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Slovak Republic (1939–1945)
The (First) Slovak-RepublicSlovak Republic (Slovak: [prva] Slovenska republika) otherwise known as the Slovak State (Slovak: Slovensky stat) was a client state of Nazi
May 1st 2017

referred to as the SlovakSlovak diaspora. The name SlovakSlovak is derived from *Slověninъ, plural *Slověně, the old name of the Slavs. In the SlovakSlovak language; only
May 27th 2017

48.667; 19.500 SlovakiaSlovakia (i/sloʊˈvakiə, slə-, -ˈvɑː-/; Slovak: Slovensko [ˈsloʋensko] ( listen)), officially the Slovak Republic (Slovak: Slovenska republika
May 28th 2017

Slovak koruna
Slovak The Slovak koruna or Slovak crown (Slovak: slovenska koruna, literally meaning Slovak crown) was the currency of Slovakia between 8 February 1993 and
Apr 1st 2017

Slovak or Slovakian may refer to: Something from, related to, or belonging to Slovakia Slovaks, a Western Slavic ethnic group Slovak language, an Indo-European
Apr 10th 2017

Slovak language
has a different meaning depending on the case of its governed noun. The Slovak language is a descendant of Proto-Slavic, itself a descendant of Proto-Indo-European
May 25th 2017

President of Slovakia
The President of the Slovak-RepublicSlovak Republic (Slovak: Prezident Slovenskej republiky) is the head of state of Slovakia and the commander-in-chief of the Armed
May 20th 2017

National Council (Slovakia)
predecessor, the parliament of the Slovak part of Czechoslovakia, was called the Slovak National Council (Slovenska narodna rada). The National Council approves
Feb 27th 2017

List of Slovak films
list of films that make up the Cinema of SlovakiaSlovakia. There may be an early overlap especially between Slovak and Hungarian films when the two nations shared
Apr 14th 2017

Slovak Americans
action by the Černova massacre. On October 27, 1907, parishioners in the Slovak village of Černova wanted Andrej Hlinka to attend the consecration of
Apr 17th 2017

Slovak People's Party
SlovakSlovak-People's-Party">Hlinka's SlovakSlovak People's Party (SlovakSlovak: Hlinkova slovenska ľudova strana, S HSĽS), also known as simply the SlovakSlovak People's Party (Slovenska ľudova strana
May 25th 2017

Slovak Super Liga
The Slovak Super Liga is the top level football league in Slovakia, currently known as the Fortuna liga due to a sponsorship arrangement. It was formed
May 27th 2017

History of Slovakia
of the Slovak-National-MovementSlovak National Movement with foundation of the nationwide cultural association Matica slovenska (1863), the Slovak-National-MuseumSlovak National Museum, and the Slovak
Apr 3rd 2017

Slovak Armed Forces
The Armed Forces of the Slovak Republic number 15,996 uniformed personnel and 3,761 civilians. Slovakia joined NATO on 29 March 2004. From 2006 the army
May 26th 2017

The Slovak Spectator
The-Slovak-SpectatorThe Slovak Spectator (or in abbreviated form Slovak Spectator) is Slovakia's English-language newspaper. The debut issue of The-Slovak-SpectatorThe Slovak Spectator hit
Jan 10th 2016

Slovak Uprising of 1848–49
Slovak-Uprising">The Slovak Uprising (of 1848/49) (Slovak: Slovenske povstanie) or Slovak Volunteer Campaigns (Slovak: Slovenske dobrovoľnicke vypravy) was an uprising
Feb 8th 2017

History of the Slovak language
The Slovak language is a West Slavic language. Historically, it forms a dialect continuum with the Czech language. Its standard orthography is based on
Feb 23rd 2017

Hungary–Slovakia relations
HungarySlovakia relations are the foreign relations between Hungary and the Slovak Republic, two neighboring countries in Central Europe. There are two
Mar 30th 2017

Slovak Braille
Slovak-BrailleSlovak Braille is the braille alphabet of the Slovak language. Like braille for other languages using the Latin script, Slovak-BrailleSlovak Braille assigns the 25 basic
Dec 30th 2013

Slovak Extraliga
and Slovnaft-Play-off. The Slovak Extraliga is rooted in the Czechoslovak Extraliga. The 1993/94 was the first season of Slovak Extraliga as Czechoslovakia
Apr 26th 2017

Slovak euro coins
The Slovak euro coins are the European monetary union euro coins issued by Slovakia since 2009. They feature three separate designs for the three series
Apr 7th 2017

Prime Minister of Slovakia
executive bodies governing the Slovak part of Czechoslovakia or the Slovak state respectively. From 1993, when the independent Slovak Republic was established
May 12th 2017

2008–09 Slovak Cup
The 2008–09 Slovak Cup was the 40th season of Slovakia'sSlovakia's annual knock-out cup competition and the sixteenth since the independence of Slovakia. It began
Apr 22nd 2017

Slovak Australians
Slovak-AustralianAustraliansSlovak AustralianAustralians are AustralianAustralian citizens of full or partial Slovak ancestry or a person born in Slovakia who resides in Australia. Approximately 12,000
Sep 24th 2016

