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Thomas Creede
Thomas Creede (fl. 1593 – 1617) was a printer of the Elizabethan and Jacobean eras, rated as "one of the best of his time." Based in London, he conducted
Apr 3rd 2016

The True Tragedy of Richard III
appeared in print later that year, in a quarto printed and published by Thomas Creede and sold by the stationer William Barley, "at his shop in Newgate Market
May 19th 2017

Thomas Millington (publisher)
that is generally classed as a bad quarto. The printing was done by Thomas Creede. In 1595, with no Register entry, Millington published the early alternative
Mar 30th 2016

A Looking Glass for London
entered into the Stationers' Register on 5 March 1594 by the printer Creede Thomas Creede, and was published later that year in a quarto printed by Creede and
Aug 12th 2015

Thomas Rogers (priest)
Thomas Rogers (died 1616) was an English Anglican clergyman, known as a theologian, controversialist and translator. He was a student of Christ Church
Jan 1st 2017

List of Shakespeare plays in quarto
the Stationers Register 12 March 1594 and printed that same year by Thomas Creede for Thomas Millington. As it appears in the First Folio, the play is
Sep 1st 2016

Edward Capehart O'Kelley
Edward Capehart O'Kelley (October 1, 1857 – January 13, 1904) was the man who murdered Robert Ford, who had killed the famous outlaw Jesse James to receive
Dec 18th 2016

Robert Ford (outlaw)
Robert Newton "Bob" Ford (January 31, 1862 – June 8, 1892) was an American outlaw best known for killing his gang leader Jesse James in April 1882, to
May 28th 2017

1597 in literature
Essays Thomas BeardThe Theatre of God's Judgements William Burton and Thomas Creede (translated from the Greek of Achilles Tatius) – The Most Delectable
Apr 13th 2017

Richard Hawkins (publisher)
the first quarto of Cary's The Tragedy of Mariam (1613), printed by Thomas Creede; the third quarto of Philaster (1628); the third quarto of Beaumont
Mar 30th 2016

Andrew Wise
from Peter Short's print shop. The other two books were printed by Thomas Creede. Henry IV, Part 1 was registered on 25 February 1598 (new style), and
Apr 3rd 2016

Robert Tofte
one Hercules the Philosopher, the other Torquato the Poet. London: Thomas Creede for John Smythicke, 1599. In this work, "The Declamation ... against
May 20th 2016

The London Prodigal
in quarto in 1605 by the stationer Nathaniel Butter, and printed by Thomas Creede. In 1664 it was one of the seven plays that publisher Philip Chetwinde
Jun 4th 2016

Cuthbert Burby
White) and the second quarto of RomeoRomeo and Juliet (1599; printed by Thomas Creede). The title page of the R&J Q2 states that that edition was "Newly corrected
Jul 6th 2016

William Burton (antiquary, died 1645)
comedy, De Amoribus Perinthii et Tyanthes. In 1597 he published with Thomas Creede a translation of Cleitophon and Leucippe from the Greek of Achilles
Apr 29th 2016

John Long Routt
John Long Routt (April 25, 1826 – August 13, 1907) was an American politician of the Republican Party. Born in Eddyville, Kentucky, he served as the first
Apr 25th 2017

William Ponsonby (publisher)
Epithalamion was printed by Peter Short. The 1583 Mamilia was printed by Thomas Creede. On Ponsonby's death in 1604, many of his copyrights passed to his brother-in-law
Apr 6th 2016

David Moffat
For the American businessman and former CEO of Freddie Mac, see David M. Moffett. For the Australian rules footballer, see David Moffatt. For the English
Mar 6th 2017

Thomas Milles (bailiff)
Thomas Milles (1550?–1627?) was an English customs official, known for his economic writings, in which he defended the staple system. Son of Richard
Apr 26th 2016

William Barley
with notable printers and publishers during this period, including Thomas Creede, Abel Jeffes, and John Danter. With Creede, Barley was involved in the
May 28th 2017

Cupid's Revenge
April-1615April 1615, and first published later that year in a quarto printed by Thomas Creede for the bookseller Josias Harrison. A second quarto was issued in 1630
May 24th 2017

La Garita Caldera
La Garita Caldera is a large volcanic caldera located in the San Juan volcanic field in the San Juan Mountains near the town of Creede in southwestern
May 15th 2017

Thomas Wroth (politician, 17th century)
For the courtier of Edward VI, see Thomas Wroth (politician, 16th century). Sir Thomas Wroth (1584 – 11 July 1672) was an English gentleman-poet and politician
Mar 16th 2017

The Texan (TV series)
The Texan is a western television series starring popular B movie actor Rory Calhoun, which aired on the CBS television network from 1958 to 1960.
May 26th 2017

Monsieur D'Olive
Chapman. The play was first published in 1606, in a quarto printed by Thomas Creede for the bookseller William Holmes. This was the drama's sole edition
Dec 15th 2016

