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Paris Nanterre University
University (French: Universite Paris Nanterre), formerly called "Paris X Nanterre" and more recently "Universite Paris Ouest Nanterre La Defense", is a
Apr 17th 2017

Gare de Nanterre – Université
NanterreUniversite station is an ER">RER and SNCF train station in Nanterre, Hauts-de-Seine. Coordinates: 48°54′05″N 2°12′53″E / 48.90139°N 2.21472°E
Jun 21st 2015

Multimedia, s.r.o.. Retrieved 2008-12-11.  Official website Universite Paris 10 Nanterre (in French) Nanterre students (in French) News coverage of March
Apr 26th 2017

Nanterre – Ville (Paris RER)
Nanterre - Ville is a railway station in Nanterre on the A1 branch of the Paris RER commuter rail line. Trains come every 10 minutes and the area is about
Jun 21st 2015

Université Paris Lumières
Universite Paris Lumieres is an association of universities and higher education institutions (ComUE) for institutions of higher education, research and
Aug 10th 2016

Nanterre-Préfecture (Paris RER)
Nanterre-Prefecture is a RER train station in the commune of Nanterre, west of central Paris, in the department of Hauts-de-Seine in France. The station
May 23rd 2016

University of Paris III: Sorbonne Nouvelle
The New Sorbonne University (French: Universite de la Sorbonne Nouvelle, also known as Paris-IIIParis III) is a public university in Paris, France. The French cultural
Apr 27th 2017

Gare de Neuville – Université
NeuvilleUniversite is a train station in Neuville-sur-Oise, in Val d'Oise department, in France. In 1988, RER line A was extended from Nanterre Prefecture
Feb 11th 2016

Paris Descartes University
Paris-Descartes-UniversityParis Descartes University (French: Paris-5">Universite Paris 5 Rene Descartes), also known as "Paris-VParis V", is a French public research university located in Paris
Mar 15th 2017

RER line A is one of the five lines in the RER system serving Paris, France. The line runs from the western termini of Saint-Germain-en-Laye (A1), Cergy
Apr 9th 2017

Pierre and Marie Curie University
Coordinates: 48°50′50″N 2°21′23″E / 48.84722°N 2.35639°E / 48.84722; 2.35639 Pierre and Marie-Curie-UniversityMarie Curie University (French: Universite Pierre-et-Marie-Curie;
Apr 8th 2017

Alain Pellet
United Nations Audiovisual Library of International Law "Universite-Paris-Ouest-Nanterre-La-DefenseUniversite Paris Ouest Nanterre La Defense – Professor Alain Pellet". Universite de Paris Ouest
Apr 25th 2017

University of Paris
The University of Paris (French: Universite de Paris), metonymically known as the Sorbonne (French: [sɔʁbɔn], its historical house), was a university in
Apr 16th 2017

Philippe Contamine
Philippe Contamine (born 7 May 1932 in Metz) is a French historian of the Middle Ages who specialises in military history and the history of the nobility
Jul 7th 2016

Grand Paris Express
Grand Paris Express is a group of new rapid transit lines to be built in the ile-de-France region in France. The project comprises four new lines, plus
Mar 23rd 2017

Transilien Paris – Saint-Lazare
Transilien ParisSaint-Lazare is one of the sectors in the Paris Transilien suburban rail network. The trains on this sector depart from Gare Saint-Lazare
May 26th 2016

Versailles Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines University
Versailles Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines-UniversityYvelines University (French: Universite de Versailles Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines, UVSQ) is a French public university created
Apr 29th 2017

Paris-Gare de Lyon
This article is about the mainline station. For the Paris Metro station, see Gare de Lyon (Paris Metro). For other uses, see Gare de Lyon (disambiguation)
Apr 30th 2017

Nicole Jacques-Lefèvre
2844542263 Ecriture, identite, anonymat au XVIIIe siecle. Nanterre: Universite Paris X-Nanterre, 2006. ISBN 290490638X (With Marie Leca-Tsiomis) Davidson
Jun 5th 2016

François Chausson
Francois-ChaussonFrancois Chausson, (born 1966) is a 20th-21st-century French historian, professor of Roman history at the Universite Paris 1 Pantheon-Sorbonne. Francois
Nov 1st 2016

This article is about the university building in Paris, France. For the university, see University of Paris. For other uses, see Sorbonne (disambiguation)
Mar 27th 2017

Jean-Michel David
Jean-Michel David(1947, Paris) is a French historian, a specialist of political, social and cultural history of the Roman Republic. Jean-Michel David's
Nov 16th 2016

Jacques Bidet
Jacques Bidet (French: [bidɛ]; born 1935) is a French philosopher and social theorist. Currently professor emeritus in the Philosophy Department at the
Apr 18th 2016

Otmar Seul
europeennes ; publications des formations « Droit allemand » de l’Universite Paris Ouest-Nanterre-La-DefenseLa Defense, 2008, 235 pages ; Terrorismes : LItalie et l’Allemagne
Jul 25th 2016

Luc de Heusch
Luc de Heusch (7 May 1927 – 7 August 2012) was a Belgian filmmaker, writer, and anthropologist, professor emeritus at the Free University of Brussels.
Apr 30th 2016