Regions of Slovakia
existed 1918 – 1928) the WWII Slovak Republic (the zupy existed 1940 – 1945) In 1928–1939 (and formally also 1945–1948) Slovakia as a whole formed the
Nov 23rd 2016

Slovak Canadians
full or partial Slovak descent. Canada portal Slovakia portal Demographics of Slovakia Canada-Slovakia relations Slovak people Slovak Americans Encyclopedia
May 17th 2016

History of the Jews in Slovakia
the Wannsee Conference, the Germans agreed to the Slovak proposal, and a deal was reached where the Slovak Republic would pay for each Jew deported,[dubious
Apr 3rd 2017

Constitution of Slovakia
republiky), is the current constitution of Slovakia. It was passed by the Slovak National Council on 1 September 1992 and signed on 3 September 1992 in
Aug 31st 2016

2005–06 Slovak Cup
2005–06 Slovak Cup was the 38th season of Slovakia'sSlovakia's annual knock-out cup competition and the thirteenth since the independence of Slovakia. It began
Apr 11th 2017

Slovak Cuvac
Slovak-Cuvac">The Slovak Cuvac is a Slovak breed of dog, bred for use as a livestock guard dog. This mountain dog—also known as Slovensky Cuvac, Slovak Chuvach, Tatransky
Nov 11th 2016

Cinema of Slovakia
companies. Joint Slovak and Czech projects have been particularly common. The Slovak film industry has been dogged by lack of money intensified by the country's
Feb 6th 2017

Slovak National Uprising
Slovak-National-Uprising The Slovak National Uprising (Slovak: Slovenske narodne povstanie, abbreviated SNP) or 1944 Uprising was an armed insurrection organized by the Slovak
Mar 14th 2017

Music of Slovakia
of the region's music is therefore not merely the history of music of the Slovak Bone pipes dating from the Early Bronze Age (about 3000 BC) have been
May 21st 2016

Citizenship Act (Slovakia)
some degree. Prior to 1993, the Slovak-RepublicSlovak Republic was a part of the now defunct state of Czechoslovakia. At the time, Slovak citizenship was an internal
Jan 10th 2016

2007–08 Slovak Cup
2007–08 Slovak Cup was the 39th season of Slovakia'sSlovakia's annual knock-out cup competition and the fourteenth since the independence of Slovakia. It began
Feb 5th 2015

Politics of Slovakia
Mečiar (1992-1994). On 5–6 June the Slovak parliamentary election of 1992 took place. The Constitution of the Slovak Republic was ratified 1 September
Apr 30th 2017

Samuel Slovák
matches in 2009–10, with Slovan finishing in second position in the Slovak-Super-LigaSlovak Super Liga, Slovak retired from football due to recurring knee problems, aged nearly
Apr 22nd 2017

Slovak literature
leader of the Slovak national revival in the 19th century, the author of the Slovak language standard eventually leading to the contemporary Slovak literary
Feb 13th 2017

Coat of arms of Slovakia
two missionaries from the Byzantine-EmpireByzantine Empire. The two-barred cross in the Slovak coat of arms originated in the Byzantine (Eastern Roman) Empire in the
Apr 3rd 2017

Slovak Telekom
by the Slovak government for €900 Million. Slovak Telekom has launched a 4G LTE network originally in five cities in Slovakia as the first Slovak operator
Dec 5th 2016

2006–07 Slovak Cup
2006–07 Slovak Cup was the 38th season of Slovakia'sSlovakia's annual knock-out cup competition and the fourteenth since the independence of Slovakia. It began
Jan 28th 2016

Slovak Academy of Sciences
The Slovak Academy of Sciences (in Slovak Slovenska akademia vied, or SAV) is the main scientific and research institution in Slovakia fostering basic
Mar 14th 2017

1999–2000 Slovak Superliga
1999–2000 Slovak Superliga (known as the Mars superliga for sponsorship reasons) was the seventh season of first-tier football league in Slovakia, since
Aug 21st 2016

Foreign relations of Slovakia
has an embassy in Bratislava and Slovakia has an embassy in New Delhi. The Slovak Government welcomed and appreciated the opening of the Embassy of India
Apr 20th 2017

Flag of Slovakia
War II, by the Slovak Republic during World War II, and finally adopted (without the coat of arms) on 1 March 1990 as the flag of the Slovak Republic within
May 9th 2017

2004–05 Slovak Superliga
2004–05 Slovak Superliga (known as the Slovak Corgoň Liga for sponsorship reasons) was the 12th season of first-tier football league in Slovakia, since
Jan 28th 2016

List of political parties in Slovakia
political parties in the country, 61 are active as of March 2012. In the Slovak political system usually no one party has a chance of gaining power alone
Jan 12th 2017

Czech–Slovak languages
Czech and Slovak languages form the CzechSlovak (or Czecho–Slovak) subgroup within the West Slavic languages. Most varieties of Czech and Slovak are mutually
Apr 5th 2017

2001–02 Slovak Superliga
2001–02 Slovak Superliga (known as the Mars superliga for sponsorship reasons) was the ninth season of first-tier football league in Slovakia, since its
Jan 27th 2016

Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava
Technologies Institute of Management Institute of Engineering Studies The Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava signed a Memorandum of Understanding
Mar 2nd 2017

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