambiguation)
Reality refers to the state of things as they exist, as opposed to how they could possibly exist. Reality may also refer to: Reality (2012 film), a 2012
Feb 15th 2017

Reality Check
Juvenile Reality Check (Seagram album), a 1995 album by rapper Seagram Reality Check (The Teenagers album), a 2008 album by The Teenagers Reality Check (band)
Mar 1st 2017

Computer-mediated reality
mediated reality is the "Reality Window Manager". Bluetooth devices are often used with mediated reality. With wireless communications, mediated reality can
May 17th 2017

Immersion (virtual reality)
nerve impulses) and process them allowing the user to interact with the virtual reality. Natural impulses between the body and central nervous system would
Apr 14th 2017

Alternate reality
The phrase alternate reality often serves as a synonym for a parallel universe. It may also refer to: Alternate universe (fan fiction), fiction by fan
Feb 10th 2017

Alternate reality game
to assume fictional identities or roleplay beyond feigning belief in the reality of the characters they interact with (even if games where players play
May 25th 2017

Reality therapy
reality therapy does not concern itself with a client's past. Neither does this type of therapy deal with unconscious mental processes. The reality therapy
Apr 30th 2017

Scripted reality
Scripted reality (sometimes also euphemized as structured reality) in television and entertainment is a subgenre of reality television with major or typically
Apr 10th 2017

Reality pornography
Reality pornography is a genre of pornography where staged scenes, usually shot in cinema verite fashion, set up and precede sexual encounters. These
May 24th 2017

Mixed reality game
A mixed reality game (or hybrid reality game) is a game which takes place in both reality and virtual reality simultaneously. According to Souza de Silva
Dec 10th 2016

The Fabric of Reality
The-FabricThe Fabric of Reality is a 1997 book by the physicist Deutsch David Deutsch. The text was initially published on August 1, 1997 by Viking Adult and Deutsch wrote
Apr 29th 2017

Reality-based community
call the reality-based community," which he defined as people who "believe that solutions emerge from your judicious study of discernible reality." ..
Apr 22nd 2017

The Climate Reality Project
The-Climate-Reality-ProjectThe Climate Reality Project is a non-profit organization involved in education and advocacy related to climate change. The project was established in
Mar 25th 2017

Reality hacker
Reality hacker, reality cracker or reality coder may refer to: Reality hacking, any phenomenon that emerges from the nonviolent use of illegal or legally
Jul 27th 2015

Reality Kings
Reality Kings is a brand launched by RK Netmedia, an internet-based hardcore pornography production company operating out of Miami Beach, Florida. A
May 3rd 2017

Reality Bites
Reality Bites is a 1994 American romantic comedy-drama film written by Helen Childress and directed by Ben Stiller. It stars Winona Ryder, Ethan Hawke
Apr 20th 2017

Simulated reality in fiction
cartoon world Big-O">The Big O, by Hajime Yatate and Chiaki J. Konaka, N.B. the reality in question has not been confirmed as simulated, but it is extremely
May 20th 2017

Sonic Reality
the Mike Oldfield project with this working title, see MusicVR. Sonic Reality Incorporated is an American sound development and music software company
Oct 9th 2016

Fox Reality Channel
Fox Reality Channel was an all-reality television channel available on cable and satellite television in the United States from 2005 to 2010, being discontinued
Apr 22nd 2017

Alternate Reality (series)
Computers". Dragon (135): 82–89.  The Alternate Reality FAQ The Alternate Reality Mailing List Alternate Reality: The City and The Dungeon and canceled
May 1st 2017

Reality Coprocessor
console. The RCP consists of two main components: the Reality Signal Processor (RSP) and the Reality Display Processor (RDP). The RSP is a vector processor
Jul 11th 2016

Quantum Reality
theory—the interpretation question, concerning the physical nature of the reality underlying observation; and the measurement problem, concerning the apparently
Apr 25th 2017

Separate reality
Separate reality and similar can mean: Separate Reality (climbing route) in Yosemite National Park A Separate Reality, a book Separate Reality Ltd, the
Jul 21st 2012

Reality–virtuality continuum
between the completely virtual, a virtuality, and the completely real, reality. The reality–virtuality continuum therefore encompasses all possible variations
Dec 9th 2016

Reality distortion field
while Jobs was attending Reed College, Robert Friedland "...taught Steve the reality distortion field..." The term has extended in industry to other managers
May 19th 2017

Virtual reality headset
A virtual reality headset provides virtual reality for the wearer. VR headsets are widely used with computer games but they are also used in other applications
Apr 30th 2017

Reality (David Bowie album)
Reality is the twenty-third studio album by David Bowie. It was released on 16 September 2003 on his Iso Records label, in conjunction with Columbia Records
May 24th 2017

Edge of Reality (video game company)
"Edge of Reality" redirects here. For other uses, see Edge of Reality (disambiguation). Edge of Reality is an American video game developer founded in
Jan 20th 2017

Reality legal programming
Reality legal programming (also known as reality legal program, reality legal show, legal reality show) is a television programming subgenre of reality
Nov 27th 2016

The Magic of Reality
The-MagicThe Magic of Reality: How We Know What's Really True is a 2011 book by the British biologist Richard Dawkins, with illustrations by Dave McKean. The book
May 24th 2017

Back to Reality
to Reality may refer to: Back to Reality (TV series), a British reality television show featuring reality television stars from previous reality television
Nov 30th 2014

Terminal Reality
Terminal Reality was a video game development and production company based in Lewisville, Texas. Founded in October 1994 by ex-Microsoft employee Mark
May 11th 2017

Reality testing
Reality testing is the psychotherapeutic function by which the objective or real world and one's relationship to it are reflected on and evaluated by
Jul 28th 2015

A Slice of Reality
A Slice of Reality is a work of modern art by Richard Wilson sitting by (and commissioned for) the Millennium Dome on the north-western bank of the Greenwich
Nov 24th 2016

The Social Construction of Reality
Compared to the reality of everyday life, other realities appear as finite provinces of meaning, enclaves within the paramount reality marked by circumscribed
Nov 6th 2016

Reality Hunger
book's manifesto is directed toward increasing art's engagement with the reality of contemporary life through the exploration of hybrid genres such as
Feb 25th 2017

Welcome Reality
Welcome Reality is the debut album by British group Nero. A concept album, it was released first in Ireland on 12 August 2011 and the rest of the world
Mar 25th 2017

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