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For other uses of "Time", see Time (disambiguation). Time is the indefinite continued progress of existence and events that occur in apparently irreversible
Apr 25th 2017

Time (magazine)
"TIME" redirects here. For the aspect of reality which is change, as described in physics, see Time. For other uses, see Time (disambiguation). Time (styled
Apr 24th 2017

Titan Mare Explorer
Titan-Mare-ExplorerTitan Mare Explorer (TiME) is a proposed design for a lander for Saturn's moon Titan. TiME is a relatively low-cost, outer-planet mission designed to
Apr 22nd 2017

Time zone
about time zones in general. For a list of time zones by country, see List of time zones by country. For more time zone lists, see Lists of time zones
Apr 10th 2017

Time travel
"Time machine" redirects here. For other uses, see Time machine (disambiguation) and Time travel (disambiguation). Time travel is the concept of movement
Apr 27th 2017

Time in China
article is about time in the Republic People's Republic of China. For time in the Republic of China, see Time on Taiwan. For traditional Chinese time-keeping, see
Apr 1st 2017

Time complexity
"Running time" redirects here. For the film, see Running Time (film). In computer science, the time complexity of an algorithm quantifies the amount
Apr 22nd 2017

Time signature
see Four-wheel drive. "Time (music)" redirects here. For other uses, see Half-time (music) and Double-time. The time signature (also known as
Apr 27th 2017

Time in Australia
Standard Time" redirects here. For the musical album, see Asleep at the Wheel. For more details on daylight savings time, see Daylight saving time in Australia
Apr 5th 2017

Pacific Time Zone
the time zone with daylight change in North America. For the static time zones, see UTC−08:00 and UTC−07:00. For the radio show, see Pacific Time (radio
Apr 25th 2017

Central Time Zone
the time zone in North America. For other uses, see Central Standard Time (disambiguation). The North American Central Time Zone (CT) is a time zone
Apr 3rd 2017

Discrete time and continuous time
dynamics, discrete time and continuous time are two alternative frameworks within which to model variables that evolve over time. Discrete time views values
Mar 4th 2017

Solar time
time is the day. Two types of solar time are apparent solar time (sundial time) and mean solar time (clock time). Fix a tall pole vertically in the
Mar 21st 2017

Time dilation
In the theory of relativity, time dilation is a difference of elapsed time between two events as measured by observers either moving relative to each
Apr 19th 2017

Central European Time
European-TimeEuropean Time (CET), used in most parts of Europe and a few North African countries, is a standard time which is 1 hour ahead of Coordinated Universal Time (UTC)
Apr 21st 2017

Time series
A time series is a series of data points indexed (or listed or graphed) in time order. Most commonly, a time series is a sequence taken at successive equally
Apr 3rd 2017

Time in Indonesia
Time—seven hours in advance (UTC+7) of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) Indonesia Central Time— eight hours ahead (UTC+8) of GMT; and Indonesia Eastern Time—nine
Apr 13th 2017

Coordinated Universal Time
about the time standard abbreviated as "UTC". For the time offset between UTC−1 and UTC+1, see UTC±00:00. Coordinated Universal Time (French: Temps
Apr 25th 2017

Time in Brazil
Time in Brazil is calculated using standard time, and the country (including its offshore islands) is divided into four standard time zones: UTC−02:00
Apr 9th 2017

Time in Ireland
For time in Ireland Northern Ireland, see Time in the United Kingdom. Ireland uses Irish Standard Time (IST, UTC+01:00; Irish: Am Caighdeanach Eireannach)
Nov 25th 2016

Time Warner
operator which was spun off from this company since 2009, see Time Warner Cable. Time Warner Inc. is an American multinational media and entertainment
Apr 24th 2017

Indian Standard Time
Standard Time (IST) is the time observed throughout India and Sri Lanka, with a time offset of UTC+05:30. India does not observe daylight saving time (DST)
Apr 24th 2017

Time in Malaysia
Time (MST; Malay: Waktu Piawai Malaysia, WPM) or Malaysia Time (MYT) is a standard time used in Malaysia. It is 8 hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time and
Jan 18th 2017

Time 100
Time 100 (often written in all-caps as TIME 100) is an annual list of the 100 most influential people in the world assembled by the American news magazine
Apr 24th 2017

Eastern Time Zone
The Eastern Time Zone (ET) is a time zone encompassing 17 U.S. states in the eastern part of the contiguous United States, parts of eastern Canada, the
Apr 17th 2017

Japan Standard Time
"Japan Time" redirects here. For Hong Kong television series, see Japan Time (TV series). Japan Standard Time or JST (日本標準時 Nihon Hyōjunji or 中央標準時
Apr 5th 2017