Jean-Marie De Ketele
Jean-Marie De Ketele (born 15 August 1943) is a Belgian academic and writer specialising in education. In addition to academia, he has held positions for
Jun 23rd 2016

Ernest Will
Proche-Orient hellenistique et romain, MAE Rene-Ginouves, universite Paris Ouest Nanterre. Roger Agache and Jean-Claude Blanchet, « Necrologie d'Ernest
Nov 16th 2016

Évelyne Patlagean
Evelyne Patlagean (20 October 1932 – 11 November 2008) was a French historian and Byzantinist, working on questions of poverty, welfare, gender, the family
May 28th 2016

Jacques Gondouin
l'architecte Jacques-GondoinJacques Gondoin (1737–1818), Maitrise d'histoire de l'art, Universite Paris X-Nanterre, 1996, 2 vol. dactylographies. Jean-Jacques-GautierJacques Gautier, "Jacques
Jul 24th 2016

Oruno D. Lara
director of the Centre de Recherches Caraibes-Ameriques (CERCAM) of Universite Paris X-Nanterre. He wrote and defended a thesis in 1971 on Africa and the Caribbean
Jan 26th 2017

Lucie Rault
Lucie Rault (also known as Lucie Rault-Leyrat) is an eminent ethnomusicologist residing in Paris. She is master of conference in the Museum of Natural
Apr 7th 2017

Mireille Kassar
Mireille Kassar (born 1963) is an artist born in Lebanon who lives and works in Paris and Beirut. She was born in Zahle; her family has its roots in Mosul
Aug 17th 2016

Thierry Bardini
Thierry Bardini (born 1960s) is a French sociologist who has undertaken all of his academic career to date outside France. He is a full professor in the
Sep 10th 2016

Leonardo Nemer Caldeira Brant
Programme respectively. From 1996 to 2000, Brant studied at Universite Paris XNanterre, France, where he obtained his PhD. He was awarded Doctor of
Jun 9th 2016

André Potocki
Potocki Andre Potocki (born 21 June 1950 in Lyon) is a French jurist and was appointed a judge of the European Court of Human Rights on 4 November 2011. Potocki
Dec 12th 2016

Olivier Zuchuat
Olivier Zuchuat is a Swiss film director. Born in 1969 in Geneva. After studying theoretical physics at EPFL and Trinity College and literature he became
May 5th 2016

Olivier Duhamel
Olivier Duhamel (born 2 May 1950) is a French university professor and politician. He was a Socialist member of the European Parliament from 1997 to 2004
May 16th 2016

"Nde" redirects here. For other uses, see NDE (disambiguation). NDE is one of the 58 divisions found in Cameroon. It is located in the western region of
Jan 20th 2017

Odile Decq
Odile Decq (18 July 1955, Laval, France) is an award-winning French architect and academic. She is the director of the Paris firm, Studio Odile Decq, previously
Mar 23rd 2017

Ernest Seillière
Ernest-Seilliere Antoine Seilliere (1 January 1866 – 15 March 1955) was a French writer, journalist and critic. Seilliere was born in Paris, the son of Aime Seilliere
May 19th 2016

De teaching
De Jiao (德教) . Asia Research Institute Working Paper No. 96, Universite Paris X Nanterre, Sept. 2007, 27 pp. Kazuo Yoshihara. Dejiao: A Chinese Religion
Mar 28th 2017

List of faculties of law in France
This is a list of faculties of law in France. Faculty of Law and Political Science, Aix-Marseille University, Aix-en-Provence Universite Catholique de
Jul 26th 2016

This article is about the capital of France. For other uses, see Paris (disambiguation). Paris (French: [paʁi] ( listen)) is the capital and most populous
Apr 29th 2017

Jacqueline Lichtenstein
Jacqueline Lichtenstein (1947) is a French philosopher, art historian, and professor of aesthetics and the philosophy of art at the University of Paris
May 29th 2016

List of stations of the Paris RER
This is a list of stations of the RER rapid transit system in Paris, France. Note: Massena station, located near to Boulevard Massena, closed in December
Nov 29th 2016

Michèle Perret
Michele Perret is a French linguist and novelist who was born in 1937 in Oran in Algeria. She lived in Algeria until 1955, first on a farm near to Sfissef
Apr 1st 2017

Vincent Bolloré
Sailly, before graduating with a Master of Laws (LLM) degree from Universite Paris X Nanterre. Bollore started his career as an investment bank trainee at
Apr 17th 2017

Salomon James de Rothschild
Mouvement Social, no. 192 (juillet–septembre 2000): 41-64. Universite Paris X Nanterre, LES FEMMES ET L’AUTOMOBILE-A-LA-BELLE-EPOQUE-1898AUTOMOBILE A LA BELLE EPOQUE 1898-1922) - A
Mar 10th 2017

Gabriel François Venel
Gabriel Francois Venel (23 August 1723, Tourbes – 29 October 1775, Pezenas) was a French chemist, physician and a contributor to the Encyclopedie, (673
Feb 28th 2017

Phonologie du Français Contemporain
Phonologie du Francais Contemporain (PFC) is an international linguistics research project devoted to the creation and use of resources for the study of
Jun 29th 2016

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