The Tragedy of Mariam
Stationers' Register in December 1612. The 1613 quarto was printed by Thomas Creede for the bookseller Richard Hawkins. Cary's drama belongs to the subgenre
Aug 18th 2016

Thomas Morton (bishop)
Thomas Morton (20 March 1564 – 20 September 1659) was an English churchman, bishop of several dioceses. Well-connected and in favour with King James, he
May 15th 2017

The Mirror of Alchimy
d'alquimie were retained for the English book. The work was printed by Thomas Creede (fl. 1593-1617) for the publisher Richard Olive. In 1602, the Latin
Apr 19th 2017

Pierce the Ploughman's Crede
Pierce the Ploughman's Crede is a medieval alliterative poem of 855 lines, lampooning the four orders of friars. Surviving in two complete 14th-century
Mar 13th 2017

The Episcopal Church in Colorado
The Episcopal Church in Colorado is the diocese of the Episcopal Church which covers all of Colorado. It is in Province VI. Its cathedral, Saint John's
Feb 1st 2017

The Famous Victories of Henry V
Part 1, Henry IV, Part 2, and Henry V). It was entered by printer Thomas Creede in the Stationers' Register in 1594, but the earliest known edition
Jan 22nd 2017

Ben Jonson folios
with one or more booksellers to sell their books—as, for one example, Thomas Creede sold his books through William Barley. Allot was a member of the syndicate
Mar 10th 2017

on 20 July 1594 and published in 1595 in a quarto issued by printer Thomas Creede. Individual scholars have proposed dates for the play from the early
Oct 30th 2015

Tatjana Radisic
Tatjana Radisic is a costume designer for theater and film. Her work has been seen on stages throughout the country and internationally on screen. She
Apr 9th 2017

English Presbyterianism
PresbyterianismPresbyterianism in England is practiced by followers of the Reformed tradition within Protestantism who practise the Presbyterian form of church government
Feb 2nd 2017

Mother Bombie
Burby Cuthbert Burby. Burby issued a second quarto in 1598, the printing done by Thomas Creede. The play was next printed in 1632, when it was included in Six Court
Nov 1st 2016

Archpriest Controversy
Bancroft as bishop of London. Leading printers were used: Robert Barker, Thomas Creede, Richard Field, James Roberts and three others. The authors included
Jan 3rd 2017

Chronology of Shakespeare's plays
Cade: and the Duke of Yorke's first claim unto the Crowne (printed by Thomas Creede for Thomas Millington). This text was republished in 1600 (by Valentine
May 17th 2017

List of con artists
This is a list of notable individuals who exploited confidence tricks. William Chaloner (1650s/1665 – 1699): Serial counterfeiter and confidence trickster
May 9th 2017

Cole Younger
Coleman">Thomas Coleman "Cole" Younger (January 15, 1844 – March 21, 1916) was an American Confederate guerrilla during the American Civil War and later a leader
May 4th 2017

Michael Maier
Michael Maier (Latin: Michael Maierus; 1568–1622) was a German physician and counsellor to Rudolf II Habsburg. He was a learned alchemist, epigramist and
Jan 16th 2017

Bat Masterson
Bartholemew William Barclay "Bat" Masterson (November 26, 1853 – October 25, 1921) spent the first half of his life in what is remembered as the "Wild
May 28th 2017

Sir Clyomon and Sir Clamydes
Clamydes was first printed in 1599, in a quarto issued by stationer Thomas Creede. The title page makes no attribution of authorship; it does state that
Aug 12th 2015

San Luis Valley
San-Luis-Valley">The San Luis Valley is an extensive high-altitude depositional basin in the U.S. state of Colorado with a small portion overlapping into New Mexico covering
May 16th 2017

Cardiff Giant
The Cardiff Giant was one of the most famous hoaxes in United States history. It was a 10-foot-tall (3.0 m) purported "petrified man" uncovered on October 16
Feb 20th 2017

John Marston (poet)
John Marston (baptised 7 October 1576 – 25 June 1634) was an English poet, playwright and satirist during the late Elizabethan and Jacobean periods. His
Sep 29th 2016

Elizabeth Stuart, Queen of Bohemia
Fredericke, and the King’s daughter the Lady Elizabeth..., London: Thomas Creede  Allyne, Robert (1613), Tears of joy shed at the happy departure from
Mar 27th 2017

Henry V (play)
year—though by Thomas Millington and John Busby rather than Pavier. (Thomas Creede did the printing.) Q1 of Henry V is a "bad quarto", a shortened version
May 23rd 2017

The Maid's Metamorphosis
24 July 1600, and published later that year in a quarto printed by Thomas Creede for the bookseller Richard Olive. The title page of the first edition
Aug 18th 2014

James Craig Taylor
James Craig Taylor (September 23, 1826 - October 25, 1887) was a Virginia lawyer, newspaper publisher and politician who became the Attorney General of
May 26th 2017

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