Greenwich Mean Time
"Greenwich-TimeGreenwich Time" redirects here. For the Greenwich, Connecticut, newspaper, see Greenwich-TimeGreenwich Time (newspaper). Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) is the
Apr 3rd 2017

Pakistan Standard Time
Pakistan Standard Time (Urdu: پاکستان معیاری وقت‎, abbreviated as PKT) is UTC+05:00 hours ahead of Coordinated Universal Time. This time zone is in use during
Apr 16th 2017

Time in the United States
Time in the United States, by law, is divided into nine standard time zones covering the states and its possessions, with most of the United States observing
Apr 26th 2017

Time in Russia
"RussianRussian time" redirects here. For the auto racing team known as RussianRussian Time, see Motopark Academy. There are eleven time zones in Russia, which
Apr 26th 2017

Mountain Time Zone
The Mountain Time Zone of North America keeps time by subtracting seven hours from Coordinated Universal Time (UTC), during the shortest days of autumn
Mar 17th 2017

Sidereal time
Sidereal-TimeSidereal Time. Sidereal time /saɪˈdɪəriəl/ is a time-keeping system that astronomers use to locate celestial objects. Using sidereal time it is possible
Feb 13th 2017

Unix time
Unix time (also known as POSIX time or epoch time) is a system for describing instants in time, defined as the number of seconds that have elapsed since
Apr 20th 2017

Iran Standard Time
Iran-Standard-TimeIran Standard Time (IRST) or Iran-TimeIran Time (IT) is the time zone used in Iran. Iran uses a UTC offset UTC+03:30. IRST is defined by the 52.5 degrees east
Feb 27th 2017

Swatch Internet Time
Swatch-Internet-TimeSwatch Internet Time (or beat time) is a decimal time concept introduced in 1998 by the Swatch corporation as part of their marketing campaign for their
Nov 9th 2016

Moscow Time
the newspaper, see Moscow-Times">The Moscow-TimeMoscow Times. Moscow-TimeMoscow Time (RussianRussian: Моско́вское вре́мя) is the time zone for the city of Moscow, Russia, Belarus, and most
Apr 10th 2017

Real-time computing
computer science, real-time computing (RTC), or reactive computing describes hardware and software systems subject to a "real-time constraint", for example
Jan 23rd 2017

Philippine Standard Time
Philippine Standard Time (Filipino: Pamantayang Oras ng Pilipinas, abbreviated PST), also known as Philippine Time (PHT) and informally Juan Time, is the official
Apr 26th 2017

Eastern European Time
article is about the time zone with daylight change in Europe. For the static time zone, see UTC+02. Eastern European Time (EET) is one of the
Apr 6th 2017

Time in Chile
Time in Chile is divided into two time zones. Continental Chile uses the time offset UTC−03:00. Additionally, Easter Island uses the time offset UTC−05:00
Mar 13th 2017

Time Inc.
Time Inc. is an American mass media company founded on November 28, 1922 by Henry Luce and Briton Hadden and based in New York City. It owns and publishes
Mar 28th 2017

Prime time
current affairs programme, see Prime-TimePrime Time. For other uses, see Prime time (disambiguation). Prime time or peak time is the block of broadcast programming
Mar 16th 2017

Time Lord
about the civilisation from Doctor Who. For other uses, see Time Lord (disambiguation). The Time Lords are a fictional, ancient extraterrestrial people in
Apr 22nd 2017

Time signal
A time signal is a visible, audible, mechanical, or electronic signal used as a reference to determine the time of day. Church bells or voices announcing
Mar 23rd 2017

Time in Canada
divided into six time zones, based on proposals by Scottish Canadian railway engineer Sir Sandford Fleming, who helped pioneer the world's time zone system
Apr 26th 2017

Time management
movie, see The To Do List. Time management is the process of planning and exercising conscious control over the amount of time spent on specific activities
Apr 19th 2017

Daylight saving time
article is about the concept of daylight saving time. For local implementations, see Daylight saving time by country. "Daylight Saving" redirects here.
Apr 26th 2017

Time Life
Orchestra, see Time/Life. Direct Holdings Global LLC, through its subsidiaries StarVista Live, Lifestyle Products Group and Time Life, is a creator
Mar 19th 2017

Arrow of time
information related to current research, see Entropy (arrow of time). The Arrow of Time, or Time's Arrow, is a concept developed in 1927 by the British astronomer
Mar 14th 2017

Time perception
Time perception is a field of study within psychology, cognitive linguistics and neuroscience that refers to the subjective experience of time, which is
Mar 15th 2017

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